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  1. So which version is san andreas? The original release and not the ios port?
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/outlast/comments/efnaad/outlast_2_speedrun/ You can pause the game and it wont count according to the post. I cant personally say if it will pause the timer because i mixed the speedrun with my insane run.
  3. Games like metro,days gone,kona,little nightmares,limbo etc. Basically games with windy weather and moving trees or snow storms or even thunder storms. What other games can you recommend? Any game that isnt on my list already. I know theres metro exodus but i havent got around to that yet. I recently played kona, decent indie game but the snowy landscape really gave it life. Like i mentioned, already played days gone but thats another great example of a good weather system.
  4. Not really a megaman fan or anything but i played and platinumed mighty no.9 and it was okay. Nothing special though. I do agree with the platinum difficulty rating. Very misleading. Its not a 5/10.
  5. It says the english asia version also gets the localization patch on november the 30th. If thats the case, it makes more sense to just pre-order the japanese version as that ships at the end of this month and all the other versions ships on nov 30th.
  6. I know the japanese version comes with english subtitles but what about in-game text and translation on items etc, will that be in english too?
  7. Dead rising 1 is easily the best game in the entire series.
  8. Ive completed act 1 on master difficulty or the first real boss if you will and so far its pretty fun.
  9. Really? Oops. thats honestly not how i hear it. Oh well.
  10. Sometimes kena says “keep it that up” unless im wrong but isnt that an incorrect way of saying it? Its just something ive noticed and thought it was funny how something like that even made it into the game.
  11. Thanks it does ease my concen. Could be that its harder to read the little nightmares 2 disc for whatever reason at the start.
  12. I tried killzone shadow fall disc on PS5 and that sounds normal. But whenever the PS5 reads little nightmare 2 disc it sounds like the PS4 jet engine for like 10-12 seconds. is it supposed to sound like this with some games? Its only little nightmare 2 it does it with. The disc is fine.
  13. A few i recommend doing with another player because the co-op missions are tough solo and will take alot longer.
  14. I wouldnt postpone the online trophies right before a server shutdown for shadow fall because both dlcs requires a ton of time. I dont think theyre too hard just time consuming.
  15. Im on the 2nd expansion and i havent had any corrupted saves yet. I only once quick saved by accident but other than that ive been manual saving my game and quitting out every 2nd level or so to upload my save to the cloud. My guess is that the memory cache gets corrupted when it registers too many saves in a single session and cant keep up with it. Clearly a bug in the code somewhere but thats what im guessing is happening.