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  1. Best of luck:) Would suggest to get together a full boosting party. i’ve finished the MP trophies now. Took me 3 days with alot of commitment. Also like to mention tht the servers are a total mess! I’ve never experienced a game that keeps crahing as much as this title. The whole lobby had their games crash all together. Only today i’m guessing it dis that 70-100 times. Not kidding!
  2. Lol! 4 vitas, damn! Yeah, the time shouldn’t be an issue. Halfway there in less than a day!:)
  3. Well. After around 5 hours I’m done with around 60/210. The challenges is starting to increase in difficulty, but haven’t really had that much problems so far. You can choose between two sets of challenges in each event. It could be an idea to gather some players you gonna boost with to help some challenges being alot easier. For example. The challenge don’t finish last. One player can idle and you are bound to get it. The most annoying challenges so far are beat a specific player and finish 1sr (got that for the first time at online level 9). I don’t know your skill in racers, but it doesn’t seem that demaninding. The SP is where the difficulty lies I guess.
  4. After my first couple of hours i’ve got the feeling that the online is gonna go smoothly. Those challenges are quite manageble (for now). With a boosting party i’m feeling those tougher ones are going to be a breeze too. Aiming for 30-40 events just today
  5. Thanks for all the great replys! I’ve decised to give it a try very soon, getting the online out of the way ASAP.
  6. Have also completed Fight for fortune😊 please sign me up for Gambler aswell✌️
  7. As the servers are closing in the end of march i’m just wondering how it would be to start this game now? How much time would it take to complete all of the MP trophies? Other advice on how to approach this? Would be a neat plat to add to my collection. I’ve done WipeOut HD on PS3 so i’m familiar with the series. Edit: Took me 3 days to Complete the MP With a decent amount of hours spent those days. It's also highly recommended getting a good Group of ppl to do this With as the later nodes almost only consist of 1st requirements.
  8. The trophyguide contain a full list of the kills. May I suggest that you try the barn fence kill on higgens haven another go? I though I had every single kill aswell. But I’d managed to do it in the wrong spot so I got the regular head smach instead of the correct one.
  9. Need to update my rank to Fortune Hunter. Got 100% in every single Uncharted title
  10. Well, the trophy description states that you have to play Multiplayer matches so I guess it doesn’t count.
  11. Just did this after struggeling with the valves. The trick is to spin the analog stick in a steady circle (not to fast). The valve should turn smoothly. Close the door to the prisoner until it hits the water and then go for the one leading to the exit. Open it around 33% and crouch under. Then run like hell and jump all the obstacles. Hope this helps🙂
  12. Most of the trophies you will probably get without thinking about them anyway, except a few maybe. That's a good question. I got the trophy way before I got 100/113 of the car repair badge. Think it was around 75/100. So I assume that gas and battery counts as one repair each. I cannot comfirm that though. You do that and i'll hope that 10 hours in the future you will have changes your opinion to a more posetive vibe towards this game:)
  13. yeah, iknow it's relative m8. Just saying that ppl complain about things that's probably their own doing and by playing it smart they could probably cut their percentage too. There are Jasons who just knows what they are doing and i'm having a hard time with those for sure! Rage quitters are a unfortunate issue but atleast you get the satisfaction of getting them. With a group of friends it's more common for them to stick around since they need to use extra time to find a new lobby and if their leader leaves he would probably take with hil the whole group. The rare occations I quit a game, i'll atleast let Jason kill me before as there are no leaderboards which tracks your K/D anyway. Jason gets you, he has earned the kill if you ask me! sure thing, i'll hit you with a request:)
  14. Look, I know about the issues. I'm not saying it's a perfect game, but if you have been playing since launch you would know how long they have come on fixing those. It is still very playable IMO. Of course we should not settle with a half functional game, but I think some of the critics it gets are quite harsh! Alot of the issues is the players own fault for not understanding the mecanics. If you had that knowledge the game would feel alot more fair. I'm escaping Jason 50% of the time just because i'm giving him minimum clues to where i am. Also I know how to fight him and the signs to look for to know what he does. anyway, if you are interesting in jump into this game now is the time. Later on the hardcore players will remain and then it will be quite hard to get into it. The remaining issues i believe will be fixed vey soon and are indees worked on.
  15. I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad time with it. Yeah, the servers are still a little bad, but it isn't as unplayable as you want it to be. The best way to play it is to get to host the server. Then it almost never occur. For having Jason on your ass, that's most of the times on you. You should never run if you don't have to as this give Jason good indications on where you are. Glitches are a much smaller issues. I don't see them as much anymore and if they do it's possible to understand why it happens to you. Beartraps are extremely poor to use though. I agree with that. I can see that it can get overwhelming in the start as some players know how to play Jason. If you like just hit me up with a friend request and i'll show you some tricks in a private lobby!