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  1. @TristanBrown17 Killing Floor 2
  2. I found it when playing on normal chapter 2 container ship there where already alot of people figthing it.
  3. Damn ive deleted this game when i got plat. Never thougth this would get dlc. I hope its free
  4. Yeah i would like 2 know because mine staus on 23 races left for platinum!
  5. Neverwinter
  6. Outlast 2 would be nice.
  7. No not in custom match. Should be boosted. I still need it.
  8. We get 3 new trophies with is all with the guild its a new feature guild wars.
  9. Death mode is hard and like they say here do the Vita with all DLC and sync ps3 , ps4 = 4 time cloud sync plat. This will boost your trophies!
  10. Its easy but all the guides you have migtj not work so tweaking a bit yourself will fo the trick.
  11. Damn i have downloaded a long time ago bit did not started it yet because of time frame , is all of this fast doable or not...
  12. Just the ranked tower seems hard all the others not.
  13. Well i think ist EU only 2
  14. Ive send an emaik to sony because i have not got an email on my main account but the reason is because i did not marked to receive emails from sony on my account. So if you don't activate that you will not get such an email.
  15. Seeing more and more topics the discussion on friday do set a great deal cheater after cheater gets flaged. Great job