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  1. I'm not an expert on law in general and especially not how law is practice in the states so by all means it could be something to pursuit.i just know that all companies have these terms of agreements and documents written so that most cases would be meaningless to pursuit for exactly these purposes. That said. It's anti consumer friendly to do it like this in the first place and EA could probably have saved themself alot of complaints by just follow the procedures and wrote two lines about it back in May🤷
  2. It's all about legal reasons i'm afraid to cover all their bases in case of being taken to court. They basicly have lawyers writing this stuff so they have covered all their bases. Well, you might be right. I'm not having the cover in front of me so I can't say what it says word by word. But I'm pretty sure if it can be interpreted you don't come far with it i'm afraid as the other party (EA in this case) would just argue the other way if it comes to it.
  3. The reason for the thread being "solved" is just that it makes that answer the first one ppl see when visiting the thread. It doesn't solve the connection issues, but that is the reason for it servers not working. It's great you guys are fighting and such for it. More power too you, but I don't nesassary think EA has breached any contract of obligations as if I recall the wording on the box is that it MAY be given a 30 days notice. This means they kinda can do it without saying anything even though it's kinda sad for the consumer that is actually playing it at the time and using the product. That said, this is a perfectly good example on why ppl should consider ps3 servers on borrowed time and can be gone in a flash. Get your ps3 games done with ASAP server closure or not.
  4. The trophies are infamous on popping late in this game, especially for older players that started it in the past. I would say last summer was the line were new players started having less issues with it. I have a dozen or so friends on my friendslist that still hasn't been able to pop the 1000 kills and they were between. 2000-8000 kills. Several seasons with 1000 kills under their belt aswell. I struggled myself and finally popped the plat a few weeks ago after a little bit over 3000 kills in total after switching from FPP to TPP. I've been in touch with their admins in the discord group and they have confirmed that the trophies have a faulty counter and they are still working on a fix for it. There were several patches released, but it didn't seem to solve the issues for older players at least. If there are a recent fix it hasn't been properly communicated from the admin teams or via patch notes etc.
  5. I for once NEVER complain about new FREE content in the games I have played in the past. Adding trophies to them for me just gives me an extra excuse to go back. If I don't fancy the game I can always skip on it or visit in down the line when I have more mood for it. No a days it's so hard to make everyone happy as ppl tend to have all kind of different opinions. I can clearly see that these updates are not for you, but for me they are great. So i'm pretty sure the developers have myself and other ppl like me in mind when putting out these updates. A developer that still keep supporting a game to this extension should be praised rather than being criticized IMO since it's not so many that does this. Usually it's get it out, support it for the next 6-12 months and move on to the next project. There are clearly a big playerbase to this game since they decide to continue supporting it and those ppl gonna recommend it to other ppl based on the love, passion and support the dev team puts into it.
  6. EA servers are wonky at many times though in general. I recently played MoH and that lost connection to ea servers all the time. Fifa is the same. Suddenly you will get a connection. My thing wasn't to try to apply that you and others doesn't have problems with it but to just state that the servers are down is highly inaccurate, therefore my respons. Are you by any chance using wired connection or wireless? Sometimes changing the environment of your console helps with the servers in my experience. There are also some ppl that struggles with the terms of agreement that they can't accept them on older games and that keeps you not being able to connect at all to the servers. Might be something to look into.
  7. Servers are fine. Just got off after almost spending 48 hours straight in these servers without issues of connecting. If you are alone you might need to wait 5-15 min to get ppl to join in the lobby if you can't find any active lobbies. No problems at all for me. (EU)
  8. My top 10 list of PS4 games are as followed: 1. Bloodborne 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 3. ECHO 4. God of War 5. Rainbow Six Siege 6. Dishonored 2 7. Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice 8. Apex Legends 9. Uncharted 4 10. INSIDE
  9. So just to come with an update. It finally popped. A little bit before hitting 400 kills in TPP it just unlocked. I don't know if this is the solution, but anyone that is stuck on the trophies that has mainly played FPP in the past should switch over to TPP and see if that is the solution. Again. I had around 500 kills in total in TPP when it popped so you might be lucky and pop it early if you switch over. Again, shout out to @DayNight_Sky for being so persistent and trying multiple solution. I dedicate my plat to you👏👏
  10. Massive congrats! I know how much you have wanted this one! Thx to you I went back to it myself. Started playing more in TTP myself and sure enough after around 25 matches my airbourne trophy finally pooped after a staggering 357 matches!!! It gives me hope that the 1000 kills gonna pop eventually. I'm currently on 200 kills after I started up again with a total of 3000 kills. Fingers crossed. FYI I haven't played 101 matches in total in TTP yet so some of my FFS matches must have counted.
  11. That is wierd. The fame should come ore installed on all ps4 consoles. It's also not deleteable. Just look on your library tab (far right) and look what apps are on your console. Don't filter away anything and see if it's there.
  12. That's not completely true. They posted this one a few days ago. I'm not a developer so it's hard for me to say how hard these issues are to fix, but atleast they have commented on it. Time will tell though. Source: https://vigorgame.com/news/addressing-issues
  13. Looks like you show off 3 of your plats that took you dedication and work to achieve and are proud for earning. Imagine when you achieved these you felt like you accomplished something.
  14. From what I've experienced this isn't gonna be the case. Atleast for Whittleton Creek that is. I currently gonna hit mastery level 15 with around 45 completed challenges out of 142. Which gives me plenty of requirements to hit that upcoming level 20 in H3. I see Haven Island only have 89 challenges tied to it so this is probably going to be tighter, but there should still be room for hitting level 20 with those 89 aswell.
  15. Yeah, that's how I had it too. Hope you can manage to get it done m8! Also to ping back on some comments above. Crashes seems to be a heavy issue on the base PS4. Have friends that played it on PS5 and haven't gotten a single crash and it crashes less frequently on the PS4 pro as far as I understand it. So if you have a PS5 or PS4 pro it might not be so terrible to get it done in one sitting.