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  1. That's not completely true. They posted this one a few days ago. I'm not a developer so it's hard for me to say how hard these issues are to fix, but atleast they have commented on it. Time will tell though. Source: https://vigorgame.com/news/addressing-issues
  2. Looks like you show off 3 of your plats that took you dedication and work to achieve and are proud for earning. Imagine when you achieved these you felt like you accomplished something.
  3. From what I've experienced this isn't gonna be the case. Atleast for Whittleton Creek that is. I currently gonna hit mastery level 15 with around 45 completed challenges out of 142. Which gives me plenty of requirements to hit that upcoming level 20 in H3. I see Haven Island only have 89 challenges tied to it so this is probably going to be tighter, but there should still be room for hitting level 20 with those 89 aswell.
  4. Yeah, that's how I had it too. Hope you can manage to get it done m8! Also to ping back on some comments above. Crashes seems to be a heavy issue on the base PS4. Have friends that played it on PS5 and haven't gotten a single crash and it crashes less frequently on the PS4 pro as far as I understand it. So if you have a PS5 or PS4 pro it might not be so terrible to get it done in one sitting.
  5. I'm also kinda confused were all this talk about servers for Hitman 2 is coming from? Ghost mode were the only game mode that were announced to shut down in August 2020. It's now down ofc. But apart from that one paragraph that's quoted earlier in this thread there is no information of the coop in Sniper Assassin being taken down apart from that the developers plan to take it away before Hitman 3 releases. Nothing has been set in stone apart from that IO are thinking of it. Not a date or if it's going to happen at all.
  6. That's just speculation from you and others though. If that's the source there isn't really any evidence that the co-op is going to be taken down either. They've just announced that they plan to take it down, not that it's actually going to happen. With the regards of the Absolution situation I don't think this can be compared. It's not always in the hand of the developers on how to treat the game. The publisher has also a hand in the picture. The publisher on Absolution is Square Enix if I'm right. Not WB. So it's two different scenarios. With that said I'm not saying your necessarily wrong, but going around saying that they will be unobtainable is kinda misleading as nothing has been said about this situation apart from that blog post last summer.
  7. What's your source on that those 3 trophies WILL be unobtainable? Last time I checked this were the statement about the Sniper Assassin game mode in Hitman 2: Sniper AssassinDedicated to long-range assignments, Sniper Assassin tasks you with eliminating targets and guards without triggering an alarm, whilst completing challenges to boost your score multiplier. In HITMAN 3, Sniper Assassin can be played in existing maps as a single-player experience only. We are preparing to sunset the co-op servers in HITMAN 2 before the launch of HITMAN 3 and we’ll share an exact timeline and a solution to the mode’s multiplayer trophies in the coming months. There is a big difference between WILL and MIGHT.
  8. I would advice you not to do it. You have laid a great foundation already. Just abandoning your previous achievements and work just to get rid of something you aren't really feeling anymore isn't a good idea. Your profile tells a story, you should be proud of it. So what if the first one was easy? It's more important to you than you probably realize. It probably gave you a feeling that motivated you to get those other platinums. Your profile shows how you have grown as a hunter tbf. For me it just tells me that you are progressing away from those types of games and are finding your footing as a trophyhunter. I have games on my profile too that I not necessarily would have putted on my profile today, but they are there and are there to define me as a player:) Whatever you do though is up to you! If it feels better for you to start over with a clean sheet you should just do it at the end of the day. Just know that there are others that appreciate profiles that says something about your gaming history and that you can proudly show off your mistakes or struggles aswell.
  9. Kinda. Plans you can go down in the basement with all the weapons of the wall. All guns and knives on the wall that has a blueprint behind it counts. You could also check it by pressing square on the weapon bench upgrade in the improvement menu too see which plans you have or not. Cloths you can also count by going to your character customizer and see how many different clothing articles you got!
  10. It's 3 ways to get cloths. Unlocked from battlepass, bought from store and earned from loot boxes. Weapon plans can only be earned from battlepass and loot boxes. You can look what the potential loot pool is from each box by looking on the side of the loot box (page where you open it). When everything is earned from that specific pool is earned it gonna refresh with a new loot pool that you can earn from earning that specific box.
  11. Really good guide m8. Good explained on how the method works! Also appreciate the mentioning and are happy that it could help you out🙂
  12. Sorry about that, probably didn't use the right words to describe it properly. Yeah, what I meant is if you close the app by any means is what will reset the progress. That is why the crashes is so bad because it closes the app and reset your progress.
  13. If they fix the crashes you still would need to do it one sitting as long as they don't fix the tracking aswell, but it gets much more doable since you are in charge of when you quit the game. The savefiles were only meant if you got stuck with an issue that kept you from getting the progress bar to grow. There has been claims that there isn't any need to mess with the save files in the first place since you can revisit already discovered locations on each map and still make the progress bar grow. It hasn't been confirmed by any other people yet so it would have been useful if anyone that tries this could comfirm if this works. Regardless, the bottom line is that the save files are meaningless in the grand scheme of things anyway. I could delete em every time I start up the game and it wouldn't make any impact on the game for me. Like I have said earlier. The savefiles just keep some data on your harddrive. All your materials, progress and stats are saved on the servers.
  14. There is a in-game medal counter that goes up each time you do a requirement. This reset if you haven't filled the progress bar before quitting the game (or the game crashes). Therefore you need to do those two trophies in one sitting. The trophies themself works fine, it's just the tracking that is bugged.
  15. So the point of uploading your savefile was to have a backup in case of crashes. Since Mr. Sikutai claims that this isn't relevant anymore and you can still trigger progress with revisiting one already discovered location on each map and trigger medal progress this way my method isn't really needed anymore. So you could give it a go to see if the medal progress indeed go up with this method first. I was pretty certain this didn't work for me personally and therefore needed to do something about it. So with my method described earlier we assume that it's the last undiscovered location being diacovered that actually trigger the medal progress. Since locations saves local on your harddrive this means that if the game crashes you loose progress on your medals, but your locations are still discovered. Which give you problems in this case since you can't trigger medal progress on that map anymore without deleting your save file. Therefore you could upload your savedata to reset it back to before you discovered your last location on maps instead of going around doing everything over in case of crashes. This brings back the point above that this method is pretty complicated and inefficient if you can just revisit one already discovered location.