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  1. The onslaught dlc on the urban chaos map is where i got most of my kills for the trophy. Only killed a few in the base game and the trophy popped for me.
  2. You're welcome dude.
  3. I recommend doing all side missions on nightmare. It's a good challenge but not insanely hard or anything. You also get new weapons/upgrades by doing them. Basically do everything you can possibly do on nightmare. All collectibles, all side missions, upgrade as much as you can etc. also a tip: when you kill an enemy in the game, they don't respawn untill you progress in the story which means every enemy that you kill gives you green gel and you can't farm enemies. So make sure to kill as many of them as possible. Once they're dead, they're dead untill you progress with the story.
  4. I only have classic difficulty left so this is how i did it: 1: first playthrough on nightmare difficulty getting as many collectibles as possible (i managed to find everything myself except for the locker keys which are well hidden) and maybe even finish the chapter specific trophies if you want to shorten your clean-up on ng+. 2: clean-up on your ng+ save file for anything you might have missed. (Change difficulty to casual for an easier time and to 1-2 shot most enemies) 3: classic mode and platinum. so if you start on nightmare, all you need is 2.5 playthroughs since you unlock the brass knuckles on nightmare.
  5. Just like resident evil is biohazard in japan, evil within is psycho break. Nothing new.
  6. Some people get new games a few weeks before launch or even as much as a month before. Most likely reviewers.
  7. I think konami "fixed" several farming spots for resources which makes the platinum even longer than originally. No idea why they patched it as it was part of the game and not an exploit. Either way, it's well over 100 hours to platinum.
  8. I would recommend beating the story first, then grind for resources for weapons/items and only then, worry about the optional tasks. Alot of the tasks requires you to have end game gear much like peace walker.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I really liked the present day missions with desmond and his storyline. Real shame they threw it all away.
  10. Does anyone know if there will be present day segments? I'm not talking about the boring FPS view from black flag.
  11. Got evil within 2 pre-ordered on the psn store. Will be playing that thursday/friday midnight. If i have money left, wolfenstein 2 and ac origins will be preordered as well.
  12. Why would you get flagged because a game decides to pop a trophy early for you? It happens sometimes if the trophies are glitchy. I wouldn't worry about it.
  13. I voted 80-100%. Having 100% would be cool but that would also mean i'd have to buy dlc i don't care about and play something i also don't care about more than necessary. So keeping your completion in the 90% range to me is impressive. That's more than average. Besides keeping a 100% profile probably isn't ideal for most. Online server closure without warning, only playing easy games or avoiding certain games.