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  1. I just realized that this past summer marked 15 years since I last went to the movies... and I have no intention of returning when this planet gets back on track.

    I have a distaste for several genres of films but I have a "special hatred" for remakes. I'd just like to see a return to originality I guess... although I know remakes get more of a workout with television and games in the modern day. Then again, this does tend to explain why I also haven't owned a cable box in 7 years (a relative I live with needed a replacement on short notice while we waited for a tech guy and I watched only weather reports by then... do cable boxes still exist). I must be the most boring man I know.

    On the up side, it is kind of fun when people ask you what the last film you saw in theaters is and you tell them it's a Star Wars film... but they'll never guess it's Revenge of the Sith from 2005. Yep, I'm lame.

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    2. Alderriz


      Can't relate, but you're definitely not alone. I've been noticing more and more gamers don't go to the movies or even watch them at home. And if they go to see something, it's usually the biggest movie of the year like Star Wars or Avengers. I'd say I'm interested in movies and games equally, but sometimes it's too much for me, because I just don't have time to watch and play everything I want, and it feels like I should focus on one thing. Not even talking about TV shows, music and books. 

    3. Icebrand1270


      @Stardroid Thanks for cheering me up. Before this world turned upside-down my relatives begged me to see "Fighting With My Family" because I'm a wrestling announcer at the local level. (Should update my About Me concerning that, to be honest.) I just... didn't see the point. I am who I am and I won't stop others from being themselves either. Just not who I am.

      @Alderriz I can understand that. I had too much going on with the gaming and wrestling announcer gig to do movies and television. Another reason to lay off. And now my recent injuries make things worse.

    4. Honor_Hand


      Nah, I can certainly relate with you on a somewhat similar level. I don't have cable or satellite TV in my apartment and I haven't had that since roughly 2014 when I moved here. Movies, it's been a while since I last went to one. To be fair, I don'l like it too much because of the cost of the whle thing and the fact that you still have to content with other people ruining the movie experience for you. Plus the snacks and the shit. Going to the movies here is quite an expenditure.


      I rather wach a movie myself with my own crap and save on the money. I could technically watch any movie I wanted too, I just need to get them from the Internet. :awesome:

  2. Well everyone, the doctor appointments are over... for now. Of course, I must stay vigilant to keep my foot safe from future ruptures.

    In the meantime, I play a bit of what suits me. And sleep too much. I'm always exhausted as of late. I play a lot of gaming music, which my family deems "not real music". (Don't ask, I don't understand the "logic" either. Let it go, yes?) So I keep the volume low. Shame at that. Just trying to relive happier times you understand.

    Not much else to tell. Just trying to hang in there I guess. Until next time.

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. Atoya


      Good luck man, rest as much as you need <3

    3. Honor_Hand


      Madness! Gaming music is so much better. I'm also one that prefers it over the so-called "real music" of today. Anyone that tells you music in gaming is not real music... Damn, that's a pretty flawed logic right there. =/


      No more doctor appointments now. Time to get all the rest you need at home, man.

  3. Well everyone, I see my primary physician today and my vascular doctor on Monday. After all that has happened with the varicose vein ruptures in my left foot, it is important to follow up on these things.

    Thankfully I have received some good support from friends and family during all this. I note who has supported me... and who has forgotten me. It is all part of the pattern of life, as cheating death has taught me that nothing has permanence.

    On a more positive note, September marks 12 years since I debuted for ECPW after finishing my training as an announcer. I remember it well as we were at a street fair in September of 2008. And here I still am... barely. Hoping for one last run I guess.

    I guess what I've been through gives me a different outlook. Everyone has their causes, their crusades. Mine is to never regret the aging process and never be sad during a birthday, for everything can change in an instant. For I did not retreat from Death's Doorstep to mourn my own life while alive.

    1. Honor_Hand


      Glad that you're having a follow up on that. I've always been terrible at doing medical follow-ups on anything, lol. Then again, with something serious like what you're going through, it's definitely important.


      We're all fighting our own wars and struggles deep within. Isn't that the same for all human beings? The only thing that changes is the type of struggle I guess. Don't give up man, you have plenty of time left for more than run in your career, whether it's in your line of work as an announcer or wherever life throws you in, the important thing is to always keep moving forward.



  4. @yukonv First off, thank you for this thread! It is a welcome change of pace from the usual! Back on topic, I have always enjoyed the artwork of the trophy images for Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age. An unusual yet beautiful style to be sure. I know it's a matter of debate but I like having Penelo as the Platinum image as one of my favorite video game quotes comes from her. (Sadly I don't remember it word for word anymore. It's the one about perseverance and hope.)
  5. [The Technomancer] Well they don't call it Extreme Difficulty for nothing!

    You die in 3-4 hits, no health regeneration until after the battle is over. Crafting upgrades are a must.

    All I can say is: DODGE OR DIE!

    What did I get myself into?

    I've been stuck on the same mission for the past 6 HOURS! MADNESS!

    Proof that I am far better suited to grinding trophies than difficulty trophies. (Well if that's not unusual for a trophy hunter.)

    I'm not about to give up by I certainly understand why this is an Ultra Rare Platinum Trophy now!

    Still hoping to earn the Platinum on this obscure game from 2016 (and not well-made) before WWE 2K Battlegrounds on Friday (no hate please... not that I have high hopes for that either mind you). That dream looks pretty distant to say the least.

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    2. Icebrand1270


      @Raveniteh Very true. I'm not calling any one studio out for it. It's a big problem to be sure. It's just rough when you can't see the long-distance shot or dashing strike that is meant to kill you until it's too late.

    3. zizimonster




      The difficulty exploit has been patched years ago, but I read if you have a disc version of the game and stop the patch from downloading, you can still use the exploit.

    4. Honor_Hand


      I really don't know much about The Technomancer but it sounds like changing your approach will help you beat that Extreme difficulty setting.


      To add to the above user's comment, yes, you can still make use of that exploit if you don't patch the game. I remember reading that you have a physical copy of the game, right? If that's the case, delete the game data from your console (NOT your save date, be careful), disconnect your PS4 from the Internet, and start the game again. You should be able to play the unpatched version of the game.


      Unless it is one of those games that require you to download extra data online to even play (DOOM 2016), you should be good to go.

  6. [The Technomancer] Only 3 Trophies remain! Time for Extreme difficulty! I'll need skill and probably a LOT of luck for this. The payoff would be my first Ultra Rare Platinum on my current ID. I'M READY!

    1. Icebrand1270


      Bear in mind that when I was on my former ID I had Ultra Rare Platinum Trophies. Most notably MLB 14 The Show (PS3) and Don Bradman Cricket 14 (PS3). Wish all the "trash" Plats I indulge in these days, it would be nice to have a rare one.

  7. As my foot continues to heal I got out for a little bit yesterday. Even if it was for 15 minutes or so of slow walking and distancing, I can say it helped me feel better about myself.

    Even better the scab and stitch are out. It was the dissolvable kind of stitch so it was meant to eventually. Naturally I'll be sore but that's okay.

    I will see my vascular doctor soon for a follow-up appointment. We'll see what happens from there.

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Get well soon!

    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Icebrand1270


      @MidnightDragon Don't be sad. There was no bleeding and that's what matters. So it would seem that whatever medicine I was injected with did its job. As long as I'm moving at a semi-normal speed I'll be okay.

      I wrap up my legs every day in ACE bandages and put a medicinal lotion on each night. It is all-important for my health.

  8. Plat 140 is Bird Game+. Another "ridiculous" Plat designed to jump-start the month into tougher games. Let the countdown to Platinum Trophy 150 BEGIN!

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    2. Ala-Arska


      Congrats :yay:

    3. Honor_Hand


      Well done, congrats!


      Now, onto the tougher games of the month. xP

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  9. It's been a rough start to the month from a trophy perspective. At least my health is stable once more... and it better stay that way!

    I wanted House Flipper to be Plat 140 but the Do It ASAP trophy glitched and a job I did everything with didn't register as 100%, only giving me a 95%. It might be due to the fact that it was a limited-run disc version (GameFly rental) but that's obviously no excuse. Still, it might explain it.

    I surprised myself by getting a few trophies from Double Dragon and Kunio-kun Retro Brawler Bundle. This is an old-school retro with a super-tough trophy list so any trophies are welcome.

    I started The Technomancer as I bought it and Bound By Flame (PS4) when they were just 4 USD. Same guys that made GreedFall... though not as well with this one. A few trophies so far with no expectations of doing well to be honest.

    I'll probably buy Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning (PS4) come Tuesday. If I knew the price that would be even better... USD of course... talk about little fanfare. And before you ask, I haven't looked at the Trophy Thoughts thread to see if someone stated the price because the "graphics debate" looked like trouble... again. You know me. Anyway, I did it on PS3 on both my current and former IDs so why not? No rush of course.

    Until next time!

    1. MidnightDragon


      Your health is the most important thing. Trophies can always wait.

    2. Honor_Hand


      Bound By Flame has always liked an interesting action game for me. It reminds me of Enclave, which I played on PC a few years back. It was not the most complete or astounding game ever, but it was just fun a medieval fantasy that I enjoyed. Bound By Flame's footage reminds me of that game for some reason. :P I've noticed it didn't receive párticularly positive reviews, but I'll be willing to give it a go for a decent price, like those $4 you got it for.


      Hope your health continues to stay good. See you around! :wave:

    3. Icebrand1270


      @Honor_Hand I can't say how bad Bound By Flame is because I've yet to play it but I can't argue with 4 dollars! That said, The Technomancer has plenty of problems. Ever met a map you couldn't put a custom destination on? Well you found it. And that might be its good quality.

      Anyway, just killing time until Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning (PS4) comes out tomorrow. Provided the price is right of course.

  10. Now that my body and mind are starting to feel better I openly wonder if it is too soon to think ahead to Platinum 150. Especially with cheating death twice this year (severe varicose vein ruptures in the left foot), one realizes that life can change in an instant. I'm only at 139 Plats so far as well, so I might be planning too far ahead.

    Anyway, provided I can get that far, I have thought of possible candidates. They are:

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy

    Shenmue 2

    Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age

    Fire Pro Wrestling World

    WWE 2K Battlegrounds (releases in September)


    If I have it my way, it would be Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age. It was a game my brother loved as much as I did (on PS2 and PS4) and my father loved it as well as a result. My father died in May of a massive stroke, missing 65 by just a week. I have (shamefully) not started this since my current ID had to be implemented but this would be the best tribute I could think of.

    Still, I would be happy with any of these as Plat 150, provided the "groundwork" is laid out first. Thoughts?

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age sounds like the best tribute you could have for your dad under your profile. I mean, your brother loved it and your dad loved it as well. It has all the signs of a memorable milestone for #150.


      Other than that one, I agree with funboy1246, Horizon Zero Dawn would be an appropriate candidate as well for a milestone. I haven't played that title myself but all I hear are good things about it, plus the Platinum doesn't seem to be too heavy either. 

    3. DamagingRob


      Sounds to me like you already have your answer. A lot of great choices there, but hard to beat something with sentimental meaning. My mom loves the Titanic movie, so I'm proud to have .hack for one of my milestones. And still need to play the FF12 remaster, myself... The backlog never seems to shrink; only increase. :/ 

    4. Ala-Arska


      FF12 is a great contender all things considered, and such a great game overall.

      I have a 300+ hrs save file still on my PS2 memory card, I understand completely the love for that game.


      Horizon Zero Dawn is excellent, too. A great milestone contender, for sure.


      Good luck with your choices, and hopefully it gets brighter towards the end of the year :)


  11. I scored 2 Plats in 2 Days! Theme Park Simulator on August 30th for Plat 138. Lost Grimoires 2 on August 31st (today) for Plat 139. Not much to say, just 2 "ridiculous" Plats to get the ball rolling again. That's 4 Plats this month.

    I came into 2020 with 131 Plats and my goal was to hit 150. So far I only have 139 (8 Plats). Mostly extremely easy ones with the notable exception of RBI Baseball 20 (My 2nd "1st to Plat" as I have mentioned many times). Now as I reach out for the 150 mark, I openly hope I can get more... respectable Plats in the months to come.

    Until next time!

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  12. I got a Switch Lite for Christmas and I play it more than you might think. I like how it mixes old and new very well. The game I have the highest number of hours is Fire Emblem Three Houses (400+ Hours). Other games I enjoy are Clubhouse Games, Dragon Quest 1-3 (sold digitally and separately), GRID Autosport (the PS3/XB360 game from 2013 ported to switch last year) and the NES and SNES Classics Suite, among others. Speaking of retro revisited, here is a trailer for Collection of SaGa: Final Fantasy Legend. Coming December 15th and just 20 USD, I'm excited to relive 3 Game Boy games that defined my childhood (obscure as they are). I don't know how popular they will be but I'd figure I would share all the same.
  13. I'm trying to get back into trophies once more but I know better than to "force the issue" so to speak.

    I had 2 "ridiculous" Platinums earlier this month (Memory Lane and Lost Grimoires) and was doing well with Lost Grimoires 2 before missing some collectibles. Anyways, after my recent health issues I feel directionless in gaming to put it mildly.

    I recently pre-ordered Collection of SaGa: Final Fantasy Legend on Switch (releases December 15), which is the Game Boy Final Fantasy Legend trilogy. Off-topic on a PlayStation trophy site but something to remember my childhood by, to be sure. And only 20 USD for 3 Game Boy ports. Not bad at all!

    Thankfully the foot wraps and accompanying gauze are off my left foot. Still in discomfort but not as much these days. Looking forward to when I can wear shoes again and take out garbage, if nothing else. Life can change in an instant. I've cheated death too many times to know otherwise.

    Thank you all for reading. Until next time.


    1. Honor_Hand


      Good call on pre-ordering those classic games. Sounds like they're right what you need during these times. Have fun with them. And don't worry about the status not being PlayStation or trophy related, we're all still gamers after all.

    2. Icebrand1270


      @Honor_Hand I just wish I didn't have to wait 4 MONTHS! MADNESS! At least I have something to look forward to come December!

      In the meantime, I figure the "playlist" goes like this:

      PS4: The Outer Worlds, EA UFC 4, GreedFall, Ghost of Tsushima, Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age, Fire Pro Wrestling World.

      Switch: Fire Emblem Three Houses, Clubhouse Games, GRID Autosport (the 2013 PS3/XB360 game ported to Switch in 2019), Link's Awakening, Dragon's Quest 2. (The first 3 Dragon's Quest games were released digitally and separately last year.)

      Well, that's a lot of options. Then again, I AM directionless!

  14. Well everyone, my injections are complete. I was approved for 2 injections to treat a recent varicose vein rupture (2 in 2 months) in my left foot. To that extent, I have some recovery time (not that I was going anywhere to begin with) as the leg wrap stays on my foot for the next 3 days.

    I'm home but foot injections are definitely a... burning sensation. Followed by a lot of discomfort. Fortunately I live with family (no hate please) as there is no way I could live on my own with my condition.

    I'm dreading putting up this on social media as people "spin" everything these days, regardless of viewpoint. That is human nature in the modern day. Unfortunately I have to because of what I do (albieit occasionally).

    Thank you for all the kind words during this part of my life. See you soon.

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    2. DaivRules


      Living on your own at a young age in the 90's consisted of having 2-3 roommates, not having cable TV, dial-up/cable wasn't a thing until the mid/late 90's. There was a house phone with a $30-ish/month local/local toll plan and everyone chipped in together for it. Dinners were usually something of the cup noodles, spaghetti, or some other sub-$5 unhealthy variety. Eating out often was not common. Generally furniture would be from a Salvation Army or Goodwill/donation center and it was not glamorous, but it was living away from your parents. Video games generally consisted of all of us chipping in for one game and that might happen 2 or 3 times a year, or renting a game for a weekend, but not every weekend.


      It was possible because people lowered their expectations and lived in their means. Yes, even friends with bachelors degrees still roomed with each other because it was the practical thing to do. I didn't know anyone who moved out by themselves until their late 20's. The ones who did, did so because they got into serious relationships and moved in with their significant others.


      Moving out at a young age, by yourself, and having all the conveniences and amenities of modern life easily affordable didn't and doesn't happen for just about anyone. There is glamorization and skipping over some of the real struggles with the picture being painted of the US in the past.

    3. Icebrand1270


      This discussion got very interesting yet very cool at the same time. Off on a tangent, as they say. But not in a bad way. I guess I just had smart friends who did great things in their lives while I'm stuck in my town for the rest of my life. Such is this planet I suppose.

      As stated, the "ideal" doesn't happen in real life. I'm just happy to have the support system I have. And one I can... and have... helped in return. I'm just looking to get my life back on track for the moment.

      Everyone is off on some "crusade" and I just want to wear shoes again. It's that simple.

    4. Spaz


      My parents were well in their 30s and 40s by the early - mid 90s so they already had college behind them and many years of working. They weren’t without their struggles, but that was decades earlier before my time so I can’t really say much on that. 

      The shift now is I see a lot of old people trying to find jobs that were meant for young people. There is a man I know in his 70s who is working a close to minimum wage job because he can’t find anything else. I think he should be lucky because of COVID-19. But it’s just sad. 

      My sister was out of the house at 18 in the late 90s and lived in a dorm with some roommates. My parents did the same thing decades earlier. I didn’t say many people were completely on their own by themselves, even during the booming economy that was still very stressful especially for someone still in school. But I definitely feel there were more job opportunities that moved you forward in life. Today you cannot afford a lot of things that a typical middle class family could pay for in the past. There is no middle class anymore.

      I am all for preparing kids for the real world and teaching them to be responsible adults living a long and healthy life. Not everybody gets this, as some people die young due to suicide/drugs/health problems, and others die from a drunk driver. I had two friends in high school who died from a drunk driver just when they were finishing up college. It’s always sad to hear someone at age 20 - 21 passing away, or any kid for that matter. 

      In regards to COVID-19, I’m just waiting for things to settle down so we can go back to a more normal life. Right now I see no leadership, and reopening sports like baseball and football is just going to have more people exposed. 

  15. Well everyone, I was able to reschedule my vascular foot injections for this coming Tuesday morning. My current wound and stitch (just one) will not interfere with the procedure thankfully. I haven't done much with the trophy side of gaming as recovery is top priority now.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Feel better