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  1. I just wanted to thank @d1l2e3v4 for gifting me one year of premium today, a year ago. It was cool being able to experience that side of PSNP, and as of today I am now a Lifetime Member. Woo!

  2. At least the soundtrack to RE5 Versus keeps you pumped through the grind...

  3. This actually happens a lot, at least it did for me. Saving and quiting to Main Menu usually fixes a lot of the issues in the Borderlands games. No sweat!
  4. Thanks for the thorough post, your Clan has been updated!
  5. Haha, it's just wishful thinking on my end. Maybe we'll get a year break before Lara makes her return. Also the upcoming Tomb Raider movie is based off of the 2013 reboot, so I'm assuming if a sequel ever happens, the next movie will be based off of ROTR and so on. Basically, the movies are behind the games as of right now.
  6. If anybody needs to boost Resident Evil 5 PS3 Versus trophies, it would be awesome if you could join my session so we can all help each other out.


    We will also be tackling RE5 PS4 and both versions of RE6 afterwards too.

  7. If the rumours of Shadow of the Tomb Raider are to be believed, then a sequel is definitely being developed. Also, considering how successful ROTR is, I’m sure it won’t be long until Lara returns to the gaming world. I’m hoping we get our eyes on something at E3 ‘18. Until then, we have the Tomb Raider movie to look forward to!
  8. Haha! It was definitely an amazing game. Hopefully more Lara action soon!
  9. LMAO
  10. Resident Evil 6 isn’t as bad as other games in the series, or other TPS games in general either. Ahh, I see what you’re saying. Though it helps speed up your progress in the Campaign it doesn’t do much justice to your overall completion. You might be speeding up the Campaign but I can’t say the same about the long run. Just saying.
  11. Well, got the Borderlands platinum, but the 2 Mutator Arena trophies are proving troublesome.  I thought (and multiple trophy guides also state this) that the enemy level was supposed to be capped at 36 on a Normal playthrough, yet a number of enemies on my run are reaching level 51, which should only be on a TVHM run?


    Hopefully I'll get them done before too long.  Might have to level up a few more times first, though.

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    2. StewartBros


      It's not that the enemies are a higher level than me; I'm level 52, so things are pretty evenly matched really.  I just keep getting hit by attacks that wipe out my shields in a single blow, and my health usually follows suit very quickly!

      I can try levelling up to 55 or so, which should be enough to see me through.  Did you have to complete a full round (or wave) with each of the modifiers etc enabled, or was it enough for you to just "experience" each of them?


      With regards to Guardian Hunter, I had no luck farming XP from that mission in my Normal run, as I kept running out of ammo and the Guardians hardly dropped any ammo/loot.  Haven't attempted it yet on my TVHM run, but I'll give it a shot.

    3. StewartBros


      Well TVHM didn't fare much better for me, haha!  Still didn't get any ammo during Guardian Hunter, so had to quit after a few minutes.  Probably just have to keep repeating the first story mission on UVHM, since I can keep resetting the UVHM progress and playing it over and over again.


      I did get 2 of the 9 sets done last night.  The "Shoes Made of Acid" mutator was too tough for me, but levelling up a few more times should hopefully sort that out.  I'll try to get it all done solo; don't want to trouble you if it's not absolutely necessary.

    4. ddracarys



      Oh right, sorry. It’s a pretty even match on levels but even then, that can prove to be a pain. I find it extremely odd that the ‘Guardian Hunter’ method isn’t working for you, as it worked perfectly fine for me? I definitely think you should get a few more levels to even the playing field out. Keep in mind that Shadow Trap will occasionally spawn into the waves too, and that killing him will instantly end the waves even if there are other enemies around. So prioritise him!


      For the Mutator trophy you need to complete all the waves on all the modifiers. So you can’t just finish one wave and leave (the room get’s locked anyway). Believe it or not but the ‘Shoes Made of Acid’ modifier was pretty tedious even as a level 70. That was actually probably my least favourite, most annoying and hardest one to attempt. Overall the entire nine modifiers weren’t even that bad though, especially since I have a Shield that pretty much fulls up again straight after I get shot at.


      If it starts becoming unbareable, co-op is an option, but keep in mind what co-op brings to the table too. Slightly tougher enemies, potentially glitched trophies, etc. You should consider these things before deciding if you need my help!


      Good luck on your next attempts!

  12. How do you have all the Chapters available through Chapter Select, without playing through them first?
  13. This is already a well known exploit, and is the main one used to bypass most of the game with on Professional / No Hope. You cannot do this on your first playthrough either, not until you’ve actually played through the game entirely at least once. Also, Resident Evil 6 isn’t that bad, cheer up.
  14. Thanks, has been updated!
  15. Going to my first concert next month at Drake's Boy Meets World Tour! Too excited!