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  1. i didnt just buy any 4k tv like most seem to do. i bought an oled 4k tv from LG and the differences in picture quality and pixels is night and day.
  2. it sounds like a great game and looks great too. lets see what everyone else have to say tomorrow. i really do hope it does well.
  3. that part about ea redeeming themselves is not out of respect to the consumer, its so they can save their own asses. i dont care how much you love ea, ea is and will always be a scummy company untill proven otherwise and ea saying “no lootboxes guys!, no scummy microtransactions guys!” should tell you that we’re in a day and age where developers now have to tweet out that theyre not going to be scummy with nfs heat or the fallen order.... like really? thats fucking PR statements. ea is not redeeming themselves or anyone. theyre just trying to look like the good guys while the shitstorm they created calms down. go look up “lets go whaling” or watch the recent hearing in the UK with both epic and ea then come back and tell me that theyre still the “good guys” and i hope the fallen order turns out to be a great surprise and game but 1 game isnt enough. just like punching someone in the gut 30 times and all you get is a “im sorry” isnt enough. nothing personal, but youre part of ea’s ever growing money empire. you buy into their PR bullshit.
  4. yes of course if you have other questions feel free to ask
  5. for different endings, you can use chapter select once you beat the game for the first time. all the requirements for the different endings can be done via chapter select as the game saves the information.
  6. im so happy this is a lengthy game and has a lengthy platinum trophy. will be playing this at midnight.💪
  7. i think the problem with all of this, is an over saturated market with copy and paste games. games that are too easy, games that doesnt really challenge you, stories that are automatically fed to you, entertainment within your comfort zone. once a game steps out of that safe bubble, its like people freak out. on the surface death stranding might come off as boring when looking purely at the gameplay but what if there is more to it than just a lame feeling of delivering packages. what if the journey you make between each delivery makes an impact on the player? there is a story to be told and a sense of atmosphere and a beautiful world to look at while traveling by the looks of it. what if all of that is part of the charm? people are too quick to judge. the game couldve got a 5/10 on meta and i wouldnt have cared because what matters to me is that kojima made the game he wanted to make and you cant make everybody happy. you cant say the same for alot of other games. kojima had millions to make a new ip, he couldve made a “safe” game to please everyone but instead he took a risk. now that to me is inspiring and i respect that.
  8. but it is lol what else are you doing in sotc other than traveling from boss to boss? yes youre fighting them but outside of that nothing much else other than collecting fruits and lizards. why is death stranding any different in terms of repetitive gameplay that alot of people seem to criticize the game for? because it works better in a game like sotc maybe? who knows.
  9. i hope that isnt true. pre-ordering a game to play a game 3 days early is really fucking dumb. the “3 days early” is the ACTUAL release date but put behind a paywall. if thats what the ps plus premium service is going to do, they wont get my money. ill just cancel my ps plus subscription.
  10. hmm. think about this for a moment. although two different games the criticism and concept are basically the same in shadow of the collossus and death stranding no? in sotc all you do is walk from boss to boss with nothing inbetween and thats pretty much the gameplay. in death stranding you walk from person to person delivering packages with actual gameplay inbetween. sotc universally scores 91 on metacritic but somehow the gameplay is seen as boring in death stranding? both games were made with a certain vision and it wasnt compromised in any shape or form. why is death stranding so much different in terms of the overall package? the story, presentation, characters and world building is great according to the reviews but the gameplay is boring in death stranding. in sotc, the story is cryptic and all you do is fight bosses. thats it. im having such a difficult time trying to understand why a game like sotc wasnt divided in terms of high reviews but somehow death stranding is.
  11. i want whatever it is theyre having then because buying the same game every year while they try to scam you with micros and dots that costs 10 dollars a piece must be alot of “fun”. do you know why these company thrives the way they do? do you know why creative games dont? the people within the medium has changed. the older generation of gamers appreciates a good game. the newer generation just want another episode of the most boring soap opera ever because thats the easiest thing to do.
  12. kojima doesnt poop out annual games though. if there was that much criticism regarding cod and ac then why tf do they score so high all the time?
  13. digital pre-order
  14. not sure what title to name it but i feel there is a common misconception or understanding when it comes to new ideas and video games in general. let me start off by first saying, to me personally, i think hideo kojima is someone who knows his craftmanship. he clearly has a passion for his work and it shows. both in his character and personality as well as the attention to quality and detail in his games. seriously, name 1 other game where there has been ever been put that much detail into obscure irrelevant things that most people couldnt care for. like switching the controller port during the mantis fight, hilarious shit like that is why i fell in love with his games. his crazy ideas, the interesting boss designs and characters. codec calls, the convoluted story yet clever writing. i have played through all mgs games countless times and i still dont understand half of it and thats fine. there is just something magical about them. they were also a big part of my childhood so they stuck with me. now, its common for people to hate on everything and to hate on people they dont particularly like and i hear all the time “kojima is no genius, hes full of himself, he thinks too highly of himself” and so on, even so, if any of that is true. you cant deny his creativity and his passion to pursue new ideas and he is clearly not afraid to try new things, out of everyone elses comfort zone. which brings me to death stranding. so the embargo lifted today for death stranding and i had a feeling the opinions and reviews would be all over the place and have mixed reactions. the general idea im getting from the reviews and people in the comments section is how its a walking simulator, oh its so boring to walk from one end to the other, oh the gameplay is boring and so on. look the game is probably not for everyone and thats fine. but what i dont get is why there is all this hate around the game all of a sudden. games like far cry and assassins creed, even call of duty, they get high praise all the time but for doing what? trying new ideas? not exactly. theyre the same boring paste fest we have come to expect. now with death stranding, its like when people cant comprehend something different, think the last guardian for example. they laugh it off and think “what is this shit?” what ever happened to appreciating a game that tries to be different? i guess its cool to hate on everything these days. its like creativity was once a thing but now the general masses have been spoon fed entertainment for years and they just buy the same shit every year and all it is, is the same game with a new price tag slapped on the cover. people also tend to forget. kojima left konami and within 3 years he got a new studio, new staff and made a new game. how many people can say the same? not many. he also spent all that time creating his vision for death stranding, no strings being pulled, no publisher breathing down his neck. he had the resources, money and all the time he could ask for to make death stranding. no micros, no roadmap. just the game. death stranding wont be for everyone but i know almost with certainty i will enjoy it for what it is. but people hating on the man or the game for no apparent reason is just sad. give the game a chance despite the reviews or what people say instead of buying games off of greedy companies. we need this kind of creativity back and vision for games regardless if they turn out to be great or not. seriously what is worse? buying fifa and cod anually because its within your comfort zone and giving into greedy publishers that doesnt care about you or spending your money on a game that was made with passion and love with no publisher trying to screw you over? its no lie that humans are sheep. the people laughing off creative ideas are probably the very same people who buy the same anually game because they cant control their impulsive spending behaviours. id rather buy a game like death stranding, good or not 10 times over than supporting something like an anually game that asks for the same price as last year with next to no new content. just an updated rooster and improvements here and there, yet people are willing to pay for that. but oh no! here comes a creative game, burn it on the stake! seriously wtf is wrong with people these days lol laugh at death stranding all you want, while i laugh at people spending all their money on the same game every year because thinking for themselves is too difficult. i will buy death stranding at midnight and support the shit out of it. i hope you will too!