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  1. You've inspired me after 1 year+ away from this to return and give it a shot. I'll let you know how my results go.
  2. Yup actually did make it myself lol, found 4 cool designs individually and in photoshop I slapped them together. They should be pretty easy to find for your teams. Of course, I actually need to get around to updating it since the Marlins/Panthers have completely over-hauled since I made it 3 years ago and even the Dolphins I went with a retro.
  3. Game: Okami HD Analysis: So I had actually bought Okami HD ages ago when it went on sale for $13.99 (prolly May 2018) around there. Anyways, after having marathoned through Dragon Quest Heroes and playing a few other short games, I wanted to take a blast to the past and enjoy an older game I had never touched in Okami, I had no idea what I was getting involved with but what drew me in was the art style. You play as Amaterasu (or Ammy for short), and you have to go about re-collecting the brush techniques. You also have the tiny Issun as your companion (who has some phenomenal dialogue may I say) and you journey about dealing and fighting with Susano, fight Waka, the Spider Queen, help Princess Fuse, defeat the Crimson Helm and Orochi, out-run a Water Dragon, defeat more bosses like Ninetails and True Orochi, and eventually like save the world or something from darkness. It's an adorable story with a magnificent art style produced by Clover Studio (who also made God Hand in the same year). The biggest thing that jumped out to me is after playing so many modern games, I was surprised to enjoy such a relic from the past with a much older mindset - and it manifested itself in a good way. I discovered afterwards people said Okami is inspired greatly by Zelda, and the subtle but memorable interactions with characters absolutely rings true. In terms of trophies, the fishing, bestiary, treasure tome, and stray beads are all the rarest along with a few missables like Barking up the Cherry Tree - but in the end nothing proved too difficult for me. Overall, it's a wonderful 14.13% rarity platinum that took me 1 week and 5 days to complete. Here are my end game-screen stats. I also quite enjoyed this video by YouTuber SoberDwarf on Okami HD as well. All in all, I'm really glad I played this. The gameplay is a ton of fun with hack and slash, it has witty fun dialogue with Issun, memorable characters, good environment, and just something different from the mainstream. The only part that frustrated me was this stupid skit with the falling log where I couldn't get the damn brush strokes to connect to the points but once I moved past that, it was smooth sailing (the devil gates got rekt at the end with items) - and it's my level 20 trophy! Panda Score: 8.25 / 10
  4. Anyone know the length of time to platinum?
  5. How long is the game and how difficult would you say the platinum is? Not much information out on it, but if it's on sale I'll consider snagging it.
  6. Game: What Remains of Edith Finch Analysis: Always been intrigued by this game but it never went cheaper than $8, and then it was free for PS+ Users for the month of May so hey I scooped it up! I have to preface this by saying I had everything spoiled in a masterful 50-minute video by a YouTuber by the name of Joseph Anderson, who released a magnificent video on this game titled "The Villain of Edith Finch". If you have even a mild interest in this game I highly recommend it. Anyways, there are some lovely visuals thorough-out and some fun narration and story-telling. The Lewis section of the game towards the end is the grand finale and is really delightful despite the dark significance behind it. It's a jolly good time. Nothing difficult trophy wise as it has a 46.36% 100% completion rating but it's a good game to have finished just to say you experienced it. Panda Score: 6.5 / 10
  7. This is a really cool thread idea OP, good stuff! All 50 are ultra rare. The range is 0.89% - 3.65%. Let's see! Ordered by Most: #1. 10 - NBA2k16 #2. 4 - MLB The Show 14 #3. 4 - The Sims 4 #4. 4 - Tiny Brains #5. 3 - NBA2k18 #6. 3 - Knowledge is Power #7. 3 - Tropico 5 #8. 3 - Unravel 2 #9. 2 - NBA2k17 #10. 2 - NBA2k15 #11. 2 - Madden 16 #12. 2 - FIFA 19 #13. 1 - FIFA 18 #14. 1 - FIFA 17 #15. 1 - Madden 18 #16. 1 - Madden 17 #17. 1 - MLB The Show 16 #18. 1 - Stardew Valley #19. 1 - Dead Cells That's pretty awesome! Nearly 20 different games. A ton of sports games, but nonetheless really cool.
  8. Y'all want an unpopular rule? - Attempting the 100% / platinum ---> EVEN IF I DISLIKE THE GAME. I have a 91.13% completion rate. I'm happy with that. Every single game, even if I dislike it I have to at the very least attempt to get the platinum or 100%. If it's above my skill level, I let it be and move on. But for example, a game like Dragon Quest Heroes 1 that was an utter bore and chore to get through grinding out to the end... I still did it. Why? Mama didn't raise no b!tch. Finish what you've started. (Unless it's The Last Guardian, which in that case it's for your mental health)
  9. Game: Guacamelee! 2 Analysis: So a little bit of story first. Bought this when it went on sale for $11.99 in mid-February 2019, and I finally got around to playing it in mid-March. I was just playing it casually for a week getting the feel for it here and there and then I got hooked on a Monday and got a crap-ton of trophies as I binged through it. Eventually I opened the Golden Door, got the Holy Hen's message, got 100% completion, and beat the game on Hard Mode to get the platinum but I went back and got the 2 DLCs for $1.04 and $1.34 to wrap up the finally remaining trophies. So what are my thoughts? Guacamelee 2 is a genuinely phenomenal game that deserves more love than it has gotten. I played the 2nd before the 1st, but the 1st will get a review later and it'll also receive praise but this game did a magnificent job on expanding on all of it's features. Being able to do damage with the chicken now was a delight, the wonderful crafted Mexican aesthetic and humor of a game that knows it's a game is wonderful. The Dankest Timeline. Other timelines. Not even realizing former enemies were now helping me out. I'm honestly kind of shocked that the platinum rate is at 33.21% and the 100% rate is at 8.10%. This game can be difficult as hell sometimes with some of the challenge rooms and things they ask you to master with the platforming. Regardless, a wonderful experience and a game I will recommend to all I come across now as a wonderful indie. Panda Score: 8.25 / 10
  10. I played the games out of order. Got Guacamelee! 2 since it went on sale, and just now wrapped up the platinum on Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition. From what I can re-call, Guac 2 was way more difficult yet it has a platinum rate of 33.21% while Guac 1 is at 9.90%. Now, I only played the games like 2 months apart so maybe playing the more challenging difficult game made Guac 1 feel way easier but damn I didn't expect that great a difference in the percentages. I know it was available for free for PS+ users but still - that big a difference is surprising. Guac 2 also had way more trickier challenge rooms and hell if it didn't ask for a run to be done on Hard Mode (unless you do the konami code) the plat rate would be at around 43% which is crazy in my mind. Ah well, both are splendid fantastic games.
  11. Bruh... the platinum is already at 35%. I regret getting the 1st one now with all the speedrun trophies. This one is 10x easier and seems better in every single way.
  12. Game: Unholy Heights Analysis: Got this game for a record low $1.39 back in late April 2019 - and I gotta say it was a solid little game given it's price. It's an interesting spin on the tower defense style genre where you take-over as the Underlord himself and rent out apartments to monsters who defend you against those vile villagefolk who have come to fight you for whatever reason. Cute concept with some cute designs. I had no idea it was as old as it was (TotalBiscuit did a little review on this game) and regardless it was a good little time! It took me just about 1 week to platinum it. You get a lot of trophies early on but defeating the legendary hero, completing all quests, and just in general grinding the zombies up to a strong enough health to take the hero down as a bit time consuming. Finally I got the bestiary trophy and $1,000,000 gold needed to unlock the 14.77% rarity platinum! Not the greatest game in the world but not a game I dreaded playing either, good stuff! Panda Score: 6.25 / 10
  13. Here's my list of indies: * Dead Cells (roguelike insanely difficulty game you'll become addicted to) * Guacamelee 2! (metroidvania where you play as a luchador, need I say more?) * Pyre (my favorite game of 2019, made from Supergiant Games - think high fantasy NBA jam) * Celeste (extremely difficult platformer with an adorable aesthetic) * Wizard of Legend (another roguelike, challenging, and has PvP!) * Transistor (another SG game, very unique, lovely visuals/music) * Risk of Rain (arguably the greatest roguelite of all-time) * Cosmic Star Heroine (cute retro short rpg aesthetic)
  14. Game: Mahjong Analysis: Got Mahjong for $0.99 in late April 2019, and I gotta say it was probably one of the most average experiences I've ever had. It took me just under 4 days to fully complete for the 100%, and it's not anything too tricky other than completing all 70 levels. It has a 34.24% 100% completion rate, and it took me a minute to figure out how to play and not get locked out of completing the level but once I did it was smooth sailing. It's just fine, good mindless podcast game to play for a buck. Panda Score: 5 / 10
  15. Game: Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below Analysis: This game was a mistake. Okay, that's a little bit of an exaggeration but still not really. Let's go through how I got this game. There was a deal at Gamestop that was "4 for $20" which meant for pre-owned games under $10 you could get 4 of them and hey get them $5 each, good deal right? I got this game, Uncharted 4, Finaly Fantasy XV, and Batman: Arkham Knight. For whatever reason and I forget why - I decided to play this one first. First of all, NEWSFLASH TO ME: This is not the actual legit Dragon Quest franchise like Dragon Quest 11 or whatever. It's a spin-off with DQ characters but the gameplay is from Dynasty Warriors! Hah, that would have been nice to know. Anyways, I enter and of course I see the lackluster visuals, clunky attack mechanics, and think what the hell have I gotten myself into. Jebediah and Catherine on a mission with King Doric, Terry, uh... Alyssa?, uhh... the russian chick, her helper, a bunch of other dudes and Maya/Bianca? Yeah, never played a DQ game before this. Anyways - this game was basically spamming attacks against mammoth amounts of enemies. I won't lie and I will give this game credit - I thought it was actually cool to see the sheer number of enemies on screen. Too bad they're lumbering brain dead creatures with AI that only kicks in when it's a boss or a giant amount of them. I got the platinum in early May and it took me 2 weeks and 19 hours to get through this monstrosity because you have to do A LOT of killing. I finally beat the main story campaign after going really hard for 3 days and getting past the lack-luster gameplay elements. The story is basically save the world with cheesy no personality I'm analytical protagonist and your companion. After that I had to go look up strategies to use Bianca's bow mechanic to kill metal king slimes. Then I had to kill hundreds of them. Why? I need all the mini-medals. Why? Cuz the game says so. Attain every accessory. Defeat every monster and veteran monster. Craft 100 accessories. Attain every weapon and orb. Reach Level 99. Etc... I mean seriously - was it all necessary? The platinum rarity isn't even all that incredible at 11.25% platinum rate that I feel like I conquered the highest mountain. It was a grind albeit with a ton of content and if for whatever you LOVE this gameplay - hell all the more credit to you since I sure as hell don't ever want to play another Dynasty Warriors-like game ever again. Hell, this may have killed DQ interest for me. Panda Score: 4.75 / 10