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  1. Last few movies i saw was annihilation and saw (2017). Annihilation was a good watch. Creepy and unsettling. Saw (2017) was poorly done and just shows once again the series died a long time ago. Its like friday the 13th and halloween all over again. Ill bet you john kramer ends up in space in 2035 and still makes traps from his grave.
  2. The cherry on top would be a difficult trophy list. The hardest gow was ascension but even then nothing crazy hard. I hope this god of war tops that and not make it an easy list. Dont want the plat in a single playthrough either. actually to make sure that wont happen even if it is an easy list, im obviously going to play it blind finding stuff on my own so im forced to do an additional playthrough so it will last me longer and start out on the hardest difficulty you can pick. Will be heaps fun! Cannot wait for midnight release. Will buy beers and snacks and lock my door to the outside world.
  3. Even if it had a jump button, people would find something else to complain about. The game looks VERY awesome but nooo all they notice is the jump mechanic missing... who cares.
  4. Ah that makes sense. Might pre-order if my wallet allows it.
  5. That sucks. Couldve sworn it was 3 weeks prior to far cry 5 launch. Guess i misread it.
  6. What about the trophy list for far cry 3 that comes bundled with the pre-order?
  7. Thats a pretty normal feeling to have after finishing something very difficult. You get that good feeling for a few days and then it disappears. It happens to me all the time which is why i keep pursuing new challlenges. It doesnt happen to everyone i think, some people are happy just finishing something difficult and leaves it at that while others lose that good feeling and its just not enough so they keep seeking more challenging things to get that feeling back. Its literally an obsession at this point. I know it all too well. i felt “high” after finishing super meat boy but that high disappeared very fast. Then i saw a newchallenge. Wolfenstein 2, finished that and got that “high” feeling back and now its gone of course. Ill pursue something challenging again soon enough.
  8. Im gonna wait a while more. We might see a remaster after the sequel is released.
  9. I have this game for ps3 but ive been holding off playing it because with the sequel right around the corners i was hoping for a remaster/port for the ps4. Any chance this will happen at all? i have no idea how big level 5 is or how big their budget/development team is.
  10. Just use trueachievements for now. I always do that if there is no guide.
  11. Oh that explains why the characters are so ugly, its ze french.
  12. I know this is no longer possible to obtain on on the ps3 version but is there any chance this will become unobtainable on the ps4 version at some point? Also whats the reason its no longer obtainable on ps3?
  13. I dont let any game beat me! Ill get all the trophies for every game i play excluding dlc (unless i think the dlc looks cool and is worth my time). Bring it on!!! 😎 💪 oh yeah, i forgot to add... i do prefer quality over quantity usually. Rather spend 100 hours on a cool game than rushing through a 1 hour platinum. But you know, a quick plat fix now and then isnt a bad thing.
  14. The fans getting loud is normal. It happens in almost any game that requires the most of the ps4. I just bought a ps4 pro and it gets “loud” sometimes depending on the game. Nothing to worry about.
  15. Horizon zero dawn, gravity rush, hellblade.