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  1. Did you need help with details on the game, or guide writing in general? Because I haven't played the game before, but I can do all the technical guide writing stuff for you, if desired.
  2. Wow, that box set is awesome! I'm still going for the Digital Deluxe Edition though. But damn, so many OCDs are being pleased right now with all those sharp edges and pastel colours. Simplicity is a beautiful thing. ayyyyy new zealand rep I usually purchase my games digitally anyway, and I haven't experienced Heavy Rain yet either. So I'm definitely going for the Digital Deluxe Edition. I haven't purchased anything from Mighty Ape before actually haha. But yo, you do you. You like key chains? Buy it. Buy em all. Key chains for you, key chains for me, key chains for everybody!
  3. Thank you! Really helpful.
  4. The whole consumer thing is something the industry could do without, correct. But I will make an exception for funky space fighting, vietnam flashback inducing, post apocalyptic hunting coop open world simulator. Oh, and Far Cry 3. Mmmm... Far Cry 3... Wait. What were we talking about again?
  5. Fatal is correct here, this marker is used to simply point out the structures significance for potential supplies, artifacts, and weapons.
  6. Happy 22nd Anniversary Resident Evil! The game that started it all for me personally, fourteen years ago. Since then, you have grown, you have become bigger than I could ever imagine. And I cannot be prouder.



    1. KingGuy420


      22 years? Damn I'm old lol.

  7. I've gone through a major update to the original post, so it's easier to read, follow, and understand now. It's been almost two years since I posted this review, and since then, I have been blown away with the response. Thank you all so much for the comments and messages. I would like to think that this review has helped some people, as it has definitely given me a handful of lovely friendships. Once again, thank you to everybody. I hope this review continues to help others. And remember, I am always here to answer your questions or help you in Endurance Coop!
  8. Ah, in that case... I didn't offer my help before because I can't play at the moment. But if you're back into Final Fantasy X, I'm assuming that's going to take you a while? When you get back into Rise of the Tomb Raider, let me know. Hopefully I'll be ready to help you by then. I'm sure @FaTaLKiLL1 already knew that.
  9. I agree with both of these points. Less characters, more development. Less political territorial bullshit, more walkers. I wanna get scared again when a character gets surrounded by walkers. I want to feel the fear of a character getting bit again. Carl was the first character who got bit in god knows when? It's been way too damn long. AMC, get Negan's arc over and done with, then turn this shit show around!
  10. I ended up contacting Square Enix and they told me the same thing. So, I guess this is fixed. Thank you for the reply!
  11. Oh my god.

    You really purchased Final Fantasy Royal Rdition Upgrade.

    I am glad that I didn´t buy the download Contents or the Season Pass earlier before that... if i had i would be raging...lol

    And now I must safe a Little Money for ....



    150 Euros..


    My Luck is that "The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2" and the new Atelier game will just arrive in the normal Version here in Europe... hehe...

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    2. Koromaru


      yes and for my bf on his 41 th birthday he recive L.A Noire for the PS 4 from me.

      Summa summarum 180 Euros; 150 my Ni No Kuni Edition and 30 L.A Noire

    3. ddracarys


      @Koromaru Oh wow, that's nice of you! Good luck with all of the purchases then. :P And happy gaming!

    4. Koromaru


      Yeah I am always nice.

      Yeah happy cuddling ;)

  12. Hey everybody, I just purchased the Royal Edition of Final Fantasy XV and the Royal Pack DLC. The description for the Royal Edition of the game states that it includes the main game, except (since I have a physical version of the game) it applied to my physical version of the game as a 'Royal Edition Upgrade'. I won't have the physical version of the game for long though, and the inclusion of the digital version of the game was really the only reason why I purchased the Royal Edition. Otherwise, I would of just picked up the Season Pass for half the price I paid for the Royal Edition. I'm a bit annoyed at this. Does anybody know any way I can still get my digital version of the game?
  13. That sounds about right, since the servers were frequently bugging out on me (at least, when I was going for the trophies). Are you going the sessions route, or?
  14. Maybe it's just because it's been a while since I last played, but isn't Endurance on an invite-only basis? I don't remember even being able to search for randoms, though please correct me if I'm wrong. Considering the game is still pretty active, I'd say you could easily find a partner via sessions.
  15. Have fun dying on Bloodborne everybody! Meanwhile, I will have fun ordering Hannah Montana. I gotta do something till Far Cry 5 pops up in the little corner of my PlayStation 4 thing and then I think it's a trophy, but I don't. RIGHT? Wait, went a little bit off topic there. Hannah Montana is on PlayStation 3 anyway. So like, #no notification squad ayyyeeee. But also, like does anybody else get excited when a friend comes online on PlayStation 4 because you TOTALLY thought it was a trophy? No? Psst. Lies. Anyway, yeah. BRIGITTE NEW WAIFU.

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    2. Spaz


      Miley Cyrus should of only been a one hit wonder.

    3. Galactic Nordic Nuts

      Galactic Nordic Nuts

      or in a gang bang film


    4. ddracarys