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  1. Game: Burly Men at Sea Analysis: The cheapest platinum in my catalogue to date. It has a 69.13% platinum rate, it was a free game during November and I figured what the hell may as well go for it. I honestly barely remember anything from the game other than the giant sea monster and racing with the grim reaper. It's a pretty nothing game yet my fastest platinum to date only tasking a hash over 2 hours to complete. For hardcore trophy hunters it's okay since it's not a 95%+ platinum rate but I wouldn't recommend it. Panda Score: 5/10
  2. Game: 2064: Read Only Memories Analysis: This was a really interesting unique experience for me that I hadn't really had in gaming yet. 2064: Read Only Memories was a free game for PS Plus+ users during October. I finally got around to playing it during mid-November and it took me just a little over 5 days to complete. It is an adventure game, and a crapton of the trophies involve you doing random tasks in order to get these various trophies, and when I started going for them the vast majority were sub-3%. The only way you'd get the majority of these was using a guide, and that's why I did by following YouTuber's Cheapskate or Die series of a trophy walkthrough. In order to get through this long game as quickly as possible, you basically skip through ALL of the text and that's what I did... but I still weirdly enjoyed this experience. The YouTuber's interactions during his video were fun, and it was enjoyable for me to follow him on this journey to a fairly rare platinum as opposed to one that's 70%+ that people essentially buy purely for the trophy. The toughest trophy was easily "Threat Neutralized" where you had to take out all the robots without taking damage, as you had to use the touch screen to do it quickly enough but it only took me around 20 minutes worth of attempts to beat. Eventually I followed through on the rest of the endings and got my very slick 5.68% rarity platinum that also coincidentally was my 30th! Turing was pretty cool too. Weird experience, but a good one. Panda Score: 6.5/10
  3. Platinum #40 Transistor!
  4. Game: FIFA 19 Analysis: Okay so I REALLY loved FIFA 19. It was my most played game of 2018 where I logged in 209 hours, my #1 with Stardew Valley finishing in 2nd place. I loved the de-emphasis on pace and FUT was really fun for the first 2 months or so but I've been really interested by other games that I haven't bothered going back to FIFA this year since I'm enjoying playing different stuff. FIFA Communities can be pretty exasperating with their demands but I really loved the game this year. The trophies weren't all that tough. A grade in all skill games I got by October 4th, the "Hoop Dream" and journey trophies weren't difficult at all. What actually did take me the full 1 month and 2 weeks to get accomplished was getting promoted from Division 5 to Division 4. I started in DIV 5 and would sometimes get close to Div 4 but then drop some games bringing my ELO down. Finally I got the bugger 10.67% rarity trophy thanks to my La Liga and Bundesliga sides (shoutout to Diego Costa, Rodrigo, Godin, etc....) and finally got the sick platinum worth 1.15% rarity! It's my 4th rarest trophy on my account, tho it'll probably go up slightly and end up in the 1.5% range before the next FIFA drops. Nonetheless, good job this year EA even though the game is still flawed in a lot of ways. Panda Score: 8/10
  5. Been awhile since I went there but tried to check on a trophy guide and the site isn't pulling up for me, and when I checked if it was down it said data has been down for over a week. Is it dead or nah?
  6. Platinum #39 Kingdom Hearts 3! (58 hours)
  7. I look at Super Meat Boy and Crypt of the Necrodancer and my jaw just drops considering the time investment you must make to really play it enough to nail down the game mechanics and then from there, truly have to master them in order to earn the platinum trophy. I also have a lot of respect for humongous time investments of 100+ hour games. Especially if they're more on the obscure end.
  8. Destiny 2 platinum and especially 100% given the 0.52% rarity is really frigging impressive, well done!
  9. It took me around 58ish hours leaving it on when I wasn't playing here and there with no skipping cutscenes. Thankfully none of the tasks are that too time consuming. Platinum % at the time of my completion is at 7.96% but I expect that to rise ultimately to the 22-28% range since it's a really beloved game and series, but also long and in-depth enough that it'll hold off people just playing for the trophies. Toughest challenge was easily Thermosphere IMO since that fight requires you to have patience. Everything else just takes a few cracks to get it down (any of the mini-games plus learning all of the chef cooking methods)
  10. No chance DLC comes with new worlds, certainly not any Disney ones. I'd be content with a critical mode and some touch-ups, maybe a boss here or there.
  11. Becky. All day, every day.
  12. Game: The Bridge Analysis: This was a puzzle game that was free during October. I finally got around to playing it during November and it only took me 2 days to get the 100% since this game does not offer a platinum. It actually has a surprising low completion rate of 8.77% due to collecting all of the wisps and completing all the mirrored worlds. I thought the most difficult trophy was the "Slider" trophy since you had to complete a level without walking which was kind of difficult, but with enough back and forth as well as looking up videos on YouTube I got it. I didn't really take the puzzles seriously but the style is pretty cool, the scene where all the colors come to life is dope, and if you took it seriously as a puzzle it's pretty decent. It's almost always on sale so not a bad idea to pick it up in case you missed it for free. Panda Score: 6/10
  13. I have a ridiculous amount of respect for your Driveclub 100%. There is a mind boggling 4,740 trophy points in that game due to the 21 DLC Packs. To get all of them on a game that is damn near close to an ultra rare platinum is a tremendous feat, well done!
  14. Used to have a Xbox 360, made the switch over to Playstation since I really enjoy baseball and MLB The Show >>>>>>> MLB2k(which is now shutdown) Turned out being an awesome switch since I would have never gotten to play games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, Gravity Rush, etc... Unravel inspired me to start trophy hunting in the first place too.
  15. Nightswimming Gold Medal: Attempt #1: 11:50 Attempt #2: 9:44 Attempt #3: 9:31 Attempt #4: 9:13 Attempt #5: 8:59! This one wasn't so bad to be honest. Takes a minute to master the free-flowing swings and never missing a beat while running on the lily pads but very do-able. Halfway done! Though I will admit I'm a bit scared I only survived two of them by a single second and Ashes to Ashes + Hideaway look totally brutal.