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  1. I dont mind that there is a trophy for daily challenges but why not just make it so failed attempt also counts or at least make it so the first attempt counts for the leaderboards while any other attempt in the same daily challenge doesnt count for ranks but only for the trophy so you dont have to wait a full day. I still personally think not having multiple attempts is a bad design choice. Hitman did the same thing, giving people only 1 chance before changing it. scenario: i make my third attempt, i fail, i have to wait a full day but the next day i wont be home for another week. If it werent for only 1 attempt, i couldve had it done before leaving. How is that not frustrating to anyone? I also dont mind the fact that something takea me multiple attempts, its the point that you have to wait between each attempt thats the problem.
  2. Why should i wait a full 24 hours for another attempt? You dont know how much free time i have in my life. Im usually not home alot at the moment so yes it bothers me. I also know daily challenges is normal for a game like this but they usually dont affect trophies. When you have done everything else in the game and its the only trophy i have left so for every failed attempt i have to wait a FULL day. That wouldnt bother you? Christ alot of these responses to the thread isnt any better than the thread i created lol clearly it bothers people enough to bother making a comment to an otherwise pointless thread. Ironic. Toxic people. lol
  3. Its just an odd choice and a bit frustrating. But @Arron147 and @AMU-LOVE neither of you would know since i dont see the game on your lists. So your input is about as “useless” as my thread.
  4. I left the only online trophy for last and i died during the daily challenge. No trophy and i cant replay it which means i have to wait a full 24 hours before i can attempt it again? Stupid. edit: only 3 hours but still. Going to bed soon. lol
  5. Just play normally. I got the trophy without trying. If its the only trophy you have left then no idea. Its one of those trophies that should come naturally.
  6. No idea then. You could always try reinstalling the game but doubt that would make much of a difference. The game is just known to crash alot sadly. Questionable why they released the game in the state it is in even on ps4 and never bother fixing it. Dead rising 1 is still the best one imo. 😁 i hope we get a new one in the future.
  7. Kill 5000-10000 then save and quit and also back up your save file to the cloud. Another thing to keep in mind is that they never fixed the game so your save files can become corrupt at any given time. Even quitting the game and loading your save can corrupt your data so what i would recommend is save, quit, then load your save to check if its still working BEFORE uploading it to the cloud.
  8. Physical copy releases july 2nd. Did they fix the game yet?
  9. Okay im happy to see im not the only one feeling this way. So it does seem it gets alot easier for others as well. I agree though, it is harder in the beginning but after you get used to the different items and weapons and everything else its not that bad.
  10. Both trophy guides i glanced over rates it an 8/10 and reviewers and others said its a hard game so thats what i went in expecting. Sure enough for the first few hours but after that everything becomes so much easier. Certain builds completely destroys the game and makes every enemy encounter very easy. i ended up using the assualt rifle with buffs and had 40+ defense as well as damage buffs such as overloading your weapon and for every level of adrenaline. For parasites same thing, really good passive stats and abilities such as more health repair and 5% damage boost per 200 currency you have on you etc. i also ended up with 3 big medkits, 3 small medkits, 200% max health and 2 revivals. i didnt even realise i beat the game last night untill the credits rolled because thats how easy the last boss was. I dont usually play rogue or bullethell games so this surprised me even more. again i feel like the difficulty of the game have been way over exaggerated. I only died to the boss in biome 3 once, every other boss i defeated first try. Does anyone else feel this way about the games difficulty? Aside from the game not being that difficult, its an incredibly great game. Enjoying it alot!
  11. As long as you dont think of trophies as something competitive then theyre just as fun to unlock as they were when they were first introduced but yes, otherwise i couldnt agree more. 😂
  12. I dunno man. I dont make the rules. But whoever did is cherry picking them. Its like you said, using pc software to get a trophy or circumvent something to gain access to a games online mode which was shutdown is still using a software/program that was modified which goes under the definition of modder. So yeah. 🤷‍♂️ If youre going to make a rule, dont contradict your own rules and then say one thing is okay and the other isnt when theyre literally the same thing.
  13. Exactly. Its almost as if psnp is biased when it comes to making rules. 😂 using external software to help you get a trophy is okay but a modder doing the same isnt? Because its different how?
  14. Ive read about a bug casuing the skill tree to reset, was this ever fixed? If not, what causes the bug and can it be avoided?
  15. Just to make absolutely sure, can BOTH DLCS be done solo except for 1 trophy? Can anyone clarify this?