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  1. Game: The Last Guardian (a.k.a The Worst Game I Played During The Playstation 4 Era) It's.... finally...... over. I'm free. My eternal nightmare has come to an end. The Last Guardian has mocked me for the last 4 1/2 years. But now I reign supreme. Posts Where I've B!tched About The Last Guardian: LittleBigPlanet 3 (Feb. 24, 2020) Every Video Game I've Owned (July 20, 2020) LEGO Ninjago Movie (July 24, 2020) Graveyard Keeper (Nov. 6, 2020) The Games That Got Away (Apr. 11, 2021) Why do I hate The Last Guardian? I am having a very difficult time deciding between whether I should actually try to play nice with this review, or be as ruthless as I actually want to be. No game, in all my gaming life, has filled with me such existential dread with the thought of having to replay through the main story again as much as The Last Guardian has. No game, in all my life, has lorded over me as much as this one has. To give y'all an idea - allow me to mention a few anecdotes. I have the physical disc edition and laid it next to my PS4 for the last few years since it served as a testament to my inability to conquer it. It had won. I had failed. At least for now. It outlasted me the duration of the PS4-only life cycle. So when I had to swallow my pride and have it continue to rest next to my brand-spanking-new PS5, it was a point of humiliation. For whatever reason, I had reached my breaking point with the ridicule. I needed to finish this game, and put it on the shelf of retirement alongside all the other great, difficult games I had managed to besiege. Here is that story. Innocent Beginnings - The 1st trophy I got in this game was "The Call of Nature" which is see Trico take a piss and that was earned back on April 4th, 2017. Forgive me, but, my memory isn't going to recall all that well how life was back then. I know for a fact that my 1st playthrough of the game ended on May 17th, 2017. This was pre-trophy hunting RealM722. I had a whooping 9 platinums to my name. So while I kinda cared about the trophies, I wasn't following a guide or going out of my way to retain them. My fading memory gives me the feeling that the general consensus I felt was "Trico was a bit annoying sometimes, got lost a good amount, but it had some cool set pieces and moments". Let's say a high 6 or light 7 if I'm feeling generous. Not bad! Where My Hatred Grew - Having gotten into Trophy Hunting in early 2018, I inevitably went through games I had completed and tried to earn their platinum. I managed to accomplish this goal with genuinely difficult games, such as FIFA 18 and The Witness. How hard could The Last Guardian be? Well, I essentially approached this 2nd playthrough as a collectible run. I wouldn't worry about the speedrun or no-death or all hints. That was a mistake. Because as I made my way thru the game again, I began to become irritated with Trico's lack of cooperation. Clunky controls where the ragdoll boy would fling himself off a cliff at the slightest whim. I got a great number of achievements on this run, from "Collar" to "Lock, Stock, and Barrell" as well as the huge variety of "combat" trophies but... I was so over this game. I hated it. The 2nd playthrough was a miserable, slow, unresponsive slog that feels like you're playing the video game equivalent of quicksand. I resented the idea of ever having to play this game again, let alone a whole two more times that would be needed to earn the speedrun/no death + all hints trophy that I foolishly ignored on this 2nd playthru since I was either impatient or too much of a noob to realize it would cost me another run through the game. The likability for this game had faded from "that was cool Trico jumped in the big pool of water when I baited him with barrels" to "JESUS CHRIST YOU STUPID DUMB BIRD CAT DOG JUST JUMP TO THE OBVIOUS FREAKING PLATFORM" A 2-Year Hiatus - From 24th April 2018 through July 27th 2020, I did not touch TLG. I had honed my skills in other games. Earning 80 platinums in that timeframe. During those 2 years, the game sat posted up next to my PS4, every day, reminding me of my shortcomings. Eventually, in the summer of 2020, I returned. Gotta Go Fast - For my 3rd full playthrough of the game in 2020, I had a very simple goal. Get through the game as quickly as possible and do not die a single time. Two utterly delightful trophies in a game where you are at the mercy of a gigantic fur prancing moron hopping between collapsing infrastructures. You are also left to the whims of a buttery boy who at any time, just may decide to not detect a ledge you're leaping towards. OR, perhaps worst of all, the camera moves at the absolute worst possible moment to send him plummeting to his death. The lesson? Have that Cloud or USB backup save ready in a jiffy in case you fail to hit the start button in time to reset your checkpoint! I remember dying multiple times at this section in the game. Simply because the boy refused to grab the wooden beams. It was awful. I hated every moment of it. I was also trying to get the "Intensive Care" trophy during this run and remember being utterly pissed off when it didn't pop at the end. I had managed to take care of two of the most asinine trophy requirements for the game and was still unhappy with my progress. Even when running through it as quickly as possible, the game will slow to a snail's pace at certain points. I couldn't imagine the thought of doing another playthrough. Hence... another hiatus. 1 1/2 Year Break - Another lengthy break. Another 56 platinums earned. My determination had been renewed, and for whatever reason, I was filled with a burning passion to finally put this game out of my life once and for all. Maybe buying Dragon Quest 11 physical edition and wanting it to be the new game that sat by my console was a motivator. Maybe it was seeing the Dolphins fail one Sunday after another, and their ineptitude reminded me of my own with TLG. Whatever it was, I needed to finish this. The Final Run - Knowing that this may be my last run if I played my cards right, I was filled with what I can only describe as a feeling of serenity. "It's okay if the game takes forever, we're trying to get every hint." is what I would tell myself. I had the aid of this beautiful, magnificent guide. I love the man who made this. During my journey, I felt like I had a companion in my suffering. Waiting 10+ minutes to get a certain hint to pop while standing next to a canteen OR, someone else also voicing their displeasure with how much this game tests your patience. During the run, I also learned you can wipe off the blood from Trico left my spears and cuts after battle. WHOOPS! That's the first time I learned you could do that. Maybe you need to do that along with taking out the spears in order to earn the trophy? I started doing it like 30% of the way in and got the trophy to pop at the end so maybe. The hilarious thing for me is in my head, since it had been a year and a half, I kept asking myself "when are we going to get to that annoying blue fog bit? OR that section where you fall into water and need to climb up Trico's tail? OR that dumb bit when you get stuck in a cage and an angry Trico beats you around? OR that idiotic section where you're stuck on a tree branch?". Eventually, I passed all of these milestones. I did not have the "All Talked Out" trophy pop until the very end, where it tells you to grab Trico's tail and point it at the green/black slime cage thingy. When it popped, I can describe a sense of relief that can only be rivaled with the feeling when you are told that you are in fact, not the father. After 30+ minutes of ending cinematics, credits, and cutscenes... the platinum popped. My nightmare was over. I had earned the 3.24% rarity platinum in a speedrunning worthy 4 years and 6 months. I'll repeat the question. Why do I hate The Last Guardian? There's so much here to dislike. It's like Fumito Ueda weaved a tapestry of qualities in a video game that infuriate me. I hate how unresponsive Trico is. I don't care if "that's what they intended". They wanted you to "cultivate a real relationship with your companion, and having him sometimes not respond to your requests, get distracted, and have a mind of his own is all part of that vision". I acknowledge their creative vision. I hate it all the same. While the trophies may have whittled me away from mild appreciation to utter resentment, I did not love Trico's "mind" on his 1st playthrough. For every unique, cool moment you'll have where he picks you up and launches you onto his back, he'll have four more infuriating clear platforming sections where a toddler could tell you where to go, and he just insists on bobbing his moronic head around without ever actually doing anything. I am waiting for the dumb bird dog in the television to jump so I can have control again. I am tired of waiting - and this game makes you wait A LOT. Would I recommend The Last Guardian? MAYBE. "LMAO WHAT?" is what you're probably saying to yourself. You just spent 8+ paragraphs talking about how much you detest this game. Yes, I know. But in a strange way, I still wanna recommend this to people. In some perverted fashion, so you all can suffer what I had to suffer! But in a more honest sense, I acknowledge that some of my own imperfections led to increasing my frustration. I was a new trophy hunter, trying to platinum a very difficult game. I've seen people like @N1NJ4_V4MP1R3 earn the plat in less than 4 days which just boggles my freaking mind. I am going to go out of my way to hear the perspectives of people on YouTube who enjoy this game, and see if I can understand where they're coming from. I accept that this game and I are inseparable given it served as my gaming nemesis for a sizable amount of time. In a weird way, I'm kinda sad it's over. Is this what Batman felt when the Joker died? I've gone on long enough. Trico and the boy are out of my life for good now. They're probably glad I'm finally out of theirs. See y'all next time. Panda Score: Worst Game Of All-Time On The PS4 (as punishment for The Last Guardian's sin, I will never play The Shadow of the Colossus) Panda Difficulty: 7.7 / 10 (not cuz it's difficult but because this game has the worst trophy list of any I have ever played)
  2. This makes me really happy to read. Oxenfree was legitimately the very first game I bought on sale when I started "variety trophy hunting" back in 2018 and deviated away from pure sports games. I only got it since it was $5 on sale and looked unique. I absolutely loved it, and didn't even mind having to do what was essentially 4 playthroughs since I messed up the "get Ren/Nona dating" trophy since I was a complete noob back then. But ever since the years have gone on, I always kinda asked myself "yo was Oxenfree actually as good as I think it was OR was it just a breath of fresh air for me given I had been playing NFS, NBA2k, FIFA, and Madden for 5+ years?". Your post reaffirms that nah, it was actually always awesome. My biggest credit to the game IIRC is that the dialogue wasn't unbelievably cringy for a bunch of teenagers. When the characters were playful and joking, it genuinely came across that way as opposed to sometimes having to stomach cheesy interactions in these sorta games. You should also get around to playing "Afterparty" as it's made from the same studio (Night School Studios). It's not as good as Oxenfree in my mind but I think you'd still get some enjoyment out of it. May as well play everything in their catalog since Oxenfree 2 is also right around the corner. (2022 apparently)
  3. Game: PGA Tour 2k21 Analysis: I did not buy PGA Tour 2k21, but rather got it during the month of October 2021 for Free thanks to it being available for PS+ Users! History of Golf Games - This is the first PS+ game I've played and completed since Goat Simulator back in July 2021. The games they've been putting out have largely been not relevant to my gaming interests or ones I won't touch for quite some time. PGA Tour 2k21 on the other hand was incredibly unique. I have not played a golf game since.... Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 on the Nintendo Wii. WOW! That game was released back in July 2009. LeBron hadn't even left Cleveland yet! The point is - I had not played a golf game in forever and give how reasonable the trophy guide said the platinum was, I decided to test out the waters. Lemme say, I am pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoyed my time with this game! I decided to do some research on the "golfing video games" genre and discovered it's essentially been in turmoil since the Tiger Woods games faded after 2014. If you're a die-hard golfing sim fan, you'd have to resort to a more arcade game such as Everybody's Golf or settle for a hardcore experience in The Golf Club franchise. This game is made by the same studio (HB Studios) as The Golf Club series, with the difference being they've integrated with 2k Sports for a more casual experience while also retaining the PGA Tour license. Who knew golf video games had such a storied history? But you don't care about any of that. Why was it good? I dunno man... it's fun to hit the ball around. The very first thing when I jumped in was create my golfer (I made my guy "El Bombillo", a Colombian whose name translates to "The Light Bulb". This nickname applies since I made my guy bald, and his head's shape reminded me of a light bulb). After that, I started the MyCareer Mode of this game which is... pretty bare bones. It's a decent start I suppose. You go through a bunch of tournaments, can switch up your gear and clubs, but there's not really a whole lot of progression. You can have "rivals" which is a stupid gimmick and poorly implemented. Literally, all that matters is beating your current "rival" in the SAME 7 CATEGORIZES EVERY SINGLE TIME, rinse and repeated twelve times. But none of these superficial elements mattered to me. I dove into the game and started playing on beginner, and man was I having fun! I was struggling at first racking up a number of bogey's and just generally putting awfully (I did not discover the putt preview until 8+ hours into the game). But eventually, I turned off wind, and all of a sudden my shots were perfect damn near every time. Even with this, I enjoyed setting my own challenges such as trying to hit a hole-in-one or make it in the cup from the bunker. I was able to absolutely blaze through this section even though it is where the bulk of your time grinding for the platinum will be due to the fact I 1) turned off all replays and presentations elements and 2) fast-forwarded every single time after I hit my shot. I believe without this feature, the game would have been a complete slog. With it, you can fly thru 18 holes in about 10 minutes. My Uproarious Online Experience - I don't typically play online unless a game forces me to. This game had two particular trophies that needed popping in this regard. The first is "Invite Only" which requires you to finish a round in a private match. I made a gaming session on here and within 30 minutes, @BURNT-FACE-MAN42 messaged me and we were able to bang out this trophy in less than 15 minutes. The second trophy, "Playing With Others" requires you to finish a round in matchmaking with strangers. This trophy brought me the best experience I've had with multiplayer since Journey. Here I was, loading into a lobby with 3 complete strangers, simply hoping none of them disconnect and the connection remains stable enough that I only have to do this one time. What I got instead was pure hilarity. Basically - I dunno if they were new at the game and just were trying it out since it was on PS+ OR maybe they were like me and had just played Career Mode on beginner difficulty for 10+ hours, but oh my god they were AWFUL. The minimum difficulty online is Pro. All of a sudden, things such as wind, backspin, and precision become a hell of a lot harder than playing on baby mode. What this led to was me utterly cackling at their horrible shots. I wasn't even doing it out of meanness. These strangers had these hilarious, goofy-looking freaks for their characters while my normal dude was out here trying to play a proper match. A bonus to this is, since the PS5 has a built-in mic, I could tell all 3 of them had their mics on since I would hear feedback from the game. (When I first got my PS5, that was the very first thing I turned off). Still, I could hear one of the players, Aceshark4, a Spaniard cracking jokes in Spanish that had me HOWLING. The absolute best was on the final course when there was a gigantic lake, he hit it into the water 3 times in a row and every time said "¡AL AGUA!" which can roughly translate to "TO THE WATER!". I turned on my mic so he could hear me cry laughing from his jokes and he too would start cracking up. It was such an organic, genuine interaction that we were all just laughing at how bad all of us were. Another player, Jeje_053 got in on the jokes as well. He had a literal 2-inch putt to close out the round, and all of a sudden whips out his driver looking like he's gonna send the ball to the moon which absolutely sent both me and Aceshark. Finally, Pepedebeste_053 (American player) was the worst player of us all and was an unintentional comedic genius with the way they'd hit their shot so poorly, only to roll right back to where they just tee'd off it couldn't have been planned any better. I know this is such a strange thing to make such a long anecdote about but this encounter will by far be the thing I most remember about this game and just being able to chat in Spanish and have a good time with a complete stranger while enjoying a golf game. Would I recommend it? YES. Unless you hate sports games or golf itself, why wouldn't you? According to the PS5 tracker, it took me just 12 hours to earn the platinum. The PGA Tour Career trophies are by far the biggest grind and took up 10 hours of that play-time, but with fast-forwarding + turning off all presentations, you can turn that into five movies you got to enjoy while mindlessly swinging away and mowing down all your rivals. In fact, if I had to give a criticism of this game - it'd be that. I wish I had me play this same amount of time, maybe even a little more, if the game had just challenged me a bit with some harder, slightly more skill-based trophies. I think the gameplay loop is genuinely a blast and hitting those fairways or getting that perfect curve on a 30ft putt is utterly exhilarating. Of course, I don't want them to overdo it either. That "True Legend" trophy is downright stupid. If not for a loophole found out by the community on Scramble Mode, I could NEVER complete it. Playing on Legendary difficulty after playing on Beginner for 8+ hours is like going from 2-pound weights to 200-pound ones. Every shot is a mile off from where you intended. Only thanks to this helpful guide did I achieve it. Every other trophy in the game is fairly easily followed and many can be attained if you aim for them while grinding away at the career mode victories. All in all, it took me 2 days and 4 hours to earn my 8.16% rarity platinum and that time remarkably makes me the 26th fastest achiever to 100% according to PSNProfiles. Pretty cool given this is a PS+ game and people are likely trying to finish it as fast as possible. I definitely consider myself a fan of the series, and will likely pick up the next game in the series when it goes cheap and if the trophies are even reasonably manageable (hey... I think 2k got exactly what they wanted out of me by putting this game on PS+, damn them!) Panda Score: 7.4 / 10 Panda Difficulty: 2.8 / 10 Hah, you are far too kind rjk, thank you for all the kind words! I always say that I first and foremost write these reviews for myself (which I honestly do narcissistically read back more than I'd like to admit just to remind myself how I really felt about a game), but to hear someone read and gain value for them really makes my day. I know I go quite heavy on the spoilers, I'm probably the worst offender of everybody here who has checklists that does that. There's a number of reasons for that. On one hand, I feel completely hamstrung at times to properly convey my thoughts without them. While on another, I've found that game stories for me are largely just flavoring, and even if I am spoiled - seeing how good a game executes it still brings value to me far more than the surprise of the twist. I am legitimately thrilled that you are going to play TBS. I am going to devour those reviews. I think you're the only one in the history of the internet who'll give me a running for the amount of words I've typed regarding them 😂. I really think you'll enjoy it and if you do, AoG will be another one I'll be ecstatic to dicuss with you about - just because as of right now Briste is literally the only other person I know who's played it. Finally thank you for the compliment on the 100%'s! They're often a cheap way for me to say I try and complete at minimum 4 games every month when in reality one of them only takes a mere few hours, but they add a lot of diversity. I like to think of it like how a big-time college football program will always schedule themselves a cupcake FCS team when they need an easy win before some of their tougher opponents. I will say, one debilitating thing that my stupid brain does to me is since I love how it looks - I'm kinda not looking forward to the change in the size offered by PS5 games. I know it sounds utterly asinine but the images being full squares instead of rectangles now ruins the uniformity. I will get over it and just accept it but I won't be happy about it!
  4. Game: No Thing Analysis: I bought No Thing for $0.49 back in late August 2021. It is a game where you turn left and right. That's the gameplay loop. Why did I buy No Thing? Well, when you see an 18% rarity platinum for less than 50 cents on the PS Store, my question to you is how do you not buy it? The sample size was large enough (650+ users). There was a trophy guide created on here and the rough estimations given were 4/10 difficulty with 10 hours of practice in order to complete it. That sounded very doable in my mind. So we took a flyer on it. The game is extremely simple, the control scheme is only two buttons. Click L1 to turn left, click R1 to turn right. You are constantly running forward and must turn at the appropriate intervals in order to avoid careening off into the void and dying. The closest game I can offer as a comparison is Infinity Runner which I platinumed back in January. That game is a good deal bit more complex as there's jumping and sliding but is more easily cheesed with the pause mechanic. Lemme tell y'all this, No Thing is NOT an easy game. For me at least, it was a very difficult game. Why? I dunno man... I guess I have crappy reflexes? The speed with which your guy would start sprinting on some of the later levels is just brutally difficult to keep up with at times. Level 4 in particular will train you how to handle vertically inclined levels as you still have to time the turns properly even if you can't see the floor below you when attempting to land. Meanwhile, Level 5 took me less than 5 minutes to achieve. Where the game starts ramping up in difficulty is Level 6. The path you need to take in order to survive switches and appears only at the last moment. You have to memorize the path in order to have a chance. I still have it ingrained in my memory. Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Right. Repeat until the 65% mark where a new path will open up on the left side. All of this sounds like gibberish to you, the reader, but believe me, it makes sense. But here's the point in the review where I have to come clean.. Glitches Save the Day - Yea, I had to use glitches to earn 25% of the trophies on this game. That sounds like an absurd amount until you realize there are only 12 earnable trophies so I used glitches for 3 of them. Which ones? "The Small One", "Palace", and "Television". Let's start out by covering the first two. So..... this game would be a 10/10 difficulty if there wasn't a glitch available for these trophies. They require you to score 500, and even more ridiculously, 1000 points in a single run without dying. You earn 1 point every time you turn left or right. Each level in the game will only earn you roughly 120-140 points. That means you're looking at perhaps needing to complete 8-9 levels in a row, without dying, to earn this trophy. Given that each level may take you up to an hour, sometimes multiple hours, just to beat one time. I shouldn't have to tell you how absurd this sounds. So what do, we do instead? We cheat! and thanks to a wonderful user on here by the name of @esstee11, he discovered a convenient area early in Level 2 where you can practice glitching yourself in a wall and being able to turn infinitely without dying. Please note - even WITH this glitch, the trophy is still not easy. It took me 2 hours of practice in order to get it. In large part because the game would still kill me randomly for seemingly zero reason. I imagine it's because you gradually get faster and faster the more you turn so once your number gets too high you just glitch through and die but it was nerve-wracking clicking L1 and R1 back and forth hoping the game wouldn't randomly kill me. The other trophy I glitched was in order to beat a level, particularly Level 7 - "Television". Listen, I'll fess up - I'm disappointed in myself I wasn't able to earn this one "the right way". I practiced it for 3 hours. The highest I ever got percent-wise was 76%. But those platformers are just way too damn narrow. You move way too damn quickly. I couldn't. So I decided to look up some runs on YouTube. What did I discover? This glorious video with only 7 views covering a way to glitch yourself into a wall, and thanks to a convenient checkpoint, automatically get to the next level. I had already been used the "turn-around-at-the-start" tactic so the rest was super simple. Would I recommend No Thing? Absolutely not. Are you on crack? I would feel genuinely awful if someone who generally takes my recommendations got stuck playing this game. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my time with it. I got 11 hours of playtime out of 50 cents and am a freak who enjoys repeating a task over and over again, getting incrementally better until I finally achieve victory but I cannot in good conscience recommend this game to anyone. How about this - do you have super fast reflexes that you enjoy being tested? If yes, then maybe get No Thing. I'd personally say, go play Infinity Runner, and if you enjoyed that, could you enjoy a more dumbed-down, harder version of that game. The game at its peak for me was Levels 8, 9, and 10. Likely because I was just finally past Level 7, but also in a huge part due to the fact the levels just felt much better balanced and the final Level 10 which took me around 1 hour and 15 minutes to practice before finally beating it was a fantastic way to sendoff the game with climbing an entire tower. I listened to Tame Impala's - "The Less I Know the Better" on loop during those runs. One last thing I'll mention is if you hate jarring colors that change every 10 seconds, don't get this game. This is a full run of the game, watch it until you get the gist of what I'm talking about. I managed to stomach it but man I wish you could that off just to focus on the gameplay. Anyways, that's enough from this weird game. I earned the 18.21% rarity platinum in 2 days and 8 hours, and it has the added bonus of being my Level 460 milestone! Cool! Panda Score: 6.6 / 10 Panda Difficulty: 5.4 / 10
  5. Hi

    How did you make the Palace Trophy ??

    Game no thing


    1. realm722


      I'm just that good as a gamer. 


      But nah I used the glitch presented in the video: 


      It took me 1 hour - 2 hours of replicating it as the game will still kill you for no reason but eventually, I got lucky and got 1k+. 

    2. Stoonnerrrrrrrrr


      Thx, i did in room 8 on the first try 

  6. Game: Flatland Vol. #1 Analysis: I bought Flatland Vol. #1 for $0.74 back in late August 2021 and I can say comfortably for less than $1, it's well worth your money. You're always taking a risk when you take a flyer on one of these super cheap games that go on sale. Sometimes you don't know if they're going to be a downright broken mess (cough Dark Mystery) or if you'll get some shockingly good bang for your buck on a game that just so happens to be super cheap. I'm happy to report that Flatland Vol. 1 falls into the latter category. This is a super high-paced platformer that will have you moving very quickly as a cube through 60+ stages of challenges. Some are mind-numbingly simple and others will have enemy triangles trying to blow you up. Along the way, you'll be asked to collect all 50 cubes in which many can be found hidden away in bonus or secret levels that have a green tunnel entrance. These aren't too hard to find, and while you could use this 100% completion guide on YouTube by @greenzsaber, I found the majority of them to be intuitive enough that I didn't need a guide. Once you've done all that, you'll have two major trophies remaining that are the hardest in terms of impeding most players to the platinum. That is "BIG BOSS" and "You're FASTER THAN LIGHT!". "BIG BOSS" asks you to complete the whole game while dealing with the final boss that only appears in the final 10 or so stages. Man is this guy annoying. You constantly need to stay moving as this little cube or else you'll be killed by the projectiles fired at you from the boss. I did this after getting all the collectibles and I died A LOT. Some stages were ruthlessly difficult given how jampacked they are that trying to avoid the normal enemies on top of the boss felt impossible. But rest assured, with enough patience and practice you will get the job done. The same logic applies with "You're FASTER THAN LIGHT!". This one requires you to beat all stages again, but this time with a hidden timer to beat the developer's time. I found this to be slightly easier than the previous challenge despite being rarer on PSNProfiles. I imagine that ultimately boils down to the fact this was my 3rd time playing through the game. I had learned the general layout for the vast majority of the levels outside of a handful of tricky ones. One final detail I'll add as a nice compliment to the game is that whenever you die, the game resets you very quickly which makes dying not very frustrating, similar to a game like Celeste. All in all, I was able to earn the 31.62% rarity platinum in 22 hours and 51 minutes. RealM722 Playthrough Death Counter: (1st) Flatland (421 deaths, 162 on Level 66-3) (2nd) Not Him Again (867 deaths, 352 on Level 59-3, 197 on Level 62-3) (3rd) Faster than Light (315 deaths, 21 on Level 25-1) Would I recommend it? YES, with a few disclaimers. Do you want a nice relatively simple platinum if you have a modicum amount of experience with platformers? Knock yourself out. There's not much you're going to beat with the sub-$1 I managed to get the game for on sale. But there are some complaints I have. 1) The button for sprinting is god-awfully placed. You have to hold down the square button to "sprint" as the square. You'll be doing this A LOT especially during the high-speed runs in order to clean up the platinum. This is very awkward and numerous times, even during my last runs, I would be clicking the square button to jump, when in reality I needed to be clicking the x button. It's weird. It's not great. I adjusted, but my hands kinda cramped and I recommend taking a break after doing a full playthrough. 2) Be warned, you must complete both the boss run and speedrun in one setting. If you leave, there is no level select. This could be especially annoying due to the last disclaimer which is 3) Apparently this game is very buggy. If you pause while in one of these modes, some of the doors/gates that move you to the next level can glitch which means you have to start from Level #1 and try a brand new run. Thankfully, I never ran into this issue and I paused A LOT in the boss rush mode and never had it happen. I never did during the speedrun out of precaution. Even if this does happen to you, while annoying, the game is so short and can be finished in less than 20 minutes that even if you were to get screwed over, any trophy hunter with even a mildly strong mental fortitude will overcome this inconvenience. So yea, check out this game when it's on sale unless you got @Copanele platforming skills! 😂I have another quirky/niche plat coming up after this and then we'll be getting into some article ideas I've been sitting on for a while. 'til then! Panda Score: 6.6 / 10 Panda Difficulty: 3.5 / 10
  7. Marvelous review Cassy. I think you did a great job on touching on a few points that I didn't, and one of the things I love about playing games relatively in-sync with y'all is I can actually have a discussion about them without having to go through my cobwebbed brain in order to recall how I felt about it. I personally love the fact the developers did this. Too often in games like this, once you figure out what a character loves, if that resource is easily attainable - that will end up being THE ONLY THING you ever gift them until you're done with your social link. Obviously, it's a bit annoying, especially in the case of a Bruce & Mickey where they DEMAND complex meals (2 ingredients minimum) which means you need to constantly be cooking something they like, but it kept the characters more real to me. I would say cooking does eventually take a drop in priority once you get your first orchard, and for the majority of residents, they'll be fine alternating between a cherry and an apple for the rest of their life on my ship. I think all this criticism is very fair. I did not touch on this (I just... kinda forgot lol) but there are absolutely periods in this game, where you've essentially done everything you can within your current skillset, are waiting to get that last spirit to leave to unlock the last spirit flower in order to explore that new section of the ocean, and the game simply isn't progressing fast enough and you're just sorta left waiting for things to happen. It happened to me 2 clear times in my playthrough, and it felt especially weird given the fact the game always has you "chasing" that next resource. Of course, as you pointed, all that chasing is of the player's own creation. You could NEVER feed your spirits, abandon all your animals, fish for 30 straight days, and there would be no consequence. The day/night cycle only affects your movement at night but it doesn't actually have any long-term ramifications. I started to realize this eventually about 60% of the way in and said "um... why am I spending so much time running around my ship sheering my sheep and feeding them every day? Will the game ever really require me to make use of this 100+ wool I'm holding? I doubt it. i then paid the exorbitant copper/plank price for all 5 sheep corrals and ignored them for the rest of the game. I somewhat fell into the habit towards the very end of entirely not feeding my spirits (sorry Buck) since there was no need to waste time to do it. Obviously I don't think this game would benefit if the crew got pissed at you and said "screw this you're a bad commander Stella IM OUTTA HERE" given the wholesome intentions of the game, but you can see some of the cracks in the veneer the game presents. I'm glad you also brought this up. Yea, I don't think this is a kid's game. Kids could absolutely LOVE some elements of it. The mechanics are all simple enough for them to learn. But when Gwen is talking about her daddy issues or as you said, a random curse word drops, they may say "huh?". It has mature themes for adults to enjoy. But not really the gameplay to keep someone more mechanically inclined for the full runtime. I think the best way to pitch this game is: "hey do ya like Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing? If yes, you'll probably find something you enjoy here." and leave it at that.
  8. Game: Spiritfarer (150th platinum) Analysis: I bought Spiritfarer for $19.49 back in late May 2021, and boy has this review been a LONG time coming. I am excited to share my experience with this game. Spoilers are heavily present in this entire review. If you want to skip them all and just see my general thoughts, jump to the "Would I recommend?" section. Why Spiritfarer? Before I even get into talking about this game, what the hell you actually "do" in it, and how good it is at accomplishing it - I need to take y'all on a lil journey. Spiritfarer wasn't just any ol' game I picked up on a sale hoping that it'd be good. I've been hyped for this game for well over a year, and I have documentation to prove it. Times I've Mentioned Spiritfarer in Past Posts: Sundered Review (April 23rd, 2020) Talkin' Game Developers (Jun 26th, 2020) Do I Enjoy Harder Games? (Oct 20th, 2020) Replying to Arcesius (Nov 29th, 2020) 100% Club Article (Mar 11th, 2021) Dangers of Expectations (Apr 29th, 2021) Replying to Grotz99 (May 5th, 2021) Jotun Review (Jun 13th, 2021) All of this is to say - I've been anticipating this game for quite some time. Ever since I saw that E3 trailer back in 2019, this game has occupied some real estate in my brain. From the colors absolutely popping off the screen and captivating me, to the curious base-building mechanics, I genuinely wanted to know if these developers (who at the time, were completely unknown to me), could capitalize on making an entertaining non-violent video game that could keep me intrigued and playing in the same vein of the classic Harvest Moon games or Stardew Valley if you prefer a more modern example. It is with great joy I can report that if you enjoy Animal Crossing, you will probably LOVE Spiritfarer. Allow me to defend that statement. What is the gameplay loop of Spiritfarer? You play as Stella. A black girl in charge of directing lost spirits to the Everdoor, and in this capacity you serve as the Spiritfarer. You can drive a boat to different islands and gather the resources you'll need. Why do you need these resources? Because the essential core of the game is completing tasks given to you by the spirits on your ship. One of them will want a house built with specific materials. Others will want a meal composed of ingredients from a distant island. Your entire life revolves around caring for these spirits, making them feel loved and cared for, and completing the assignments they give you. What does this all mean? Spiritfarer does not have a single amazing core gameplay element in my mind. What you'll find is there are very small different tasks that you can accomplish, without any of them serving as the main crux. There's no combat system. No in-depth platforming. It's a resource management game with some base-building elements and a sensation I can only describe as "you constantly feel like you're chasing and trying to keep up with what the game demands of you." What do I mean by that? I mean, Spiritfarer is a very easy game to lose MANY hours to without realizing how much you've played. The reason for this is there's always SOMETHING to do. You've gotta water your crops. OR that spirit has a new assignment for you. Don't forget to fish! Weren't you just cooking something? Oh snap don't forget to go to that one island and get that resource. Hey, you may as well complete some errands for Francis while he's close. Don't you need to go cut some more logs? It's time for a spirit mini-game event! Spiritfarer gave me BIGTIME Graveyard Keeper vibes with the amount of "chasing" you'll be doing This is a very good feeling to have while playing. It may not be good for your sleep schedule or if you have a very window of free time to enjoy gaming, but it is absolutely necessary for a game like this where there is no core unique gameplay element. Thunder Lotus Games meticulously crafted this system with enough mini-games and little tasks you need to accomplish so you're always chasing something. Maybe you need that one extra resource to unlock that other thing that you need to unlock a brand new portion of the map! Why do I bring so much attention to this? Because on their own, none of these mini-games are very good. I'm going to prove this - by breaking down each of them individually. One at a time. Sorry, not sorry. Gathering / Managing Resources Minigames: Fishing - I do not enjoy fishing in this game. At least not until I got the 7th shrine upgrade which you won't get until the very end of the game. As opposed to Stardew Valley which is more skill-based and admittedly trickier, the Spiritfarer fishing game is tedious at best. Basically, when a fish bites - you have to reel it in. You hold down the square button to do that. But if you hold on too long, your fishing rod starts to turn red. If you continue holding square, the line snaps and you don't catch the fish. For more difficult species, you're looking at doing this, repeatedly, 3-4 times PER fish. It's not fun. I would have preferred a more difficult, quicker system than the one they opted for. Cutting Trees - Simple, but again, too long of a wind-up animation waiting for Daffodil(your cat) to get into position. Move the right stick to the left and right and back again. Mining Ores - This one is strange. You have to wind up your pickaxe, but don't hold it for too long, or you'll get stun-locked and have to wait 8 seconds before trying again. Getting the timing perfect on this so you DIDN'T get stun-locked was oddly... engaging? Cutting Logs - This mini-game was a guilty pleasure of mine. I loved it. It's more skill-based, quick, and the better you perfectly cut the logs, the more materials you get. Threading Fabric - I really enjoyed this one. It is super quick on more difficult materials and the satisfaction of hitting perfectly in the middle to get extra resources is delightful. Smelting Ore - I DESPISED this mini-game. It takes forever. The stupid heat meter takes forever to load and it's not skill-based so you can't get bonus resources out of it. Gardening Field - I didn't care at all for the way they designed this. You have to plant the crop, water it SO MUCH(I hated watering my crops by the end of the game), and yank it out of the ground, sometimes with a lengthy animation depending on the crop. I just wished they gave us a way to automate this by the end. Crusher - They phoned this one in. You just spam the square button a lot. No timing or skill is needed. It's super quick though which I love. Smithing - Didn't enjoy this one a lot since I never quite figured out how to properly hammer the material into glass. Not bad, not good. 6/10. Spirit Dependent Minigames: Gwen's Bright Jelly - This one is okay. It's the first one, and you essentially have to run around your ship and jump into the jelly approaching. Gets better with more movement options available later in the game. Atul's Bottled Lightning - I oddly loved this one. Perhaps it's my love of Atul that's blinding me, but lining yourself up right before the lightning hits is a ton of fun. Summer's Quartz Dragon - There are dragons in this game. You have to mini ores off their backs to heal them. Some platforming, but it's not anything too challenging. Astrid's Turtle Sisters - This isn't even a minigame. You just plant any resource on the turtles back and it's infinitely renewable. Convenient and well appreciated! Giovanni's Comet Rocks - Somewhat similar to Atul's lightning. Meteors hit your ship and you have to collect them before they fizzle out. Didn't mind playing this one. Gustav's Fireglow Seeds - This is an exact copy of Gwen's mini-game. The difference is instead of jellyfish it's fireflies. Innovation. Alice's Nebula Fibre - Very simple minigame. Just collect pillbugs on the ship and bring them back to the mother. Quick and easy. Bruce & Mickey's Pulsar Ore - This one is genuinely challenging. The pulsar rays will be approaching you from all 4 angles. They're tricky and change direction. Arguably the best one of them all given even towards the end of the game it still gave me a hassle. Stanley's Bottled Ectoplasm - Another event that's genuinely challenging. The dust shades are SUPER quick and you'll be sprinting after them for the full runtime. Buck's XP Options - This will come at the very end of the game. It's just aight. Have to use your light ability to pop the resource, it's a 6/10 at best. What are the final results? If any one of these was asked to carry the game on its back, Spiritfarer would crumble and be a subpar experience. But with enough variety and the fact you never do any of these events or tasks too frequently all at once, it makes the game a great deal more enjoyable. What I said earlier is absolutely true. The best way I can describe the sensation is how I felt while playing Graveyard Keeper. For 80% of the game's runtime, you will be chasing, trying to keep up with the demand of resources constantly being hurled at you. Thankfully, compared to GK, there is not nearly as much grinding. But enough about gameplay, let's get to the heart of Spiritfarer. The Soul of Spiritfarer - This game will be made or broken for you depending on whether or not you love this cast of misfits. I cannot say this any more emphatically - I am FLOORED that Thunder Lotus Games made a cast and crew so incredibly lovable after their previous game in Sundered. Sundered was a soulless game that had these absurdly long names for all the different locations and higher beings you encountered that NONE of them were memorable. Jotun largely ignored a story but created some fascinating character designs. Spiritfarer ties a bunch of okay/mixed gameplay mechanics but hits it out of the park and gives you a REASON to continue playing with these goofballs visualized above this paragraph. I love the ones that were a hit for you right out of the gate to the ones that were difficult and a bit tsundere before finally breaking the ice. I'll be honest. I don't know if this makes me a furry. I adore these designs. Let's rank my favorites from the best to the worst, of course, all in my humble opinion. Ranking the Characters in Spiritfarer: #1. Atul - Atul is best boy. There is no one else close. He is a lovable easy-going giant frog and a woodworking enthusiast. Why do I love him? Well, for one he plays the flute that raises the happiness of all the other crew members by x3. Listen to this absolute banger. He's super simple and loves anything you feed him, which is a great contrast to many other members as you'll discover the longer you play. He's Stella's biological uncle and misses his family. His ending is especially brutal as you never get a proper goodbye as you do with all the other characters, and it left me stunned given the routine I had fallen into when letting go of other members of the cast. He'll be the iconic character I always remember from this game. #2. Alice - This may be surprising for many. Alice is a sweet older woman who is incredibly gentle and loving. She'll give you meals to hand out to other crew members and is very simple in terms of what she requires to maintain her morale in good standing. What got me worst of all was since she's older, you start noticing a deterioration in her physical and mental faculties as you near the end of her time with you on the ship. You'll be told to move her house to the ground floor so she doesn't have to climb ladders. She'll also confuse you for her own daughter. This hit me really hard given I've very recently gone through the passing of a beloved family member who... went thru a lot of the stuff Alice goes through here. Yea...... #3. Gustav - I love Gustav. He gives me bigtime "Yusuke from Persona 5" energy. He's absolutely ridiculous and that just makes you love him all the more. He is a long-winded gasbag who quite literally have entire days lost to him if you speak to him too long in conversations. This made me cackle the first time it happened and the fact the game lets you do it again is utterly delightful. Another great point his favor is like Atul, Gustav can play his fiddle and raise the happiness of all members by x3. Love him and he was one of the last ones I let leave my boat(in part due to needing his fiddle to Elena to ecstatic) #4. Astrid - Oh Astrid. A hopeless romantic who can't let go of a good-for-nothing man. The thing that stands out the most for me with her is the fact she's pro-workers rights and ran a protest against her corporate overloads when you first bring her onboard to your ship. She'll be with you for a very long time and appreciates the bare necessities of life. The reason she's this high up is because in my playthrough, at the very end, she moonwalked off the ship which had me howling with laughter when it was happening. It's an innocent bug and while it contrasted poorly with the gravity of death/losing her, I'll always remember it. #5. Stanley - Stanley is frigging adorable. He's a mushroom you'll pluck out of your field one day that out of thin air will become a member of your crew. He has the personality of a child and will engage in all the innocent and playful aspects of life many forget as they get older. He'll have you goof off and put random things into systems you've been using for tens of hours, and offers a sense of whimsicalness that refreshes the player with some of the more difficult personalities that can be found onboard. Just remember to build another guest house since he turns yours into his own crib. #6. Bruce & Mickey - I love these two. Let me say, they're jerks. They will very often cause -1 happiness just because they bully and push around other members. They're difficult personalities who will make outlandish demands and speak abrasively both to you and others. They will REFUSE to eat one ingredient meals which is what I'll probably most remember them for. But man if they weren't unique and sometimes hilarious with their requests "ayyy buddy needs 100 carrots get on it stat". #7. Gwen - Gwen will likely be a lot higher for others due to the fact she's the very first spirit whose needs you'll be caring for in the game. She serves as a bigger sister role to Stella and helps her learn the fundamentals of everything you'll be managing for the remainder of the game. She also has a bit of a... snobbish energy? But she knows it so it's not that bad. She also smokes, and while smoking is awful, it looks cool as hell when a reindeer does it. #8. Buck - Buck is such a goofball. He is a complete geek who loves role-playing games and his house will be entirely composed of action figures. He never actually leaves your crew and will be with you until the very end of the game. One of the things I love about him is just how extra he is with describing everything in a lore-related fashion. #9. Giovanni - Giovanni is a playboy and Astrid's cheating lion husband. You actually catch him committing adultery and have the option to tell Astrid or not. Somehow, despite all his deplorable actions the way he'll call you Bambina and his general charm that made Astrid fall in love with him in the first place is still present. He's one of those guys that you wish "got it" and realized what he was doing to others and change his ways but man... some things never change. #10. Elena - A serious, no-nonsense dog that will demand excellence out of Stella and does not care for the hugs and kisses you've offered every other member of your crew until the very end of the game. She's an ice queen. If you hug her, she gets PISSED and will not let you. She wants simplicity in life, and improving her home makes her mood go down. Thus, make sure you get her to ecstatic before going for that trophy. #11. Beverly - I discovered that Beverly was added as DLC. Her most distinct moment for me was initially bringing her on the ship, thinking I finally got her, before she looked at the house I built and said "this is trash" and immediately demanded to be dropped off in Oxbury again. Aside from that, she utilizes a projector to review old memories and also has a hilariously loud and obnoxious eating sound when given a meal that made me giggle each time I heard it. #12. Summer - I did not love Summer. She's one of the characters you get early on and for whatever reason, nothing of her ever really hit home with me. I do remember she was a vegetarian - and she'd chastise you if you ever tried to feed her something with meat or fish in it. I LOVE this crew. It has a great variety of personalities, and this is me not even mentioning some of the other characters who you'll frequently be interacting with. There's Albert, a shark who upgrades and expands your ship as you progress in the game and will quip dad jokes at you whenever you return to him. Raccon Inc. is run by a knockoff of Tom Nook that cripples small businesses and makes every store owner change their name to Theodore. Through Alex's bus system, you have a fast travel system that lets you jump to different bus stops so it doesn't make your boat trips as long as they would be otherwise. He plays some incredibly obnoxious music whenever you get near him, and if you tell him to turn it off, and then turn it back on, you will laugh at loud and how he replies to you. Finally there's Susan, the Collector (who's also the platinum image!) who gives you rewards for collecting things. But hilariously enough, rather than praise you for your hoarding, she's very apathetic to your collection and mockingly congratulates you for being a completionist. I thought it was spectacular. Your enjoyment of this game will live or die depending on how much you enjoy these characters. But I've been so positive up to this point... what about some of the negatives with Spiritfarer? 1) The movement system for Stella needed to be more expanded upon earlier in the game. I understand the limitations of what you can do without breaking previous islands if you made Stella too powerful. But, the abilities you gain just aren't transcendent enough. The double jump is fantastic, as well as the glide. But then you get a zipline and bounce ability that while fun, I feel like the dash mechanic should have been introduced MUCH sooner. It makes navigating the ship much quicker. 2) Some animations you just get tired of looking at for the 100th time. There is a loading screen for getting on and off every island you visit. On PS4, this wasn't too bad but it was there. On PS5, the load times are so quick it wasn't much of a bother. But with other animations, this still applies. Yanking out crops in the garden. The slow tree cutting process. It's wonderfully animated, believe me, but I can absolutely see this getting grating towards the end of the game. 3) I wish some of the minigames were better. I already talked at length about this but yea. 4) I wish things could be more automated. I understand why this isn't the case. The game NEEDS to make you feel like you're "chasing" to always keep you busy. What would you do if everything was automated? But I wish you could at least temporarily make things easier on yourself by telling Atul to chop up 15 oak logs or get Summer to handle your garden as opposed to always needing to do it yourself. 5) The endgame kinda... sucks? This is natural and may be an intended consequence of what this game is going for. In the early and mid-game, you will have a lively, bustling ship with things you are constantly attending to before nighttime falls. You very often won't be able to fill it all in one day. But by the end, your crew members are so few, the ship is so much more lifeless, that you'll find yourself only needing to focus on 1-2 things that the game just doesn't feel the same. You're no longer chasing. It's not awful. The proper endgame for me only lasted 2-3 hours given I needed to grow a pear tree and fish an octopus for the last few recipes I needed to make, but I could absolutely see someone disliking the end portion of this game after loving the early and middle portion. Isn't that kind of fitting for a game all about death? The end is never pretty, no matter how much closure and contentment you can find in the end. That loss is there. You just need to find a way to grapple with it or else you'll never get on with life. Trophies - This game has a fairly high platinum rate all things considered so you should know going in this won't be too bad. There ARE missable trophies. But they're fairly easy to point out. The first thing is, you NEED to make sure you get every spirit to ecstatic mood. It doesn't have to be for a long time, or even when they leave, just one time when they're on your ship, make sure you get them there. Upgrading their house and feeding them their favorite meals will often simply accomplish this. I personally recommend that unless you NEED to get another spirit flower, DON'T let go of Atul or Gustav until the very end of the game. Why? Because those +3 happiness bonuses single-handedly carried me for getting all spirits to ecstatic in my playthrough. Aside from that, there are two missables towards the end of Astrid's story whether you tell her or not about Giovanni's infidelity. Make a backup save to the Cloud or USB and just pick the opposite one when you reload or immediately quit out after making it in-game and selecting the other option. Aside from that, build every building and create every recipe. I personally just planted a bunch of vegetables and fruits since the start of the entire game so I had an abundance of materials for clean-up in the endgame. Cultivate chickens, cows, and turn wheat/rice/corn into flour with the windmill as well. The only two ingredients I missed out on were a pear and an octupus, clean-up there took prolly 45 minutes waiting for the tree to grow, and FINALLY catching an octopus. Everything else is very straightforward and you should get it naturally while playing. It took me 1 week and 6 days to earn the 27.13% rarity platinum. Would I recommend Spiritfarer? YES, with some qualifiers. I freaking love this game. But I am biased as all hell towards it. I personally made this my 150th platinum milestone since I was in the 130s. I have been anticipating this game since E3 2019. I LOVE these sorts of Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing-type games. Do you? OR are you someone who NEEDS a core gameplay mechanic that's enthralling like a combat system found in a FromSoftware game? If the answer is the latter, you'll probably not enjoy Spiritfarer since the gameplay isn't why you're here. You're here for the characters. Everything you do in the game, you do for them. If you haven't bought in on them, you may find large stretches of this game quite dull. I also think if you dig exploration, there's value here for you. When you realize just how vast the map is, you'll get a twinge of the feeling BotW gave you when you realized the starting plateau was just that, the starting area. I am utterly thrilled that this game lived up to expectations for me. Given the fact I've been burned on games I thought could be brilliant but just turned out solid (Forgotton Anne, Owlboy, Haven) - the fact Spiritfarer is so lovingly crafted makes me proud to say I've played every single game Thunder Lotus Games has ever produced and will be right there whenever their next release launches. Thank you for your time and I hope you all have a marvelous day! Panda Score: 9.3 / 10 Panda Difficulty: 3.7 / 10
  9. Hah thank you! I think giving "if you enjoy this, you'll probably enjoy this" recommendations is always a good idea since it can help give people a feel for what to expect. Sometimes it can be woefully offbase (I had someone once recommend me Sundered because it was "like" Dead Cells. As someone who loves Dead Cells, that person is WRONG) I'll also be a jerk and say pls nobody reply to this thread for a moment. I am dropping my 150th plat review and I want it to be the 1st post on Page #15 (good lord I can't believe we're at 350+ replies now)
  10. If I had to guess, these are by far going to be the worst. Greatness "Break the NHL® record for points in a career in Be A Pro." How Prestigious "Level up your World of CHEL pro past Player Level 50." That first one is by far the rarest trophy in NHL 21 at 2.24% and I imagine nothing has changed to make it much easier. Blame Gretzky and requiring us to get 2,858 points lol
  11. Thank you both! I will add that the controller took me a few hours to get used to but I absolutely love it now. I guess after having used the PS4 for 7 straight years it took me a little bit to adjust to the feel of the new one but I'm very glad Sony did not cheap out on its quality. Definitely feels nice and sturdy and I am very much looking forward to the first game that I play that takes advantage of some of the unique features on the triggers particularly. Sorry to hear that AJ. I mean, it's entirely normal. Just looking at your profile you've been trophy hunting consistently since November 2014 and have completed over 400 games on your account. I imagine we all have a ceiling limit. I hope things go well for you IRL and if that passion hits you again in the future you'll be reinvigorated with the same zeal to enjoy gaming again.
  12. Ayyy so happy to see you platinum it! 😄 It is rare for me to find someone who loves the game as much as I do. But I think the biggest thing your review taught me is how drastically different skill sets each of us have. I remember the no-dying runs being challenging, but Unravel was quite literally my 1st ever platinum and I didn't really play many platformers before it even in my childhood. I mostly just played sports games. I cannot fathom you not being skilled enough to beat the 2nd game. You have platinums in games I could NEVER dream to sniff. Injustice, Skullgirls, Street Fighter.... but fighting games are your bread and butter while the only one I have ever played in my life is The Last Blade 2 😂. If I may make a recommendation - I think you'd like Furi. It is a boss fight game and likely fits perfectly into your skillset of fast reaction times. If I could do it, I'm absolutely positive you can as well. Good luck playing Yakuza 3 too!
  13. I'm gonna disagree with you a good amount here. My memory of the game is a tad bit foggy since I completed the game way back in December 2018. I'm actually in agreement with you on a decent number of aspects. My general opinion of Gravity Rush 2 was "damn, I enjoyed being in Kat's world again, and seeing how much more ambitious the developers tried to get with the sequel, but it didn't improve enough on the original from a mission perspective". The stealth missions without any stealth mechanics are continuously hammered on by people I've seen critique the game. But I didn't find the game bad. I actually appreciated how much grander they tried to expand upon the story. I LOVE the scene with Kat singing. I think the final verdict being "avoid at all costs" is a bit too harsh. Obviously, the first thing someone getting into the series should do is play the original. If they thought it was just aight, for sure skip the 2nd one. But if that person LOVES the original(I personally rank it in my Top 15 of 180+ PS4 games), I absolutely think there's stuff they can enjoy in GR2. If not much else then just enjoying hanging out with a familiar cast of characters again.
  14. Game: In Between Analysis: I bought In Between for $2.39 back at the very end of August 2021. Despite having less than 50 owners on here, it's not bad! So why did I buy In Between? Honestly, this is a simple explanation for me. I really dug how unique the game looked and the 100% seemed fairly easy despite the minuscule amount of players the game had. With my quota to complete at least one 100% each month, it was a no-brainer. So what's the gameplay loop? It's a puzzle platformer. Shocking from an indie, I know. Here's where I'll be honest. I don't really like puzzle games. My enjoyment from games does not come from that "EUREKA! I got it!" moment. That is at the core of the puzzle game experience. The only ones that have truly stood out for me were The Witness and The Unfinished Swan. I say all this as a qualifier that while I didn't find this game to be very special, I liked what it did. The art style captivated me for the brief story sequences (the story focuses on death, and the various stages one will go through in life. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance). The levels are LITERALLY named after these emotions. I liked it. Stories in games like these typically don't do much for me and I largely see them as mere flavoring to the gameplay elements but this one did it better in keeping me engaged than say, The Bridge in my mind. The narration was also well-done. The gameplay itself is straight out of The Swapper. Seriously. You can shift gravity around and be walking on the ceiling as the main character. You have to avoid deadly spikes that serve as the main thing you'll be dying to, along with creeping darkness in Denial and angry balls of rage in Anger. The game can easily be completed in 3-4 hours. Less if you're a gamer god. I died A LOT. While the puzzle solution may be relatively quickly understood, the actual movement and timing necessary to execute such maneuvers will have you dying a fair amount. I earned the 100 deaths trophy on "Denial" and still had a whole 3 other stages to go. I think the were 2-3 puzzles in the entire game that I felt were proper BS, with some lacking a proper checkmark and forcing you to re-do the whole thing if you botched something at the end, but in general, the game was quite merciful and if you just want the difficulty to come through executing the platforming, here's a full walkthrough on YouTube. Would I recommend it? MAYBE. Did you enjoy The Swapper & The Bridge? Then you'll probably enjoy this. I personally liked this game a bit more than those two due to a narrative that better kept me intrigued. This game also has the lovely bonus that it doesn't have any collectibles. OR rather it does, in the "mind images", but essentially all of those are encountered while naturally playing the game that you'd have to go out of your way to miss one. That means by simply playing the game to completion you'll snag the easy 100%. If you don't really enjoy puzzle games much and didn't care for The Swapper or The Bridge, there's nothing for you here. This is one of the many 2D side-scrolling Unity puzzle games with manipulating gravity mechanics. The game was released back in August 2015 and that makes it 2 years older than the previous two entries I mentioned. It's no surprise it failed to captivate much of an audience given people were kinda out on puzzle games then, let alone by the mid-2010s. The developer, Gentlymad Studios, hasn't made a game since then that I find to be noteworthy or at least widely discussed, but given the quality found here perhaps they have some other underappreciated fundamentally sound games. I ended up earning the 22.92% rarity 100% in 4 hours and 29 minutes, making me the 3rd fastest achiever on PSNProfiles! But that's all from me. I won't be posting again for a while given I want my 150th plat to be Spiritfarer and good lord that game is MAMMOTH. Talk to y'all then! Panda Score: 6.1 / 10 Panda Difficulty: 3.0 / 10
  15. I always know it's the start of a brand new month when I see an update by you :D. Congrats on the Tropico 5 and Until Dawn platinums! Tropico isn't a cakewalk and while its' plat rate is a bit inflated since it was available on PS+ I still feel like it would be < 8% even if it hadn't become widely available. May I say that the plateau is coming along wonderfully - but I did want to ask you a question. Based on the fact that prior to this streak your max trophy popped in a month was 123, I don't imagine it's been too much of an issue but have you ever felt yourself "limited" or thinking "oh dang I wish I could play more but I don't want to pop any more trophies" due to the 127 trophy limit? OR is it the perfect amount to fit into your schedule that works for you? I ask since I have a general guideline of tryna complete 4 games a month, but if I complete a 5th I won't hold off until next month to complete it just because I wanna stick to that routine. Hope that made sense hah.