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  1. Was looking if anyone could recommend a digital game in the 40 dollar and under (USD of course) range. I have some spare money left from... well, being stuck in the "hot zone" of New York City... and best to leave it at that. Don't know if I'll do it now or wait for a month or two when my mood improves (tired of social media arguments, you understand). Still, here's my "wishlist" if you will:

    Streets of Rage 4.

    The Shapeshifting Detective.

    The Complex (yep, I know, I shouldn't)

    River City Girls

    Big Pharma

    I Am Setsuna

    Double Dragon and Kunio-kun Retro Brawler Bundle

    Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy of The Duelist Link Evolution (PS4)


    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as always. Trophy difficulty is only semi-important as my hunting of trophies has been terrible this month to begin with.

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    2. Froopy the Cowbear

      Froopy the Cowbear

      I can understand that.  I had a somewhat... unsettling experience with Final Fantasy 7 that made it very... difficult to finish.  I did eventually, but it was a bit of a roller coaster.


      To be fair, I probably didn't give the game a chance.  It may have a good story, so take that with a grain of salt.


      Sometimes everyone gets an urge to punch something xD 

    3. Honor_Hand


      Sadly, I haven't played any of those games as to have a more complete opinion on them.


      HOWEVER, out of those in that list, I'd go for River City GIrls. I really, really liked what the developers (WayForward) did with Double Dragon Neon back in 2012. I know a lot of people weren't particularly fond of that reboot, but I thought it was awesome. Nice music and very addictive to play. River City Girls appears to be much of the same, but with a cooler art style.


      Streets of Rage 4 looks like a good option, but I haven't really read or watched anything about that one, so I'm only basing my opinion there on the previous titles in the franchise.



    4. Icebrand1270


      @Honor_Hand I did Double Dragon Neon on my old ID when it came out. If I ever hear the music for Stage 2 again, I just might start singing, dancing and making a complete fool of myself! And I won't want to stop either!