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  1. Your 'about me' section really needs a clean-up. All images are broken. ;)

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      Did you not read what it says under Interests?

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      R4M Jolly Monk

      Has literally nothing to do with my post. Please keep your stuff to the spam threads. Thanks. :facepalm:

  2. how do you have the time to sift through 261 trophies but not enough time to actually post viable proof about this dispute
  3. Hey, this is an awesome find @Mako! I currently have no use for the workaround, however, I can definitely see myself utilising it in the future (so hopefully nothing comes up which voids use of the PSX Download Helper). I wonder if this will work for games like Dragon Age: Inquisition or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, since both of those games had useful exploits which were patched fairly early on.
  4. There are currently three Spyro Reignited Trilogy guides in the unpublished queue. Two are for the first game, which are being individually written by @silnev and @ThaKingTropy. The third is being written for the second game by @forger_bros106. You could either chime in with a collaboration or start your own!
  5. Hey! You can easily fix this by entering the game while signed offline from PlayStation Network, as some have mentioned before me.
  6. I’m probably in the minority who actually enjoyed Score Attack in previous entries of the Tomb Raider series. Fortunately though, for the majority who didn’t appreciate the mode like you, these new trophies don’t specify a gold medal. This means you can intentionally underperform during your playthrough of The Forge and still earn the trophy.
  7. That’s correct, The Forge does become more difficult with a co-op partner (more puzzles and pathways become open). If played alone, there will be no AI involved, it will just be Lara. Abby only comes in when co-op in initated. Even with co-op though, I can’t imagine the Score or Time Attacks being so tedious. Score Attack in Rise of the Tomb Raider was fairly easy to overcome.
  8. The seven planned additional Challenge Tombs are supposed to tie into the game both with location and lore. The Forge, for instance, contains a new challenge tomb in the base game area of Kuwaq Yaku. This Challenge Tomb has a deeper meaning to Abby’s past, as the player will discover. I’m unsure if Abby will be the co-op partner for all of the additional tombs, however, Eidos Montreal have promised they will stay relevant with the Season Pass content. The adventure that base game takes you on is done, but there are still some hidden secrets throughout the locations visited in base game. These are where the DLCs will take place.
  9. Ayyyy, I've been waiting for this day! I have a lot of very serious questions I need you to answer so please ease my curiosity: How many times can you burp consecutively before you have to stop? If you can demonstrate this, it would be great. Does this trailer make you tear up or is it just me? WHEN WILL YOUR DAMN NI NO KUNI GUIDE BE READY?! Cersei, Viserion, The Hound. Marry, Slay, have a drink with. Take your picks. Also yeah, I realise this isn't really a question shhh. You're in a bus one day and suddenly the bus driver takes a harsh stop, it sends all of your stuff flying to the front of the bus including Thano's Gauntlet. The reason why the bus driver stopped, though, is because a killer elephant is coming right at you guys. You just have enough time to escape the bus towards the back, but you may be able to make it out the front and grab your stuff along the way, if you move fast enough. Do you risk your life to grab your stuff and escape the bus from the front entrance, or sacrifice all your stuff like a total pleb and escape the bus from the back entrance? Nobody will judge you no matter what you choose, I promise. If you could be one animal for a day, which would it be and why? Asking for a friend. [insert question about your profile that makes you a bit insecure because your profile is a mess but you're trying as hard as you can and nobody seems to realise this]. Okay but seriously, I see you've completed Reverie. Did you know this game is set in New Zealand? THAT'S RIGHT. I LIVE IN NEW ZEALAND. ISN'T THAT COOL? But no, I haven't played the game yet. I know, I'm a disappointing Kiwi. I'll get to it soon probably maybe. How did you like it though? I've heard it's similar to the earlier Zelda games (like The Minish Cap), is this true? Would you spend $100.00 on a jacket? I've been contemplating it and need a second opinion. Spell a five letter word using only letters from your gamertag. Again, not really a question, but rules are made to be broken. You're allowed to use letters more than once. Break a leg! But not really, because that would be tragic. Unless you want to and get an extension for your exam, that's fine. Just don't ask me, because I am definitely not going to break your leg for you.
  10. A new trailer is available for The Forge, feel free to check it out below:
  11. It’s great to see you’ve progressed a lot since we last spoke, and most importantly, that you’re enjoying Resident Evil 7. I pretty much went through the exact same as you; took my sweet time on my first playthrough to sweep every nook and cranny. My speedrun followed, which I managed to finish in one sitting at two hours and thirty minutes. Then finally, the only trophies remaining for me at that point were Madhouse and collecting all of the Antique Coins on Madhouse. It was a lovely experience and I’m still kind of bummed the Gold Edition of the game didn’t contain a separate trophy list, because I definitely would have gone for it again. Any how, I wish you luck on your Madhouse playthrough! Get ready for some new shocks. Have you had the time to experience any of the DLC yet?
  12. It really has been an amazing year for guide writers, so I’m anticipating seeing everybody’s nominations! Next month would mark my one year anniversary of becoming a Guide Team member, which is a journey that has been nothing short of exciting. Thank you all for your continued effort, patience, and participation within PSNProfiles through your lovely guides. Although we’re not quite at 2019 yet, I would just like to say, I look forward to what the next year brings us in terms of guide writing.
  13. Hey, this is awesome news. I always look forward to reading your guides! I did, however, do a quick dig through the unpublished queue and managed to find several trophy guides for Assassin's Creed: Odyssey already. There are currently three other unpublished trophy guides by their own individual writers; @Hollz100, @McOrsm, and @zV13r026. If appropriate, perhaps you could reach out to them for a potential collaboration? Otherwise, you're obviously more than welcome to continue writing your own guide.
  14. I'm not sure why the DLC trophies haven't been officially uploaded yet, considering The Forge is just three days away, but thanks to Steam it looks like we already know what to expect trophy-wise. It's also a bit disappointed that the trophies related to Score and Time Attack do not specify a gold medal, since I found the gold stars to be extremely fun on Rise of the Tomb Raider's Score Attack mode. Nonetheless, I am always excited to delve into new Tomb Raider content, and this is no exception. Looking forward to playing The Forge early next week! This was already confirmed a month ago, as per this page's header image.
  15. If the collectable is presented as gathered and it is not in its location, then according to the latest update of the game (1.05), the associated trophies should still pop after everything else has been gathered in the game. This was the same case with everybody else who had missed one or two collectables during the previous version of the game (1.04), but forced the relevant trophies to pop while booting up the game in the latest version (1.05), before even getting out of the loading screen. @gladiatorrrrrrr I recommend you continue playing and collecting everything else. As annoying as it is doing everything so many times, I'm almost certain your trophies will pop once you gather anything else you are missing during your current playthrough. I mentioned this in a previous post, but a similar glitch happened to me on Rise of the Tomb Raider with one of the collectable sets there, and I didn't earn the trophy I was missing until seven playthroughs later. Don't give up!