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  1. Newest patch has decreased XP earned from Battle Chest battles, and I think Ops too. All solo things really, I think. The lawnmower exploit has been fixed, as well. It just disappears when you start the bounty now. I assume they don't want people easily grinding levels to get an online advantage, and they probably want people playing more online matches in general.
  2. I used the rocket launcher. When I knew I was in an area with one(via sound or the tracker) I made sure to be looking sort of down, so I didn't accidentally look at it. Once I kinda knew where it was I would walk away so the tracker was only showing 2 or 3 bars, then aim and shoot at the drone. From that distance they didn't seem to ever try and fly away. There was a couple where I couldn't get a good angle from that distance so I got closer and they tried to fly away, then I just switched to the rifle and got them as they were flying away and reloaded my save if I missed.
  3. I started the game on normal, as I usually do, but put it down to easy once I realized that I don't really like it all that much and just wanted to get through it as painless as possible. I finally managed to get through the race in like 3:01 or something. And that was after getting 3:03.08 one time....that was infuriating. Thanks for listening to me rant a bit. I just needed to vent some of that frustration. Now I just need to finish the story, kill goons and get about 7 more drones. I only had to get about 4 balloons in the dunes area. The rest I got while riding to places looking for drones.
  4. That's the thing. The only one that really annoys me is the racing one. The others are just a bit time consuming, which is nothing really. Nothing bothers me in games more than shitty controls, and I completely hate the driving. I don't get why every non-racing, open world game feels they have to stick some sort of race in, especially when the car controls are almost always shit. I've already tried the race for over an hour. Got 3:04 one time and haven't gotten close again yet. Only other one that annoys me a bit is the balloons just because it's stupid to have to just sit around waiting for something random. The drones don't really bother me. Just go to a location and see if my radar pops up. If it does go shoot a rocket at the drone and repeat. I've got 13 already(according to the intel section) just through playing the story and that's while not even looking for them unless I hear one, or see it on the radar once I got it. I know I'll get through the race at some point since I already got so close once....I just hate it so much.
  5. I posted this in another thread too, but you don't have to unlock data pad tracking AND storage container to get to the drone one. You just need one of them. It looks like you need both, but you don't. I went with data pad since a lot of places don't even have any of those and when they do it's just 1 or 2 of them. That said, I'm really hating the idea of getting this platinum. I have all trophies except the drones, balloons, goon kills, car kills, and the racing one. I hate the race so much it's making me question if I should just send the game back to Gamefly or not.
  6. Yeah. I think this game has the most broken stats tracking I've ever seen. I'm almost done with the story(I think one mission left) and have played about 13 hours. My stats say: 57 minutes played 80 enemies killed 553 cash overall 0 missions completed, 0 abilities unlocked etc.
  7. You have to either purchase the Datapad or the storage tracker. Not both. The way it looks makes it seem like you need both, but you don't.
  8. Well that's odd. I've never ran into that issue before. Thanks for the heads up that there is supposed to be some trophies. I'll check back with it in a few days or so.
  9. I just started it up. It didn't add a trophy list to my account, so no trophies for now I guess. Maybe they'll add some at some point.
  10. Someone got them. Platinum is at 0.1% now.
  11. I just finished the story. Ended with 132 ingredients and 77 restored recipes. I have no desire to figure out the stuff about changing the dragon's size to check those holes, especially since I know it won't get me the last of the trophies anyways. I fed him the only dish I have that has the word "Zucchi" in it and it did nothing. Good luck to anyone trying to find the rest of the stuff. I'm sticking it in the mail tomorrow to try and get Spider-Man. Well....I just synched my trophies up as I was typing this out and I see someone has found all the ingredients. It's at 0.1% now. Still 0% on the recipes, though.
  12. I haven't finished yet. I'm on chapter 8 at the moment. The only things I can think of for recipe fragments is from staff members and the ones that wash up on the beaches. I've found several on beaches(different ones at different times from the same beaches), but I have no idea if those show up during specific chapters, or if they are random, or what. If it's not either of those, then I have no idea where you get the rest of the recipes. As for the ingredients, the only thing I can think is that some of them are extremely rare and you just have to keep harvesting until you get them. I don't see anywhere else I could explore on the island since I can fly now. I feel like I've been everywhere, except the small holes that I can't go in anymore for now(I assume you can again later, because some are in places you have to fly to reach). If there is some location that I, or anyone else apparently, just haven't been to, or seen, then it must be really well hidden. Once I finish the story, I'm probably just going to send it back to Gamefly and move on. Maybe buy it super cheap, or rent it again, sometime in the future to finish it up. If it turns out not to be glitched and people do get the platinum at some point, that is.
  13. Ok...good know that it seems like it just hasn't been done yet, instead of being glitched. And that you can keep playing after the story, so I can just play at my own pace for now. I just started today and haven't played much, but I did notice the staff at the cafe giving recipe/recipe fragments when I talk to them sometimes, so I've been constantly talking to them as I play.
  14. Just wondering if you, or anyone else, has any info on the trophies for all recipes/ingredients. Both are still at 0%, so I'm wondering if they are just a bit of a grind, or potentially broken/glitched.