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  1. But the real question is... why? πŸ€” RIP electric bill.
  2. Story missions. Survival takes too long.
  3. What happened to accessibility options for players? 😏
  4. I want the 100% in this game so im ready 30th october.
  5. Hahahaha πŸ˜‚ sounds like we might have played together... πŸ€” because thats exactly what i do. I want to have the highest kill score by the end of a story mission.
  6. Nope. Not that im aware of.
  7. Anyone know when raids will drop?
  8. Thanks!
  9. How difficult would you guys who have played the online rate it in terms of trophies? Do-able with random teams?
  10. Pretty sure you get to keep everything you have collected so far. I think you can use chapter select to clean up any collectibles to get the remaining points you need to buy everything. Wait off with buying collectibles especially the ones that cost 500+. You can find most of those in the game and its a waste of points unless you want to grind points in the extra mode (forgot the name of it).
  11. You can get 3 fury rings. I always get a fury ring when i open the box in chapter 14. I just dont understand why it wont save it unless they hotfixed it. Figured it out. The chapter you’re trying to load has to be completed before it registers the item. For example, i havent completed chapter 17 on hard yet so i loaded up chapter 16 instead. Have my third fury ring there. So i guess i have to complete chapter 17 first.
  12. I legit cannot get it to work. :/ i completed chapter 14 just to be sure... i have 3 fury rings and save my game. I quit out, load up my newer save, still only two fury rings. I also tried restarting chapter 17 (the one im at on hard) still only 2 fury rings.
  13. Will try. Thanks. So just save in a new save slot?
  14. How do you get a third fury ring? I Tried replaying and completing chapter 14 but the third fury ring doesnt carry over via chapter select or loading a save. I thought this was possible?