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  1. I've never even heard of that game before to be honest. However, if you require general help from somebody who can make your life a little easier in terms of formatting, wording, and even reviewing, I wouldn't mind helping you out!
  2. How fast can you get to New Zealand? I'm ordering the pizza right now. Double cheese pizza so that we can stick our love together. Wow, this comment got cheesy. Good to know that my voice is boring enough to put you to sleep. Step aside Samuel L Jackson, it's your turn to "go the fuck to sleep". Thank you for your feedback toward my burping session interview. The good news for you is that I never have to do this again, so you won't ever need to deal with a two hour long interview again either, yay! I'm joking, you probably will, how terrible.
  3. Oh cool, Sound Cloud interviews are blowing up.
  4. I managed to conclude on an ending in TellTale’s Guardians of the Galaxy which “0% of players” have experienced. Am I the first person to see this ending...? :hmm:

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    2. ddracarys


      @Teslacron_Prime Yeah, TellTale are pretty horrible at having meaningful branching paths in their games. Two examples of games that do this better are Until Dawn and Detroit: Become Human. I recommend both of these games (especially the latter) if you haven’t experienced them yet too.


      TellTale are one of my least favourite developers, so I’m never really excited about their games (which is why they catch me off guard when they’re actually good, like Guardians of the Galaxy). My favourite TellTale game is Tales of the Borderlands, which is unfortunate for me, since its never getting a sequel (this made me push TellTale back even further)! Back to the Future is by far my least favourite TellTale game, but this is mostly because I’m not a fan of the films. I understand fans of the films probably had / will have a better time with the game. You’re probably asking why I still play their games, with all this tension about the developer. Well, I have to get those Platinum trophies one way or another. Haha joking (not joking), I’m also interested in how Season 2 of The Wolf Among Us will be handled, since this is a close second for my favourite spot.

    3. Teslacron_Prime


      Thanks! My brother is excited for Detroit: Become Human, most likely buy it soon. I will consider Until Dawn also. 


      Tales of the Borderlands is/was my link to their studio. I love the Borderlands universe and just can't get enough. (To the point of designing several character modules for Box lol but we'll just set that aside for now.) Actually got the double plat for Tales without shame (not really my style.) Game of Thrones will stack also, because the first ending made me so furious. Absolutely hated the Back to the Future adaptation >.< (no! for the record I am a huge fan of the films, that game was just trash) and Batman was meh. Oh, and Walking dead, also meh,.. another game to plat so it can be deleted lol. Wolf Among us though was actually lit, also my second fav in the collection! Hopefully guardians will be up there too, perhaps redeeming future TellTale transgressions xD 

    4. ddracarys


      @Teslacron_Prime I adore the Borderlands series too, I can’t wait for Borderlands 3! I’m disappointed it didn’t show up at E3, since I was totally expecting Gearbox to reveal it then.


      Tales of the Borderlands and The Wolf Among Us are really the only TellTale games that stand out for me honestly. Game of Thrones had so much potiential (and still does leading into the already confirmed Season 2), but I feel like it was focused on probably the most lucklustre story in the A Song of Fire and Ice universe. I would of much preferred a story on The First Men or The Mad King. With that being said, it still felt impactful and was still full of emotions, so well done TellTale, you get a cookie.

  5. As a creative soul myself, this all sounds like an amazing idea. I’d definitely like to put in a submission if I get the time. Work is consuming the majority of my time right now though, so no promises. If I do get around to it, I was just wondering, can I do both a visual and writing? I don’t need to be considered for both prizes, I just want to have some fun merging the two.
  6. You're very welcome, I'm glad you were able to finally bypass this tedious mission. I know when I did it, it was such a sigh of relief. And yeah, I realised the health of the helicopter regenerating a bit too, when the two other helicopters attack. As for your question on the automatically altering difficulty, the only guess I have on this is the fact that you are in the point of no return, so your game technically never saves (even though autosaves and checkpoints are enabled). I think the point of no return is an indicator of everything else in the game taking a pause until you finish your playthrough. This is, however, just an assumption on my end, as I have never encountered the problem myself. Have you encountered the issue in post-game?
  7. Thank you for letting us know. I have updated both of these trophy guides accordingly.
  8. Don't worry, it's a known glitch with this version of the game, which I already detailed in my Far Cry 3 Classic Edition trophy guide. Doing this mission on the easiest difficulty is impossible, as it scales the enemies damage to the Master difficulty (Very Hard). You must play this mission on the Survivor difficulty (Normal) to bypass it. I was experiencing issues with this mission myself, as somebody who was playing the entire game on the Explorer difficulty (Easy). After having difficulties with this though, I found this thread, tuned my difficulty to Survivor, and finished it on my first attempt.
  9. Gem Smashers. Not going to lie, I originally picked this game up for the easy trophies, and wasn't expecting a good experience. However, I was quickly surprised at how fun this game ended up being. It's hard to explain honestly... Imagine Bubble Bobble but presented more in a board game way, including actual bosses and branching pathways depending on which character you choose to play. Can I ask why you are asking specifically for games under 5000 owners though?
  10. I've never really had any rules for myself in terms of trophies, because that just sounds like it makes things longer and more annoying. After I've enjoyed a game enough to start trophy hunting, I usually try to get the trophy list done as fast as possible. Therefore I utilize guides, get help from siblings / friends, exercise any beneficial glitch, and so on. I don't see a point in having filters here to be honest, but I'm not saying you're wrong for doing so. I understand other trophy hunters only feel fulfilled with their trophies if they have earned the trophy fairly themselves, which is completely okay.
  11. Ah yes, since you've explained it, I agree with you. Especially since the next game which follows is supposed to be a big change from Shadow of the Tomb Raider, so Lara Croft maturing is expected. Now that I think about it, perhaps if the next game skips a few years ahead, Camillia Luddington's energy for Lara wouldn't suit the role of a more older, mature (tired?) Lara.
  12. Really? On the contrary, I wasn't expecting Camilla to be leaving so soon, since as I mentioned, the reboot series has been the most successful step for Tomb Raider thus far. I'm not even sure who would be suitable enough to take the mantle next honestly.
  13. I would of never guessed Hammond is a hamster, I was totally expecting a smaller gorilla. Since when did the Horizon Lunar Colony test on other animals, either than gorillas? Much like every other story aspect in the Overwatch world, this whole thing seems like it was half assed by Blizzard over a day or two. Anyway, here is Wrecking Ball's origin story trailer, accompanying developer update, and abilities list (with visual presentations) in case anybody was curious. Based off of what Jeff Kaplan mentioned in the developer update, I have some ideas of what Hammond's trophies could look like. But ultimately, new hero trophies always end up surprising me, so who knows really. Perhaps one would be similar to Doomfist's Air Strike, tasking players with killing between one to three players with Wrecking Ball's Piledriver. The other could either be your usual ultimate kill-related trophy, or perhaps something more similar to Zenyatta's The Iris Embraces You, tasking players with gaining a full enemy team's worth of shields, using Wrecking Ball's Adaptive Shield.
  14. It seems like this potential change is only bothering me so far, so on the bright side, at least all of you will be happy with a new actress. I understand that Camillia Luddington's take on Lara Croft can occasionally spike as being annoying, however I rarely notice this while I'm in the heat of the moment in-game, so it never stood out for me until others mentioned it. Furthermore, I know voice actors are talented enough to pull off voices comparable to their predecessors, I just doubt any other woman can maintain Camillia's energy in the role. This was a similar annoyance I experienced while playing Life is Strange: Before the Storm, after playing Life is Strange. Chloe Price being voiced by two different actresses took a massive blow to Chloe's charm and charismatics between both games, at least in my opinion. Finally, I don't understand those who are hoping Camillia's leave would spark some change in Lara that would return her to her original model. Though it's possible Lara's original models would return in the form of outfits, similar to how they were presented in Rise of the Tomb Raider, I highly doubt Lara would be "returning" to anything. We are currently five years into the reboot series. By now, in its previous series, Tomb Raider was already falling short with the latest installment at the time, Tomb Raider: Legend. Therefore, this reboot series has been the most successful attempt at reimagining the series, opinions aside. Knowing that, I doubt Square Enix would want to risk the reboot series' success by "returning" to a less successful time in the series.
  15. I'll look into this shortly, thank you for your continued patience.