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Greetings one and all! Here they call me Icebrand1270... and that was my name on PSN... once before.

For me, trophies are an extension of the old-school high score. It symbolizes an evolution of something I have done all of my life. It was only natural for me to pursue this style of gaming. Still, I would not characterize myself as a typical trophy hunter. When I was Icebrand1270, I had an appetite for games of all genres, skill levels, popularity, notoriety and levels of Metacritic rating. For me, variety is the spice of life, as the old saying goes. Nor do I shun online or collectible trophies or show fear of grinding, perhaps a notion more foolish than bold.

During my time as Icebrand1270, I had 131 Platinums and over 12,000 trophies... and it all came crashing down in the end, thanks to a bank card hack. But one cannot grieve forever, so i started anew as OohYeah127. Since then, following the principles of "rebuilding-redemption-rebirth" I have clawed my way up slowly but surely and am the first in the world to Plat the PSN/PS4 game 8 To Glory. Who knows what the future will bring, yes?

When not on the PS4, i can be seen with a prominent "minor-league" pro wrestling promotion in New York/New Jersey called East Coast Pro Wrestling (ECPW) as an announcer/commissioner. My 10 years with this company has allowed me to meet great fans and work with legends still healthy enough to tour. My boss, Mr. Italy Gino Caruso, trained current WWE Superstar Luke Gallows and All Elite wrestler Sonny Kiss (formerly XO Lishus of Lucha Underground).  Other ECPW alumni who have made the "big leagues" of professional wrestling include Ezekiel Jackson, Nunzio, Crowbar, Donald Spaparo, Sim Snuka and Cherry. I have no illusions of hitting it big myself, especially with health concerns being what they are. Still, it feels good to live a dream and perhaps help a future star or two as well!

See you around the forums, people!