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  1. Nice job. Good Luck with Cortex as those two are by far some of my least favourites for TT. Like i've said nitro and toxic once you get the flow down you should be set.
  2. Toxic Tunnels aside from getting screwed by desync, i felt flowed pretty well and is more a test of skipping cycles and i never felt like the time was tight. Rock Blocked definitely took me way longer than most of the the other time trials to do. If i remember correctly rock blockled took me like 4ish hrs to do while most of the others only took and hour or two at most.
  3. As far as i know it involves jumping and at the same time activating the spin but im not to sure about it
  4. A tip for cortex castle time trial is don't get a third mask going into the final gauntlet as when you hop on the tnt crates with purple spin before the time mask you would only have a split second to line it up the next jump to the time mask before the nitro bounces and if you don't have your second jump you may not be in the right position to land on the nitros. A tip for Toxic Tunnels NSPR is for the stupid slid under electricity in the gem gauntlet at the start i found that you can just crawl under it until Crash's hands are off the platform and the front tips of his shoes almost are about to be off it then stand up and slide off it as i did not like the slide and then hug the wall to fall on it. For the Bear levels NSPR you guys can do it. I did bears repeating like my 3rd try but then building bridges i was stuck for like 50 attempts after my 3rd attempt because i missed only an easy af crate. The riding levels are mainly just a war of attrition that you will get eventually after building up enough muscle memory. I found that for most Time Trials after having to restart over and over i would have the first part of the level almost frame perfect so that i could slow down on some of the more challenging parts later in the levels. For the people wanting more speed with triple spin it seems that sometimes when you are on the downward arch of your jump, spinning with triple spin will cause you to get a burst of speed but i never really tested this it would just kinda happen. From what i saw with the slide spin is that it can make you go faster but it was finicky so what i would do is slide spin once or twice then finish the triple spin as it would count in the 3 times progression of it. For Nitro Processing and Toxic tunnels, aside from the glitches i mentioned previously, their times may be strict but they are fun af once the gears start to click on them they felt fluid to speedrun. A tip for The crate escape crash part is when you are at the peaks of your jumps turn backwards to slow down the crates so that you may land safer and i found that spinning but not necessarily triple spin helps you get through it faster as at this point if your time is good you don't want to do the whole part so get as many time crates as you can and rush through the part by spinning as you can skip like half of it and land on the ship. A tip for Rock Blocked NSPR for the final dino chase the only crate you yourself actually have to hit is one of the last two over the triple blocks in lava so focus on speeding through to that part as you don't wanna get caught by the dino at that part taking you time. For the SNAXX NSPR i had to pretty much do them all in the nverted dimension though be carful with the end of crate escape and rush hour as the jumping on the crates and cars can trip you out a bit until your used to it. Surprisingly i struggled a lot more on some of the easier time trials in terms of the plat times but on the harder stages those were the one i was almost hitting dev times on really weird. Best of luck to those still trying to complete this. If any one needs some more specific tips feel free to ask i will try and help or can direct you to a video that i used if i can't explain it well.
  5. Yeah i feel that some of the jumps with the spinning mask ask you to hit max height possible with it by double jumping, which since there is no visible and audible signal that you are max height on the first jump, you can fuck it up and end up ruining a good run. For the main playthrough its not the end of the world but for the relics dear lord its annoying cause you cant take your time and the amount of times where i screwed up the last jump on draggin on because i thought i was high enough made my blood boil. On the topic of camera glitches, Draggin was really bad especially when doing the TT as going to fast around corners cause it to snap quickly which can be really jarring though it doesn't happen as much on other levels but i did notice. One huge issue that i forgot to mention was the issue of desync. This is a very noticeable issue in the TT as i noticed when you die repeatedly the game starts to not reset properly (It can be seen in the flashback tapes but you can notice that pretty quickly and just die and reset). The desync is mainly dealing with environmental cycles but it can also cause enemies to straight up not spawn. The second group of rats on toxic tunnels will sometimes have 1 or none. Sometimes they just sit there idly and don't move at all. But dear lord the environmental desync can cost you the time trials so badly and you wont notice at first but it gets bad. The biggest one that can screw you is the rotating zappers on Toxic tunnels will be not in the right rotation and can kill you so easily if you have been used to a certain pathing. Also idk really know how to explain this but in Toxic Tunnels sometimes the rotating platforms that come in right after the big gem door can sometimes just be jittery and spaz in the opposite direction of where they were moving though this only happened in the TT runs. I mean i really like this game but the lack of polish really shines when going for the stuff that asks you to play perfectly and at the same time fast af because the half of my fuck ups felt like my fault but the other half definitely felt like it was the games and that really dampered my feelings for some of the levels. Also, with the NST even though at times it could get on my nerves i could go back and enjoy every level after platting all of them but for Crash 4 i would beat some of the levels and be like yeah i never want to play that level again in my lifetime. Just a forewarning for others that completing the game can definitely sour you enjoyment to an extent bit i would still say go for it and the satisfaction in the end really does put you in a good mood.
  6. Managed to finish it up last night clocking in just under 89 hrs. This game really tested my patience but now that it is over and I look back at it i did enjoy it for the most part. Favorite levels are probably Off Beat and Nitro Processing. Least favorite definitely have to be anything involving Cortex. Like I really feel like he does not handle well at all and holy crap the aiming is so bad and it cost me so many restarts on the time trials. Also, i just fell like it was a wrong choice to make the alternate characters have time trials as they are not built around speed like Crash is but most of them are able to be done with practice and trial and error. Though the level that pissed me off the most was definitely Draggin' On. The blue gem sucked, the NSPR, and the time trial sucked as well. This all stems from the fact that out of the new masks i feel that the spinning mask just handles like actual ass. NSPR are a big hurdle but doable with practice but the time trials definitely felt like just beating your head against wall of triple spin spam, random glitches, and just brute forcing it. Overall its a fun game but i just wish that they would have play tested some of the new masks and the alt characters a bit more to refine them and it would have made things much smoother. PS Fuck them animals riding levels.
  7. Thats the thing i did them all on 1 play-through. i killed each boss on heroic and the trophy didn't pop then i went and redid all of them and still to no trophy
  8. I can't unlock this trophy for some reason even though i have beaten all the bosses on heroic it won't pop. Anyone else having the same problem?