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  1. There are two trophies live on psn right now. Trophies are called «Drilling Down» and «Reactor Heist» and are tied to the pentagon. Probably new story missions like the last dlc.
  2. https://lbp.me/v/q4bqhzx/activity Would go back and check if ppl still need the trophy. Appriciate the help from those that could help me:) Edit: I’m currently done. Played everyones level on the last pages that still didn’t had 50 unique plays. Gonna check in and play new levels that appears before I get done with the game.
  3. I did get it in world 2 on one of the stages involving soda delievery. I think it bugged for me too though. Because it unlocked after delivering many dishes in that level. Maybe it has something to do with food combinations aswell?
  4. What is your point? The trophies are already live! Just because it isn’t standing in the patch notes it doesn’t mean it isn’t added. Well, if ppl would actually start reading what is in the season passes you wouldn’t end up buying it. It was annonced long before release that all content was gonna end up free for everyone. So they didn’t steal anything from you.
  5. No, unfortunatly you have to be the one that do the killing blow for it to count. Both for marked kills and kills in general. The good thing though is that these two trophies usally sync up if you play HvV, so they should pop around the same time. That it did for me atleast and I’ve heard that happened to many others as well. It’s skill depended of course, but it gives you an idea how close you are atleast:)
  6. It’s arcade matches. Simply play 15 rounds from that section. Personally I did it on couch mode.
  7. Hi Also need help with the 50 unique players trophy. My level link is: https://vita.lbp.me/v/s0-rp Gonna go back and play all you others levels asap:)
  8. I’m back to Master Hunter after platting FC5:)
  9. Also need help with plays for my level. My level link is: https://vita.lbp.me/v/s0-rp Also gonna go back and play levels from you guys above me that have posted here in recent time🙂
  10. Best of luck:) Would suggest to get together a full boosting party. i’ve finished the MP trophies now. Took me 3 days with alot of commitment. Also like to mention tht the servers are a total mess! I’ve never experienced a game that keeps crahing as much as this title. The whole lobby had their games crash all together. Only today i’m guessing it dis that 70-100 times. Not kidding!
  11. Lol! 4 vitas, damn! Yeah, the time shouldn’t be an issue. Halfway there in less than a day!:)
  12. Well. After around 5 hours I’m done with around 60/210. The challenges is starting to increase in difficulty, but haven’t really had that much problems so far. You can choose between two sets of challenges in each event. It could be an idea to gather some players you gonna boost with to help some challenges being alot easier. For example. The challenge don’t finish last. One player can idle and you are bound to get it. The most annoying challenges so far are beat a specific player and finish 1sr (got that for the first time at online level 9). I don’t know your skill in racers, but it doesn’t seem that demaninding. The SP is where the difficulty lies I guess.
  13. After my first couple of hours i’ve got the feeling that the online is gonna go smoothly. Those challenges are quite manageble (for now). With a boosting party i’m feeling those tougher ones are going to be a breeze too. Aiming for 30-40 events just today
  14. Thanks for all the great replys! I’ve decised to give it a try very soon, getting the online out of the way ASAP.
  15. Have also completed Fight for fortune😊 please sign me up for Gambler aswell✌️