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  1. Because the trophy is saved locally on your ps3 untill you sync it. Just like you cant earn a trophy on ps4 and sync it via your ps3.
  2. Long as you have a working ps3 i dont see why you shouldnt be able to earn trophies and sync them to psn. psn is shared between all system, its not exclusive to ps3, so as long as psn is a thing, i wouldnt worry about it.
  3. So i joined a co-op session, added the host on psn with a message but never got a reply or a friend request. The session is now over and was unsuccesful. If i dont leave any kind of feedback, i revieve a negative feedback automatically and even if i did check the “did not show up” i have to do the same with the other two people who joined as well even though thats not their fault. So how exactly does all of this work? Its not a very well thought out system. 1. I can ignore leaving feedback, i recieve a negative feedback. 2. It wont allow me to just give the host a negative feedback, id have to leave a feedback for the other two people as well. It wouldnt be fair to leave a negative feedback for the other two since its not their fault, but if i left a positive feedback it wouldnt mean anything because it was an unsuccesful session. so what the hell do i do??
  4. Dead rising 1 is still the best gameplay wise in my opinion. The feel behind the weapons and the zombies themselves is much better. Everything in dr4 feels like its made of cardboard boxes.
  5. Yup. Basically a dumbed down version compared to the previous games sadly.
  6. One of the things i love about dead rising is almost non existant in this game. Why would they remove the psychopath bosses??? Sure theres a few of them but no cutscenes associated with them, no story, nothing. Vancouver capcom sucks as a developer. Removing one of the key components that makes a game great is one of the dumbest things you can do. I have a difficult time to wrap my head around why they thought that was a good idea. i also think its the weakest dead rising game. But if you can ignore that, theres still some fun to be had though.
  7. My friend, have a 1+ rep since its christmas.
  8. Dont worry too much about it if you dont have enough ramrods. You can easily beat him on professional with no ramrods.
  9. Special ammo doesnt matter. You have to shoot for his head untill he opens up his heart which is his weak spot. If you dont youre just wasting ammo. For his 2nd phase, same thing. although i do wanna say that shooting his head with two ramrods is enough for him to open up his weak spot but its not required. Just makes it a bit easier. You need about 6 ramrods if you want to get to his 2nd phase rather quick.
  10. Pretty sure they cant. I played through both dlcs twice.
  11. Use the special ammo ONCE and then time your grenade/incendiary grenades right because once you throw a grenade at him and hes hurt dont immediately throw one again because of his invincibility frame. Also use your shotgun up close, aim for his head and when he falls down on his knees eventually, melee him when you get the prompt to do so. Then just bait him around the truck and rinse repeat. There is also shotgun/pistol ammo hiding in the corners of the truck if you need it, meds too.
  12. To answer your first question, yes. One playthrough on normal, another on blackiest friday on ng+. some multiplayer trials requires 4 people and others requires just 2. Nothing too hard but it requires alot of grinding.
  13. Looking at the skill tree, you can get to level 80. Not sure if thats max lvl or not. Pretty sure there is ng+. nevermind, level 100 seems to be the cap.
  14. Im looking forward to this too. Really liked re7
  15. Very cheap difficulty. Im level 47 and its still very hard.