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  1. [GreedFall] I have 29 trophies so far but I feel like a buffoon playing chess... if that makes any sense.


    So far, I screwed up a potential romance with Kurt by only partially succeeding his second of three companion quests. At least he remained loyal for this run.

    I caused enough disfavor with the Coin Guard that I never gained Friendly status with them, despite completing their questline. OUCH!

    I gained Friendly status with the Theleme... and lost it. Furthermore, the Mother Cardinal did NOT reveal the stone tables to her people. DAMN IT!

    So I'm ineligible for the best ending. The other 4 endings are still in play, of course. But this hurts.

    At least I enjoy this game... but I HATE making mistakes like this! I suppose the phrase "Better luck next time" is appropriate, yes?