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  1. Game: Defense Grid 2 Analysis: Defense Grid 2 was a game I had on my radar in the past. I'm someone who enjoys tower defense games for their simplicity and it's more of a chill and laidback experience. The thing that held me back was the art style and quite frankly ugly design of the aliens. It wasn't the happy-go-lucky monkey balloon defense that I played on my browser ages ago. Nonetheless, for $2.24 in mid-March of 2019 I decided to get it. After playing some DLCs of Spider-Man and getting the plat in Guacamelee 2!, I ventured on in early April to DG2. I gotta say, I was impressed there was legitimate voice acting with a somewhat coherent narrative. I really didn't expect that. It's your typical tower defense game and I got a crapton of trophies the first 2 days playing. Then to set up the 2.5k trophy plat for Pyre, I resumed playing on April 12th and eventually got the platinum on April 17th, in total needing just over a week with an intentional break in between. It's a very straight forward and easy plat tho it's at a 26.25% rarity. The only reason it's that low is because of the time-consuming grind of getting 100 gold medals but it wasn't so bad in the end with the tutorial missions and all. It's not an exhilarating time, but a great podcast game and something to have on to mildly stimulate you. Panda Score: 7 / 10
  2. Platinum #50 Dead Cells
  3. Game: Pyre Analysis: Let's do a little bit of backstory before I jump into this. Even though I played and completed Pyre in April 2019, I actually bought it on sale for $7.99 back in mid-December 2018. I hadn't gotten around to playing, but then after playing Transistor and falling in love with it in February I knew I was going to set-up Pyre to be a big gaming affair. I scheduled it perfectly so in the case that I got the platinum - it would be my 2,500 trophy earned. The same way Transistor was my 40th platinum. Regardless, may as well come out and say it that Pyre is my favorite game of 2019 and one of my favorite video games of All-Time. Where do I begin? Let's start with the story premise. You play as someone able to read (a scribe) in times where reading has been outlawed in the Commonwealth. You are kicked out to the downside, and you are recruited by a group known as the Nightwings to try and win your freedom through the rites to get back into the Commonwealth with newfound prosperity. Fairly intriguing, no? You take down other clans in this process and so forth. You'll meet interesting characters along the way, and hopefully you grow to love them. I know I did. Hedwyn, Jodariel, Rukey, Fae, Ti'Zo, Tamitha, Bertrude, Volfred, and so forth. The gameplay is an utter delight when I saw it described as "fantasy basketball" where you have to score baskets into the other teams goal while only controlling one player at a time. The magnificent art style, intriguing dialogue, wonderful story, and constant intrigue of "what's gonna happen next?" had me clinging to it so much that I managed to achieve the 19.23% rarity platinum in just 1 day and 4 hours. That's even with the fact I had to start up a 2nd playthrough since Jodariel was the first one I released and I couldn't get the trophy with her and Tamitha. I didn't even mind though since I enjoyed this game that much. I honestly want to go back through and play it again, this time on a "True Nightwings" playthrough where I can't restart. It's a truly delightful game and I recommend it to anybody who hasn't been able to get their hands on it. As for me, all I know is I've got to play Bastion now and complete the trifecta of Supergiant masterpieces! Panda Score: 9 / 10
  4. Game: Marvel's Spider-Man Analysis: I am not someone who typically owns the most popular PS4 games. From this batch, I only own the FIFA's, Rocket League (free), Ratchet & Clank (free), as well as Horizon Zero Dawn which I had a fantastic time with. I don't intentionally go out of my way to avoid the popular games, the interests just tend to not overlap. That being said, I can proudly say that Spider-Man is a good time. It's not going to win any game of the year awards, but it's a good time swinging about New York, kicking butt in those gang/affiliate hideouts and just mucking about with the combat system. The stealth sections with MJ and Miles drag a little bit but on the whole they're not too excruciating. I also have an unpopular opinion being I didn't mind the Peter Parker puzzle sections! They weren't difficult, but something different and for whatever reason I enjoyed them! The platinum rate on this game is insanely easy at 50.89% but I did get all the DLC later down the line when it was on sale and the 100% stands in at 5.25% which is pretty solid. The game even on Ultimate difficulty is fairly straightforward once you know what you're doing but I won't lie I did die a surprising amount of my first place through on normal difficulty. Overall, it's a good polished title. Solid stuff! Panda Score: 7.75 / 10
  5. Just started playing... I am 18 runs in and am getting my ass destroyed in the Ossuary. I had 1 fantastic run where I made it to the Hand of the King but died when he was at halfway health. I can't imagine how much more difficult the game becomes with the boss cells. May be one of those games where I'm just not good enough but I'll keep plucking away at it since it really is incredibly fun.
  6. I had never played the original - played through it now and what a delight. I had heard very good things but it's surprising how much charm it has along with being very whimsical. Combat is fun, dialogue is engaging and Issun fits the perfect mold of what a companion should be (humorous without being ridiculously annoying). Rao was my waifu but yanno :/ Very fun game and recommend it to anybody who wants a trip down memory lane since I had forgotten what a PS2 gem played like.
  7. Game: Celeste Analysis: A game that for many people won Game of the Year in 2018 - Celeste. I managed to pick it up when it went on sale back in mid-February for a mere $11.99, and I have to say I really get why it's so beloved. In order for a platformer to stand out nowadays it really does have to be special, and Celeste wonderfully executes this with delightful aesthetics and engaging but hard as hell gameplay. Let's get one thing out of the way - I only played the first level without Assist Mode turned on. Yeah it's cheap and yeah this platinum would probably be as rare as Super Meat Boy without it but shoot me - I died 104 times ON THE FIRST LEVEL and besides on the B-sides and C-sides, I would still be playing this game 2 months later without turning it on. But that's neither here nor there. I enjoyed the hotel, Mr. Oshiro, the original 2D Celeste that doesn't have Celeste mode that I managed to complete - and eventually I was redeemed as Madeline - thought Theo was quite humorous - and overall had a very good time given it only took me 3 days to achieve the 28.03% platinum. It's not going to rank as high here amongst some of the other games I've played here but that's cuz platformers aren't my favorite, and I still enjoyed the experience I had here regardless. Panda Score: 7.5 / 10
  8. Minecraft - the greatest selling video game of All-Time!
  9. My conclusion from reading this thread: Damn y'all really hate Everybody's Gone to the Rapture lol
  10. Lemme go quite obscure... Absolute Drift: Zen Edition (6,299 Owners) - A delightful challenging game that's all about drifting. It's not an open world with a million side quests or with an engaging story, it's just fun gameplay that you get a little bit better at after each attempt that is immensely satisfying once you perfect some of the most difficult challenges. Just give it a shot since I got it on sale for $4.80 one time. Cosmic Star Heroine (4,139 Owners) - I had never played a turn-based RPG before this one. I enjoyed it greatly. Think of a retro style throwback Chrono Trigger-style shrunk into an easily digestible timespan of 15-20 hours. The battles are a ton of fun once you pick a difficulty suited for you, you'll love Alyssa, and it's just a good time for a game that I picked up on sale for $4.49 back in December 2018. Wizard of Legend (1,901 Owners) - If you enjoy roguelites, play this. I'm not sure how it compares to the difficulty of a game like Enter the Gungeon or Binding of Isaac but after dying 50 or so times on the first few levels, I eventually became a master beating the final boss on 5 different occasions. It takes awhile to learn but the gameplay is fast-twitched which leads to really high adrenaline moments an unbelievable amount of fun. Can't say enough good things about it, picked it up for $11.19 in March when it was on sale, I highly recommend it. Pyre (8,695 Owners) - My GOTY for 2019 that I've played thus far. Yes, I know it's a Supergiant game so it's not THAT underrated but it's a 9/10 for me and my favorite game I've played on the Playstation 4. Maybe that's extreme to some people, I thoroughly enjoyed Spider-Man, HZD, GR, etc... but there's just something special about Pyre. Think 3 v 3 sports game(like basketball but as someone who enjoys sports it's not exactly that) - with a high fantasy setting, lovely engaging story where you wondering where it'll go next, a cast and crew you can interact with and grow to love, and just gorgeous aesthetics with wonderful music. Pyre does it all - I got it for the stupidly low price of $7.99 - PLAY THIS. Guacamelee! 2 - (5,240 Owners) - It's a metroidvania oozing charisma with Mexican flair. You play as a luchador who has to save the world who can convert into a chicken at times. Need I say more? Tough challenging platforming / fighting mechanics but never unfair and feels wonderful once you get your moveset. I bought it for $11.99, it's well worth it at that price and you'll come away hopefully being as charmed as I was.
  11. Game: Wizard of Legend Analysis: Do you want to talk about an unbelievably delightful roguelite. I bought this on sale in mid/late March 2019 for a mere $11.19 and man did I have a ton of fun pouring hours into this game. It's not a cake walk by any means. I got my ass handed to me probably a solid 50 times before even getting beyond the first boss level or two, and even then I was barely scraping by against the Fire Queen Zeal, Ice Queen Freya, and Earth Bro Atlas. After playing the game for a little bit the first few days, I got hooked on a Wednesday and managed to get through a council fight without dying. This video really helped me figure out a build I was able to dominate the rest of the way with. I enjoyed watching a bunch of reviews on the game and a YouTuber known as Wanderbots has some good vids overall on this game. Bolt Rail + Volt Pinball + Cardice Prime 4 life. Anyways, I finally beat the game on a Thursday and tookdown Master Sura thanks to a 2nd life boost. I unlocked the remaining relics, got the speedrun(in like 14 minutes), beat Sura 3 times, and got the 4 cursed relics to eventually get the wonderful 13.51% platinum rarity! Since then there has been an update to the game that's added even more content. There wasn't any trophy specifically difficult other than cursed relic taking a few tries to go for but honestly once you learn the core mechanics and get your reflexes up, it's just a blast of a game to enjoy - highly recommend it! Panda Score: 8.25/10
  12. You're a legend for this, thank you!
  13. Easy way to check this is go to your profile, trophy log, and sort by type (platinum) and order (rarity). OR just click this and use the URL and change my name to yours. For myself: 44 of 47 platinums have under 50% platinum rate. Roughly 94% in all ain't too shabby. 3 "Easiest" Platinums for me: * Burly Men at Sea (67.87%) * Spider-Man (51.01%) * Sexy Brutale (50.55%) pls don't turn this post into fighting about easy plats tho
  14. I'll go first. Fector's Challenge Stardew Valley I'd probably go up to whoevers doing this and say hah you may as well kill me now because you could give me 240 hours and I'm not getting it. For those who don't know, Fector's Challenge has a 0.92% completion rate on PSN Profiles and requires you to beat a bullet hell mini-game in Stardew Valley, with the caveat for this trophy being you cannot die a single time. Beating it on it's own isn't good enough, that just gets you a bronze trophy. This trophy isn't even really relevant to the main gameplay in Stardew and yet it'll be the bane for many (including myself) from getting the platinum. You need the perfect mix of skill, RNG, getting the right upgrades, knowing the layouts, etc... respect to those who've attained this feat cuz I know I for one will never be able to do it.
  15. My only fix here would be that it doesn't need to be a hardline at 50% - trophies mean something or they don't. Make it over 70%. Think about it, all the games like Mayo, Fragments, etc... are in the 98th percentile. At 50%, you're cutting off a game like Spider-Man from getting it's just due. By putting the bar just a bit higher, you make it so all those crap games disappear valuewise. The odd game here and there will lose some points at over 70% value (but let's be honest even Burly Men at Sea which is as easy and short as a cupcake is at 68%). There's a better system out there, they just prolly won't adopt it.