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  1. you already know what youre going into with a game like gt or a jrpg for that matter. wolfenstein was never grindy so in terms of wolfenstein games then young blood is huge grind.
  2. hey, what is battlefield doing in my casino!? get that out of here!
  3. you just started the game. enjoy your 30+ hours of grind when you get there. then come back, read the message you posted and maybe reflect a bit on it and then quote me with a straight face and tell me youre still having fun. i know fun is subjective and all, but fact is the gameplay loop sucks. if you set your standards that low in regards to what you think the definition of fun is, then it doesnt surprise me developers get away with this shit. enjoy the game.
  4. i just realised that control is set in the same universe as alan wake which i think is pretty cool. most people probably dont care about the collectibles in this game but thats where all the lore is and its quite interesting. i recommend reading everything you come across.
  5. or maybe you just need to understand that going through days gone multiple times skipping every cutscene is still going to take at least 15-20 hours and adding difficulties named hard 2 and survival 2 with ng+ something that shouldve been in the game from the start just isnt fun to most people. i like days gone but adding these in long after the games release instead of adding meaningful content is just pure laziness like others have stated. so they couldnt just have added these new difficulties alongside survival? why add them now? we shouldnt be thanking bend studios for adding what used to be a standard feature in alot of games. its dumb AF.
  6. i just completed survival difficulty not too long ago... great.
  7. ea surprise mechanics, ea surprise release with ea surprise micros. people still buy ea games and wonder why the gaming industry is the way it is? hard pass. never buying from ea again.
  8. no. it should count for both players. i was the host and never got it, the guy i was playing with did get it. he also lost a few co-op collectibles after closing the game and booting it back up again. buggy mess.
  9. it is bugged. every other co-op collectible registered when i was the host except for #12. its still obtainable for people with curator mode but for the rest of us you would have to do an extra playthrough for just 1 collectible. wait for a sale. the game isnt bad but couldve been alot better.
  10. its currently bugged in co-op as it only registers for the 2nd player and not the host. so either you have to wait for a patch or wait untill the curator mode is released for everyone.
  11. how is it not a testament of skill? they know the game like the back of their hand. thats skill and knowledge.
  12. its patched out.
  13. i can confirm its possible via chapter select. if you have already done the required steps there is no reason to start a new game. just dont overwrite your end game save file. always make a new save file when/if you can. only difference i made sure not to do this time was opening the coffin. only pull the lever to remove the curtains and open the door to the deck outside and just wait.
  14. no even though i did the requirements i still got the glamour girls chapter instead.
  15. is this possible or do i need to start a new game? i did everything correct but never got the pressure chapter and got glamour girls instead for some reason. i got the gas mask and made sure fliss went outside to get fresh air.