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  1. Burly Men at Sea. It's my easiest platinum by over 30% since it has a nearly 70% completion ratio, my next closest is an Adventure Time game in the 40% plat rate.
  2. This trophy also defeated me man. It ain't fair we were robbed of the platinum. I'm not blaming the trophy guide maker but I did a ton of the things you mentioned and eventually just gave up. Maybe I'll give it another go a couple years down the line when all memory of frustration has subsided but it sadly remains at 96% for me.
  3. Another nomination from me! Absolute Drift: Zen Edition (5.6k Owners) - Technically has more than 5k owners but still within reach for it to qualify. It's a "racing" game in the sense that it has cars and sometimes you're trying to beat a timer but this is ALL about drifting. It will take a little while to learn the specific techniques but with a little bit of practice you'll get the hang of it. There are some seriously challenging benchmarks you have to reach and I'm surprised it has a 19.92% platinum rate since I found them very difficult but it is so satisfying once you complete it. Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to try something a bit out of their comfort zone the next time it goes on sale.
  4. Almost the end of the year, and now it's up to 33.85%. Still quite happy with that personally. Burly Men At Sea is the "dirtiest" platinum I've done though.
  5. We have 0 games that match when comparing but I'd go with Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. I saw a youtuber/streamer called Joseph Anderson recently play through all of the Danganronpa games and DR2 was my favorite. Best girls were Sonia and Chiaki for me, very cool to see you got every possible Island Mode ending!
  6. Trophy #1,908 - All Trophies Obtained Horizon Zero Dawn Platinum Platinum #32
  7. I bought Horizon Zero Dawn: Completion Edition for $9.99 at Gamestop during Black Friday. It took me a little over 2 weeks to complete, and I've gotta say I thought it was a really enjoyable experience. It seems like the most common complaints here are that people got bored with the combat, and I suffered from this a bit myself since I was just sticking to using the Shadow Hunter Bow, and then I realized that it was my own fault for not diversifying using weapons. The blast sling is fantastic, as opposed to unloading 200+ arrows into a Thunderjaw I could actually use a tearblast arrow to knock off it's disc launcher and then use THAT to knock it down to half health. The ropecaster was a weapon I didn't even have in my loadout and then I realized oh hey, this is phenomenal for taking down larger machines. It took me well into probably 70% of the game to realize all that, but the lack of diversity in combat tends to fall a lot more on the player than the game offering a lack of options to be versatile with. In terms of the side quests, it's an issue that A LOT of games suffer from where they aren't fulfilling. For far too many people it's "Hello random citizen with exclamation point, tell me your feeble story about how you need some sort of material for me to fetch / find my significant other who is in danger." You're almost tempted to spam through the dialogue just to start sprinting to this new destination. This game had a bit of that on multiple occasions but I did appreciate how they did their best to make some characters matter. I preferred Varl over Erend but they were both solid, I very much enjoyed the Hunters Lodge quests with Talanah since fighting massive machines is the appeal of this game for me, and also I weirdly enjoyed the Bandit Camps with Nil even though I killed him in the end. One of the best gaming moments I've had in recent years was after getting to a sandy / desert city (I forget what it's called sorry) and starting to make my way I believe to Meridian at the time. I had killed some smaller machines and was paused in the desert region for a second looking some stuff up on my laptop. All of a sudden out of nowhere a Stormbird attacked me and I was like WHAT THE HELL IS THIS, my normal arrows did nothing and I actually had to run away and flee(before dying upon a 2nd attempt) since I didn't know what the hell this was and yet I still wanted to kill it. The early game effects of seeing something like a Thunderjaw and being like "okay I wanna fight THAT" was fantastic. Eventually it wears off because hey, there are only so many machines in the game but it was a very cool moment for myself personally. I completed the Frozen Wilds DLC, I thought it was very sound content that provided an expansion on a lot of the stuff from the main-game. Nothing felt too out of place, ridiculous, or OP, and those fireclaws I had to fight were nasty. My biggest frustrations with the game on a personal level were as others have mentioned, the climbing is downright atrocious. How did they not to think to make it highlight when using the Focus? It's a simple adjustment that would have saved a lot of frustration. I also felt the final boss being a Deathbringer was a bit of a letdown. I know it had the hype built around it as is, but having a machine that actually chases after you(like a more epic version of a Thunderjaw potentially) would have had more of an impact in my opinion. I still enjoyed the story, and thought Sylens was a compelling character. 77/79 trophies, none of them being too ridiculous, I still have my New Game+ Ultra Hard Playthrough to go through but I don't think it'd be a pain for me to venture through. The fact Guerilla allows skippable cutscenes is delightful. I'd give HZD a solid 8/10 with a very positive overall experience, as I'm not someone who has really dabbled in Ubisoft games in the past. Plus, the fact that I finally played what many consider to be one of the crown jewels as a PS4 exclusive is nice to have under my belt. Cheers to those who take this challenge on in the future.
  8. FIFA 19 ~ (Exactly 1.00%) Achieved November 13th, 2018.
  9. If I had to recommend one from your backlog, it'd be one back from 2016 in Okami HD. It's a game I've purchased and haven't even booted up yet but I've heard amazing things. It's not the easiest platinum in the world but you got around 1/3 of the trophies and based on the rest of your resume seem plenty capable. (PS for person who responds to me don't recommend HZD I know I'm about to get the plat lol)
  10. I'm going with one you did that had a gap of 4 years between trophies. Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories. To think you got around half the trophies and then finally came back and took care of those "Proud" trophies is very impressive. Can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 at the start of 2019, will be my first go at a plat for KH since all my old games are on the PS2.
  11. I'm holding off on purchasing this one until I see a comprehensive guide. Heard nothing but amazing things about this game. You'll just find the vague trophy lists when searching. All I know is that to pull this guide off it'd take the likes of someone unbelievably attractive and smart. So pls if you're out there.
  12. Game: Gravity Rush Remastered Analysis: I can't quite remember if there was anything specifically that pushed me to buy Gravity Rush Remastered, other than knowing from many that it was a very great game. I got it when it was on sale in late August for $10.49 and holy crap is it one of the best purchases I've ever made. It just has one of the most unique gameplay mechanics allowing you to flip the world on it's head and go anywhere you desire. Initially honestly, I was terrified of it since that feeling of falling away into nothingness is terrifying, so I was very jittery with the controls at first. I had no idea there was combat in the game either so diving into that was also fun with Cat's kicks and dive attacks. In terms of the story and aesthetics, the game is so frigging charming. Cat is so damn lovable and cute and the interactions with common-folk is nice. I thought the comic book-esque introductions to new chapters was also very delightful. Raven also made for a very interesting companion throughout. In terms of trophies, nothing was too challenging and it makes since given the 26.73% platinum rarity. Some gold challenges may take you an extra attempt or two but nothing that's inconceivable. I also thought the DLC packs were very cool(maid outfit 10/10) with the toughest challenge being putting out all the fires on the Special Forces Pack. All in all, Gravity Rush is one of my favorite PS4 games ever and I highly recommend it to anyone regardless of their tastes. I now anticipate playing GR2 when I catch it on sale next! Panda Score: 9/10
  13. You definitely have tougher plats than the game I'm gonna say (Drawn to Death, Super Meat Boy, etc...) but I'd say Knack. You haven't played it since May 2016, and I can promise you getting through the Hard and Very Hard playthroughs is an absolute chore and bother to get through as someone who did it myself.
  14. Game: Burnout Paradise Remastered Analysis: Got a classic that I had never touched before back in September when it was $15, and now it's even cheaper. I had no idea what to expect since I figured it was going to be a fun racing game given the fact many recommended it over the Need for Speed games, but still when a game is aged it will have some bad flaws. The fact there was no quick travel features to hop around was pretty bad, and the rubber-banding AI was also pretty piss poor occasionally. Still, I had a good time with the game given the fact it had some cool races and modes as well as the fun challenges. Got the Burnout License, and managed to get the 8 players in Wildcat Stadium by doing the offline method of getting all the cars there during a Offline Road Rage. Got a few more DLC trophies and am on 84% completion but I don't think I'll go back to it to get the full 100%. I'm happy with my 18.67% platinum, and I do recommend it(especially for it cheaper at $9) if you wanna have a fun racing classic to play through. Panda Score: 7/10