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  1. Well, if last season is a measurement to go from you will probably go way beyond 100 hours to enter GM. To give you a perspective. I started Destiny in August and have putted somewhere between 200-300 hours into it since then. My power level at the end of the season were currently 1071 which didn't even let me enter GM.
  2. Yeah, and also hope they give us all the other trophies too so we don't have to play the game at all. For real though, the only reason those trophies unlock is because you have actually unlocked the trophy requirements when you start a new character.
  3. FYI the weekend league is open to registrer for the the next 3400 days or so. So even though there are not any events coming up EA has atleast taken measures to prevent this trophy for being unobtainable đź‘Ź Think this has been implemented in FIFA 19 aswell for ppl that is interested.
  4. Nope, you need to do it a second time if you want both plats.
  5. You beated me to it^^ It's sceduled in game. Last one that is currently set up opens in 13 days.
  6. Have you been playing 101 matches and gotten 1000 kills after the patch to support that statement? Those are my two trophies missing aswell. Played 10 matches today and got 106 kills so far and no trophy for me either (314 matches and 2686 kills in total). I'm thinking it's either gonna be one of these cases: our stats got reset and we need to start all over with the current trophy or it gonna unstuck the trophy counter. Or else it's gonna still be the same and the trophies are still glitched. No way to know before we get some more information from ppl that unlock the trophies.
  7. Yeah, I feel ya. Think it's still possible though if you go strong for this trophy the next weeks you are bound to get some wins and some more points. It would probably take you guys 200 games if you are division 10. But you will get better and maybe rise up to division 9-8 in that time and cut the grind a little bit in that time! But time is running out if you haven't started yet! Can't say if there is gonna be more weekend leagues after the end of August
  8. I'm not sure if that is the case. According to this site https://www.fifauteam.com/fifa-20-weekend-league-calendar/ it's still 4 events left in that calendar. But it for sure getting close to the end of weekend leagues in Fifa 20. So like you said it's better to get it done as soon as possible!
  9. They patched in Online and option to use the PS4 controller with the latest patch. So it's not a 100% playlink title anymore:)
  10. They have been pretty predictable and consistent with when they drop their new dlc. They usually drop new trophies somewhere around: - End of March - Middle of June - Beginning of October - Middle of December This should give everyone an idea of when there's gonna be new content coming
  11. I would say if you not have any interest of going for 100% in the games I would advice you to just leave it be. Brutal difficulty is, just like you stated a broken mess. The games aren't really designed for that difficulty. There are a lot of parts in each games that just are luck based IMO if you get through it or not. When I was done with these games I didn't really felt like I had achieved anything other than testing my patience. The difficulty is more about just keep at it until you make it at points. When that is said, it gets easier and easier with each game. Drakes Fortune were a headache for me and Drakes Deception were the easiest one due to implementing of a more solid stealth system. I don't know how much easier it will be with using the tweaks exploit, but even then I could see some sections being really frustrating to navigate through. Bottom line is if you don't care for completion there are many other games that gives you more satisfaction for completing and gives you a much more fair challenge than doing Uncharted on Brutal.
  12. There are two trophies live on psn right now. Trophies are called «Drilling Down» and «Reactor Heist» and are tied to the pentagon. Probably new story missions like the last dlc.
  13. https://lbp.me/v/q4bqhzx/activity Would go back and check if ppl still need the trophy. Appriciate the help from those that could help me:) Edit: I’m currently done. Played everyones level on the last pages that still didn’t had 50 unique plays. Gonna check in and play new levels that appears before I get done with the game.
  14. I did get it in world 2 on one of the stages involving soda delievery. I think it bugged for me too though. Because it unlocked after delivering many dishes in that level. Maybe it has something to do with food combinations aswell?
  15. What is your point? The trophies are already live! Just because it isn’t standing in the patch notes it doesn’t mean it isn’t added. Well, if ppl would actually start reading what is in the season passes you wouldn’t end up buying it. It was annonced long before release that all content was gonna end up free for everyone. So they didn’t steal anything from you.