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  1. I dont remember but i did change the hdr settings when prompted before starting the demo. It looked right and all, the colors werent washed out or anything but the textures and graphics wasnt that impressive. The art direction and the lighting was the only thing i thought looked good.
  2. Played the teaser demo last night on my ps5 and i cant put my finger on it but i wasnt overly impressed with the visuals. I had HDR on and im also playing on an OLED tv. Maybe the actual game is different? πŸ€” forgot the game is cross gen which might explain it. Just looks like a ps4 game. Cant say it looks true next gen.
  3. What about the arctis 7p from steelseries?
  4. Is the headset worth it for those who have it or is there a better headset for ps5 that you can recommend? Sennheiser maybe?
  5. What i meant was that owning physical is a little pointless as without frequent updates theyre not in their optimal state. So youre practically owning a broken game which is why im on the fence on buying physical as you could say an β€œalways online” connection is required. Digital is just easier and convient. Physical games have lost their value a long time ago, not personal value obviously but just generally speaking. Now if they reprinted the games with the patches already on disc then that would be a different story.
  6. My thoughts exactly. Kinda lost their value.
  7. Im just going to use cyberpunk as an example because thats about as good as its going to get 😎 ive been thinking of buying physical games again to start collecting but then im reminded of all the broken and buggy games, sometimes even unplayable games that gets released. Imagine having cyberpunk sitting on your shelf alongside all of your other games. It looks cool and youre proud of your collection. Imagine a world without internet. Over half of your collection are either very buggy, broken or unplayable sitting at version 1.0. I cant stop thinking, whats the point of owning physical games as part of your collection if theyre broken without patches? I mean there is no way around it, without patches, over half of the games are unpolished/buggy/broken/unplayable etc. The list goes on with a few exceptions of course. cyberpunk without any patches, is simply broken. If i bought cyberpunk physical, in the back of my mind i know down the road, in a few years or more maybe that it will be fixed with 20+ patches and hotfixes. But at the same time, it is still a broken game inside the case without internet. I keep hearing so many people say how happy they are having physical copies so that they will never lose their game, be it via a delisting on the digital storefront or some other reason or because maybe at times they dont have internet and just want to play it offline. But then youre left with a barebone game that requires ton of patches before it reaches the state that it was suppose to be in before it was released. Im just asking, whats the point owning a physical copy if its unplayable without patches? There are exceptions where games just work but yeah, we all know what a rarity that is these days. 😁
  8. It depends how much you enjoy the game. If someone doesnt like the online then it will feel like a massive grind. But i took my time with it. I leveled up a few times a day i think and did that over a few weeks. Hit level 50 pretty fast.
  9. I had so much fun going for the RDR2 plat. The online didnt feel like a grind because i enjoyed playing BR and 100%ing everything in SP was alot of fun too. Good luck on your journey to plat if you decide to do everything the game has to offer because there is alot to do. 😁
  10. I died on stage 85 two times with lady yesterday and decided to try again today. The blitz kills lady really fast because of DMD and because she cant go into DT. Today i wanted to try something different... i decided to stay on the very edge of the outer ring platform with the camera faced away from the two blitz (I know the enemies off screen is nothing new) whilst double jumping in either a clockwise or counter clockwise circle at the same time charging my pistols to level 2 or level 3 shooting them and repeating this. Dont use lock on as that will mess it up. This method seemed to confuse both blitz, neither damaging me and i received a no damage bonus at the end. Coincidence? Maybe. Not sure. Worth testing out with other characters. Please note i tried this method with every blitz leading up to stage 85 with lady and every time it worked making the blitz AI incredibly dumb and unaware of what i was doing. They will still use their laser but they will only do that near the edge of where you are and i either jumped over it just before they used it or they never used it.
  11. The hitman s1 levels in hitman s2 are the exact same levels with the same exact trophies as the original hitman s1. The only difference is like others have said, quality of life improvements and added stealth mechanics such as hiding in foliage.
  12. To the people who didnt play hitman season 2, progress did carry over but trophies didnt auto pop. You had to do the mastery levels and everything again in the legacy maps. Chances that trophies will auto pop in hitman season 3 is doubtful. There will just be new unlocks for the mastery levels.
  13. Of course it is. πŸ˜€
  14. I didnt find it hard at all. Its just the amount of collectibles that can get boring to collect.
  15. DLC Already? Nice. The game isnt even that old but cool! More trophies for a fun game! πŸ˜€