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  1. Oh okay. Probably wont get titanfall but thanks tho!
  2. Mirriors edge is one of my favorite games and i really like first person parkour, its really awesome. Same reason why dying light is also my favorite game. my question is if theres any other fps parkour games out there? I know there is mirrors edge catalyst which will prob be my next game and then obviously dying light 2 when that comes out.
  3. Wow thanks for this! Never heard of it until now. Day 1!!!
  4. Well that explains why i do things the way i do them... interesting. Thanks for the read, didnt know about this either.
  5. It is much harder. No way its a 7/10.
  6. Its not that bad? Did you try post game content on the hardest difficulty?
  7. I already beat gow on give me god of war so im curious if theres a trophy for beating it on that difficulty if it will be retroactive? Otherwise that would be a kick in the balls. im keeping my save. But if they add a trophy for doing it on give me god of war AND 100% you can kiss your 100% goodbye because that will easily be a 10/10.
  8. I agree with you that a trophy list doesnt always reflect a true 100% completion but it depends on how you look at it. For someone getting all trophies in a game is 100% to them regardless if there is still things to do in the game. Im just saying that trophies never really changed how you play games, sure theres the odd “kill 10 enemies in this weird way” that you normally wouldnt do but that doesnt change the fact that theres always been silly stuff youve had to do in games to acquire all weapons/items or getting 100% in-game completion. so anyone blaming trophies for the way you play games is just stupid. I also find it funny when people call out trophies to be meaningless and a waste of time when it is no different to getting a high score on the arcade machine or winning in e-sport. It holds as much value as you want it to. how is “wasting” dozen of hours in a game getting a weapon or item in some obscure manner any different to “wasting” a dozen hours getting a “meaningless” trophy that holds about as much value as a weapon that no one cares about? The only one who cares should be the player. Doesnt matter what other thinks. oh and if you want a true list that reflects a 100% completion, then theres always yakuza.
  9. Blaming an achievement system of your compulsive behaviors... what? If you feel the need to go back and get all trophies after finishing a game, that is your problem. lol I know that if i got a switch, even without an achievement system, i would still do everything in the game. Guess what? I did that before the trophy/achievement system was ever introduced. Whenever someones got a problem, they always want to blame it on someone/something else instead of admitting they might have an issue with the way theyre handling things. “Waaaa, trophies ruined my enjoyment of games, pls git rid of it, i just want to enjoy games again lols” shut up. OP im with you, the switch having some kind of achievement system would be cool af.
  10. You will get flagged regardless because its not allowed. Doesnt matter what order the trophies are in.
  11. Oh yes. Killing a digital animal hurt my feels. /sarcasm btw hope youre joking cuz i find “animal lovers” cringy and hypocritical. They get hurt killing animals in a video game but killing humans is aight to them. Lol
  12. New players might find them somewhat hard but not impossible as unlike the main game, the dlcs are divided by “chapters” so you wont have to do mein leben in 1 run. with that said, experienced players who finished mein leben in the main game will obviously find the dlcs easier because they already know what to expect pretty much. 2-3 hours on mein leben for each dlc. also one other note: the dlcs/season pass are not worth full price. All 3 dlcs are kinda disappointing imo. I really enjoyed wolfenstein 2, my top fps game of all time but the dlcs are a joke in comparison when it comes to quality. Wait for a sale.
  13. 1. You wont understand the story unless youve played the other games or read a story synopsis. If you have then i would do the main missions in order. 2. Nope. 3. Research better gear/items foruse in missions to help complete the tasks/get s-rank. Grind for high s-rank staff for research and better development of weapons/items at your motherbase.
  14. Great game! Hope the sequel is even better.
  15. oh look, another copy and paste game from ubisoft!!!! Im getting bored of their games honestly. You can tell they didnt work on odyssey for very long. Its recycled assets because their lazy af.