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  1. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I haven't been feeling that great.

    My body and mind have not fared too well lately. Thankfully, there are no serious physical or mental health issues. Except for possibly one: recent blood tests revealed a sluggish thyroid. Nothing serious but it does explain my recent surge in headaches. I haven't been put on medicine for it yet as we need more blood tests to confirm this.

    I can tell you that my habit of "fumbling over my words" is getting worse... and leading to more arguments with family. I do not regret living with family as living alone would be a death sentence with my medical issues. And they would never admit it, but they need me as well. Still, you know what they say about working towards better communication.

    In good news, I may be doing a wrestling event for the indie (minor-league in wrestling terminology) company I'm with this month as wrestling shows are permitted in New York again, at least for now. I will need a ride out there as I never learned to drive. Contrary to popular belief, not all of NYC is touched by its famous subway system. My borough of Staten Island is all buses, although 2 go into Brooklyn to reach a subway line. This show is in Queens and a bit "out of the way" so even if it is near the lone subway station out there, it would be 4+ hours from my house. Fortunately, we have wrestlers from New York and New Jersey (the company comes from New Jersey) so I'll ask around. Wish me luck!

    Seeing as this post is long enough I'll cover gaming another day. See you soon!

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    2. CelestialRequiem


      I'm not gonna forgive you. 

    3. Honor_Hand


      Hey there, Icebrand.


      I'm sorry to hear about that possible thyroid issue you may be having. My girl got diagnosed with that a couple of years back and, if I remember right, she started taking some medication for it at first but she eventually had to undergo surgery. Now, I don't want you to get scared or anything but from what I've heard the medication is often enough to get yourself back to good health. Both my girl and her sister suffered from thyroid issues and at least my girl had to go through surgery because it kind of got out of control. In both cases, they both usually experienced feeling down, kind of depressed at times, or they would have sudden mood changes. Headaches were kind of frequent too.


      Hope everything goes well for you.


      And great news that wrestling shows are allowed once again in NYC. Having to use public transport kind of sucks, but hey, you at least have a chance to go back to work there in the meantime.


      Cheers! :wave:

    4. DaisyVilla102


      I hope you feel better soon, and good luck with the wrestling event!

  2. Any day those "Switch Pro" rumors don't happen, gamers are pissed. Those rumors started in 2018 but only picked up momentum in 2020 (wonder why). I've heard so many false rumors in so many areas of life that some rumor off a name that wouldn't even be named that (I'm sure Sony still owns the name) doesn't excite me. I'm a "believe it when I see it" man. I just want gaming "news" to be actual news and not speculation for once. No chance of that of course.
  3. Platinum 161 is Olympic Games Tokyo 2020! Bought on July 1st and Platinum earned on July 6th. Based on the upcoming (delayed) Olympic Games, there are the classic Olympic events. Some online to do but not incredibly crazy. I may even play more Ranked Matches (Judo most likely) just to see how far I can go! ONWARD!

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    2. MidnightDragon
    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    4. Icebrand1270


      THANK YOU ALL!!! My favorite Olympic moment will always be when Rulon Gardner upset the undefeated Alexander Karelin in Greco-Roman Wrestling in 2000. My father was housesitting (my parents were divorced since 1989) and he screamed like the apartment was on fire! He knew the significance of the moment in sports history. Greco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling are no longer in the Olympics sadly.

      My favorite Olympic theme song is "One Moment In Time" by Whitney Houston from 1988. It was actually my favorite song growing up as a whole.

  4. Happy Independence Day in America! Though not so happy for my sister's kitten. 10 months old and getting scared by fireworks as we speak. As for my sister, she is working a Sunday shift at the grocery... staring down people who forgot to buy grilling stuff that will be sold out. I enjoy my nation making it to another year. I just hope people celebrate responsibly, with respect for one another and do not use this holiday... or any other... for political purposes. (Too much to ask I know.)

    Anyway, I'm off to calm the cat. Hope the rest of the night is better.

    1. DaisyVilla102


      Hope kitteh is okay!  I love watching fireworks, but I feel so bad for all the animals and people who are traumatized by them. :(

    2. MidnightDragon


      My pets aren't having much fun. :(

    3. Honor_Hand


      Damn, poor kitten. :( That's the thing with fireworks, they're cool to look at and stuff, but some mascots just don't handle them very well at all. They can even end up traumatized by them.


      Hope you had a happy 4th of July over there.

  5. "We are the old. We have arthritis." - Old Aid song from the 80s sitcom Married With Children.
  6. As June comes to a close I note that my gaming has been... interesting this year. To put it mildly.

    In the trophy side of gaming, I have 11 Platinum Trophies and 505 Trophies in 6 Months this year. And only 5 out of 11 in the 90% or higher "success rate". Definitely an improvement from habits of old.

    Some highlights include:

    Platinum 150! Super Sports Blast (NA version). 1st in the world to Plat this version of the game as well (only the NA version, the EU version was out earlier). My 3rd "1st In The World to Plat" Moment (8 To Glory and RBI Baseball 20 were the others)

    Speaking of 1st 50 to Plat, I also had 2 other "1st 50" Moments: Taxi Chaos (11) and Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire (PS4-NA) (8) That's a grand total of 12 as OohYeah127!

    Perhaps the most impressive was getting an Ultra Rare Platinum fot the first time as OohYeah127. The game was the Technomancer, with a "success rate" of 3.63%. Earned back in May, it symbolized a return to a challenge I had not conquered since my days as Icebrand1270 (I had 9 UR Plats back then... 8 PS3 and 1 Vita).

    In terms of a "quality game" I took to Platinum, the PS4 versions of Mass Effect 1 and 2 stand out without a second thought. Easier than the PS3 lists but still sweaty palms in anticipation for No One Left Behind. An immortal moment in gaming!

    As for the rest of the year, I shall play what suits me and possibly not focus on trophies so much. Burned out maybe? I'm planning to get Metroid Dread and Skyward Sword (the remake of the Wii Zelda game) on Switch later this year. I've never been predictable... and what's the fun in that?

    Anyway, thank you for reading! See you next time!

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    2. Icebrand1270


      @ronin_leon Thank You! I hope to hit 1,000 trophies this year. I used to frequently under my old ID. As Icebrand1270 I even has a year of over 2,100 trophies! I had 131 Plats and 12,861 Trophies from December 27 of 2008 to September 29 of 2017 (lost the ID to a bank card hack). Now I have 160 Plats and 6,558 Trophies since October 1 of 2017. Looking forward to hitting 12,00 all over again!

      *12,000 not "12,00". Bad typo... again. *sigh*

    3. Honor_Hand


      Congrats on those many 1st to Plat endeavors you've been going through. I don't have any of those myself but it must feel pretty cool to be the very first person to obtain a Platinum in any given game. ^^


      As a side note, I wasn't aware Skyward Sword was getting a remake. I love the old Zelda games, with Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess being personal favorites of mine, but Skyward Sword was a title I could never finish playing on my Wii. I don't know why but for some reason, it never quite clicked with me.

    4. ihadalifeb4this



  7. I swear, if I have to explain to my relatives one more time that the Switch and Switch Lite play the same games (mostly) I'm going to lose it. What do I need... PowerPoint... of the 100-Page variety?

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    2. Icebrand1270


      @KingGuy420 I didn't own a Wii or WiiU. My family doesn't even know those systems exist.

      @EverythingOnFire That sounds accurate. My sister's gaming misconceptions couldn't be any further off the mark if they were international. She calls Super Mario Bros 3 an RPG because you are playing a role other than yourself (feel free to cringe... I did too). She still calls discs "cartidges" and thinks gaming music is "not real music" (and the song she insulted had lyrics so she couldn't use the "no lyrics" excuse). Lost cause much?

      @AihaLoveleaf Definitely the classic "old dog new tricks" scenario. More saddenning than anything else. Just my opinion.

    3. Honor_Hand


      It could be worse. I have seen the same scenario @EverythingOnFire commented about. I have a couple of family members that call anything that is videogame-related a "Nintendo". It doesn't matter what game it is or the device you're playing with, all video games are a "Nintendo". But it can go even worse than that because at least twice in my life I've met people that go even further back on that and call everything an "Atari". :facepalm:


      Those are the moments in my life where I've struggled the most to not facepalm in front of people. xD

    4. Icebrand1270


      @Honor_Hand It will get worse. Trust me. And facepalming is a way of life for me.

      @EverythingOnFire I meant to say my sister's misconceptions couldn't be any further off the mark if they were "intentional" not "international". That's one bad typo right there.

  8. Note to self: Stop commenting on "friends" social media pages for a while. Especially those who delete my comments. Even relatives. Yep, that kind of ignored.
  9. The moment I've been waiting for... the wrestling promotion I'm with will be back in NYC come August! Provided the decision to lift the ban on shows isn't reversed of course. I know the date but not the venue. Time to get new shoes!

    1. Icebrand1270


      I just saw the poster. I don't know if I'm needed yet but I'll have details soon enough. Fingers crossed!

    2. Honor_Hand


      Fingers crossed for you over here, man. Hope everything goes well. 👍

  10. @MidnightDragon Nice. What's the price? Probably out of my range but I have to know. And congrats on the upgrade from Switch Lite to Switch! Metrid Dread is the one I'll likely go for out of what was announced. Not that I would shun the others but you get my point. @BlackTorito I've always considered this "Switch Pro" rumor to be false... like so many others. The rumor began in 2018 but only picked up momentum in 2020 (wonder why). Not to mention "Pro" still has to be a Sony trademark. Not that it couldn't be named something else but you get my point. It definitely makes me unpopular on the Internet... not that I ever cared about such things mind you.
  11. You're not the only one. I've always considered it nothing more than an Internet rumor that people try to "wish into existence"... like so much else. Gaming "journalists" pushing the issue means nothing either. We know their lack of integrity.
  12. Not-so-random thought: "Gaming Journalism" and "Wrestling Journalism" have a lot in common. With most of it based on lies, rumors and speculation, it certainly cannot be referred to as "journalism"... at all. Just something to note as numerous E3 rumors are proven false year after year. (Read: Switch Pro that's been rumored since 2018).

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    2. Icebrand1270


      @XchocomanX A prime example right there. If you are curious, the comparison to wrestling "journalists" comes from persistent rumor mills and "dirt sheets". If I had a dollar for every false Becky Lynch return rumor, buying WWE would be an easy task! (P.S. I'm not crying about her being away either... she was another reason not to watch... unpopular reason I know.)

      *unpopular viewpoint I mean.

    3. Dr_Mayus


      Most "journalists" are like this though. They dont have sources, they don't spend months researching a topic. They post something they saw on the internet and give a quick opinion about it and call it a day.

    4. Honor_Hand


      I think the proper definition of "journalism" was lost a long time ago. The vast majority of them are usually like this regardless of the field you look into. I mean, not all of them, there's probably still a small group doing it the right way, but they're hard to find. That's why it's always important to double-check the sources. I know even I have been guilty of falling prey to the same wrong practice.

  13. You know you're old when nicknames like "ManShep" and "FemShep" (Mass effect reference) seem... juvenile. Affectionate... but juvenile. Maybe it's the "abbreviate everything" tendency of the modern-day planet but it makes a 41-Year-Old man who grew up on complete sentences feel... old.

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    2. Doomed_Gary


      Thank you T9 texting and AOL free trial discs.

    3. XchocomanX


      We all know Shepard is the greatest soldier ever. She just kicked some major ass.

    4. AK-1138


      That's eloquent wordsmithery worthy of copious Nobel prizes compared to the gargantuan cesspool of human inanity that is portmanteau shipping names.

  14. You know you're old when nicknames like "ManShep" and "FemShep" (Mass Effect reference) seem... juvenile. Affectionate... but juvenile. Maybe it's the "abbreviate everything" tendency of the modern-day planet, but it makes a 41-Year-Old man who grew up on complete sentences feel... old.
  15. Plat 159 is Mass Effect 2 from the PS4 Legendary Edition! An immortal trilogy that I have another Platinum Trophy from!

    I still say one of the greatest thrills in all of gaming is getting all 12 teammates out of the "suicide mission" alive. Whether you are going for the trophies or not, it is a "scream your head off in a victory roar and dance like a fool" moment! I don't know who I woke up by doing just that at 1:53 AM local time... and as long as it wasn't family I don't care! *evil laugh*

    My only regret is that I missed the Veteran trophy from the "Bonus Trophies" section by just 10 kills. (1990/2000 kills to be exact) As some of you may know, this trilogy has an... unusual... list. There are trophies for each game (each with a Platinum) and "Bonus Trophies" in a Non-Platinum 100% format (Insanity runs, romances, kills, melee kills, finishing the trilogy with the same character). I can get the 2000 kills trophy in Mass Effect 3 with just 10 more kills. I was just hoping to be done with it already. It happens.

    Anyway, I'm off to play Mass Effect 3 (Male Shepard, Soldier Class). Happy hunting everyone!

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    2. XchocomanX


      @nyarLOLhotep Forgot to mention the trophy thingie on ME3. 

      3, in particular, has been deadly for my Ps4. First time I see any CE error.

    3. The Arizona Ranger
    4. ihadalifeb4this