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  1. SOTC is great but you will need to make up your own story using your own imagination while playing through the game. Its an artistic style of game and there is no traditional story to hold your hand and you only fight bosses. The game is also rather short and there is not much incentive to play the game multiple times unless unlocking all items and completing all time trials is enough reason for you.
  2. I did. You act like you got the platinum for SMB. Oh wait... you didnt.
  3. 7-8 platinum difficulty, 15-20 hours to platinum.
  4. I just bought the standard edition. Dont personally care for digital artbook or soundtrack and im not paying 13 euros for 2 summons... my experience with in-game pre-order bonuses is that they are almost always useless because you will usually get something better anyway so completely pointless.
  5. I see your point but its story telling and theyre adding new story bits which means there is always a way around why you suddenly dont have your materia or weapons any longer.
  6. just like it would make no sense to go into part 2 with a party thats level 99 with maxed stats and insane damage to just breeze through the game. you realise part 2 is a new game right on its own? its not dlc.
  7. doubt it. think of it like ffx, ffx-2 or ff13, ff13-2 and ff13 lightning returns. you start over.
  8. That list looks boring and grindy. Expected with a game like resistance... beta was alright.
  9. depends on your skill level. i would just play it. its a great game... would be a shame to miss out on. if its trophies youbare worried about just get the switch version.
  10. if you just want to beat the story and get the standard ending, nothing too hard. if you want to get the true ending theres a challenge and if you want the full 100% its going to be very hard.
  11. i like marauder but i can see why others find him annoying. what i did was clear the room of every other enemy and left him for last before i fought him. Dont have to nerf him though but removing him all together and i doubt anyone would miss him. as for archvile, hes always been cool and a threat. he is without a doubt one of the most threatening enemies in the original doom games and should stay that way imo.
  12. no problem dude! 👍👍 I hope the dlc will be good bro.
  13. Nah bro. Theres more than enough praetor suit points, you dont need to unlock any of them on the fortress of doom using sentinel batteries... not required my man. as for the weapon mods, you want to use the sentinel batteries for those, for sure. No missables or anything, enough batteries bro. You are all good 👍👍👍😎 edit: oh. Nah bro, no need to collect anymore batteries. Youre good. 👍👍
  14. i think whats throwing people off is that you cant just run and gun and expect a bunch of ammo and health to drop. it requires thought and a certain approach to the gameplay loop. its like playing DMC and expecting spamming the same move will yield any results. you will have a hard time. doom eternal isnt hard. i played it on ultra violence and had no issues. only hard part was the final boss but even then, not that hard again. use your chainsaw, flamethrower and glory kills and you will make it easy.
  15. ah okay, that would make sense i guess.