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  1. You want your 100% back dont you? So dont give up!!! 😎 you got this! πŸ’ͺ
  2. Koenigsegg regera β€˜16 for almost every speed trap and long jump. The speed traps and long jumps that you cant get with the regera (due to dirt roads or tight corners) use Land Rover Sport SVR β€˜15 and 911 Carrera RSR 2.8 β€˜73 Porsche respectively. For the drifting use MAZDA RX-7 Spirit R β€˜02. full list: Regera β€˜16 default stock, no need to upgrade. (Only thing i bought for it is 4x3LB Tanks) Land Rover Sport SVR β€˜15 *ENGINE* Crankshaft elite+ Ecu elite Cooling elite Exhaust elite Turbo charger elite Nitrous system 1x12LB Tank elite *CHASSIS* Rally Suspension super Brakes sport Off road tires elite *DRIVETRAIN* clutch elite+ gearbox 8 speed elite+ rally differential super 911 Carrera RSR 2.8 β€˜73 Porsche *ENGINE* crankshaft elite+ Ecu ultimate or elite+ Cooling elite+ Exhaust elite+ Dual turbo charger ultimate or elite+ Nitrous system 4x3LB Tanks elite *CHASSIS* Track suspension super Brakes elite Track tires elite *DRIVETRAIN* Clutch elite+ 7 speed gearbox elite Track differential super Mazda RX-7 Spirit R β€˜02 *ENGINE* Crankshaft elite+ Ecu elite+ Cooling elite+ Exhaust elite+ Dual turbo charger elite Nitrous system 4x3LB Tanks *CHASSIS* Speedcross suspension super Brakes elite Drag tires elite *DRIVETRAIN* Clutch elite+ 5 speed gearbox super Drift differential pro Most of this information i had to find on my own because the guide doesnt mention the best setup to use etc. This will save you a ton of headache and time trying to figure it out. Hope it helps! (The setups arent mine, just what i found and what worked for me).
  3. I need an invite too to a level 50 crew, thanks!
  4. Haha yes, i shouldve quoted you bro... πŸ˜‰ i also remember it messed up your run and i agree, its a really stupid decision to make all of a sudden. I mean one thing if the game was like that from release but to change it all of a sudden without changing the trophy requirements is silly if you ask me considering the people who already were close to getting all trophies for it.
  5. Oh yeah, i remember my friend telling me about it. That really sucks though for new players! I think the patch came out shortly after i platinumed the game.
  6. Hmm odd. I never had any one those issues when i played the first game. Must be related to a patch that messed up the game?
  7. Yes. Ive been playing alot of enjoyable games lately and im in the same boat as you. Even though the games are great to play, im starting to feel a bit burned out. Its perfectly normal, like with every other hobby, no matter how much you enjoy something, at some point you just want a break from it all. Dont worry too much about it. You could pick out a game you REALLY want to play, put the trophies aside and just enjoy it. (Only note down the missables if you want, depending on the game). See if that helps you enjoy the game youre playing more. πŸ˜€
  8. Super meat boy.
  9. 1 guy on each pool on the upper ledges and two in the middle pool. When you reach corruption level 8 in the middle pool (be sure to kill the enemies within the ring) then switch with the other two guys and repeat. Thats how you fill the door with blood while avoiding going to 10 corruption.
  10. I would blame you if you bought the last toilet paper in the supermarket because you thought 1 pack wasnt enough.
  11. Spiderman miles will have a ps4 and ps5 list right? Sadly i couldnt get a preorder so im thinking i might as well get the ps4 version first.
  12. Dont bother with amnesia. If i understand your post correctly, i dont think you would enjoy those type of games. You didnt like outlast, you probably wont like amnesia either (although they cant really be compared).
  13. Right and i agree. But neither party have played the raid before so there will be trial and error regardless. Considering every class shares the same gear then all that would make a difference really would be the abilities each class has. Im sure you could beat the raid even though everyone picked the samurai class no? its true what youre saying that you can talk and prepare on discord, reddit and what have you but again i doubt its necessary. Im not saying the raid wont be challenging, because im sure it will be but SP said to play gold and nightmare to prepare for the raid and have a minimum of 100 ki which tells me the raid wont be much different. Nightmare is challenging but not to the point where hardly anyone cant complete it.
  14. β€œBecause the raid requires excellent coordination and communication, matchmaking will be disabled, so be sure to gather a team ahead of time!” Then proceeds to type the following...: β€œLooking for players? We recommend coordinating via the ghost of tsushima reddit and discord communities, or the replies to this tweet!” Yeah because doing that isn’t with random people you dont know at all right? Whats the difference between getting matched with randoms via matchmaking or finding randoms via unnecessary extra steps to play with? lol πŸ€” nice move there SP. top logic. i played nightmare and beat it on 2nd try with a random player... so yeah. Devs tend to over dramatize their difficulties sometimes and ill bet the raids can easily be beaten with randoms without mics.
  15. Why does it cost money to add trophies to a game? πŸ€”
  16. But the real question is... why? πŸ€” RIP electric bill.
  17. Story missions. Survival takes too long.
  18. What happened to accessibility options for players? 😏
  19. I want the 100% in this game so im ready 30th october.
  20. Hahahaha πŸ˜‚ sounds like we might have played together... πŸ€” because thats exactly what i do. I want to have the highest kill score by the end of a story mission.
  21. Nope. Not that im aware of.
  22. Anyone know when raids will drop?
  23. Thanks!
  24. How difficult would you guys who have played the online rate it in terms of trophies? Do-able with random teams?