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  1. noticed Cassy has started playing Slay the Spire I can't WAIT for this review. I really hope you love the game as much as I did. It consumed me for 3 straight weeks in March at start of quarantine and such. That trip to Ascension 20 is going to be one hell of a ride but I have complete faith you'll conquer it.
  2. Ayyy I actually discovered that I did in fact have multiple! Gladiator Batman: Arkham City 2nd Apr 2020, 2:00:00PM White Knight Heavy Rain 2nd Dec 2019, 4:00:00PM Sixpence None the Wiser The Sexy Brutale 26th Feb 2019, 9:00:00PM
  3. Of all your games, I'd say Grand Theft Auto V on PS3, and even PS4 may not even be worth bothering with given how time consuming they are. Along with the difficult DLC trophies - it just seems like it'd be a gigantic pain more than a fun challenge.
  4. Staying alive for 30 minutes... I've done it twitch, well over 30 minutes while normally playing and it hasn't popped. Anyone know if it's glitched?
  5. Game: Beholder 2 Analysis: Boy am I hyped for this one! I bought Beholder 2 for $5.99 back in late August 2020 after having platinumed and reviewed the original in early August. Spoiler-Free Review: I love these games. I don't "love, love" them like I do say a Dead Cells, Persona 5, or Stardew Valley. To be quite frank, the moment to moment gameplay isn't interesting enough to grab and capture me in that way. But if you are someone, who loves game "atmospheres", game worlds, game "vibes", or just are looking for something different and don't mind some dark satire in a Cold War-esque environment - YOU NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME. I think it's better than the original, and does a magnificent job of expanding upon everything. I think it's sometimes telling when a game developer chooses to make a sequel, simply because their 1st game was unusually successful and a sequel virtually guarantees avoiding a flop - as opposed to starting a brand new IP. Whereas when a game developer chooses a sequel, because they genuinely want to expand on what they made in the 1st game. Beholder 2 is an example in the later - they planted seeds in the original of what they wanted to do when they first released and published it in 2016, and a few years later, in late 2018, they released this behemoth with so much more expanded upon it. Something else that I think contributes to my enjoyment is the fact that these games are so barely talked about. I'll be perfectly honest, I had never heard even one peep about them other than seeing Beholder: Complete Edition on sale on PSPrices. I bought it, was shocked by how much I enjoyed it, and went back for more when the sequel went on sale. Videos about this game on YouTube do well since they're fantastic for quick jokes and there's many unique things you can do to create funny moments. This 2nd game doesn't even have 200 owners on PSNProfiles, if anything, just check this game out and give it a whirl when it's ons ale for $5 - you may be surprised by how much you enjoy it. (SPOILERS BELOW I HAVE A LOT I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT REGARDING THIS GAME) You play as Evan Redgrave. Your father was a powerful man in the ministry, and he's just fallen out of the window several stories to his death out of the very same government building you will now be working at, trying to climb the ranks of. Your typical menial daily labor on each level is a bit of a bore - but I think even the wonderful developers at Warm Lamp Games know that. At Level 1, you process peoples requests/complaints/denunciations/information dumps and have to catalogue them correctly. On Level 12, you take those processed forms and decide what must be done, rejecting them, fining people, arresting them, or sending them to a firing squad. Finally, on Level 25, you take part in processing clones that are being created by the government and giving them specific personality traits for each job that there is a need for. You have to do 100 of these on each level in order to gain a silver trophy for each one, so that adds to the "grind", but consider it your "zone-out" time where you can pop on a YouTube video and do the task as painlessly as possible. The game knows that these tasks themselves aren't super engaging, there's no clock like in Papers, Please to make you move quickly or give a sense of urgency. You just clock in and do it as an "easy" if boring way to gain money/authority. Of course, this isn't the only way you can increase your sphere of influence. In order to move up the ranks, you need to eliminate your co-workers by either... finding untoward behavior in their lives, or mercifully helping them in their personal lives and getting them the hell out of working in the Ministry. What does this imply? Take a look below. Your Co-Workers in Beholder 2 * Marco Legrand - A rich boy with a rich daddy, he's a complete d-bag, but if you play your cards right you can get him decapitated. * Emma Hazer - The flirt of the office, single mom with 2 kids. You can get her to give up her kids, have sex with her, get an STD, and make her drug dependent till death. * Peter Dong - The dweeb of the office who likes Emma, hates Marco, if you prank him enough you can drive him to shooting up the workplace. I'm not kidding. * John Smith - You'll end up discovering he's in Witness Protection Program since he sold out the mafia. His real names Fat Tony. You can give him a new lease on life. * Gloria Melfi - Her son died in a car accident ages ago, and her poor soul thinks you're her old son at times... that's a vulnerability if I've ever seen one! * Hank Wright - He's an alcoholic who's been depressed since his brother has gone missing mysteriously... (he's been tortured in a dungeon by your boss!) * Stephen Dawking - A genius chubby man who wants to honestly do the good thing... that sounds like trying to under-mine our glorious Wise Leader if anything * Horatio Newport - A standoffish jerk who doesn't engage you since he thinks you're below him intellectually. May be far, he can actually time travel. * Marie Curie - You can't understand her at first, but later you discover she's being abused by her security officer and you need to rescue her (or.... not) Did that capture your attention? Because the way you get in good with these co-workers is pretty humorous. Sneaking into their work areas when they're not in and hacking their computers / searching their desks. You can watch their favorite TV shows and discuss them to become friends with them. It's quite good fun. How about the bosses on each floor? Your Bosses in Beholder 2 * Pete Ferguson - A debaucherous jerk who the one and only thing he will ever care about is money. He's generally a repugnant individual - but the way you can dirt on him is by capturing video of him being unwieldily at one of his infamous work office party / orgies. How wild? You set people on fire, women are censored blurs in cages, there was a lady getting two-timed in the background in one of the sections, and it's ultimately how you can get him eliminated from his position. * Albert DeSalvo - A calm man at first.... and then you discover that he has a torture fetish. He just gets a huge kick out of using torture devices from across the decades of history to play with his prey. How so? Well - he was torturing one of your co-workers brothers. He also literally killed children in the heart of the Wise Leader, showing violence and death specifically against children is prohibited so the game censored it - but it was there. At the end of the level, you are given the choice between saving 20+ adults in a room or 1 small girl. If you save one, the other dies. If you save the girl, the room with 20+ people has them all burned alive. If you save the 20+ adults, the small girl is escorted away by a government official, the door closes, and you hear her shrieking. Easily the most horrendous of the bunch, at least in my mind - he has a frigging paper shredder for people on his floor if they don't hit their quotas! * Isaac Weinberg - A scientist who's making himself to be god to the clones he is creating. The clone subject? Carl Stein! Yes - this is such a cool callback to the original and I absolutely loved it. After your time as an apartment manager at Khrusvice 6, your body was used to create all these clones and your job as Evan by Isaac is to find your weakness. You investigate how the lives of your kids (Patrick and Martha) as well as your wife (Anna) ended. They all ended up dying. Isaac's a bad evil genius dude who ultimately has the whole universe becomes mindlessly drones to create clones, but at least he had a plan when creating his vision! So yeah... that's really what I wanted to cover regarding this game. The way it's story unfolds and becomes gradually more and more "out-there" is a ton of fun. One of the best moments in the entire game for me was a subtle one. After a day at work, I returned home to my apartment, and my landlord was snooping through my things. This is exactly what you did in the original Beholder, but now you were on the other side. It's such a gorgeous small detail but it absolutely makes you understand the "violated" feeling you'd get when something was just snooping through your things. The fact it only happened once also contributed to it's uniqueness. I enjoyed Beholder 2. I say that even as it didn't hit me at the best time (I had disinterest playing games the past week due to tiredness, lots of sports going on with Miami Heat in ECF vs Boston, Marlins playoff push (24-21), and Dolphins season starting up). It's endings are wide and vast - depending on how many Heimdall codes you were able to find from your father. The ultimate goal being giving people free will to do what they please and make their own choices, without an authoritarian government constantly telling them what to do and how to feel. I think that's a nice message. Ultimately, I think what makes me really enjoy this series is it's just so different from everything else out there. It's not a platformer, it's not a puzzler, it doesn't have waifus or turn based combat... it's putting you in a dark world and asking you to make the most of it and understand what the hell is going on. I think that's just fantastic. Whatever Warm Lamp Games makes next, I will be right there with them to support it! Panda Score: 7.4 / 10
  6. I have to give love to a franchise that I discovered thanks to a sale and see barely any discussion about otherwise. Beholder: Complete Edition (1,640 owners) Beholder 2 (193 owners) I am stunned by how much of a completely different "vibe" these games offered from the norm of what you see on PS4. Imagine living in a dystopian cold-war society where you are being used as a tool by the government. The 1st game you play as an apartment manager who has to spy on your residents and carry our certain tasks. In the 2nd, you work directly within the ministry as a cog in the beast of the machine that is this albatross government. I think the 2nd game expanded wonderfully on the overall lore and narrative and that would be my recommendation if you could only play one of these games. My one warning would be: the gameplay in either game isn't great. You're here for game atmosphere, story, and general "vibe" above all else. 100% check them out if they even mildly intrigue you as they can each be picked up on sales for around $5.
  7. As of September 15th, 2020. Played: 142 Completed: 124 Side note: Only 4 of the games that aren't are non-sports games. (The Last Guardian, Kingdom Hearts III, Island Saver, Cities: Skylines)
  8. Batman: Arkham Asylum. You haven't played the game in over 2 1/2 years. Play the game on Hard, get a 100%, and take care of all those combat challenges that are quite by far the easiest in the franchise.
  9. Beholder 2 Platinum #105 (24.35% rarity) Quite possibly one of the most under-rated franchises I've played on PS4. If you dig the vibe of Papers, Please - consider checking this game out.
  10. Stardew Valley - Fector's Challenge Unravel Two - Hideaway Gold Medal The Stardew Valley one especially. I don't consider myself to be a great player at any game really, at most I'm generally competent and can get the job done for most tasks if I dedicate enough time. The thing with Stardew's mini game is it's a complete 180 from the peaceful tranquil life in Pelican Town that now becomes a bullet hell survival where even if you only die once through this difficult game mode, the trophy becomes null. But I just kept practicing at it, and eventually I became good enough to achieve it. Unravel Two for me is impressive given the fact it requires a mix of determination, skill, and patience given there's around an agonizing 40-second wait time every time you try and re-do the speedrun. It's famous on here in the forums for being infuriating. But after oh so many attempts, I managed to do it.
  11. I am currently on my 3rd playthrough of Pyre. True Nightwings edition. I just adore the game and it's presentation, and I commentate the matches as though it's an NBA matchup with all the stakes on the line. Tons of fun to anybody who wants a game with gorgeous aesthetics, wonderful music, and unique gameplay.
  12. Game: 88 Heroes Analysis: I bought 88 Heroes for $2.99 in late August 2020. So this is a game that I've actually had my eye on for awhile to go on sale. The reason being I really liked YouTuber Cornshaq's review on it. It just looked like a different sorta game that you could pick up for cheap and enjoy, and I've gotta say, for 3 bucks it's a pretty damn solid deal. It's a platformer that is obsessed with the number 88. There are 88 heroes (if you get hit by anything, an enemy, a laser, or falling into a pit, you die and that character is gone for good unless you earn enough coins through the levels to revive them). The heroes are pretty cool in terms of how distinct they are. A number of them deal damage, many don't, some are small and floaty, others are big and a slog to move around, there are some cool unique ones like Miss Fortune where you have a random 50% chance to either die or go straight to the end of the level, Mighty Mite who's hitbox is virtually 0 as you're basically a mosquito, and Bat-Box which makes the game move at 1 frame each time you move 1 box. A decent number of them completely suck (I'm talking about you An Delay Man who lags when you run). It's a cute novelty for a game, and your goal is to progress through all 88 levels, with their being 4 zones, 21 levels for each zone, and a boss at the end of each one. The boss tends to be a complete push over since they have to be beatable with any hero so the patterns are 1-note and repetitive but that's alright, the normal levels themselves are hard enough. Lemme say - this game is just a cool concept. The developers are Bitmap Bureau, and considering this is a 2-man crew out of the United Kingdom, they did a good job with this making a decent fun trolly(in a good way) platformer good for a few laughs. In terms of trophies, a lot of the easier ones will pop right away within your first hour of playing. For me, the biggest "grind" was beating the game with at least 16 heroes level in the 88 mode. I'll admit, I used the cloud save loophole since man I don't know how you could pull that off without doing so, at least not without practicing it multiple times due to the fact there simply is a large amount of wack heroes that are useless for later levels. It added to the tedium, but the levels are so quick that if you can into a rhythm you can blaze through it. Once you do that, use Miss Fortune to quickly fly through Magnificent 8 and Solo Mode (she really is the MVP of this game), and then to grind the 888 enemies destroyed, choose Digi-Punch and get to Level 28, destroy all the piranha plants, and finally in order to achieve the 888 deaths use Deiter Nate and click the square button infinitely. Within a reasonable amount of time, you'll have achieved your 9.10% rarity platinum, and I managed mine in 4 days and 6 hours. Honestly - one of the biggest compliments I also want to give this game is it has really fast menus which is a greta bonus (Cel Damage HD had fast ones too!), and you don't really notice it until you play a game like Children of Morta that's so unusually slow in that department. All in all, if you like platformers, get this game when it's on sale! The sub < 10% platinum is also a nice enticing bonus. Panda Score: 6.5 / 10
  13. Cosmic Star Heroine! Super fun retro game that gives me Chrono Trigger vibes. Really loved my time with it - just be wary of trophies glitching and not popping so make frequent backup saves before you go for any specific events.
  14. I'm just basing this off the games after looking at your profile. I notice you played the Spyro series - and as someone who also played the trilogy, that is one of those games that can get a bit annoying making sure you're always collecting all the gems even if it's an easy platinum. My recommendation to you would be what I do - I always accept that some games are going to require more diligence towards a platinum than others. The key is if I'm feeling burnt out towards specifically being efficient - I'll play a game that has 0 missables and that I can just enjoy at my own pace. After playing through that game, I always feel that itch to get back on the platinum chasing horse, and typically enjoy it. You have the PERFECT game for this in my mind, Batman: Arkham Knight. I love it to bits, it has 0 missables, and you can play the game normally and anything you miss you can comeback to later. You also just seem to enjoy the Arkham series in general given you've gotten a good number of the trophies in Asylum/City. That would be my tip, play something that you know you can play without worrying about trophies - and eventually you're gonna wanna come back to trophy hunting "seriously" with future games.
  15. Game: Cel Damage HD Analysis: What a surprisingly delightful little game! I bought Cel Damage HD for $2.99 back in late June 2020. The only thing I knew about this game going in is that it was a childhood favorite of many who played it originally on the Playstation 2, Xbox, or Gamecube. The original release was all the way back in 2001! It was a niche title and ultimately didn't sale very well, as the studio closed before they were able to release a sequel but I thought it was pretty neat it was available now for consumers on modern platforms. All I needed to pull the trigger was knowing it was cheap, short, and had a fairly decent 100% completion rate. Playing it initially on Smack Attack mode was pretty alright, but I thought all you could do was spam your normal attack(I played as Violet so just spamming soccer balls essentially) with the occasional power-up item. Thankfully looking at the trophies I discovered you can actually launch your car in extreme directions at a whim with the right analog stick. That's where the fun in this game is found. Moving ridiculously quickly springing yourself forwards and to the sides to pick up momentum. This is best expressed in the other two modes, Flag Relay and Gate Relay. The game is just satisfying and intuitive to try and get the right angles to finish the objective as quickly as possible. The matches only lasts around 2-4 minutes on the lowest objective (300 attack score, 10 flags, or 8 laps). It's a wonderful palette cleanser and simple mindless fun that has enough engagement to it that never makes it feel like a slog. I was very happy with myself when I managed to complete it in just 2 hours and 33 minutes to achieve the 17.19% 100% completion rate. Having played it I absolutely understand why this is a fan favorite for many who played it in their childhood - likely with siblings adding to the chaos. Solid recommendation from me if you can grab it on sale and want a decent 100% to add to your catalogue. Panda Score: 6.6 / 10