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  1. I should update my About Me again... for a multitude of reasons.

    I've hit "First in The World" status twice now (8 To Glory, RBI Baseball 20). I only have 8 To Glory listed.

    I now have more Platinum Trophies as OohYeah127 than I did as Icebrand1270. I need to list that.

    Sadly, I have to alter my "ECPW alumni in the big leagues" list as Luke Gallows was among the many roster releases right after Wrestlemania. (I'm sure he'll be all right career-wise but don't ask if I have inside info. I couldn't tell you if I knew and he already "made it" by the time I started in 2008.) At least there is one ECPW alumni in the "bigs" right now in Sonny Kiss of AEW. (Not that I watch much of WWE or AEW or Impact or the other big leagues... if at all. My shows and health matter more to me personally. Not a popular viewpoint but there it is.)

    I'm sure there's other things to alter... I'll just have to think about them. All in good time, yes?

    1. eigen-space


      I see you have 127 in both your usernames. Care to share its significance?

    2. Icebrand1270


      @eigen-space Certainly! January 27 is my birthday! But I devised my original username back in 2008 when I wasn't so outgoing and much more shy. Therefore I put a zero on the end as a sort of disguise. Thanks to my work with East Coast Pro Wrestling, shy is not an option.

      As for the rest, Icebrand is a popular name for Ice Swords in Final Fantasy games (paying homage to old-school RPGs there). OohYeah is a reference to WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage. I lost the "Icebrand1270" ID in September of 2017 due to a bank card hack.

    3. eigen-space


      I thought it might be birthday related. Nice origin story for the usernames :D