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  1. Game: The Sexy Brutale Analysis: Picked this up when it was on sale for $7.99 in mid-February 2019. It's been available for a little bit cheaper before that, but I thought it was fair price given the fact it's a neat little puzzle game and I had heard some good things about it. It took me just under 2 days to complete, and overall it was just an alright experience. Nothing phenomenal mechanically tho some cool concepts. You control time and have to go back and forth to save different patrons of your casino who are guests. As it turns out, you were the one who set the fire all along in an attempt to claim insurance money but it all went wrong. I quite enjoyed this video analyzing the game by Chris Davis. Nonetheless, it gets an extra 0.5 thanks to it's freaking awesome theme. It has a pretty poor platinum rate at 50.48% overall so half of total users get it fairly easily but that's alright. Panda Score: 6.5/10
  2. Game: Transistor Analysis: I have never been so glad to jump on a game when it was on sale. Transistor has been out on PS4 for ages, but I finally scooped it up for $5 back in a mid-December 2018 sale. I knew all about Bastion from SuperGiant Games though I have never played it myself but I figured I'd jump in on Transistor. I finally started playing it on January 8th, but for whatever reason I just didn't click with the game yet. I tried again around a week later, and did a little bit more killing Sybil, and finally more a week later since I kept getting interrupted since I was focusing on playing and balancing Spider-Man and then the new Kingdom Hearts 3 release came out. Finally - in mid-February on the 15th around a month later I started playing it again. That's when I fell in love with this game. It finally clicked the various functions and how they were meant to be combined together, and I really started to dig the combat now that I understood Turn() and also my Breach() backstab move was sensational. Red is just lovely, and The Boxer really carries the game narratively talking things out for you. I basked in this video from Games as Literature. It's well known with SGG the art/soundtracks are gonna be delightful, but I'm STILL out here listening to In Circles. This game really is a genuine masterpiece. Thankfully, none of the trophies proved to be too much of a pain either! After going hard for 4 days in February, I got my nifty 10.33% platinum rarity and even enjoyed my New Game+ playthrough that wasn't a chore once I figured out the best set-up utilizing Void(). I recommend this game to anybody, even if it doesn't look your style. It's just that delightful. Panda Score: 8.75/10
  3. Trophy #2,500 - Herald of the Scribes Pyre Platinum #45
  4. Game: Kingdom Hearts 3 Analysis: The most hyped new non-sports game that I've ever gotten on Playstation 4. It finally came. No more delays. No more murmurs. KH3 was here. Did it live up to the hype? That depends upon your expectations. If you expected KH3 to shatter the mold of Kingdom Hearts games, take it to a next level from a storytelling perspective, and just in general be the most grandiose experience given how long we've been waiting for out well over 10 years.... nah. But it is more Kingdom Hearts, and that's still enjoyable! The cringey and at times painful voice acting and scripts is still badly precedent. I played on Proud Mode on my first playthrough since I wanted to have a challenge, but due to all the events and quick time rides you get I only died a handful of times after getting to the Toy Story world. Only died once to Xehanort as the final boss. It's good to have played Kingdom Hearts yet again given I hadn't played KH1 or KH2 since my Playstation 2 days, and it's nice to have it on a modern console, but it's not re-inventing the wheel. Some of the worlds fall flat in terms of their dialogue like no Danny DeVito for Hercules, etc... but I still played the crap out of it and it took me only 1 week and 1 day post late night 1st day release to beat the game in it's totality. Synthesist was a bit of work, the Excellent cuisines, Game Records, and Thermosphere took some work but nothing too debilitating for a 25.37% rarity platinum. I enjoyed my time with it, and let's hope we get a far faster response for our next mainline Kingdom Hearts game! Panda Score: 7.5/10
  5. Kingdom Hearts. I played and went through KH3 but I haven't touched the original KH since it was on PS2... to get the plat especially given how grindy it is relative to the more modern games is extremely impressive.
  6. I have another recommendation - Guacamelee! 2 (4,894 Owners) I had heard some good things about it on here and got it while it was on sale, but holy crap do you want to talk about a charming as all hell Metroid Vania with wonderful Mexican flair being the theme upon which it is built. It has some great meta humor for those who enjoy that, and the combat/platforming is just plain fun. It really does deserve a lot more fun and while the game can kick your ass at times, it is easily an achievable platinum standing in at 33.55% completion.
  7. I don't really have a story to tell. Some platinums I've gotten have been tricky (where once I accomplished them I legit jumped out of my chair and fist-pumped) but nothing I've ever spent days on end attempting. I DO have a trophy like this though. MLB The Show: 16 - (Legendary) - Reach Legend difficulty in Challenge of the Week. Basically, you have to consistently get a consecutive number of hits in a row (12 being the total for this trophy). What made the trophy so tricky is if you struckout, your counter reset to rookie difficulty nullifying your progress. I remember going in for 3 weeks trying to get it and being unable to, and then finally with Yoenis Cespedes vs Adam Wainwright I got it on a Monday on my 1st attempt. 3.21% ultra rare gold trophy. Too bad the platinum is impossible for me since there's one with 0.19% rarity where you have to win 20 of 21 online MLB games. That is not an exaggeration.
  8. Completing the game on Ultra Hard difficulty is at 25.84%. It is a relatively simple game to get into so I imagine it'd still be in the 30-40% range, but the game isn't so over-whelmingly easy I doubt you'll make it through without dying at least a few times. It is still a good bit easier than GOW or HZD IMO.
  9. Game: The Crew 2 Analysis: I distinctly remember seeing this sale pop-up at Gamestop for $15 and jumping on it back in mid-late January 2019. I wanted another racing game following my experience with Need for Speed a few months back, and a more modern take with the intriguing open United States really interested me. Overall, I feel like I got my moneys worth. It's a live service so the game won't always be available, but it was fun messing around with the different vehicle options though for the most part they were mostly gimmicks. My greatest dislike with the gameplay was easily the piss poor physics. Your car weighs like a cinderblock and crashing isn't an fun whatsoever, which I feel like it should be in a racing game. Regardless, it was fun flying around places like Miami, Los Angeles, the ski slopes, and a lot of the transition phases between different vehicles made for a different experience. Once I wrapped up The Grand Finale, the only real grindy event was the photo ops and finally doing the Coast to Coast trophy but as a send-off it was pretty fun. A very nifty 20.31% platinum rate leaves me satisfied and at a similar price, I recommend The Crew 2 to anybody looking for a racing fix. Panda Score: 7/10
  10. The Witness - 13.18% platinum rarity. The Challenge kicked my ass so hard I took a break for over a year and came back to it and got it on like the 3rd attempt. Unravel - 16.59% platinum rarity. My 1st platinum and what got me into trophy hunting. Those no-death runs were brutal to start off for me. Absolute Drift: Zen Edition - 19.92% platinum rarity. Those midnight challenges were insanely difficult but VERY satisfying when accomplished.
  11. Furi!, and doing it in just under 10 hours is a ridiculously impressive too! S ranks on Furier difficulty is next level.
  12. As someone who has never touched a game like Diablo or really anything in this genre... is this a decent game to jump in on? I've seen the ridiculous skill tree so I imagine following a guide is highly recommended but could a noob have a good time with this without background info?
  13. Game: Grim Fandango Remastered Analysis: Got this game when it was on sale for $3.74 in December 2018 cuz why not, even though it's been cheaper and even free in the past. I'll be honest, it's kind of hard for me to remember my experience with this game. I finally got around to playing it in mid-January, and since I'm Hispanic I enjoy the Spanish flair, Manny Calavera, Lupita, Glottis is annoying as all hell, I think the bit that cracked me up the hardest was Clara with the metal detector. Celso was cool and some of the enemies were compelling, but the game really does show it's age in a lot of ways even though it only took me a little over a day to complete. In terms of trophies, nothing too tricky other than the annoying tank controls. It's alright, and earns an extra .25 points simply because of the fact I enjoy the accents and it has a nice platinum rarity at 22.8%. Panda Score: 6.25/10
  14. The developers are awesome for this. Even though I already wrapped up the platinum, I may just dive back in because this is honestly a fantastic little game.
  15. Almost always. I have 0 idea why but you and I have the exact same issue. Once I get the ball rolling on a game, it's great, I'm trophy hunting, getting through the meat of the content, and having a good time. But starting up? It's stupid how long it takes me. I'll give an example. I started dabbling in Transistor as early as January and was on and off... got like 1/4 of the way through, and then put it down for a month. Came back to it a month later and fell in love with it and thus far it's my favorite game I've played in 2019 and one of my favorites ever. Why the hell did it take me so long to enjoy it? After finishing off a game, it takes me 3-4 days to get going again. I'll go to my hub game which is Rocket League, and then stop playing shortly thereafter. Same thing is happening to me with Guacamelee 2 which took me a week to start, played it for an hour yesterday, and am now starting to get into the groove with it.