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  1. i dont remember the exact times but i remember that the time requirements is pretty tight. there isnt much room for error. if you think you had a bad run, redo it.
  2. yeah i had to check the trophy list to make sure and luckily there isnt one for completing all camps. still annoys me a bit though. oh well, i hope they fix it in a future patch. i think i know what mightve caused it. i ran past the enemies on the ground and just went up the elevator, it made them despawn ever since. so anyone else looking to complete the bandit camp, dont ignore them like i did and kill them first before going up the elevator.
  3. im playig with the latest update and it doesnt show as completed. theres no green checkmark.
  4. ive found all collectibles and eliminated all enemies but it wont complete the hideout. theres no more enemies to be found. anyone else have this issue?
  5. i think they should continue playing games. their bodies forgot what the sun looks like and going outside into unknown territory would be absolutely devastating to their health. not to mention their fragile potatoe like bodies would crumble as soon as they put a foot outside.
  6. Great profile bro, keep it up :platinum: B)👍


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      Absolutely. Any profile with Super Meat Boy as a platinum deserves respect. 

    2. UlvenFenrir


      thanks guys. :)

  7. ive had subtitles dissapearing on me during gameplay. glad you solved it. :-)
  8. did you try and refuel your rock or repair your binoculars with scrap? 😏
  9. does anyone know if kills count if you die? also same as OP what is the best level to farm this? last trophy. edit: going to answer my own question. pretty sure it counts but it doesnt matter. just load up the level called “bang, bang, feels good to be back” under “4 days earlier” (chapter 1). then go clockwise around the room killing all 20 enemies with maxed out smg. you can easily beat the level in 1 minute or less once you get into a good rhythm. 20 enemies might not sound like all that much, but you can average about a 1000 kills every 50 mins. there is probably a faster method but the level is pretty easy to complete. edit2: can confirm it works by restarting the level. no need to hit continue after you complete a level for the kills to count, simply hit restart will suffice. (will save you extra time, no additional loading screens.) but be prepared for a massive grind! its incredibly boring.
  10. i voted that its outdated. its extremely outdated. they need to make it so that every game has an in-game trophy tracker especially for open world games/rpgs or trophies that requires farming/grinding. the trophy system also needs a search function for a particular game when going through your trophy list as its just cumbersome to scroll through your entire list everytime youre looking for a certain game.
  11. so do dlc first?
  12. when i finish the game on deadly obsession will that difficulty carry over into the dlcs by any chance? the guide says you cant change the difficulty once selected.
  13. ???? did we play the same game? why do you need to pay for dlc that unlocks everything for you when the platinum and 100% is not difficult at all. dont blame capcom for releasing the dlc, blame the people who is too lazy to put in the work.
  14. took me 1.5 days to grind exp in ng+ using the method at the end of the game. it takes a long time to get all skills.
  15. you dont need the carolina parakeet for the trophy. the bird you do want to worry about is the rio grande wild turkey, now that one you do need for the trophy and its a pain in the ass to get.