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  1. Its not for pre-order on the psn store so its safe to say that it wont be released at midnight right? Wouldve loved to play it tonight but just have to wait till tomorrow night then if thats the case.
  2. I did all of the dlc solo. No need to get online for that. For the online trophies, just find someone on here to do it with. Doing all of the dlc solo will take a bit of practice but it is do-able. Good luck.
  3. Neither because i'll tell you whats worse. Beating the game 6 times. For me, this was the most boring KH game ever.
  4. Yeah but i don't think i can get a 65inch monitor thats the size i'm looking for if i were to buy 4k.
  5. I read a bit from this thread but i'm not sure if i should invest in a ps4 pro and 4k tv or just wait till my launch ps4 breaks. I'm sure the picture looks better and would be a nice upgrade considering my tv is at least 5 years old by now if not more. Should i just wait or is it really worth it? The reason the upgrade could be nice is because of all the games coming out in october that i want. (Wolfenstein 2, evil within 2, ac origins) etc but i don't know how much better they would look on a ps4 pro and a 4k tv.
  6. I will eventually. The only difficult thing so far was the mahjong minigame but i got that out of the way as soon as i could. Haven't progressed the story yet because everytime you move to a new chapter, you get a bunch of new substories or other stuff to do which takes up most of the time spent playing the game.
  7. On my list of games i'd love to play as i love the old school fps games. But right now i need to finish yakuza 0 first. 100+ hours in and still stuck in chapter 7 or 8 because of all the things to do, so taking a break from it for now. i think everyone is intimidated by the difficulty of a platinum trophy sometimes but i know, if it's a game i really want to play then it doesn't bother me. I love challenges.
  8. I used analog sticks all the way. Easier for precision. Don't really like using the d-pad for crash.
  9. It's not a glitch. I did the same mistake by using chapter select to get a few missed collectibles during my hard playthrough and i didn't unlock the trophy upon completion of the game.
  10. All dlc trophies so far has unlocked for me with no issues. Playing the third dlc right now. My save is an old one. No idea if it makes a difference but my save is the no kill save. Everyone is alive. Also now that i think of it, you need everyone alive for the first or second dlc i think. I remember reading something about it.
  11. "Ill be brutal here, there are certain games that no one should have the platinum for" says who, you? Why do you care? lol you sound triggered because people play easy games for trophies. You also continue with, "you should be ashamed" but then again, who are you to tell people how to feel or what to do with their time? The only gullible idiot here is you. People who don't understand why people do what they do usually shit all over them, because it's easier that way and i bet it makes you feel like a keyboard warrior.
  12. I honestly shake my head at these kind of threads. If trophy hunting is stressing you out or it's becoming a problem for you then maybe you're doing something wrong. If you don't like it then don't do it. Changing consoles to remedy the "problem" isn't a solution. It's simply running away from the issue you're having with collecting trophies in general. The people who treat trophies as some kind of career are usually the same people who get stressed out collecting them. It isn't a job, it's a hobby, a passion. What would you do if hypothetically the switch recieved some form of achievement system? Would you switch consoles again?
  13. i'm just gonna chip in on the whole debate of what fans really want from the ff7 remake and make an example. honestly, i think the truth is that people who act entitled or feel like it is really in the minority. when RE7 was announced, i saw so many comments bitching and moaning about how it wasn't a proper RE game and how it should've gone back to third person and so on... now after it was released and as more people has actually played it, guess what? alot of positive feedback on the game now, most people really love the new direction. i understand why some would like to live in the past and yes the developers are targeting a new audience obviously but at the same time i don't think they're doing it to be an ass to die-hard fans. it's just the way the world works. if you never experiment or take chances in life, you're getting nowhere. i personally think the combat and the direction from what i've seen for ff7 remake looks pretty damn good, how it unfolds in the end, well only time will tell. it might suck ass or it might be damn awesome. that's the chance you're taking when remaking a beloved game. much like trophy hunters and "die-hard" fans, you're sadly in the miniority. it sucks to hear it, i don't like to hear it either but that's the truth.
  14. i dreaded doing the 6 runs. i was extremely bored of the game because i didn't like it or it's battle system.
  15. because shareplay is a feature created by sony? using it is not breaking their terms of use is it? and also about "Rubberbanding your controller is you setting something up that the game itself allows you to within the boundaries it sets." can be argued with that you're also setting up a shareplay session meaning YOU have to boot the game up first, load your save and have someone help you. shareplaying/rubberbanding/boosting is about as much effort as scratching your ass. there are plenty of games that you can boost where you can be AFK so your arguement doesn't really have any legs to stand on from my point of view.