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  1. Game: The Messenger Analysis: I love this game. Unbelievably, I managed to get it for free thanks to an amazing user on here by the name of iGGTheEnd. They literally just messaged me a code they got from the developers since I had expressed interest on another post in playing this. The only reason I knew about the game was because YouTuber Joseph Anderson streamed it! I knew he quite enjoyed it and I figured what the heck, I'd love to give it a shot too since I had forgotten much about it. But oh my goodness.... this game is magnificent. It's a platformer that is linear for the 1st half and then splits into a 16-bit metroidvania. I will say, there are some pacing issues in that 2nd half portion since it's not as direct as the 1st half of the game but this game is a freaking delight to play. I don't brag about soundtracks as much as many other people do with their games, BUT OH MY GOD THIS SOUNDTRACK. LISTEN TO IT. My personal favorites are Autumn Hills, Cloud Ruins, and Sunken Shrine. Nonetheless, this game is insanely difficult for me. I know it has a fairly high completion percentage and everything but holy crap I died 830+ times playing through this and the Picnic Panic DLC. I know that's an insane amount for many, but my god the Queen of Quills boss lady? That fight legit took me 40 minutes and I refused to look up a guide. The Arcane Golem at the end of the 1st half? They kicked my ass man. Destroying all of the Power Seals was also tricky since a few rooms were stupidly tricky. I'm not complaining, I enjoyed it and got past it, but this isn't a walk-in-the-park game whatsoever. Thankfully the wonderful witty dialogue with The Shopkeeper is iconic and will be likely what I remember mostly from this game. The windmill shuriken saved my life on the Demon General fight, and it helped greatly in the DLC section which had some brutal parts, but all in all, I earned my 32.28% rarity platinum in just 5 days and 5 hours! Hell, the 100% is a good deal rarer at a 13.79% 100% completion rate. I will never forget my time with this game and I strongly recommend it to everybody who enjoys humor with their games. Panda Score: 8.5 / 10
  2. 2016: 7 platinums (1.01% ultra rare in Madden 17) 2017: 4 platinums (1.71% ultra rare in FIFA 17) 2018: 24 platinums (1.91% ultra rare in FIFA 19) 2019: 28 platinums (0.91% ultra rare in FIFA 20) Pretty happy with that.
  3. Game: Battleship Analysis: We have quite the classic here. I bought Battleship for $5.99 when it went on sale in mid-October 2019. I didn't have a 100% completion on my profile resumé since Fez in late July, so I figured it was about time to have one I could properly complete so it's not just a sea of blue on my profile. I figured, hey, I've 100%'d Scrabble, how difficult could Battleship be? Plus, it's nice to have a classic board game like this at convenience on a game system. If you've ever played, you know the deal. Sink the opposing teams ships by varying your missile shots and try to spread yours out in a way that you don't think the opposing player(in this case CPU) would easily identify. All you really have to do is play through all the campaign missions which totals like 30 or so, and none but a few where you're put at a disadvantage at the start is all that difficult. I quite liked saving my missiles up until I could do the full straight coordinate spread. In the end, I achieved the 9.03% 100% completion marker in just 1 day and 46 minutes! Unbelievably, it's the 26th fastest to accomplish it on PSNProfiles! I wasn't even setting out to accomplish that. All in all, it's decent mindless fun while you do something else. Panda Score: 6.5 / 10
  4. I am so hyped for this!!! Always wanted to play a Civ game. Curious for experienced Civ players though, is playing on Civ difficulty Deity a legit challenge or can that be manipulated?
  5. Game: Dragon Quest Builders Analysis: I don't think a game has ever left me as conflicted to report on it as Dragon Quest Builders has left me. I bought it off Amazon for $15 back at the start of 2019, at the start of February. I thought the aesthetics were frigging adorable and figured hey, I needed something to tap into that love I have for Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley/Minecraft and this game seemed like the perfect fit. Right off the bat, it really was! Building up Cantlin, filling out the blueprints, getting to know some of the villagers like Pippa was a great deal of fun. I did notice that the speedrun challenges in order to get the gold trophies for each chapter may be a bit annoying, but I could do 2nd playthroughs for those. After like 1 week and a half through playing though... I became disinterested. I was midway through Chapter 2, lost my progress that I had worked on since you move to a different area of the world, and everything was just gloom and doom. I almost NEVER don't play a game all the way through except on rare occasions (like Transistor) - so for me to stop like this was rare. I went back for the odd trophy to line-up the level ups, but for several months DQB stayed in the D-rank on my PSN profile since I just did not want to bother with it.... until the beginning of October 2019. I just blasted through FIFA 20 to get the plat, what now? Let's tackle DQB! This time I played with a trophy guide and this wonderful resource from user "optimusmart" on Neoseeker! I somehow enjoyed the game more playing this way! Knowing what resources to get, building up the blueprints, obtaining the accessories, I wasn't as invested in the plot (builder saves the world... but he's not a hero) and there's some dark elements that happen in Rimuldar like the villages you saved dying and becoming zombies, but eventually I also got all the challenges in Kol & Galenholm as well as Tantegal! Finally I tookdown the final boss in one hell of a last fight and got my 12.78% rarity platinum! It merely took me... 8 months and 4 days! I was kinda sad when it was over. So how the hell do I rate this game? I want to play DQB 2 when it goes on sale since I've heard it's had grand improvements scalewise, and I didn't mind the resource gathering / fetch quest style of this game that for many others may get too rudimentary. I think I'll remember this game fondly in the end, and for that it gets a positive score from me. Panda Score: 7.1 / 10
  6. 0 This post is way too accepting. Hiding trophies is like photoshopping pics of yourself on Instagram. Why you trying to be perfect. Everybody's got some stretch-marks. Never gonna get a NBA2k platinum in my life but there's no reason to hide that. If it's for your OCD or whatever, aight, but whenever I see an account with hidden trophies I kinda think "hmm...."
  7. The Last Guardian. I will eventually go back and try for this again due to the fact I've gained a wealth of experience since the last time I gave up (I only had like 14 platinums when I gave up, I have over 60+ now) - but my god even looking at it right now that trophy list is a pain in the ass. * Reach the end of the game in 5 hours or less Oh fun! A game where your companion purposefully doesn't listen to you since it's a big dumb creature and now you have to speedrun your way to the finish. That totally won't be utterly infuriating or nerve-wrecking given it's 4+ hours of straight play-time. * Reach the end of the game without a game over This can be combined with the speedrun trophy but geez man... with how stupidly you can die in this game, seriously? Why? * Hear every hint A trophy that makes you stupidly sit around hoping the game triggers a specific set of words. There are like 100 of these. Awesome!!!! Not a fan. It won't be fun. I'll do this when I want to hate myself.
  8. Game: FIFA 20 Analysis: Mistakes were made getting this game, playing this game, and platinuming this game. Where do I even begin? First of all, paid $80 for the game to get a few days early access cause my stupid face thought it released on a Tuesday on September 24th when in reality it releases across the board on September 27th. So paying an absolute premium for this product, awesome. Second of all, I'm deeply conflicted on how to rate my sports games enjoyment. I hate what EA has done to career mode to basically stream-line EVERYBODY into FIFA Ultimate Team. Because it makes them the most money. Awesome. I'm a career mode guy at heart who doesn't get to enjoy the very buggy and flawed mode because I don't want to invest as much time in them as they used to but man... I wish the trophies were tied to those as opposed to FUT. Regardless, FUT is actually the Ultimate Team mode I enjoy the most across all sports games (though Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show has made a run at it) - and I decided to start ticking trophies off the list. I got a number of the basic Rivals, Squad Battles, SBCs etc.. won a King of the Hill match, and all while working towards building up my team to a respectable level to compete in Division Rivals. I managed to get an awesome pack like this. Somehow, on October 1st, within a week of buying the game, I climbed my way into Division 4! This was the glorious team that got the job done for me. This took me 2+ months to accomplish on FIFA 19, so I was pretty chuffed to say the least to earn the gold 9.32% rarity trophy so early on. From there I recognized it was time to focus on Volta football and some of the career mode trophies, little did I know one specific volta trophy would be downright miserable. Basically, play on beginner difficulty, go to the Miami 3 v. 3 arena, and then just spam goals after goals with your player getting your rating up to an arbitrary number that EA has set. Something like 700+ games of this in all likelihood. Even if they only take a minute each to get through each game, it's still mindlessly dull. I watched The Roosevelts documentary by PBS on Netflix to pass the time - that was good to learn some stuff about Teddy and FDR. This post on TrueAchievements helped me greatly. The game glitched on me and wouldn't let me enter the Volta mode for 10 hours (which is just great and has happened to others so it's a known bug) - but, it eventually let me back in and at 1:48AM - the 1.16% ultra rare gold trophy popped! The next morning I then spam quit 200 games on FUT (only had like 90ish to go after playing originally to get the Div 4 trophy) and it popped! I had my Level 22 trophy, a 0.81% ultra rare platinum! Not only that - became the 10th person on PSNProfiles to achieve it and the 4th fastest in the world taking just 1 week and 4 days! I'm not sure it was worth it (timewise or for my own sanity) - but I'm kind of proud what I accomplished? Not everybody can do what I did - and I was one of the first to do it. I haven't really touched FIFA 20 since. I think in the future, I'd rather not have the absolute rush to kill myself to get the plat and just enjoy some football. But I'm glad that as a one time thing - for a number as special as FIFA 20 - I did it! Panda Score: 7.5 / 10
  9. I'll buy it when it's $20 like I did for NFS: Payback. If this game goes the same way as that one did, a little over 3 months and it'll be that cheap. I do want it though - always love a racing game to go into my mix of games.
  10. I quite dig your The Escapists platinum! Ultra rare platinum and a game I've always wanted to try out.
  11. Game: InnerSpace Analysis: I bought InnerSpace for $4.99 when it went on sale in mid-September 2019. I figured hey, I needed another games worth of trophies to align my next level-up trophy and Innerspace fit that mold perfectly. It had a relatively easy platinum, but not one so difficult I wouldn't be able to achieve it in time. With only 15 trophies to earn, I dove in, and followed the wonderful trophy guide arranged by user rubhen925 on YouTube. The one sucky thing about this game is that it's disorientating at times since you don't know where the hell you're going on occasion, and it's one of those vague artsy games where you just fly around as this plane getting collectibles and encountering these lost titan animals of the past, but thankfully it didn't prove to be too tricky as I completed it in 1 day and 8 hours in order to achieve the 27.86% rarity platinum! Not special or very memorable, but for 5 bucks to add a sub-30% plat I'm happy. Plus it has a very cool aesthetic colorwise that defers from a lot of the dreary black and grey you see on too many game icons on your profile. Panda Score: 6 / 10
  12. Game: Silence Analysis: I bought Silence a fair while ago back when it went on sale for $8.99 honestly as far back as like November 2018. I was scared off to obtain the trophies though for quite some time due to there being a reported glitch trophy. Eventually a patch was released that fixed this, and since I wanted to keep working towards aligning my next level up platinum I decided what the heck, now's the time to play another adventure type game. It's... okay. Weird fiction setting on a girl named Renie caught between a magical realm between life and death. Her older brother Noah is built on some seriously soft baby charmin. There's a cute creature named Spot that has his moments. There is one trophy titled "Shut up, clown" that took me an extra bit of playthrough to achieve but it finally popped saving me some misery. I really wanted to get everything done with the game though so I did both playthroughs in a single day, got the 22.22% rarity platinum - and I ended up being the 24th fastest person to achieve it completing it in 10 hours and 39 minutes. The only real memorable thing otherwise is the creature that is your enemy throughout - it has a very unique and freaky design. Overall, it's mediocre at best. Panda Score: 5.5 / 10
  13. Game: Rogue Aces Analysis: This is another free PS Plus game that was available in February 2019. I didn't play it for quite some time, the platinum rarity kind of held me off since it was quite rare before it became free, but finally I figures screw it since the trophy guide said it was only a 4/10 difficulty and shouldn't take more than 16ish hours depending on skill. I dove in on a Tuesday and finished on Wednesday so that should tell you it wasn't so bad at all! A fair amount of the trophies have no business being as rare as they are. I had a cloud save on hand to make sure in case I screwed up I always had a back-up to not have to replay all the missions. I got to 50, defeated the Mecha Baron X, got to 100, captured all bases, and then took care of the other game mode content that really wasn't all that difficult in the end. I completed everything in 1 day and 3 hours, achieving the 8.79% rarity platinum! It wasn't so bad at all. It was a decent mindless game to play as you really just blow stuff up and shoot airplanes out of the sky. Not a bad game! Panda Score: 6.5 / 10
  14. I think one of the things I'm least worried about is the future of gaming. If the AAA games aren't your cup of tea, there will continue to be an abundance of indies breaking the mold that you can try out. They'll fill the market gap if AAA fails people. Also, given the sheer plethora of games being released - you don't have to play the newest, latest, most modern games. Have you honestly played every worthwhile title between 2015 - 2019? Very doubtful. I am of the belief there will always be something enjoyable to play - it's up to you to find it!
  15. Game: Bastion Analysis: This game was bittersweet for me. I bought it for $3.74 back in late-August 2019, but by finally playing it - it meant I would have played the final Supergiant game that I had not touched. I had played Transistor, didn't click with it at first, a month went by, and then I fell in love with it. I became intoxicated with Pyre and it is one of my Top 3 games I've played in 2019, and now by buying Bastion I would be playing the indie masterpiece that sent the small studio into orbit while meanwhile eliminating any future plans to play their next SG game until Hades (Epic Games exclusive) finishes up development. Nonetheless, I took the plunge. I achieved the 1st ending in just a little over 2 days, and after having adjusted to the combat and style I was enjoying myself - but a great amount of the fun came from tackling the Vigil's, various Shrine Idol challenges, and different weapon focused proving grounds. By my 5th day I was hooked to finish and after achieving the 1,000,000,000 points in Score Attack Mode, I wrapped up the game in 5 days and 2 hours to achieve the nifty 11.90% rarity platinum! It's an enjoyable game. I can easily tell how much Supergiant have progressed with their latest games and giving players the ability to play in a style that suits them, but the core of a SG game (art style and music) was very present here and I'm glad I can say I've played all 3 of their games on PS4. Until Hades! Panda Score: 7.5 / 10