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  1. Oh thanks didn’t think it would be there, my bad, rushed with finding it
  2. Just started playing online multiplayer and I have so far completed the Assault, Medic, ‘Getting started’ missions or assignments and need help with the Support Class, how do I obtain kills with either crossbow launcher? Where do I get crossbow launchers from?
  3. How does the codex entries work? I thought you obtain them as you get the field manuals? I watched that YouTube video showing how to get all 66 field manuals and apparently you were supposed to get both trophies with that?
  4. Hey, just got Fortnite on ios, don't need any type of invite anymore with the new updates. Been playing for a while and now i'm on lv 12, looking for friends to add and play with on squad mode. So if anyone is interested, reply on this post
  5. So if you get something new in the supply drops, you won't get any depot credits?
  6. I've just recently started playing MWR again and with the new update, can someone explain what this depot feature is about? I was told by some friends that if you were to open supply drops despite it being common or rare, you will get an increase in silver skull currencies? I want to get the new sniper and i really need those currencies but for some reason purchasing those supply drops ain't giving me any more currencies? Sorry, idk the name of the currencies to purchase all the new weapons etc
  7. Yeah i'm in division 2 and know how to do the stuff and i've scored so many times on the couterattack after the goalkeeper throwing the ball. I think the only trophy which would work is the online draft, attempted them but kept getting crap teams and lost many times in the final and semis :/. Right now i'm not really trying to obtain any of these trophies since its the weekend and i'm playing fut champs
  8. Basically i got the refund as money on the wallet of my PSN
  9. Ah it doesn't matter anymore, I play online and it popped up so everything is fine now
  10. will do, it was just a spur of the moment ://
  11. I bought the XL version first :/, should i contact them again with this reason?
  12. Yes I do but recently I've been busy with work so I haven't even bothered trying to qualify because if i do, i'll be spending the whole weekend on champions.
  13. yes it's digital just got an email from PS and they said when u were going through the checkout process, you would have seen that by completing the purchase and then downloading the title, you waived your cooling off and cancellation rights. This is confirmed within our Terms of Service. I'm sorry i can't be more help in this instance. So basically coz i downloaded the title after the purchase, i can't get a refund :/. I remember with FIFA on Origin, they gave me a refund after playing the game etc and giving it back in the certain time frame you're allowed to, but i guess some companies just have different Terms and Conditions :/
  14. yes it's digital, i think i may have got a refund because the game doesn't exist on my system anymore, but i haven't been noticed of this by email or anything :/
  15. Ah crap, do you know how to apply for a refund? I've already downloaded the game but haven't played it :/