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  1. Looks like one of the easiest platinums ever. Hell - MLB The Show 20's was incredibly straightforward outside of the Silver 1 rank-up which took a bit to grind. This year the plat rate could be north of 10% tbh
  2. I was going to make a really long elaborate post about how much I wanna thank you for venturing into these less traversed waters of farm sim games for the rest of us who just wanna have more experiences like Stardew Valley, but I feel like this meme I made sums it up better than anything I could type will.
  3. "The Games That Got Away", - A List of Games I Couldn't Platinum / 100% I will NEVER have a 100% completion percentage on PSNProfiles. It's a blessing in disguise in all truth. I think there's something incredibly admirable about someone who who goes out of their way to maintain a 100% completion total on their account, ESPECIALLY if you can find that they're going out of their way to play difficult games as well, not just trying to make a figment of imagination impressive percentage when in reality they're getting fat on empty calories playing a bunch of easy games to impress that total. It'd be like if LSU in the NCAAF playing a bunch of Division 2 programs, yea, congrats I guess, sure woulda looked a hell of a lot more impressive going 10-2 if your two losses were against Florida and Alabama tho. Regardless, the over-whelmingly majority of my posts cover games I've conquered. No matter how difficult or easy, simple or complex, I like to word vomit my thoughts in front of your eyeballs to tell you what I thought about my experience. It's pretty fun! But I'd like to take a bit of a detour from that routine and discuss my failures instead of my conquests. At the time this is being written (A rainy Sunday on April 11th, 2021 at around 5 o'clock) - I have 174 games played on my profile, with 154 games fully 100% completed. That means there are 20 games where I've failed to attain all trophies. These are their stories. "They're Not Actually Difficult, It's Just DLC" Graveyard Keeper (84%, 63/76 trophies) - This has a pretty simple explanation. I haven't decided to fork over the $10 required in order to pay for the Strange Sins DLC. It's nothing against Graveyard Keeper personally - it's just that it was such a gigantic grind to reach the base platinum that I wasn't really feeling up for an extra 20 hours on top of what I had already played to that point. Plus, I heard some rumors that extra DLC was coming at some point, will it trophies? Maybe, maybe not - but if it does I'd rather kill two birds with one stone. So in all honesty, not really a game that got away from me as much as one I'm letting survive until I eventually cave and go for the kill in the future. Island Saver (61%, 13/23 trophies) - I'm gonna be salty on this one. Do you know what I utterly despise? Getting a relatively cool game that's 100% free on the PS Store, and then months down the line they decide to release paid DLC for $5 that has trophies on it. Listen, I enjoyed Island Saver for what it was well enough, a kids game teaching about banking with some Slime Rancher / Viva Piñata inspiration. I love both those other games, this one kinda likes the depth necessary to make me wanna pay $$$ for a free game. Annoyed it ruined the perfect green split on my profile, eventually as with GK I'll cave in and pay for it BUT I'M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT AND NATIONAL WESTMINISTER BANK SHOULD KNOW THAT. A Hat in Time (72%, 28/38 trophies) - Until about two weeks ago - this was a whale I had slain, eaten, and pooped out. Now Hat Kid's come back from the dead to piss in my cereal (heh). Of all the games here - this is the one I'm MOST likely to return to soon. I originally earned the platinum back in August 2019, and given it'll soon be over 2 years since I played it, I have 0 qualms returning to such a delightful platformer. I was originally a bit worried that it may have ridiculously hard challenges, but it seems that there's a Celeste "assist mode" that at least makes the stamps easier to obtain if you keep failing. I'll probably have a good time returning to AHiT so sometimes it's nice to have things un-100%'d to return back to! "Uhh... I Wasn't Trophy Hunting Back Then, Whoops!" FIFA 14 (57%, 26/42 trophies) - My memory is a bit foggy here but it appears I quite simply didn't care for playing Ultimate Team that FIFA. The over-whelming majority of the trophies deal with that in and Pro Clubs - and I was pretty much a strictly Career Mode player back then, specifically as a Manager. It's a shame since it's such a relatively easy FIFA platinum as well at 3.82% that it just slipped through my fingers as the servers closed back in October 2017 - and I really started going for trophies in 2018. Oh well! Madden NFL 25 (65%, 30/41 trophies) - Hah it appears FIFA 14 wasn't the only game I didn't care for with regard to it's Ultimate Team. Basically all the trophies I didn't unlock are in reference to MUT, and the hardest if the bunch is winning a MUT Super Bowl. I dodged all of those and didn't even bother, and even while the latest trophy achiever in that category did manage it in Dec. 2020, I have 0 interest in going back and grinding my way up for a mere chance of getting the 1% plat in a 7-year old sports games. Madden NFL 15 (73%, 32/39 trophies) - Essentially the exact same story as Madden 25. Didn't play MUT, and it requires you to simply make a MUT Super Bowl. Such a shame I didn't even dabble in these modes man, as that's an easy <1% platinum. Most recently pooped just like the last in Dec. 2020 but screw that noise to be honest. FIFA 15 (80%, 33/46 trophies) - Did you guess FUT? Cause there's some FUT related trophies, but also an extra unbeliavbly annoying "Extra Effort" trophy which requires you to score from the ground, and while I'd prolly be up for it if the game just released, it's a 6-year old sports games man. Could I still go for it? Maybe if I had the determination and willpower if someone tryna maintin a 100% account, but as the next section will prove - that is a completely impossibility for me. "NBA2k Platinums Are Impossible and I Hate It" NBA2k15 - NBA2k18 (ranging between as low as 38% to as high as 64%) - On an over-whelming amount of trophy hunters accounts, you won't find an NBA2k game on it. Unless you're out here looking at grimydawg___'s mind-boggling determination to grind out the platinum or even pop them on the odd year they aren't glitched. So what sucks about them? In NBA2k15 it IS possible - only 26 people out of 117k+ owners have bothered but technically if you're psycopath you could have the whole "Kit and Kaboodle" in your trophy cabinet, too bad it requires you to complete a borderline unfeasible MyTeam collection for most players, as well as getting skilled enough in online play to "Win All 10 Games of Greatest of All-Time in Play Now Online". Which essentially asks you to be perfect at the highest level of competitive play in 2k being the equivalent of Division 1 in FIFA. I can't think of anything more miserable than trying to cheese my way to the top. Oh, 2k17 also has a glitched MyCareer trophy which makes the platinum unobtainable on top of it all. In all the series that have been harmed such I switched from sports games to trophy hunting variety gaming, NBA2k has been hit the hardest. I own NBA2k19 and 2k20. I haven't played them despite the fact I got them BOTH for free. Why? The impossible trophies. I COULD play them on a 2nd account but why bother? 2k20's trophy was slightly more obtainable but it had a ridiculous MyTeam trophy requiring a bunch of card collecting and 2k21 has currently not been earned thus far needing 594 stars in "Domination" which is just... A LOT of basketball games against the CPU. In other words, I'm good with not playing a NBA2k game until they lower the difficulty on these - and I prolly won't cave until then unless the Heat get a Big 3 era dominant run where I'll just be too invested to not play. "Screw That" Need for Speed (96%, 43/46 trophies) - I consider myself a pretty diligent trophy hunter. I'll bust my gut for a trophy going for the platinum, hell, I'll go hard for most DLC as long as it's not completely unreasonable. This DLC list IS completely unreasonable. A 1.06% ultra rare bronze trophy that requires you to "Win Gold on All Prestige Events". That doesn't sound too hard for a game with a 26% rarity platinum, until you realize it's PSNProfiles Trophy Guide describes it as a 9/10 difficulty, 100 hours, and literally says "It's high time for the hardest one. The Prestige Mode is really for masochists and determined persons. At the beginning it's recommended that you do all 41 challenges at least in bronze. At this point, don't focus on beating times and records, just do all events to be familiar with all the modes, routes, and the game physics. After that, you can try to get golds. " That's gonna be a no from me. dawg. "Umm... That Sounds Like An Awful Time" Kingdom Hearts 3 (84%, 46/52 trophies) - I didn't hate KH3. In fact, I enjoyed it a good amount - and I was one of those people who played the original 2 games, waited forever for the 3rd game to drop - and when it did, I platinumed it within a week and thought it was a solid 7/10 quality tier game. Didn't quite live up to all the hype and anticipation we had for it, but in what way could it possibly have done so? So I was happy with this 100% and fairly straightforward plat, and then they dropped the Re:Mind DLC - which for it's hardest trophy asks "Reach the highest PRO code merit rank" and it's been given a 8/10 difficulty with 30 hours of playtime. Not as impossible as Need for Speed's DLC but... do I wanna go through that? Do I wanna pay $30 for a DLC in order to bash my head against a wall tryna get anime boy Sora to take down the darkness in a certain fashion and achieve a high score? I last played it in Feb. 2019 and that impulse has not kicked in for me - and I don't think it will for the foreseeable future. Cities: Skylines (50%, 44/104 trophies) - Cities: Skylines is one of the most fascinating games I have on my profile. It is one of only TWO non-sports game that has left me inept enough to not attain the platinum. The other is further down this list. Here's the thing, and @Cassylvania will know what I'm talking about - do you know what doesn't sound fun? Buying a bunch of $15 DLC packs for some miscellaneous trophies, waiting for the 1 in a billion chance that I get the "random natural disaster" to pop which sounds AWFUL, as well as above else - I don't wanna freaking leave my Day 1 Playstation 4 on all-night tryna grind out the 1001 nights trophy before my Playstation 5 gets here (I keep trying guys, it's still not happening). It's just a bunch of nasty, money-hungry, grindy ass trophies. AND I LIKED THIS GAME! I played it A LOT, prolly 50+ hours worth in order to obtain all the others and yet the trophies have just killed my mtoivation regarding it despite the fact I originally played from July 2018 - Sept 2018. Will I go for the platinum one day? Honestly, probably. If I get a PS5, leaving my PS4 on for 2 weeks straight to earn the plat wouldn't be so impractical. I also have the annoying 95%+ city happiness for 5 years trophy but I could scrounge my way around that. Now, will I ever bother with all the DLC? If I haven't gone for KH3, whaddya think? "I Failed. I Wasn't Good Enough. I'm Sorry." FIFA 16 (87%, 45/49 trophies) - Do you know what it means to be on the edge of greatness and come up short? For the following 4 years worth of FIFA's - I ended up being good enough. But not for FIFA 16. Why? I got invested in FUT VERY LATE, to the point I didn't build up a very good coinbase, and as a result - I only have 1 draft token. What did this mean? In order to earn the missing trophy of winning an Online FUT Draft - I needed to win it in one go and quite simply... well, I didn't lose - I CANT FIND A FREAKING MATCH BRUV. I joined an unbelievably full PSNProfiles group chat for PS Messaging and despite 30+ members or so - I couldn't get a game, prolly cause it was mostly Europeans. I'd love to finally lose and have my dream killed for good, but given the completely ineptitude of the servers in finding me a match, I deleted the game from my PS4 and the annoying ass install time from the disc has killed any remaining motivation of mine. I could go for it and the Pro Clubs trophies, but I just don't care at this point. FIFA 16 beat me, fair enough, I got it back and kicked it's ass for 4 years straight right thereafter. MLB The Show 16 - (91%, 22/24 trophies) - This one doesn't hurt as badly as FIFA 16 or the other two games on this list for the simple fact that listen - A LOT of people weren't good enough for this platinum and the one absurd trophy it asked of it's players. The trophy "Victorious - With a single draft class, win 20 games in Diamond Dynasty Battle Royale." What does that mean? In essence, you must win 20 out of 21 games on an online competitive mode which if you lose two times, you have to start all over again. Yes, some players have earned this trophy as recently as July 2020 - but I just don't care enough to sit through what would be required in order to earn it. Unlike FIFA 16's FUT Online Draft, I never even bothered trying to win 20 out of 21 games online. I simply don't play or know baseball sports games well enough to compete in that field. Honestly, my peak for this game when earning the "Legendary" trophy which is ALSO brutally difficult at 3% ultra rare tier but yea... it took me 3 weeks of trying to earn that one, you can only imagine the failures I would have suffered trying for Victorious. MLB The Show 19 (90%, 21/23 trophies) - Here we have my most recent failure! Of all the games I started and played in 2019 - this was the ONLY game I failed to platinum. Why is that? Because of the "Welcome to the Chip" trophy requiring players to reach the Championship Series Division in Ranked Seasons in Diamond Dynasty. Listen, I played this game for a MONTH straight in September 2019, I loved this game, this is when I was in the midsts of trophy hunting and posting regularly on here, and somehow, this DD mode managed to sucker me in and have it be my only game for a month with FIFA 20 around the corner and... I'm just not good enough man. You need 800 points - by the time I quit I was down at 400, with a full diamond squad and after losing points I couldn't be arsed. Recently, like 3 weeks ago - i tried for it in case some noobs were playing and if I got a few wins, I'd try for it. I was demoted down to Spring Training 200 tier, played some dude with a full diamond squad, lost 6-3 after battling for a few innings, gave up some homers to 99 OVR Frank Thomas - and then discovered he was a 400-tier player and gained a whooping +11 ranked points for beating me. Screw EVERYTHING related to trying to earn that plat now. I'm not trying no damn Discord to scrape my way cheesing to it by having a bunch of fake accounts from 15 other dudes tryna get this trophy feed me wins. I mean, if you did that - respect, you have more patience than I'll ever have. The Last Guardian (84%, 20/24 trophies) - I have been fortunate in life to not have suffered through the experience of the "girl that got away". But I feel like I've found the video game equivalent in my experience with The Last Guardian. But only if the way I felt about that girl was like Ben Affleck in Gone Girl. I hate The Last Guardian. I hate Trico. I hate the stupid boy. I hate the stupid teal tablet that conveys that stupid teal light to fire out that stupid lightning bolt out of Trico's stupid tail. I hate the unresponsive clunky controls. I hate the constant tutorials even 4 hours into the game telling you how to hang on ledges. I hate Trico not listening to your commands and choosing to sniff his ass. I hate the painful enemy segments where you jump around like a moron. I hate the frame-rate drop. I just... despise this game. and yet, I have beaten the game, from start to completion, 6 TIMES!!!!! 6 EVERYBODY! I have games here I love that can NEVER even dream of being re-played but due to this games moronic trophies, I'm looking at a full extra play-through at the bare minimum. Why? The 1st I played for the story, that was a mistake. The 2nd I played to get all the barrels and stick Trico's stupid head in every hole. The 3rd I think I tried for the miscellaneous or something like "don't let Trico's spears stick in him for awhile" and it DIDN'T POP. The 4th I don't even remember, and the 5th last July 2020 I earned both the "Lightning Emissary" and "Untouchable Emissary" trophies requiring you to beat the game in under 5 hours as well as do it without dying. I've apparently done the two hardest trophies but I have the GOD AWFUL "Hear every hint" trophy as well as the idiotic "Intensive Care" trophies left. I don't want to sit there and suffer through the slow ass moronic kid reflecting on his life telling me how to get a barrel or jump up to a ledge. Just the thought of sticking through and suffering all over the game again at a snails pace makes my skin crawl. This is my white whale. I need to pop it for a milestone in order to motivate me, because I will never have the motivation otherwise to stomach through this utter abomination of a video game by my own free will. Godspeed to whoever bothered to read this and good night.
  4. Game: Axiom Verge Analysis: I bought Axiom Verge for $7.99 back towards the very end of December in 2020, and wow - no wonder it's received all the love I've seen since it released in 2015. I feel like there's no reason for me to lie about why I enjoyed this game - the frigging gameplay man. I have a list of YouTube videos I want to do a deep dive of watching in order to properly reflect upon the story, I know there's different time dimensions and all, different planes of existence, but honestly in giant ass purple text I'm gonna put the simplest way I can summarize the entire games plot. This is my way of saying "you may love the story, I didn't really pay much mind to it, and yet I loved my time with this game anyway." Giant robot mommy's need science man to kill his former self in order to make things right. I won't expand upon any of that and let your imagination run wild about what it could mean. But seriously, what a fun metroidvania man! I had heard wonderful things for ages but didn't expect it to have such an expansive list of items, weapons, and upgrades. Let me give a brief explanation that'll serve as minor spoilers but is best exemplified in the various coat upgrades. Early on, you can't dash - all you have is your basic walking animation with a jump. Eventually, after killing Uruku, you get the basic modfiied lab coat. This allows you to slip through one-block wide barriers teleporting through them. Cool! Now you have so many more options to go... and then you realize later on you pick-up the trenchcoat, which allows you to dash and teleport through 2-wide blocks while moving, which means it can be used for going upwards, downwards, etc... as opposed to just side-to-side - and now you can even do it mid-jump! Finally, the 3rd and last upgrade is the red coat, which allows you to do all that you did previously but also allows you to smash through blocks - which even further expands your traversal mechanisms. This isn't the only way the game accomplishes this, you have your laser drill, field disrupter which allows you to glitch enemies, the passcodes, a frigging grappeling hook, and an adorable drone that will eventually become one of the best methods of traversal due to the fact 1) It can sustain enemy damage without depleting your own health and 2) It can be launched in hard to reach places and then when you get th teleport-to-drone upgrade, make moving so much easier. It's a fantastic list that even then I think has room to grow - but gives you that wonderful progression feedback when you go back to old areas you had beaten and can fly through them as opposed to struggling as you likely did early on. But moving on from items, let's talk about weapons! Axiom Verge has 23 weapons in total. That's a mind-boggling amount given the scope of the game - and how many other games will offer you 3-5 at maximum. Of course, there are a number of duds in here so I'll mention my favorites. Axiom Disrupter is your base weapon and is great for pretty much the whole game. Kilver is one I'm personally fond of since it can be a perfect way to cheese enemies through blocks when they can't hit you. Vorang is wonderful for getting a huge spread of shots fired, even if it's a bit weaker - good for the annoying ass flies and bat enemies you'll find in Edin. Firewall is good at firing downwards at an enemy that's beneath you - as well as for cheesing some of the sentry's when you glitch them to become block-like. Ion Beam is fantastic at taking at a line of enemies in a horizontal room, Orbital Discharge can likewise be used to take out tons of enemies that are hugging the ceiling or floor due to the way it's shots move, and finally there's the flamethrower that's so broken it's okay since it's one of the last weapons you receive - plus, if you're not using a guide you're gonna have to backtrack hardcore in order to find it, but it makes the final boss fight a complete joke. All in all, a great batch here for those who like to experiment! So we've talked items and weapons - now let's discuss environment and enemies! In total there are 9 zones. Eribu is where you'll be starting off and it's a good starting area to get your feet wet given there's nothing too scary. Absu contains some slightly more annoying enemies in the form of the Jellyfish and pink/purple donuts but you'll be fine. Zi is where you'll eventually hit an area where you'll be unable to backtrack thanks to an unusually large jump, but earning a grappelhook later on will make returning to old areas possible. The Scorpiant's are obnoxious but there are easy methods to deal with them. Kur is arguably one of the most iconic locations in the entire game given this BANGER (it's jarring at first but I absolutely love it). Here you'll be dealing with those little laser beam urchins that are surprisingly difficult to handle if you don't glitch them. Cyberdogs, annoying boulders and armadillo's, but once you get accustomed it won't be too much of a struggle. But good lord do you want me to talk about the place that kicked my ass the most? Freaking Edin man. Will O' Wisps, the freaking blade flower enemies, the tiny annoying ass flies and bats that'll whittle down your health like it's nothing in an instant - I died over and over here again, and thank goodness for the checkpoint close to it's exit to Indi OR I don't know if I could have had the stomach of walking back time and time again after getting my ass handed to me. The sentry's in E-Kur-Mah suck, the obnoxious little green parasites that deplete your health at a ridiculous rate are also a pain but infrequent enough they shouldn't be too ingrained in your memory. By the end, Ukkin-Na and Mar-Uru honestly have easier enemies with how much you've likely built up your arsenal by the end, the robot sentry's and laser enemies pale in comparison to some of the stuff that crushed you earlier. All that's left to mention is the boss fights and wow, this may be one of the weaker elements of the game for one simple fact. My lord can they ALL be cheesed. I mean, not all of them but when I watched a playthrough for the speedrun - this guy made the game look like a joke. Xedur is easy but he's the 1st boss, fair enough. Telai seems like this huge, painful boost in difficulty from the 2nd, he killed me like 10-12 times - and then I realized you can just run into him straight through, take damage twice, but then destroy him untouched since he never turns around to fire at you, lol. Uruku same ordeal - you can run through the pink goo, take a few hits, but then sit on a glitched block to spam him to death. Gir-Tab is cheesed with a specific weapon where you take 0 damage. Vision and Aborted Clone are story boss fights, aka 0 challenge. Ukhu is prolly the hardest boss fight in the game? Sentinel is easy to avoid the laser and tank a few hits, and the final boss in Athetos has some cool sentry enemies but not really enough expanded upon it for a final boss. If someone said the weakest area of Axiom Verge for them was the boss fights, I'd have no objection. Definitely something that can be polished up on the sequel (more on that later) All in all, I loved my time with Axiom Verge. It doesn't hit everything so far outta the park that I can say it's in my 9.0 range of games, but the core gameplay elements here are what made it a blast. Even with no sprint button, the fact the game respects you as a player to figure things out and have fun with the options given to you is sensational. I adore the soundtrack, and normally I'm kinda meh on them when people say "the soundtrack is awesome!!" - nah, I really enjoy AV's especially. But... what about trophies? Lemme give you some pointers bud. If you have 0 issues playing with a guide, I HIGHLY recommend this text guide via Neoseeker's, Bkstunt and Haeravon. Outstanding guide and while the focus is on the info, you can read through their text how much they adore this game. That'll help you get 100% in everything. During that play-through, GLITCH EVERYTHING. I was kinda doing it but thankfully I checked the trophy description like 40% of the way through my playthrough and realized there was a missable enemy on a boss fight. I played all the way through to the end, didn't have it popped, retraced through Kur and Ukkin-Na, before it finally popped on a Yellow Sea Sponge in Zi. Save yourself the headache and glitch every enemy you see and use this list! Finally, the "hardest" trophies. A normal run on speedrun mode trying not to die, complete it in 4 hours, and don't unlock more than 40% of items. Here's my run stats. I achieved that by following this guide on YouTube. Nice and relatively quick as opposed to the one on the PSNProfiles guide - just please note, DO NOT SAVE after making the big jump in Zi, you need to use the save / teleport loophole when quitting back to the main menu in order for the run to work. Aka - don't start unless you're guaranteed a free 30-40 minutes to get up to that point in the 1st playthrough. I had to waste a 40+ minute run because I didn't realize that. Still, the hardest thing won't be the time or items, but rather not dying. I backed up to my save to the cloud at every opportunity. I died a number of times on the Uruku fight and had to restart Athetos three times. It's do-able though. All in all, I earned myself the 4.71% platinum rarity in 6 days and 21 hours! Axiom Verge is a fantastic game, and when you realize just one man (Thomas Happ) created it - it really makes you wonder what the hell every other game studio is doing. I'm so happy a sequel is in development and Axiom Verge 2 is set to release at some point in 2021 - I honestly think the ceiling for this genre is still quite high, and can't wait to see what Happ comes up with next! Panda Score: 8.0 / 10
  5. Game: Manual Samuel Analysis: I bought Manual Samuel for $1.99 back in late January 2021, along with a bunch of other super cheap games and wow - this was 50x better than I thought it'd be. Listen, I do my best to try and play quality games month in and month out despite being a trophy hunter. I have not succumbed to the temptation of buying up a bunch of 90%+ easily obtainable rarity platinums. I generally try and play stuff I think I'd enjoy and not let trophy hunting be the focal point. But occasionally I'll see a game exactly like this one on sale. A cheap $2, its' trophy guide says it'll only take 3 hours, and it's only a 3/10 difficulty? Who cares that I think the art style is gross and it's an adventure game, for a game with a 12% rarity plat I've gotta check it out - and if I hate it, meh at worst I have to stomach a game I don't enjoy for a short session. All of this is to say, that despite the fact I played BACK-TO-BACK games with wonky controls controlling the main character (Octodad, Samuel), and despite the fact much of the humor in this game resolves around a gross art style with humor centered around vomiting, pissing, pooping, and playing a reprehensible character in absurd circumstances... I enjoyed it, man. Not even a fake enjoying it - the 2nd playthrough of the game was genuinely fun. You play as Samuel, a scumbag son of a CEO who gets dumped by his girlfriend, gets hit by a truck, and dies. Thankfully, Death who's a skater bro tryna do a kick-flip offers you a day of life for 24 hours to tryna gain your life back. Sadly, you have to MANUALLY control all your limbs, your breathing, your blinking, your spine, etc... and it can create for some hilarious sequences where you accidentally do the splits, have your back thrown out, turn blue in the face, or any other absurdity you can imagine. You end up working at your dads company, let out a bunch of evil robots, you try and stop the, they blow up and kill an orphanage containing 300 children, you die again, you fight the S himself, and you get your soul and the 300 kids back in the end - along with an at least partially decent relationship with Death. My favorite chapter was prolly #3 (Sam Awakes at his home) - and I legitimately was stunned when the orphanage was blown up that it left me impressed, but they had to pull it back at the end there or else that woulda been gutsy as hell. So playing through the main story once is easy, you don't even have to worry about trophies since a 2nd playthrough in co-op must happen no matter what you do. But instead of doing that straight away, I focused on the hardest thing about this game in order to platinum. The Time Trials! Yea, there's frigging time trials in an adventure game. Initially, you're going to be infuriated by some of the random RNG of your back being thrown out at the worst time, causing you to do splits, and wasting time. Juggling breathing, blinking, with whatever task you're trying to handle from putting green energy in the robots or tryna shoot them out in the "Sam Blasts!" section will be ridiculously tricky at first - but with patience and practice comes perfection. I got the first 3 trials done on the 1st day I played - and Sam Awakens prolly took em the longest since it's where I really mastered the technique of handling all of Samuel's different faculties. Sam Drives is very easy once you learn how to handle the clutch(this bugged out on me on my 1st playthru cuz my controller is a lil busted, it's a known bug!). Same Shows Up is only difficult because of the speech bar challenge, but with enough practice you'll get the RNG to pass. Sam Works took me a bit, but once you master the timings of when to breath/blink in-between activities and rushing for the door, it's easy. Sam Blasts is prolly the hardest - but knowing going in how difficult it'd be I didn't get frustrated when I didn't get it my first 7-8 attempts. Eventually a magical run came together where I timed the MG and missile charges very well against all enemies, and beat the Maid Boss with 4:35 remaining. The final "Sam Dies. Again." I achieved on my 2nd attempt with 2 seconds to spare after I re-learned the final boss patterns. With the hardest trophies out of the way, doing the 2nd playthrough was super quick due to the fact I had mastered the controls. I got every Hashtag, and got to enjoy the commentary of the narrator since he actually says different stuff if you skip every cutscene in the game which I loved. Before I knew it, it was over - and I had achieved the 12.86% rarity platinum in 2 days and 1 hour. Shoutout to the developer Perfectly Paranormal for being a cool set of dudes and making a fun, unique short little game. It struck the perfect balance of not over-staying it's welcome and having your attain a certain mastery of the controls to make it a worthwhile platinum. Panda Score: 6.85 / 10
  6. Game: Octodad: Dadliest Catch Analysis: I bought Octodad for $2.99 back in mid-January 2021, and lemme say, I was very pleasantly surprised with it. So let's start off with a little bit of a tangent. I don't really care for the "hah wow look at this zany game!" that ends up barreling into the mainstream of video game culture online. What am I referring to? Well, the latest phenomena was "Untitled Goose Game". I'll pick it up eventually when it goes as cheap as $5, but that should give you a decent idea. The cute game with a funny concept that ends up being the joke that gets played out, to the point where people are tryna give it "Indie Game of the Year" or something. Some other games I think you could lump into this category when they've just so beaten to death by YouTubers include Happy Wheels or Among Us. I'm sure they're fun games - I have 0 desire to ever play them personally due to how oversaturated they've become, and thus maybe 5-6 years down the line, as in the case of Octodad, I'll finally play it at my own pace. I'll say - I don't remember quite how popular it got, but it definitely stood out in my mind as a relic from the past that got relatively well known for such a small studios 1st game, and to see it released in January 2014 - and when you search it into YouTube you see the giants of Marklplier, Jacksepticye, iHasCupQuake, etc.. all with several million views on this game from 7 years ago - it appears my memory has not failed me! So, enough old man talk. I quite liked it! It's delightfully goofy. It's no wonder the creators, studio Young Horses went on to create Bugsnax as a launch title for the PS5 that's been fairly well received and I can't wait to play it when I get my new console (which, for the record, I HAVE been trying for the last 3 months with 0 success). It's not exactly re-writing game design but the controls are surprisingly tight once you get the hang of them. You can flop about like an absolute lunatic and barrel into every object in your path but for the platforming navigation in some of the later levels such as on the ship when you're naked OR during the final fight vs the chef - you can be surprisingly precise managing both of your limbs to path through narrow scaffolding. When I was going for the miscellaneous trophies even while goofing up an accidentally flicking the wedding ring way past Scarlett's head all you can do is chuckle. I think my favorite level is a toss-up between Mission #3 at the grocery store OR Mission #8 on the ship tryna get back to your family. None of the trophies are at all difficult to learn, if you accidentally miss one you always have chapter select and the game has a very generous checkpoint system that makes it easy to repeat specific sections if you mess up (talking to you - mission #2 take out all the weeds in the garden without stepping on any of the flowers!) I earned the 12.22% rarity 100% in just 2 days and 23 hours. Short and sweet is exactly how I want to enjoy the few 100% games I dabble in each year and Octodad is a front-runner to be the best one I've played thus far in 2021, and prolly one of the best All-Time behind the likes of Risk of Rain, Journey, and Abzü. Panda Score: 6.6 / 10
  7. You made me realize why my completion percentage had gone down and why I had a random B rank. I completed it back in August 2019 and thought there was no way DLC would get added. Welp - hopefully each of the $5 DLCs go on sale in the next few months before forcing us to fork over cash at full price.
  8. Madden 16 - 21 Platinums - Easily all should be north of 10% as opposed to being ultra rares. Most sports fans just don't care about trophies. Furi - 1.59% plat rarity, should easily be 3-4%. It was a PS+ game, but the game is incredibly fair and kind even on Furier, allowing up to 30 KO's for S rank run Hollow Knight - It's at 8% thanks to the invincibility glitch. Without, I easily believe it's <2% and only that high since the HK fanbase is HARDCORE Persona 5 - An insanely demanding platinum yet it sits at 10.40% since it's most peoples beloved JRPG. It'd prob be <5% otherwise Guacamelee 2! - I don't know how it's at 33%. It's so much harder than that. Should be 18% range ish
  9. Good luck getting the 100%! I wish it was available for PS4 users since it's a game I've watched numerous playthroughs of because of how fascinating the system and core mechanic is. Lucas Pope did a hell of a job creating an amazing atmosphere, and his follow-up "Return of the Obra Dinn" has also been very well reviewed. Good job on the House Flipper platinum as well!
  10. Game: CrossCode Analysis: I bought CrossCode for $13.99 back in late December 2020, played the first 3 1/2 chapters in January of this year, and the rest of the game in March. CrossCode is the greatest video game I have ever played that I did not love, and it is criminal it is not talked about more often. Spoiler-Free Section - LISTEN. YOU. HEAR MY PLEAS. If you love pixel art, a gigantic open world, dungeon running ala old school Zelda, delightfully intricate puzzles, and an enthralling combat system, all with an overwhelmingly wholesome, positive, fluffy cast of characters that will thaw your cold dead heart, YOU NEED TO PLAY CROSSCODE AND NOT READ A SINGLE WORD THE REST OF THIS REVIEW. I don't mean to be hyperbolic when I say this - it is a crime that this game is not talked about in the same vein as other indies such as Hollow Knight and Celeste - and there's a reason why I cite both those games. I am floored by their brilliance, and while I may not quite love them as much as the fanbases who adore them do, I can still recognize it and say "how on EARTH did this small indie studio put this together". CrossCode is of that echelon. Perhaps it's more talked about in gaming scenes I'm not really apart of, but the only peep I heard about it from was Joseph Anderson, who cited it as his Game of the Year for 2018. It appears as though I'm not alone as the entire fanbase is equally puzzled for why the game did not get as much traction in the mainstream as some other indie counterparts. I have a few theories as to why, and I'll go further into that later, as well as why I don't love it but this fact is undeniable - there is so much to the soul of CrossCode that even if it's gameplay elements may not be for you, you cannot walk away from it without being at least mildly impressed. Synopsis of CrossCode - You play as a girl named Lea. You're thrust into this video game world known as CrossWorlds, and you'll scamper about it unlocking different lands, attaining powers and elements, and making friends along the way. You don't quite know how you got here, and you can't really speak outside of a few basic words, but despite all of that you'll become an endearing companion to characters such as Emile, Tronny, Apollo, Joern, etc... throughout the game you'll have the goal of attaining 4 key elements - fire, water, wave, and shock. You'll attain these by completing dungeons that feature combat sections as well as mystifying, intricate puzzles rooms regarding these elements you collect along the way. There'll be a slow revealing of the main story - and things... to put it lightly, aren't as they seem. You, with the help of your crew, look to solve the strange things happening to you and hopefully achieve a peaceful resolution for all involved - but be careful, considering at the end you can end up getting the good or bad ending depending on how investigative you are. Along the way you'll have cute side challenges that you can dabble in if you wish. Honestly, the games scope looking at it from afar is very intimidating. There are just... so many materials, you'll look at your circuit tree and wonder how on earth you're expected to cap it out (Hint: you won't be able to), there's gear emphasis, hidden chests scattered all over the place, side quests, and just this slow realization of what you've just embarked on once you start opening things up - this world is enormous. But here's the best part - since I know we're all trophy hunters here if you're on this website, CrossCode doesn't ask you to do any of this if you don't want to. In general, the rewards aren't the best, all you have to do to unlock 98% of the trophies is the main story - that's it. Why I Personally Didn't Love CrossCode - (POV: You Speaking) What the hell has this review even been up to this point. You came out of the gate saying you didn't love it, yet you've spent the last two full paragraphs gushing about it and suggesting we should all play it. MAKE UP YOUR MIND MA- I know, I know - I'm all over the place, I'm not trying to be so obtuse, but I need to be honest with myself. This has more to do with me than anything on the games' end. In order to properly explain it, let me cite a quote of my own(what a douche) to explain how I enjoy video games: My own favorite games list is evident of that. Dead Cells is the definition of a rogue-lite, knowing what to do, and trying to concoct the perfect run. Slay the Spire is the same. Sayonara Wild Hearts asks you in many ways to master it's rhythm and play the short levels over and over again. Furi is FANTASTIC proof of asking you to become an expert at a specific boss fight that it's almost like a dance. CrossCode.... isn't that. That doesn't mean it's bad. Persona 5, Pyre, and Stardew Valley are proof of games that I enjoy that don't ask for perfection and can be beloved from a exploration / narrative perspective. But a huge part of CrossCode is the lengthy dungeons you'll be dealing with (Temple Mine, Faj'ro Temple, So'najiz Temple, Zir'vitar Temple, etc...) and these dungeons include gigantic puzzle segments and... I just don't love puzzles. No matter how well designed they are. I need a beautiful game like The Witness to keep me intrigued in them - and even then it's pushing it. I didn't enjoy it so much to the point that I played from January 20th - January 22nd, and then dropped the game for 2 full months before coming back to it this week, and blazing through it with the help of a Neoseeker guide for the puzzles. I know, I know - kinda lame for those who play games without guides but I still wanted to enjoy the combat, story, and other pleasant elements this delightful game has to offer. and it really is majestic, but damn - I have to admit that's a pretty huge flaw if I personally dislike an aspect of it so much I dropped it for so long despite enjoying other elements. Hell, the game can be very challenging at times - but there are sliders you can enable that decrease the amount of damage you take + slow down puzzle speeds to make the game a good deal easier. I enabled some of them for sections, and it still offered me a sizable challenge. A big compliment to this game is I did ZERO grinding for all 58 levels I earned while playing the main story, outside of 10-15 minutes at the end to get from lvl 51 to lvl 53 before tackling the final Chapter 10. That's wonderful and I felt the need to mention it in case grinding in a huge action game doesn't sound like your cup of tea. I blazed through the game basically solely focusing on the main quest and it lasted me 24-25 hours. I imagine it can easily ballon to 40-50 if you decide to play without a guide, plus explore side quest stuff and collecting all chests / enemy reports if that's your sorta thing. Why Isn't CrossCode More Popular? - Well for 1) Popularity isn't the greatest trend for whether something is good or not. The most sold games every year are GTA5, Call of Duty, and FIFA. Even wildly beloved titles in God of War and Ghost of Tsushima pale in comparison. But in terms of the indie scene, I think pixel art is a hard sell for some. I think the fact it was in Early Access for years took away the chance for it to become this new fresh hit that captivated the hearts of minds for so many at once. I think the puzzles may not just be my cup of tea, but also not the cup of tea of many others. This is not the greatest barometer of success but let's test - here are the # of reviews on each of these games on Steam. #1. Stardew Valley (285,564 - Overwhelmingly Positive) #2. Hollow Knight (126,226 - Overwhelmingly Positive) #3. Celeste (31,621 - Overwhelmingly Positive) #4. Banner Saga (11,096 - Very Positive) #5. CrossCode (8.958 - Very Positive) Isn't that insane? I mean - SV got hugely mainstream popular that celebrities even talk about playing it, but to see that CrossCode has a little more than 1/4 of Celeste's reviews is mind-boggling to me. It may not have the absolute peak of some of the other games, because lemme tell you - there are some fantastic titles in that bunch... but I think it should have around 20-25k at least - I adore Banner Saga but I acknowledge a real-time strategy game like that is always gonna be more niche. CrossCode had everything it needed to be a mainstream hit and it... wasn't. Final Thoughts - I love that I can say I've played this game as part of repertoire. It's a niche title, especially on console - that I feel hopeful that there will be at least 1 person who reads this post that decides to pick it up becomes of me. The smooth as butter combo you can do with combinations for combat feels amazing and if I couldn't convince you any more than I already have, you give a lot of hugs in this game. Oh - AND there's laser bridges. There's a lovable orange French girl who's your bestie. An overly competitive grasshead dweeb who views you as his rival. Just... it's such a nice time. I kinda wish I had paced myself more given it's a pleasant game you could easily have last you for close to a month if you just committed to playing an hour an evening to hang out with your buddies in CrossWorld and chill. There's no death murder gauntlet where you're cursing at your friend who betrayed you and it gets nasty just a wholesome group to chill and role-play with. I'm going to add a spoilers section below that will contain full spoilers of my moment-to-moment thoughts while playing. As for trophies, the final one that's not main quest related can be earned extremely easily in New Game+. All in all, it took me 2 months and 4 days to earn the 24.62% rarity platinum. I hope you all enjoyed my reading of a more niche title and we've got some big milestones coming soon as I have a very special game in mind for my 6,000th trophy that I can't wait to play given the phenomenal time I had with the original game from the same developer. Apart from that, I'm going to go pop some champagne over the Heat getting Victor Oladipo and the Dolphins parlaying Laremy Tunsil into MORE 1st round draft picks (Tua 4 Life, let's get him Ja'Marr Chase / Kyle Pitts / DeVonta Smith) Until next time, au revoir ma chéries! Panda Score: 7.9 / 10 (It is just a smidge below Hollow Knight, but it deserves all the love in the world alongside it)
  11. Hahahah I felt like you were reading my mind when you wrote this. I had noticed you started the games ago ago(by your standards) and just sorta dropped it. But I'm very happy to hear you gave it such a glowing recommendation - and it was no fault of it's own that it got shelved for a bit. I'm currently going through the exact same thing with CrossCode and have a lot of positive things to say about it - plus I've heard others such as DQB2 and Transistor that for whatever reason I just dropped for awhile, came back, and loved. The only thing holding me back was what I thought was a lengthy completion time... but then I checked the 100% list and a lot of people have it completed in 3-4 days which means it should be no biggie. It hasn't gone on sale once yet but I'll def add it to my wishlist and if it hits that $15 sweet spot I'll prolly scoop it up - so thanks for yet another game you've placed on my radar.
  12. Game: Patapon Remastered Analysis: I bought Patapon Remastered for $7.04 all the way back in late August 2020 - the final game from that 6-game purchase day that I had yet to play. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I did NOT think it was possible. No - I mean, I thought it would happen with a game eventually, perhaps Jotun giving the RNG nonsense I've heard suggested on top of it's laughably hard difficulty, or hell - perhaps something like Furi which was known to be brutally difficult. But Patapon? Seriously? A game that came out on the PSP all the way back in the year 2007? That feels like a lifetime ago - and somehow, this freaking stupid adorable maddening game where you control a buncha little circle soldiers where you slaughter your neighbor in red (Zigotans) managed to be by far the most frustrating trophy experience I've had since Sonic Mania. (shameless plug - here's my Sonic Mania review from August 2020). But my god man - I don't know what I expected but it wasn't this. I'll be honest, Patapon was a game I saw a lot of love for whenever it showed up here and there on sales, and it's dedicated niche following always sang it's praises. It felt like one of those games where if you played it and loved it, you were one of the cool gamers. You have unique tastes. You're cultured. You wear cardigans. I want to be friends with you. So I decided to take the plunge and purchase it since I figured, "it's a 10% rarity platinum but the estimated time on the trophy guide only says 4/10 difficulty and it takes 15 hours, how bad could it be?" Narrator: Worse than he could ever imagine. So why was Patapon so frustrating? Uhhhhhhh, I must be the most tone deaf sack of crap since Roddy White because my lord could I just not maintain a rhythm or beat of the drum for the LIFE OF ME. Do you know what happened when I entered fever mode? Fever Mode would end. There was no continuation of the fever, and instead it led to that constant deflating "huh whaaaa?" sound from your little pons baffled at your utter incompetence. I knew this had some rhythm game elements, I didn't know the ENTIRE game was a rhythm game. Maybe that makes me an idiot. You know how you have to move? You have to keep a rhythm. You know how you attack? Make a different rhythm combination. It's only 3 buttons you'll ever be utilizing at one time with △, O, and ▢ with the occasional X for some unbelievably rage-inducing "miracle segments". But... man. If you're like me, and don't play rhythm games - know going in this'll likely be a 30hour ish platinum for you. Due to the amount of practice I had by the end while grinding for mithril, by the end I had gotten so good I could keep the rhythm even during fever mode while looking away and browsing for something on my laptop - but early on you will feel so inept that you'll wonder if you can ever achieve the "maintain fever mode for 1 minute" trophy. It does get better, but you're going to feel lost. There were multiple times where I honestly felt - "uh... am I ever actually going to ever be good enough to beat this?" Such as the desert segment where you need to use again and again the rain miracle with the befuddling "X - X X - X X" timing multiple times in order to stay alive. OR the battle with the worm Zaknel and it feels like you simply can't survive without the "run away" feature which unlocks way too late in the game in my mind. OR the battle with tearing down the Zigotans castle cuz they KEEP BREAKING YOUR DAMN CATAPULT EVERY DAMN TIME STOP IT YOU JERKS OR YANNO WHAT HOW ABOUT THE TIME THEY WANNA HAVE YOU JUGGLE THE WINDMILL MIRACLE WHILE FIGHTING AN ONSLAUGHT OF ZIGOTANS THAT ARE BUILT LIKE RICHIE INCOGNITO AND YOU HAVE TO WATCH ON HELPLESSLY AS YOU'RE UNCOORDINATED GETS THAT CRUSHING "MISSION FAILED" RED TEXT FOR THE 19TH TIME THIS MISSION GOOOOOOOD DAAAAAAAAAAAA- Yea. It's a lot. It didn't help that I generally followed the advice of the trophy guides I saw and they said "play through the game normally". But those people assumed I was not a baby boy. I didn't know you could upgrade your yumipons, yaripons, and tatepons. So here I was with my basic ass tier 1 Level pons tryna beat these mega-bosses and I can't fathom why I keep dying, and it turns out, you're supposed to use rarer and rarer materials you find to make stronger pons known as rarepons. The order goes - Pyokala, Gekolos, Mofeel, Tikulee, Mogyoon, and Barsala. At the time - you'd at best be scrounging with some level 2 tier items so I did what I could, and the game got slightly easier until I hit one of the walls like I mentioned above (did I mention the cart escorting mission with Meden? OR the mission to rescue her?) This meant you had to also learn how to play the 5 mini-games you can unlock. Use this from the Patapon Wiki. They give you basic tips on each one and turned them from impossible to easy for me. The tree one I mastered after a bit, the crop / watering one is still a 50/50 crapshoot where sometimes I goof up horribly if I'm not staring at the edge of the screen. The mountain baby one is cute and I love the tunes, easy to do when staring at the rhythm sheet - the groove to the soup making mini-game is AWESOME and a banger, and finally the anvil one at the end for the rare weapons gets much easier once you practice it over and over again. and that's really the heart of this game to be honest. It's not ungodly difficult... at least not once you pour hours and hours into learning the rhythmic beats. But at the start when you're just learning, you'll feel like you're playing in a straight-jacket handicapped by your own brain from being incapable of getting yourself out of that situation. I do have some final points I want to make. Shoutout to @TheDblTap. I used his "platget guide" for Patapon and it was a life-saver for me. I didn't feel alone anymore going through my struggles when learning how to get specific trophies or just generally feeling frustrations with specific levels. "Divine Collection" did not glitch for me, I just made sure to craft 1 ultimate weapon, save, do 1st hunting mission, come back, create another weapon, save, do another hunting mission, etc... "Variety is Overrated" is hella easy - just use your yaripons to destroy a boss like Gaeen at a low-level. "One Marches On" can be done on the 1st hunting level. "Pata-Pata-Almost" had me very annoyed as it was my last trophy and I goofed up like 6 times fighting Dodonga, either not getting his health low enough or killing him two times going a little "too far" each time. But finally I got it. In order to obtain 9 mithril, DON'T USE ANY you find if you find it naturally. I personally never did so I had to grind it all out at the end. From level 4-12 gaeen I managed to get one on each fight - not consecutively of course. I got the first 4 back-to-back-to-back-to-back, and then for the 5th it took me fighting him.. for 1 hour, resetting if I didn't get it by the end by loading a previous save, and then getting it. This happened several times - and to make it all the more infuriating, my electricity went out 3 times while grinding this morning and made me lose a 6th mithril I had gained before saving. That's the story of my life with this game - pure frustration. But having been through all that... I get the love for it. Your pons chanting "pata pata pata pon!" is adorable. The mini-game mascots are freaking cute. The music when you DO maintain a rhythm is outstanding. It's such a unique concept. But I don't love it like the people who adore this game do. In fact, I hated it for the first 5-8 hours. But then I accepted it, as I did with Sonic Mania. I earned the 9.80% rarity platinum in 1 week and 2 days, which is peculiar given it really felt like a 3-week game. This will go down as my most frustrating platinum of 2021 - with the one exception being playing a game more frustrating, but in that case I'll have likely suffered an aneurysm so there would be no end-of-year awards. I'm gonna take the weekend off from video games and just enjoy some good ol' March Madness. Take care everyone. Panda Score: 6.4 (Same score as Sonic Mania, at one point a 4.9, at it's nicest a low 7.0 - but a mid-6 is the fairest score)
  13. Platinum #128 Patapon Remastered I'm just.... shocked, by how difficult this game was. I had heard so many great things from the community - and having played it, I get the love - but holy crap did it kick my ass and beat me into learning it's rhythmic patterns. It's adorable but man, I had just platinumed Furi and this was the game that annihilated me. If you wanna play something niche and unique try it out but if you're rhythmically challenged prepare to have to plug headphones into your PS4 controller to get the timings down properly.
  14. I say revisit Persona 5! You popped 36 of the 48 trophies - and while yea it's a gigantic game for a 2nd playthrough, you can speed through text and easily summon OP personas and stomp through the game getting to the necessary bits. There's an amazing extensive guide on here that'll take you step-by-step - plus you last really played in April 2017 so I'd say coming up off a 3 year hiatus why not dive back in and max out all the confidants you didn't your 1st go-around?
  15. Honestly? Overwatch: Origins Edition. Fun game but you haven't popped a trophy since August 2017 - plat isn't so bad but the 100% DLC is brutal.