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  1. The mission where you drive the race car back after the car has been tampered with is where you actually learn how to drive the race car and how you should drive it during the race itself. Remember at the top of the screen where you can see the red bar moving if you hold the acceleration all the way down? It makes the engine “jump” and it makes the car slower. It also means you have to hold R2 gentle and L2 gentle whenever you want to accelerate or slow down to make it back in time because the time limit is pretty tight. Anytime you press R2 too much during that mission, you basically wont make it in time so how people managed to beat it and not the race is kinda odd because its the same trick youll be using. The harder you push down R2 to accelerate after a sharp turn the easier it is to lose control of the car. The harder you press L2 to slow down before a turn, can also make your car lose control, spin out or make it drift too much. During the race, the more gentle you are with breaking and acceleration, the easier the race becomes. Slowly push down L2 when you want to slow down and make a turn while slowly pressing R2 during the turn to speed up again so you dont fall behind. Thats really all there is to it and practice.
  2. I did all the dlc awhile back and with less than a months notice for those that havent done the dlc yet… ouch. You need a few competent co-op partners for some of the trophies, the 50 co-op wins and those alone will take some time. Unless you want to stress and frustrate yourself getting the dlcs done its really not worth it.
  3. Free doesnt really translate well when you have to buy something first before its “free”. 😎
  4. Wow that was a bunch of replies to my question. I didnt expect that. Thanks a bunch my dudes. that puts my mind at ease. Just wanted to make sure how important it was with heat and humidity and seems like its just a case by case situation.
  5. I mean we open most windows in the house to get fresh air circulating, making the room cool. I know just opening the window by itself isnt enough. By dry, you mean normal room temp? And when we are talking humidity that is fatal for discs, are we talking sauna level of humidity? Thanks for the answers. So in short, nothing to worry about then. It would have to be extreme cases before anything would happen.
  6. Ive googled this and i see mixed opinions. Some say below 80F or 22-23C is the best for optimal room temp for physical games but isnt that hard to maintain during hot summers? Even with windows open, the room can still get hot. Ive found that humidity is the most important one to be aware of but i dont really think thats an issue where i live honestly. So how hot can a room be without causing any long term damage to your video game collection? Or am i overthinking this one and are we talking extreme cases before anything negative happens? Just curious about those who live in the united states, where it can get really hot, have you ever had any issues? Im not gonna go out of my way to get a dehumidifier or a room temp control thing. I dont see why that would be necessary unless you live in parts of the world where you constant deal with humidity problems. Appreciate any thoughts on this.
  7. Do you have to get 100% spirits in each shrine/area or is that not necessary?
  8. Its not so much the game but everything else. Like the ps5 dashboard that changes brightness. I just find it weird. Its kinda annoying as i liked what i had before.
  9. This is an odd one. I never had any issues with any other games that supports hdr, ps4 pro or ps5. Whenever i start ghostwire on ps5, and hdr turns on, the colors wash out, and the brightness is cranked up. Ive tried factory reset of my tv, changing hdr settings on ps5. Nothing works. The only thing that “works” is changing the tv settings when ghostwire is running and hdr is turned on but then the screen is too dark when i quit the game and hdr turns off. Any ideas here? I have an oled LG tv. Model is B7V. If anyone with the same model who could help, i would really appreciate it. One more thing: isnt hdr suppose to have its colors darker and the screen less bright or is hdr actually more bright than a normal screen? Maybe im missing the point about hdr. 🤔
  10. Best solo all the way through. You can pick up most weapons again in each level.
  11. Shareplay = lagfest. You would have an easier time solo with two controllers.
  12. Then why not show the FULL list? No one wants to pay for a half baked list. Sony is calling the higest tier for premium. Theres nothing premium about the current list of games.
  13. And sony wants you to pay extra money for what exactly? The new subscriptions is a glorified mess. What a shitty catalogue of games. No PS2 games either? 😂 Im not paying for any of these subscriptions thats for sure.
  14. So i watch yongyea on youtube quite a bit and everytime EA, rockstar or gearbox screw something up which is all the time there is no better place than reddit to find people acting surprised everytime theyre screwed. Why is it if lets say battlefield 4 was bad, then you go in with the expectation, okay maybe battlefield 5 will be even better but then you realise its even worse. Then BF2042 comes out and the cycle continues where everyone acts surprised and wants their money back. Then why continue to support the company? I honestly dont understand the mindset. You get fooled 3 times in a row and act surprised the 4th time. Its baffling sometimes…. I mean i get you want to support your favorite game but come on. Now with gearbox and tiny tinas wonderland horrible dlc that costs 10 dollars can be completed in under 10 minutes and again everyone acts surprised and regret buying the season pass. Its not like its gearbox/2k first time fooling people of their money. Its just common sense or am i missing something?
  15. Its also one of my favorite found footage movies and i agree, one of the best movies in the genre. If you havent seen them, grave encounters 1 and 2 are also really good.