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  1. My rarest is sub-1% Madden 16 but to be honest I don't find sports games platinums difficult. I've played those games for 10+ years, I'm pretty decent and capable at all of them, they may be more challenging for others but not for me. Dead Cells - Once you start climbing to the higher difficult boss cells, oh my goodness the game is difficult (3.64%) Slay the Spire - Game will kick your ass on high Ascension levels if you're not on your A-game. Very tricky. (4.86%) Batman: Arkham Knight - Not the platinum but the full 100% with the DLC trophies makes this one of the hardest. (7.26%)
  2. Hah no worries man. As for the Marlins - woo! We are few and far between but it's nice to see another on the internet. I absolutely love the early 2000s teams, Pierre was a ton of fun and Miggy is quite possibly the best pure hitter to ever play for us (even though his MVP and triple crown success came AFTER being traded). The teams that are near and dear to my heart personally were the late 2000s teams even if they never made the playoffs. I dunno how much you followed then but that infield of Mike Jacobs / Dan Uggla / Hanley Ramirez / Jorge Cantu was a group I adored. IIRC, they were 1 HR shy of becoming the 1st infield in MLB History to all hit 30 homers or more in a single season. Shame the pitching wasn't anything to write home about after Josh Johnson. Since then it's been a bit rough... Stanton is one of my favorite players and I went to game #162 during his 2017 MVP Campaign to try and see him hit home run #60. Even though he didn't he made that season so much fun in it's own right, I remember tracking his homers each game. Sadly, also took a pic of that outfield united (Stanton/Ozuna/Yelich) and it was the last time they played together before the team got blown up (again :/).... I like our farm system - we'll see how Jeter does as Ownership tryna build new trust (tho with this virus we'll see when the season begins) As for Jose Fernandez... yup :/ - that day is still vivid for me. Woke up hazy getting ready to go to a Dolphins v. Browns 2016 Week #3 regular season game and the news came in he and two others had died in a boating accident. Couldn't believe it - especially since he had one of the best games of his entire career just a few nights before vs Washington. He was Cy Young-caliber at home. Just hope life goes on for his mom, abuela, and daughter really.
  3. MY FRIEND YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!!!!! (get it it's a hollow knight joke now that I've played it heh) I completed Spider-Man in January 2019 and came back for all the DLC in April 2019. In my review, I gave it a 7.75/10 which means I did enjoy it - but I also said it's a good polished title... I should have expanded upon and said "it's a little bit too polished for my liking". That may sound weird - but you expressed it fantastically. I adore the Arkham franchise. Arkham City and Arkham Knight rank as 8+'s compared to this game for me. Granted - to be fair, that was their 2nd and 3rd opportunities at making a super hero game whereas this was Spider-Man's 1st in the series (and even though there's a lot that 100% feels too "safe", I'd still say it's better than Asylum) BUT - of course, Spider-Man has a template/model to follow whereas Arkham was by themselves. It just feels like a game that there isn't too much you can say is truly awful or exceedingly bad but I don't quite have the same highs from it as I do an Arkham game. Given I played City/Knight twice for the New Game+ trophies I remember getting to segments and thinking "woohoo this is a great stretch" whereas I dunno if Spider-Man's peaks reach that high... I'm still optimistic about this franchise though. How they build from here with the 2nd iteration is gonna be pivotal for Insomniac - having as big a leap as Asylum ---> City is asking for a lot, but I think with some tweaking they can take that next leap.
  4. I feel you, and I actually agree with you 100% since I see that a lot on Twitter - but I don't really use the time references I give as a means to say "wow I got this a long time ago". Personally, I compare when it was on sale on PS Prices and go "ahh okay I got this game 2 months ago, now I'm playing it - cool". It's been helpful for me to compare whether I should consider buying a game that's on sale or hold off on playing it since I likely won't even get around to playing it before the next time it goes on sale. I hope that makes sense - he's an example if I'm not explaining myself right. On my Hollow Knight post, I wrote I bought it in "back in March 2020". Prolly should have just put "in March 2020", fair enough. But I just got around to playing it this mid-May. By checking Hollow Knight's price on PSPrices - I can tell it took me pretty much 2 months to get around to feeling up to play it. By comparison - the 1st game in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy I bought $20 for, and since it was the exact type of game I was wanting to play, I played it in the same month I had purchased it. Yet, I still cited "bought in April 2020". On my post about Sundered, I showed that I bought it "back in December 2019" - and got around to playing it in mid-April. That's damn near 4 months between purchasing/playing (granted - I had a very annoying error with that game that had me worried it would glitch and not let me complete it), using PSPrices - it went on sale for the exact same price 1 time since before I had played it(and coincidentally is on sale for the same price at $5 right now). TL;DR - I gotchu, I use those statements more as a reference to show how long between purchasing/playing + it helps me better gauge if I should buy a game on sale VS. using it as a reference for a long period of time passing.
  5. Very strange - I did not change any account settings (nor has my account been compromised given I just logged in with it) - my trophies are set to be viewed by "Anyone" I also synched my account and that didn't solve anything. What could the issue be?
  6. The Witness! You've played Wolfestein, Dragon Ball Z, GTAV, Metal Gear, etc... recently - switch it up by going back to a puzzle game!
  7. Hah glad to hear you enjoyed my review - it's much appreciated, and there's no question I get why you'd be frustrated about having properly earned something so difficult while others got it by impure means. As for my 7.9 / 10 - I'd say the first thing I'd point out is that by my personal ratings measurement - there's damn good. I've played 125+ games on PS4, Hollow Knight with that score lands in the Top 25 of that bunch - I only have 8 games I would consider a 9/10 or higher, generally most games fall in the 5.5 - 7.5 range that are "eh this was decent" to "ooh this did some unique stuff I enjoyed". The reason I do it that way is because I despise people handing out 10/10's to games and anything that isn't a 8.5/10 or higher isn't worth playing. There are games I've rated as a 6/10 that I'd recommend (FEZ, Tiny Brains, Onrush, Kona, etc...) But the bigger factor for me is that this game falls more into the Celeste category for me. I read in many places it was peoples GOTY for 2018. I played Celeste with Assist Mode due to that game being incredibly difficult (and am convinced if it forced you to beat all the levels legit would also be <1% platinum) - I think Celeste is a spectacular game. But I don't love it like other people love it. That's not a game I would come running back to play again. Yet, I acknowledge it's greatness. I enjoyed Hollow Knight more than Celeste, but due to the difficulty, I don't love it the same way I love for example... Pyre (SuperGiant game that I adore and replay occasionally). Honestly, I could see myself playing Hollow Knight down the line completely "blind" again once I've forgotten a decent amount of the map layout and just enjoying the atmosphere and tight controls. If someone said Hollow Knight is their game for All-Time and a 9.5/10, I wouldn't argue with them. This game is of that echelon where I'd "get" it. But my personal rating score matters more to me than what I think it is as a product. It's why past FIFA games get 8/10's for me - I just enjoy coming back and playing them even if I would say there's absolutely no argument for them being individually better games than Hollow Knight, Marvel's Spider-Man, Celeste, Batman: Arkham Asylum, The Witness, etc...
  8. Game: Hollow Knight (Voidheart Edition) Analysis: Hollow Knight is a game I bought for $7.49 back in early March 2020. It's been available on Playstation 4 since mid-2018, and went on sale a good number of times before with it being highly recommended. I know I had heard of it from Joseph Anderson's Critique and him calling it his Game of the Year in 2017. I had heard a bunch of great things about it as a metroidvania, basically traversing through this bug world as this adorable little character - the only thing holding me back was seeing how damn difficult it was - or at least how difficult many claimed it to be. I don't consider myself a very skilled natural gamer. If I'm going to get "good" at a game, I'm going to have to invest a lot of time in it. Eventually sometimes I can get there, but naturally I will do extremely poor at many games. So I held off on Hollow Knight for the longest time - until I said yanno what, it's so cheap, I've heard so many great things, let's check it out. That's when I discover via this forum there is such a thing as an "invincibility glitch". Hmm... that could come in handy. I tell myself I'll play through the game and enjoy it - and if push comes to shove I'll utilize that glitch to wrap up the remaining things needed for the platinum. Taking pointers from Hollow Knight's guide - holy crap this game is spectacular. I should come out clean and say this right out of the gate. I used that glitch. I used it for the entirety of The White Palace AND all of the Pantheons. But the rest of the game until that point I completed legit with the help of the correct charms and available upgrades. The fact that Team Cherry made a game of this quality with their smaller development team makes me wonder what the hell other game developers are doing. Honestly - there's so many little things. The Mantis Lords fight and music is where the game had me saying "okay this is pretty awesome". You have the Nailmasters, adorable Hornet (SHAAAA), Cloth, Elderbug, Seer, BAPANADA.... just - damn man. Stuff that isn't even required or necessary that you can pass over and ignore (for example - Zote died in my playthrough, I had no idea he was even a thing) that just contributes to the lore and world-building. I'll admit I wasn't a huge fan of places like the Deepnest and Ancient Basin because I don't like those depressing claustrophobic atmospheres, but Queen's Garden, Crystal Peak, Greenpath, etc... were exquisite. I really enjoyed the Colosseum as well even though the Trial of Fool whooped my ass for 3 hours straight. But what I would say most is a tell tale sign of if I enjoy your game is what I do after completing it. Here's mossbag's extensive Hollow Knight complete lore video. I checked out Phantom Troupe lore. I checked out Reylea's videos reviewing hidden easter eggs and stuff that doesn't contribute to 112% completion. I love this video. I wandered through the Hollow Knight subreddit and was blown away by the community that is still pumping out tons of fan art and content for a game that's relatively old at this point - of course Hollow Knight: Silksong is around the corner but still. I have to admit - I think I enjoyed all the stuff I learned around the game afterwards than the game itself (and I had a good time with it even if I didn't LOVE it like others did). This game is special - and I really think it should be played by every type of player. All in all, it took me 1 week and 6 days to earn all 35 trophies and achieve the 6.20% rarity platinum. I have a profound respect for people who earn this platinum 100% legitimately. That 5th Pantheon, fighting every boss in the entire game, and then trying to takedown Pure Vessel and Absolute Radiance is mind-boggling to me. I feel like if you're good enough to do that - you can earn the platinum in virtually all the games in PS4's library. Panda Score: 7.9 / 10
  9. So this thread was a doozy.... Having used this glitch in order to achieve the platinum (used it for The White Palace + All Pantheons).... I get why people who played the game legit would hate it lol. I mean, the closest comparison I have to this which is not remotely similar is I busted my gut and spent a long time on the Sims 4 platinum September 2018. and by long time, I mean basically getting the trophies myself since there was relatively little straightforward trophy pathing. Earlier this year it came out for PS+ and people figured out a method to get the trophies 100x faster than how long I spent doing it and the platinum rate increased from 2.30% ish to the point it's no longer an ultra rare plat. I know - devastating, right? So while I'm just mildly like "aww..." on that - if you're willing to dedicate the time and resources to this game to beat Pure Vessel and the 5th Pantheon, and then you realize a bunch of other people just waltzed their way through it... yea, I'd get why you'd be a bit salty. Let me say - I've beaten some really tough games on PS4 in my "trophy hunting career", nothing like a bunch of sub -1% games but generally games people would consider somewhat of a challenge. Hollow Knight obliterates them all with the elite reaction time it requires. Nothing else comes close. It's such a beautiful cute game that demands the absolute most out of it's player. Hell - I got a sense of achievement just from beating the base few bosses/game. That being said - I bought this for $7.49 on sale, put it off, and then saw there was an invincibility glitch and said "oh... that could come in handy." It really did. I think you could give me the next 3 months of playing daily in order to beat the 4th and 5th Pantheons. I'm not quite sure if I'd still be able to do it. Maybe eventually (but Fector's Challenge in Stardew Valley may push me to that brink). If there wasn't that safety net - I easily. believe this would be sub 1% platinum (maybe 1.2% since this game is still fairly niche on PS4 and so only the die-hard fans of the game have really played it thus far) IN CONCLUSION People who hate the glitch: I get why you hate it if you love this game especially. This game is amazing. You put in the effort and earned it. The rest of us didn't. GG People who used this glitch: We made out bandits. For the best of us, we got to enjoy the incredible visuals/atmosphere and pick up the platinum without spending 30+ hours on pantheon fights.
  10. If you do not like difficult games, you will not like Hollow Knight. I played the game legit all the way through up until Part 13 of ooptinob's guide on it. But The White Palace (not SO bad in the grand scheme but still very difficult) and the Pantheon's and specifically the 4th and 5th Pantheons are some of the hardest challenges I've ever seen in a video game. I have played some tough games on PS4, have 89 platinums, 28 of them are very rare platinums (sub-10% plat rate). Hollow Knight, if there was no invincibility glitch, would easily be sub-1% in my opinion. What it asks you to do on that 5th Pantheon of grinding through every boss in the game, and then take on the final boss - is mind-boggling. That being said - there's a glitch you can do that's relatively easy that avoids all of that pain so.... I do warn you - the game, not following ooptinob's guide and going in blind, will still be challenging. Nothing compared to the later stuff - but I died several times on bosses with the best weaponset and charms because the games demands an extremely high level of reaction time and skill in order to beat it. That being said, it's adorable and having played it I get now why so many people love it - even if I didn't adore the challenge as much as they did.
  11. Quoting this as a bump since I have actually managed to achieve 100% now! It took me a little under 4 days in order to achieve the platinum on Burnout Paradise Remastered - but after getting to 84% completion through doing a variety of random DLC trophies, I put the game down in September 2018 without much intention to ever revisit and get the full completion due to the requirement of some fairly heavily needed online help. That was of course until early this past May of 2020 when @GhostRush37 made a gaming sessions forum post and I decided to join. We were able to get into contact and talk sports/games while blazing through the remainder of the trophy list. Got the timed challenges, cops vs robbers, bike freeburn challenges, and eventually with a larger group also managed the ride 10 miles in an 8 player lobby! The next day I grinded out the races for the bike license and what do ya know - I achieved my 3.90% rarity 100% completion in a mere 1 year and 8 months. Not too shabby! In terms of the game itself - I'd say rating it a classic 7/10 is fair given the old issues of 0 fast travel are still there, but there is a joy in just wandering around the city at lighting fast speed. Next game I'm targeting is quite the doozy that I'm going for right now but it is a beloved metroidvania. Let's see if I can pull it off.
  12. Daily Runs May 1st, 2020 - Got to 3-3 and died May 4th, 2020 - Got to 2-1 and died, Got to 2-3 and died May 5th, 2020 - Got to 2-3 and died May 6th, 2020 - Got to 3-3 and died, WOOHOO VICTORY! (5+ deaths) 4 days of practice led to me winning. But trying to do this without dying seems like a nightmare. I spent all my lives on those previous runs.
  13. Game: The Swapper Analysis: I bought The Swapper as part of the Indie Collection Vol. 1 bundle that went on sale for $4.59 back in early March 2020. Never really had my radar on this game but it was bundled with Thomas Was Alone, seemed like it was short and sweet in terms of play time and the ability to gain all the trophies - so I picked it up. The result? it's nice and easy. It honestly feels like something that could be made in the game "Dreams" due to it's relative 2D simplicity, but it gets props for it's easy to understand mechanics and the nice "game feel" it has. Pretty funny seeing your clones or replicas squash when falling from a high distance as you make your way through the levels. I think I've discovered pretty clearly at this point that puzzlers aren't my genre. Still - this ones very decent and it has an intriguing atmosphere with the outer-space uncovering of why you're here and what happened before you got there. If you can pick it up on sale, you can easily knock it out in an afternoon and have a decent time. I achieved the 13.78% 100% completion in 12 hours and 12 minutes. Panda Score: 6 / 10
  14. My bad - I meant 90%+ completion rate for platinums specifically. The Mayo's and InkSplosion's of the world. Spider-Man is a 50%ish platinum rate. Not an account completion rate (though honestly a compulsion to have that at 100% which some accounts have CAN be unhealthy, I'm honestly thankful I played a few sports online games that have since had servers shutdown - so even if I desired that I couldn't achieve it)
  15. 1) I don't really care about the leaderboard. It's neat to look at on occasion - but I don't invest much into it. That being said, 90%+ platinum games are pretty gross to me. I feel like they create a really unhealthy addiction for a lot of people that feel the compulsive need to make the numbers on their profile go higher and higher. I already know the responses I'll get to this "it's a trophy forum, what do you expect?", and "why do you care about other peoples profiles just let everyone do their thing". Cool. I'm not calling for them to be banned. But I think it's fine to have the opinion the over-whelming majority of these games are lame - and while they're cheap at $2-$5, with how frequently games go on sale, you can get very reputable games for that cheaply. If someone has "Cat Quest" in their profile, cool, I've actually heard good things about it - but if I see an account with 30+ 95%+ rarity platinums I just sorta wonder what they trophy hunt for given it's less of a hunt and more of a "trophy placed in a silver spoon".