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  1. “SHADOW” = HYPE

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    2. PooPooBlast


      Oo yes! I was really happy with RoTR. Interesting to see how will "shadow" turn out to be.

    3. ddracarys


      @PooPooBlast I still think the voice at the end of ROTR was Whittman.

    4. PooPooBlast


      Yes! So it wasn't just me :P . Oh btw I saw that apparently they're focusing on MP which is a huge bummer for me :/

  2. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen, honestly. Would cause more problems than it’d fix.
  3. Cool, thank you for the clarification!

  5. So is the trophy for all of these challenges or just one of them?
  6. There's nothing in the OP about this. Make yourself clear, before being rude. By the way, be ready to update Biohazard in the coming month. I'll be claiming that first.
  7. I understand this is your thread, so you can do whatever you want with it. But if you don't mind me asking, why has this happened? No offence, but hard working veterans of the series have been rushing through ALL of the games to get them to 100% so that they can win first place on the top tier of this challenge (AKA me). Adding in ALL of the games to get to Biohazard Rank, which include Umbrella Corps and Operation Raccoon City, shows that player is dedicated to overcoming the toughest challenges in the Resident Evil universe. Surely you know that all of the mainline Resident Evil games are all of the easiest games in the series to Platinum. The real challenges lie in the side games. Awarding a player with such a prestigious rank such as Biohazard, just because they Platinumed every mainline Resident Evil game sounds undeserving to me. I'm not trying to belittle anybody; if the extent of your trophy skill only lasts as long as the mainline games that's fine. But that's those players problems, not everybody else's. Some of us actually want to completely accomplish everything in this series. Making Biohazard Rank that easy to achieve most likely guarantees some people have already earned the rank. Heck, even I have if all it takes is eight Resident Evil Platinum's, I have 12! Which just makes the race to Biohazard Rank obsolete...
  8. Hey, just wanted to remind you all that I will be on vacation starting this week, for three weeks! So from 16/12/17 till 6/1/18 I may be slow on replies and very inactive. There will be wifi where I am staying, though I will try to avoid the internet as much as possible for personal reasons.


    On a completely different note, I just watched the TWD midseason finale and I AM SHATTERED. Seriously, who the fuck on the writing team thought that was a good idea?! That ending destroyed my heart as well as my prediction for how the show will end. I’ve recently been watching a new show, Dark. It aired on Netflix the first of this month, with a single season containing ten episodes. The genre of this show is Horror, though it focuses heavily on strange occurrences within time (black holes) and time travel. It gave me a TON of BioShock feels. It certainly has the same WOW factor as BioShock. I’m currently up to Episode 5, and I’ve just had my mind blown.


    ON MORE DIFFERENT NOTES anybody else experiencing weird updates within their PSN Profile? My last five milestones were completely changed, my rarest trophies got muddled up and a game I just 100%ed isn’t syncing properly... Was there a site update or something? :hmm:

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    2. ddracarys


      @Primeape Thank you good sir, I will try to be! :dance:  Yeah, The Walking Dead. The show was really boring for about three seasons, and I almost gave up. At that point, I was literally just watching to see where my favourite character would end up. But this new season that has just started was definitely worth the wait! Has been constantly intense and action packed for damn once! Also I now know where my favourite character has ended up thanks to that midseason finale... Curses writing team. I wouldn't be surprised, sometimes I imagine what Dva looks like without her mech too!

    3. Primeape


      Some shows or franchises, when they get to big or famous, you see them slippin. Pride...it messes with your head.


      I don't really watch much TV anymore, but I really liked Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy?


      I take it... you like Game of Thrones right? :P

      Edit: Ignore the ? in the second sentence.


    4. ddracarys


      @Primeape Hmm... No, can’t say I’ve ever heard of it?

  9. Thanks for confirming that End of Zoe is a Season Pass item, I wasn't sure it would be. And my bad about the Not A Hero trophies, they were updated earlier today. Everything in the OP is present in the PSN list now! I obviously haven't played End of Zoe yet, so take this with a grain of salt, but Joe Must Die mode is most likely the equivalent of Ethan Must Die. I'm expecting it will be a one life, one hit mode. Shouldn't take any longer than half an hour if executed efficiently. I'm not worried about this honestly. There's no way it can be harder than Ethan Must Die, considering there is a trophy for using no weapons on Joe Must Die. I'm aware of this, I know free DLC doesn't always mean no trophies. But I just wasn't expecting trophies for this DLC specifically (Not A Hero). Anyway, doesn't matter now because the list was updated. You just missed the VGA sale a couple of nights ago, RE7 and it's DLC were discounted. Probably won't be long before it'll be on sale again, I am expecting it will show up as one of the 12 Deals of Christmas promotion that is currently ongoing. Yup, both DLCs are now up and officially ready to play / download!
  10. I was thinking the same thing, surely this will heavily decrease sales? I personally will stick to the PS3 version that I have owned for years now but have not even started yet. No point purchasing this game again on PS4 for the same list.
  11. If anybody is playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp hit me up with your IDs! I need to complete friend oriented tasks.

    1. Eyjabria


      Here's my ID: 9965 1240 265. Please excuse my hobo outfit and messy campgrounds. :blush:

    2. Kevvik


      Just started playing myself. I'll give a hand.


      ID: 8901 4608 107 


      Handle is Dude

    3. ddracarys


      @Eyjabria @Kevvik Cool, thanks guys. I'll add you both now! And haha, don't worry. I'm not looking so great myself. Handle is Jesus. :eyebrow:

  12. Looks like there is nothing for Not A Hero on the trophy side of things, expected since it is a free DLC after all. End of Zoe on the other hand, has the aforementioned list, as you can now view on PSNP. I just wanted to ask though, End of Zoe still isn't showing up on my PS Store. Is this DLC going to be a Season Pass item, or will I need to purchase it separately?
  13. It's honestly not as hard as you think it is. Thankfully, PSNP offers the most user friendly presentation for trophy guides I have found / seen online. So PSNP kind of does half the work for you already. However, in case anything comes up you're unsure of feel free to message me! I'm sure you'll be fine though!
  14. Wow, this is awesome news! I cannot wait to get back into this game!
  15. That's great to hear! Just purchased the Deluxe Edition on sale for $10. Looking forward to getting on board with this game December 20th!