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  1. You don't need to capture both targets. If you choose yo side with the allies you are gonna end up capturing Peng and vice versa. Just choose one and capture that guy and continue with the final mission. As long you have 53/55 before you side with a nation you are good as long as you manage to capture the leader during that mission. The target you are talking about is a different Joyce. I captured the guy on the oil rig and ended up capturing leader Joyce during the final Chinese mission aswell. Don't worry you will be fine. If you are worried you could always make a an extra save state just in case of something weird that you can go back to. Hope this made sense and answered your question.
  2. No, the battle pass wasn't available when I did it. The important thing to keep level up quick is just reaching the new circle (safe zones) to level up your character. Each time the circle shrink basically you have to move to the middle. This gives the most xp. Kills doesn't give to much xp to be fair. Was rounds I had 20 kills and it barely gave me more xp than my friend that had 5 kills for example. Obviously you get some more, but it's minimal.
  3. I can comfirm. Did this a few months back and it took me just over 50 hours to achive 100% according to my game timer.
  4. I wouldn't say it's THAT hard to achieve without the suit and event. I've done this a few times and are basically my favorite activity in DL. I mean it's not a walk in the park, but I think those challenges are way overhyped as being difficult. Think I knocked em out in 5-6 hours or so give or take the first time around. It's all about knowing the route from start to finish. I struggled more with the Bozark Horde dlc myself. I've spended much more time getting through that one than the parkour challenges. I've heard it's easier if you have a high level character though so maybe it was my fault for not grinding it up to get a ton of skill points prior.
  5. You might wanna change this thread title as it doesn't really describe what this thread is about. As to answer your question. I would just find something you think looks fun and just jump into it. Fun factor is important. So many MP games these days also have alright matchmaking and try to put you into a match with someone with a similar skillrating as you. Just test the water and try to find something you enjoy and try not to expect that you should be the best right away.
  6. If it's te trophy you need to be the last man standing you are talking about you need to be the last one alive after the game says you need to kill your fellow players. This cannot be earned in solo if I remember correctly. If you playing with a set of friends you can just ask them to let you kill em and you should get the trophy.
  7. Not everyone is getting the cross gen bundle though as it is a bit more expensive than just buying the one version you want. I understand that people that own the ps5 wanna get the superior version rather than buy the one that is stuck to an old system. I see how I phrased it in the other post of mine so gonna edit it so people get s better understanding of what the issue are. I'm fully aware that you can play with someone on ps5 if they own the ps4 version. The issue is as said above that not everyone gonna have access to both versions.
  8. It's not like they haven't addressed it somewhere. I just feel like it could have been like something that were mentioned more clearly from ea. Was something that wasn't hard to find by googling, but information about it up to launch weren't really saying anything. In the end it's my own fault and I learned a lesson for the next time I'm gonna buy a cross gen multiplayer title. With that said, i'm still gonna play it and hopefully have a good time with it even though I cannot play with my friends that haven't gotten the ps4 version.
  9. Maybe we can switch friends?^^ Nah, but really dissapointed with this. It's one of the first games I've come across that doesn't support cross gen. I feel like this haven't been properly addressed from EA or maybe it's just me that have been doing my research wrong.
  10. So ended up with buying the ps4 version myself and were pretty excited to jump on with my mates that is playing on the ps5 just to realize it ain't any cross gen play. If you are playing the ps4 version you are limited to play with others that play the ps4 version only and xbox one etc. So if you wanna play with someone you need to be sure to use the same version of the game if you wanna party up. Correct me if i'm wrong.
  11. From my experience you can only join people on the same version. If you invite someone to play with you, you have too play the same version to actually join it. It's kinda stupid designes as you can matchmake just fine across gens but not join each others invites. The only solution I've comed up with is to switch to the same version and play that one.
  12. Really interested to get this one, but are currently holding back until I get more info about the performance. Obviously DICE/EA has said it will not have the massive lobbies with 128 players, but rather just support 64 player lobbies. So my question is if this feel like a version worth getting. Does it run acceptable and does the differences from the next gen version hold this version back in any way? Also if someone have any input on how it feels like playing across gens? I have friends that is getting the ps5 version, so I wonder how it would be to play with each other. The option is there, but would it be something that would be a big deal breaker for a ps5 owner to play alot in these smaller lobbies?
  13. Equivalent just means that your need to fix generators so the total repair is what it would be if you fixed one yourself 100%. You can fix 30% on one gen, 50% on a second and 20% on a third and you would have fixed the equivalent of one gen. Or you can just fix one from start to finish. I'm not sure what happens if more fixes the same engine, but I imagine you stilø fix it the same as the progressbar shows.
  14. Cool thread. Made me think I haven't watched too much quality tv over the years, but atleast felt I could contribute with a pretty strong top 5 atleast. 1. Black Sails 2. Better Call Saul 3. Breaking Bad 4. Hannibal 5. The Queens Gambit Will also strongly recommend season one of True Detective, Westworld and Spartacus (I really enjoyed the whole series myself, but Blood and sand were the highpoint in my book). Also would give an honorable mention to the show Chuck as I think many ppl in here would really love it.
  15. If you would have read the whole patch notes you would have seen they are changing the trophy to just escape through the hatch with a key. This means that you don't need to escape through the hatch with all 4 people. With that said, these changes will make the “Where Did They Go!?” achievement impossible to obtain, so it will be changed to ‘Escape through the Hatch using a Key.” Source: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/281834/mid-chapter-developer-update-september-2021-part-2