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  1. This took forever but finally got it accomplished. Checked out many different guides for this single trophy and even achieved the same stats as the author of the guide for the fifa 20 trophy guide on this website. Kept playing a lot of games even after obtaining identical stats to the author. Tried changing up the height and weight but it didn't have any effect. I was literally spending time on the stats page to not just look at the overall stats but the smaller details such as attacking position etc, and once i backed out of that, then the trophy just popped up. Was quite a surprise but if you obtain the same stats after the grind as the author spend some time just looking at the extra stats details and back out and maybe you'll get the trophy as me. I had all the players at 80 overall in all positions. Didn't apply the skills points during the grind. Rather than just grinding out on beginner mode at Miami or Brazil, what you should do is probably play Volta league. It becomes more fun and i think you would earn more exp as well since it's not necessarily playing on beginners mode. I probably was like div 8 or 9 max when i got the trophy so didn't have to play much but think that helped a lot. It's always fun when playing online and it wasn't that difficult to get promoted from the lower divisions. Maybe lost 1 or 2 games at most. But try to have fun with the process rather than grinding it out and hoping you'll get the trophy. Things are always best when it comes unexpected
  2. Where did you find out that the trophy is unobtainable? I feel the same could be for the 'Only one' trophy because i have come to the same stats as what's on the guide but i still didn't get the trophy :/
  3. I heard that at this kind of point, u should probably change the physical stats of your avatar. Try out the combinations you might see on Youtube. Seen many different ratios of weight to height. After that, the trophy will pop up. You could also use all the skillpoints with different choices but max out being a defender or any other position and then play some games and see if the bar is increasing. Trophy might unlock that way as well. I'm still in the progress of getting the trophy, hope nothing glitches for me
  4. I believe I am going in order of the missions and also i did activate the mission :/ I'm trying to get new guns, calling cards but can't since these missions aren't working :/
  5. Disregarding the daily challenges, as for the missions, why are they not working? I tried one where the first objective was to win 1 public game and that wasn't working so i tried another mission which was like get 35 kills with an assault rifle and that's not working either... Is there some kind of glitch with online missions or what? This is on the multiplayer mode
  6. I was just wondering what is possible to get from the Black Market Reserves because I had watched the video for this season and character wise you could get 2 new characters which are David Mason and Privateer (Nomad Outfit). However, I had just got one of the zombie characters. What are the characters are available through the black market reserves? So far I have got David Mason and 2 zombie characters. I just finished the 4th July event and i had got the Switchblade which wasn't part of the video for this season so gun wise what other guns are available from the black market except the ones advertised on the promotion video for this season such as the Locus,Stingray,Peacekeeper etc?
  7. Ah thanks for the help but will these characters and guns not be available in the next season where there's new tiers and unlockable items? Must i just grind out and open as many reserves to unlock these items before i miss them for good?
  8. Are there any websites which act like a database showing all the emblems and calling cards to ever exist on blackops 4?
  9. So after many months of not playing BO4 at all, I've come back to playing online and i have scanned through all the calling cards which you could unlock through certain challenges. I have checked some of the dark ops ones as well online but i keep seeing people with different calling cards or emblems on multiplayer or blackout? Can someone explain why this is? And why they have it? I'm pretty sure not all my friends purchased things from the black market as well!
  10. How does the codex entries work? I thought you obtain them as you get the field manuals? I watched that YouTube video showing how to get all 66 field manuals and apparently you were supposed to get both trophies with that?
  11. Oh thanks didn’t think it would be there, my bad, rushed with finding it
  12. Just started playing online multiplayer and I have so far completed the Assault, Medic, ‘Getting started’ missions or assignments and need help with the Support Class, how do I obtain kills with either crossbow launcher? Where do I get crossbow launchers from?
  13. So on this game there's 3 trophies in total regarding scanning weapons. The hardest one is a silver trophy which requires you to have scanned all the weapons in the game. How do you know how many weapons are there to scan and also how many has currently been scanned?
  14. Hey, just got Fortnite on ios, don't need any type of invite anymore with the new updates. Been playing for a while and now i'm on lv 12, looking for friends to add and play with on squad mode. So if anyone is interested, reply on this post
  15. So i had made a thread asking about what websites can be used to watch tv series and films, and i got a few replies, some were helpful and some weren't. However that isn't the problem. I went to check the 'content i follow' and 'my content' and I couldn't find the thread anywhere. Even went to the section in which i posted the thread and it ain't there, is it possible to delete threads on this forum then? Do only moderators and owners have that right?
  16. I've just recently started playing MWR again and with the new update, can someone explain what this depot feature is about? I was told by some friends that if you were to open supply drops despite it being common or rare, you will get an increase in silver skull currencies? I want to get the new sniper and i really need those currencies but for some reason purchasing those supply drops ain't giving me any more currencies? Sorry, idk the name of the currencies to purchase all the new weapons etc
  17. So if you get something new in the supply drops, you won't get any depot credits?
  18. 3 trophies i still haven't obtained are the Architect, Offence starts with the keeper and Pure Class. I have done what each trophy requires. So i want to ask is there any sort of glitches with these trophies? I know the trophy regarding online draft is one of the hardest but i don't really mind if i'm able to get around 90% completion in trophies for this game.
  19. Yeah i'm in division 2 and know how to do the stuff and i've scored so many times on the couterattack after the goalkeeper throwing the ball. I think the only trophy which would work is the online draft, attempted them but kept getting crap teams and lost many times in the final and semis :/. Right now i'm not really trying to obtain any of these trophies since its the weekend and i'm playing fut champs
  20. So I just downloaded MKXL and got a trophy after doing a fatality but it says I got in the MKX game so I went and bought MKX as well and now I'm thinking what's the difference between both these games?
  21. Basically i got the refund as money on the wallet of my PSN
  22. So since there ain't many people online on zombies, i started playing solo trying to get the Get packed trophy. So around 10 or 11 i get 5k or more and also enter all the 4 portals on the map. So in the final portal which takes you to the Projection room. So once i had used the gun i wanted to get packed by paying 5k. I don't get the trophy at all. I even waited until i died and the round was over, still it didn't appear. So made more attempts on solo and custom games and still haven't got the trophy. Has anyone else got this problem? I've tried several other guns to be packed as well so once it's packed i may get the trophy but still don't.
  23. Ah it doesn't matter anymore, I play online and it popped up so everything is fine now
  24. will do, it was just a spur of the moment ://
  25. I bought the XL version first :/, should i contact them again with this reason?