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  1. Any updates? I might double dip if the PS4 versions have separate trophy lists than the PS3 games.
  2. Breath Of Fire III (PSP Classic) The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky SC (PSP Classic) I plan to get more soon! 😎
  3. I'm waiting for Sony to drop the console and THEN announce the price at launch. This next-generation hype-train has been an absolute fail for both Sony and Microsoft. We are too close to launch to STILL NOT KNOW THE PRICE OR RELEASE DATE of either console. 🤦
  4. 16 minutes ago, Otonio_Bruno said: Since some 'complained' that unregistered users aren't getting updates, let me share some knowledge on the matter: Most of those 4 million accounts tracked here were from back when PSN not only allowed to pull data from any profile entered in the search bar but also any all friend's profile from that profile. But then PSN changed it's privacy policy and demanded that no friend's info would be pulled from PSN/Sony servers without consentment, and Sly had to oblige to that. It has been many years since that happened. It doesn't make much sense to keep updating such old accounts since it both requires a lot of data traffic to go through, but also might block any access PSNP has to PSN servers (AFAIK PSN block requests if they are a huge amount in a short time). There is also the fact that pulling trophy data from PSN isn't always easy as some people might believe, Sly has commented many times how he has to adapt to how he pull data from there since Sony keeping changing PSN infraestructure. On top of that, there is the PSN ID change which does a big number of tricks when tracking the old and new profiles and that still give some problems around. So, unregistered users should remain unupdated really unless something new comes on that allows to pull data from PSN without any worry and at very low 'cost'. Registered members though do need to get auto-updated, even if only once a week (Profiles that hadn't logged in years) and Sly should do something about it if auto-update isn't working properly for those. Fancy meeting you here buddy! Do you have a PS4 yet?
  5. On 11/17/2019 at 11:12 AM, Milktastrophe said: New games have fewer owners these days because people have started to realize that buying games for full price is a waste of money when they can just wait a few weeks/months for a sale. I'll buy full-priced games from time-to-time, but only physical copies. I tend to buy digital for older games though as the sales for older games are MUCH better on PSN.
  6. 3 hours ago, DEI2EK said: Pretty much the same trophy list as both CS1 and 2, no secret bosses this time or black records so it doesn't seem like a second playthrough will be much different at all. Lot of bonding trophies though. There is a trophy related to a secret boss though. You need to beat said boss to complete your monster list in the notebook for the associated trophy to pop.
  7. I was just curious about how glitch trophies are handled. If it's a known glitch that randomly occurs and can't be intentionally replicated I'm assuming the trophy gets put in a different category and all punishment regarding that trophy is likely reversed, but are there any other instances where glitched trophies are not counted against members of this website?
  8. What kind of game is Indivisible?
  9. Has anyone else on these forums had problems with the PS4 internet browser since the latest system update was released yesterday? For me I can't login to certain websites and it appears that certain Javascript isn't working on it anymore. I have it easier than other people I know. 7 of my 200 something PSN friends can't get the browser to work at all with every site being a blank page while nearly a dozen others are getting system freezes while using the browser. Even more disturbing nearly all of my PSN friends and myself have been getting the PSN error cannot connect to the server and periodically lose our connection from PSN for several seconds. What exactly is going on?
  10. How did you get that giant platinum trophy pic on your signature?

    1. Alantor32


      @Rukiafan7 He probably did it with a laptop or computer. Computers and laptops are pretty useful for things like this. Dunno about smartphones though, but I bet it'll take some time consuming hours to put it in signatures. Plus, they may or may not display correctly if you use a phone.

    2. locutus442


      It was made for me by @Dav9834 in this topic:

      I then copied it to my computer then uploaded it to Imgur.  Then put it in my sig via the insert other media tab.

  11. I might be getting the full base-game this weekend assuming a flash-sale doesn't go live tomorrow.
  12. Can sending smileys from a PS3 cause this too as the feature is unavailable on PS4? If so I'll avoid sending messages with those whenever I login to my PS3, I do not want to cause any problems for my friends.
  13. Thanks for the quick response. I'm glad that I don't have to hide any of my games from my trophy list. You get a +1 for your helpful response @RVMcypress_grave . Thanks again!
  14. I can't use the chatbox on my Wii U or PSTV and was just wondering if I'd have any luck with my Android 4.8 cell phone? I don't have a mobile plan so I'm limited to being at home when using the phone. I'm posting on my 3DS and OMG this site runs like a crazed snail on the device lol. xP Anyways, thanks in advance!
  15. I'm a reviewer of a video games press website and was just wondering if I should hide my trophies for unreleased games that I review to avoid any potential flagging of my trophy data? Thanks in advance!