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  1. Just finished Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, and to be honest, didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Decided to go back to try chip away at Last Mission on FFX-2 to get that plat.
  2. Another EU player here, so nothing.
  3. EDIT: Looks like I'm only missing Phosphorescent Pole, as I can't fight BP Rydell. I have every chunk/pure to trade. My SL is 210, region EU and ID is SuperpwnJTV. Thank you.
  4. This has happened to me too. 18 items. Pretty annoying
  5. #61 Binding of Isaac: Rebirth A year in the making. Never, ever again. Great game, but no.
  6. I suspect Surgeon Simulator would be a complete nightmare to plat without patience, so I'd avoid that for the rage.
  7. Final Fantasy XV, as I haven't even had time to start playing it
  8. Surprisingly, Crysis. At 2 days and 6 hours, which I think just barely beat CSI.
  9. GTA IV. I do not have the patience for the buggy online trophies at all.
  10. Resident Evil 5, but you definitely need a co-op bro for Professional.
  11. Final Fantasy XIII. You DEFINITELY need a guide/checklist for all weapons and accessories.
  12. Red Dead Redemption.
  13. I'm a bit concerned. Hyped and all, but if it DOES cross-save, I'm a bit worried as my boyfriend bought the season pass on his account on my PS3 (as we share the PS3) and we know what the Vita's stance on multiple accounts are, so I won't be able to download the season pass on the Vita if that's the case...but my Axton is in a DLC area and has DLC faces and outfits. :/ I guess I'll have to start a new save on the Vita I guess.
  14. Beyond Good & Evil HD. I really, really need to start on that game.
  15. Definitely Battlefield 3! I wanted to platinum that but the trophies that involve you doing certain things in missions are too much of a pain.