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  1. you hide alot because you die too fast. i can see your point but i dont personally think its a flaw. compared to a game like vanquish or mgr:r even though theyre different genres, sure, i can see how mein leben could be seen as flawed because the other two games is heavily skill based. so is mein leben but maybe with a bit more rng, fair enough. but far from flawed.
  2. what about the difficulty do you think is flawed?
  3. what i think of the trophy list? im extremely fucking salty. wheres the trophy for beating the game on mein leben with your hands tied to your back while blindfolded!? guys, lets start a petition right NOW!!! hurry! lets show machinegames we are a bunch of whiney assholes 😭😭😭😭that think we are entitled to everything in life and show them no mercy! GOOOOO!!!!!!! edit: shit. forgot to add a bunch of crying emotes to show them i mean business. edit2: i think it would be hilarious if they added mein leben via a patch with a trophy attached to it ruining everyones 100% just to get back at the assholes trying to ruin it for the rest of us with their cringey petition for wolfenstein 2 last time. 😏
  4. let me just tell you straight away that no one on these forums will be able to help you. you think its because youre addicted to trophies thats the problem here, i can almost guarantee its not. you have an underlying issue here and its triggered when you go for trophies. you already said you spent way more money than you wanted to. find the cause of the underlying issue and work it out from there. taking peoples advice, such as playing on another system that doesnt have trophies/achievements wont help. what will you do when you return to playstation again because theres a game you really want to play? youre back to square one. im saying all of this because ive had the same problem once, many years ago and i know how you feel. trust me, once you find out what the *real* problem is, and work on it, youll realise it had nothing to do with trophies. you think it is because its whats triggering it. like you said, its a vicious loop to get into and a hard one to get out of again. i wish you the best of luck dude and i hope you find a solution, you wont find it on here.
  5. theyre part of the collection.
  6. kill 999 freakers.
  7. havent checked this thread in awhile. if you need help send me a pm. the game is still pretty fresh in my mind. i tested multiple strats and eventually found ones that works 9/10 times in every situation, even the ones that are more β€œrng” based.
  8. so i spent all day on this challenge and yes at first it will seem pretty difficult but that is only untill you play enough and figure out how the map works and how to score the most points. i completed this and survive challenge 100% today, so will try bike challenge tomorrow i guess. just keep practicing, there is really no other way to do it.
  9. no mention of major dlcs yet.
  10. oh alright thanks.
  11. how do you get 100 high chain kills? i thought it was 100 combo kills but it isnt.
  12. got the plat last month. its hard but do-able if you have the patience for it.
  13. because staring at the wall makes the game use less resources believe it or not. it doesnt have to load as many assets.
  14. have fun playing last light on ps3, the framerate is pretty bad.
  15. okay thanks all for the replies. πŸ‘