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  1. Anyone know if the collectors edition of RE8 is exclusive to NA or if it will be released in the EU as well?
  2. But if it affects the way the single player experience is designed then there is a problem no? Its been showed time and time again how the experience is throttled because of a game that implements those packs or other mtx. I agree that if it doesnt affect other people in competitive MP then all is good. But youre also forgetting that even though it doesnt affect anyone directly, sometimes the way its implemented will affect everyone indirectly. Whenever a developer tries to take away the fun factor from you, anywhere from slowing progression at the rate of which items are earned or if theye trying to artificially make the game longer for no reason its because they see potential for a gold mine. Then players moan, then developers come out with a piss poor PR statement as they normally do and come up with one excuse after another and the cycle continues.
  3. Your comparison to older games such as mario is not exactly the same thing. I know old games used to have cheat codes to skip levels or shortcuts to bypass levels, thats one thing. im specifically talking about modern games with a time saver pack that you can pay real money for. Sure its still a shortcut to skip content that might still be fun but no one believes that time saver packs that you can pay for is in favor of the player buying them. It might look that way but if you buy a game at a premium price to enjoy a piece of entertainment for hours on end, then why in the world would you skip content that and i quote “I think there are almost certainly perfectly good games out there, where the ‘grind’ or the loop is fun and engaging, that also happen to offer a ‘time-saver’ pack” are supposed to be fun and engaging? That makes no sense at all. I dont care what others use their money on but how can anyone defend time saver packs to skip content that is supposed to be fun that you just paid alot of money for? If the content isnt fun and time saver packs would skip that part of the game, then why is said content in the game to begin with? Are executives saying, “this content isnt fun and is just extreme boring padding/filler, lets put some time saver packs in there!” Fact is, its not okay. If you see a time saver pack in a video game that you can pay real money for you can bet that there are no good intentions behind it whatsoever.
  4. Dont agree. If theres time savers in a video game that you have to pay for then part of the game wouldve been designed around that to artificially make the game longer because of unnecessary grinds because why else would you need a time saver pack for?
  5. DmC is the reboot and devil may cry or DMC is the original game back on the ps2. Only the reboot has a single story dlc.
  6. I would wait. Rumor floating around that re7 will recieve ps5 enhancements. But to answer your question, pretty sure youll be fine.
  7. PS3 trophy pops is still the best imo. Its like it got worse and worse with every generation.
  8. What would this mean? PS1 games?
  9. Not sure i can be bothered to go through death stranding again to platinum it. The grind is huge. I enjoyed every minute of the game but i wont run through it again anytime soon.
  10. Couldnt agree more. I always thought the trophy for beating nightmare in local co-op without having the option to do it solo too was an odd decision. Its and old game and local co-op wasnt meant to be done solo and even with competent real life friends i imagine co-op would still be incredible unfair because of the way it plays.
  11. I feel your pain honestly. Cant say how doom 2 plays like with the latest update patch because i platinumed doom 2 before it got even harder but even then, its still very hard no matter what. No way around it other than practice and luck. The way enemies hits you sometimes cant be avoided and it eventually comes down to pray and spray.
  12. Out of all games why doom 3? Its old af.
  13. Thanks, good to know! 😁 Cant you just brute force pool? The ai can make mistakes right?
  14. This might be an interesting question and im not sure anyone can answer it but i sure hope so. I know about the increased fps on the ps4 version making certain minigames harder, pool for example. Im currently on kiwami 2 playing it exclusively on the ps5 and my plan is to do the same with yakuza 3 when i get around to it. My question is, would playing yakuza 3 on the ps5 further increase the fps somehow, making the minigames harder or more sensitive? Can anyone with the game who completed it, might test it?
  15. Drifting on dualshock 4 controllers only. Had to go through quite a few of them. That or the buttons got stuck for no reason. Dualsense for now works fine for me.