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  1. Month start: 47.91% Month end: 48.10% Started the month by finishing Sekiro which was absolutely brilliant, so I installed a bunch of other games hoping they'd be good follow-ups but none of them clicked for me. May ended up being a pretty bad month in general and I don't really feel like I did anything worth writing about, sadly. The Forgotten City was my highlight of May, recommended if you like adventure games, time travel stories, etc.
  2. Time for a monthly check-in. Month start: 46.90% Month end: 47.91% New Games None, I feel like this event has really changed my playing habits (at least temporarily). Old Games Dark Souls 3 - 14 trophies, 72% completion My Elden Ring-inspired From Software renaissance continued with DS3. I was much closer to the endgame than I'd realised, and fairly quickly wrapped things up and got two of the endings. Glad I ended up coming back to this, I enjoyed the gameplay on a basic Soulsborne level, and some of the areas and bosses were very fun, but overall it still left me a bit cold - I wasn't keen enough to go find the Nameless King or to keep going for the platinum. Disco Elysium - 8 trophies, 43% completion Love this game, even if I don't remember so many crashes last time I played it. This time around the protagonist was a bribe-happy free market hustler who was also fixated on the paranormal and the impending apocalypse, but he managed to be a good detective anyway. Granblue Fantasy Versus - 1 trophy, 24% completion I'm not a fighting game player, I only own this because of the tie-in with the original Granblue Fantasy. Quick filler game to keep my daily trophy streak going. Romancing Saga 2 - 1 trophy, 3% completion Keep meaning to give this a proper shot, but for now it was another filler game for my trophy streak. XCOM 2 - 1 trophy, 53% completion Someone posted a gaming session here looking to get the multiplayer trophy, so I figured why not? Root Double - 16 trophies, 100% completion Played/read through this visual novel a couple of years ago, it was pretty solid if not one of my favourites. Getting all the trophies required carefully following a guide to see every single scene, max every relationship etc, so I guess I put it off until now. Sadly after leaving it so long I wasn't very interested in reading the extra scenes, so this was mostly an exercise in fast forwarding. Heaven's Vault - 14 trophies, 100% completion Possibly one of the least widely-played games on my profile. This is an Inkle adventure game, so mostly dialogue based, but you're an archaeologist and a linguist so part of the gameplay is trying to translate writings from an ancient civilisation. If you finish the story and start a NG+, you keep the words that you've learned but the inscriptions you find also get more complex, so you're always working on new challenges. It's pretty cool and was a relaxing change of pace compared to... Sekiro - 26 trophies, 81% completion Man, Sekiro. Bought it at launch, found it impossibly hard, said 'damn I'm an idiot, I'm terrible at games, this isn't for me'. Tried again last year, beat a couple of minibosses and the first named boss, still found it incredibly difficult, gave up again at Ashina Elite and Lady Butterfly respectively. This time after beating Elden Ring, Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 in quick succession I thought I'd give it another shot, and it finally clicked for me. Currently on NG+2 having had some of my favourite boss fight experiences, and I'll probably get the platinum this week. Psychadelica of the Black Butterfly - 5 trophies, 44% completion Another visual novel that I'm mostly playing for filler trophies. I don't think this game was for me honestly, the slice of life episodes I couldn't make myself care about, the minigame is inane and the flowchart seems oddly useless - I tried following a guide to one ending and got a completely different one by accident. Oh well.
  3. March was mostly Elden Ring month for me. Pretty niche obscure little game, you probably haven't heard of it. 😉 Month start: 46.05% Month end: 46.90% New Games None for once. Old Games Elden Ring - 39 trophies, 100% completion So good. The power fantasy version of a Souls game that I never knew I wanted. Bloodborne - 7 trophies, 100% completion Inspired by having so much fun with Elden Ring, I found that I'd got my Soulsborne legs back and was able to pick up where I'd left off with Bloodborne. Finished the DLC and the chalice dungeons, which I actually enjoyed this time (Stockholm syndrome?). Never expected to finish this one so I was really glad to prove myself wrong. Dark Souls 3 - 5 trophies, 32% completion I played a ton of DS3 for a week after release and then just never came back to it; looking back I think I burned myself out. Going back to this seemed like the logical next step after finishing Bloodborne, but was hard to get started because I remember much less about it than any of the other games in the series. I've been having some fun, it hasn't totally grabbed me yet though. Afterparty - 6 trophies, 64% completion I've been keeping up a daily trophy streak somehow, so this was my filler game when I didn't have the time to get anywhere in Elden Ring. Finished the story; it definitely had some good moments but didn't land them all for me, and most of the comedy fell flat. Disco Elysium - 4 trophies, 23% completion Brilliant game, somewhat annoying trophy list. I dinked around picking up some of the DLC trophies I could obtain with the saves from my first playthrough. Started a new character and had some momentum going - until it crashed and the last autosave was at the very start of the game. Boo.
  4. February started strong but wasn't as good a gaming month for me as January - real life getting in the way I guess, plus not enjoying any of the games as much as FF7R. Nonetheless, here's my monthly update: Month start: 45.61% Month end: 46.05% New Games Dishonored: Death of the Outsider - 17 trophies, 48% completion This was a birthday present a few years ago so it's been on my karmic backlog ever since. Big Dishonored fan, but this fell kinda flat for me; I might not have given it a fair chance though. 'Eh' was my verdict. Afterparty - 9 trophies, 26% completion Bought on sale because I enjoyed Oxenfree, but this hasn't really worked for me. The tone is super weird, it has a lot of lines that should be jokes but has made me laugh exactly once so far. Maybe the ending will win me over? Elden Ring - 3 trophies, 4% completion Heck yes, amazing game so far. I'm not a great Soulsborne player but I really enjoy them anyway. Old Games Burnout Paradise - 16 trophies, 34% completion This was my filler game when I was too tired or short on time to play anything more complicated. Big Surf Island is really fun, breaking news from 2009 right here. XCOM 2 - 17 trophies, 52% completion Started the month by digging this up. I had an ironman campaign where I'd done all the hard work and out-teched the aliens, so I was able to pick that back up and finish the campaign. First time seeing the ending of this very good game. Torment: Tides of Numenera - 19 trophies, 76% completion Also in the first week of the month, I finished my playthrough that I started in January. My feelings haven't really changed - gameplay is pretty janky, writing is mixed but moderately interesting, overall verdict 'alright I guess?' NEO: The World Ends With You - 4 trophies, 21% completion The original TWEWY is one of my all-time top ten games; at some point hopefully the sequel will click for me, but not this month. The Last Remnant - 4 trophies, 73% completion I have a total soft spot for TLR dating back to the original 360 version, please don't ask me to justify it. One [day/month/year] I'll actually finish this playthrough. Overcooked! All You Can Eat - 9 trophies, 57% completion Had a weekend with my sister so we played through the Overcooked 2 campaign. Always entertaining co-op gaming.
  5. I finished two games this weekend - all credit to this event for giving me the motivation to actually see the endings of games. Strategy, Simulation or Management: This bingo square reminded me of XCOM 2, which I've played for many hours - according to my save files, I started 54 campaigns - but had never finished. Remembering how to play took a minute, but I'd left my Ironman campaign at a point where XCOM was seriously overpowered, so I was able to steamroll my way through to the ending fairly easily. Ultra Rare Platinum: Torment: Tides of Numenera, which I started way back in 2017. As an RPG it's a bit of a mess - combat wasn't good, pathfinding was aggravating, inventory management was a disaster - but as a visual novel / adventure game it was alright, and some of the many weird sci-fi concepts were interesting.
  6. First update from me, so this is all of January. I need to check in more often next month, it's interesting to see what everyone's up to even if I don't have much to report. Month start: 44.92% Month end: 45.61% New Games I started two new games in January and saw the endings of both of them. I can't even tell you how unusual that is for me, a serial game abandoner. Final Fantasy VII Remake - 46 trophies, 55% completion Such a great game, I'm still impressed by how well they've done justice to the original. This took up the lion's share of my gaming time for January; over the course of several weeks I completed the story and have started a Hard playthrough and the Yuffie DLC. Manifold Garden - 21 trophies, 85% completion Bought on sale nearly a year ago because I read a glowing review when it originally came out on PC, finally got around to trying it. It turned out to be a pretty cool puzzle game, even if the gravity-flipping gave me VR-style nausea at first. Old Games What I noticed looking through my profile for this event is all the shameful E-rank games. Some of them just aren't for me and I'd delete the trophies if I could, but there's plenty of others that I forgot about or just didn't have time for. Hopefully I can cross a few of those off by the end of the year. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles - 10 trophies, 100% completion Spent a few hours on New Year's Day wrapping up the miscellaneous trophies I'd missed. Probably my favourite Ace Attorney game ever, but this wasn't exactly fun gameplay, just using chapter select and slowly auto-advancing dialogue to get to the right spots to tidy things up. Dungeon Encounters - 13 trophies, 20% completion I bought this in the autumn close to launch because of positive chatter, then played it and bounced right off. Exploring a void just to play the world's most basic JRPG combat did not make a good first impression. I read the guide here and realised how much I'd misinterpreted the game, and had fun for a morning using the exploration tricks to break it wide open. Want to play more at some point. Hades - 1 trophy, 66% completion Love Hades but I didn't play it much this month, just picked up an extremely quick trophy to keep my unexpected streak going on a busy day. Burnout Paradise Remastered - 2 trophies, 18% completion I had legitimately forgotten this existed until I was browsing my game collection looking for inspiration for this event. I'm not a racing game fan in general but Burnout Paradise is the exception, so I installed it and messed around with it for a bit. Torment: Tides of Numenera - 15 trophies, 36% completion This was one of my shameful E-ranks where I played for two hours max, was overwhelmed, fell off and never came back. Glad I've picked it up again - it's no Planescape Torment, but it turns out to be pretty entertaining anyway. Planning to finish this one in February.
  7. Glad to see everyone doing well. I've picked up my second bingo stamp as January comes to an end: Manifold Garden, an abstract puzzle game that uses gravity-switching as the primary mechanic. It made me sick as a dog initially, but I got used to it over time - it helped that the puzzles branched out into more than just flip-flip-flip ad nauseum. I'd recommend checking it out for anyone who likes unique little puzzle games. I'm putting it down as 'With Gorgeous Vistas', because there's some really mindblowing views of fractal landscapes here.
  8. Finished my first game of the year, Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS5. I know, I'm late to the party - turns out it's a really good game! I think it'd qualify for about half the squares on my bingo card, but it's such a massive game that I went for 'That "Everyone" But You Has Played'. Also started Manifold Garden thinking it would be a much quicker game to beat, but I soon learned that the gravity shifts give me vertigo. Guess I'll try playing it in short sessions to build up my sea legs.
  9. I've had a lousy couple of years for gaming, with far too many games that I started and never finished, so I'd like to sign up for this, please. My goal is to reach 50% (in theory).
  10. Sign me up, please, looks like a fun event. Good luck and happy New Year everyone!
  11. Thanks for the suggestion - good idea, but I've got way too many Bases and Taskmaster challenges left, I don't fancy my chances in 24 hours. To make up for being super last minute in January, I finished a plat today that I think might fit for February - AI: The Somnium Files. Aiba is an AI-slash-artificial eyeball who can leave the main character's head and walk around in a tiny weird jelly-robot body. Not exactly a conventional robot game, so I can find something else if that doesn't work for the theme.
  12. File this under extremely last minute, but I just finished the story of Spider-Man for January. At the start I was thorough with side activities but I completely ran out of time for the month, so the last act was pretty brisk! The gameplay is fun enough that I definitely plan to go back and tie up loose ends.
  13. Glad to see this event is going strong. I had a really bad year for gaming but hope to turn that around in 2020, so sign me up for this year, please. Starting stats: Platinum Trophies - 44 100% Completed Games (total) - 56 Completion - 45.18%
  14. Great idea for an event - sign me up, please. I had a pretty terrible 2019 for gaming and something like this should help me to focus more. Some ideas for games: Focus on Family = Life is Strange 2 - Stars a pair of brothers. I was waiting for all the episodes to come out before starting the game. Get a Better Job = Return of the Obra Dinn - The player character is working as an insurance assessor throughout the game (and really should consider looking for a better job). I need to do a second playthrough for one particular trophy. Lose the Weight = AI: the Somnium Files - Mama and Mayumi are both on the chunky side. Just got this as a Christmas present, great game so far. Update Relationship Status = Psychadelica of the Black Butterfly - Not exactly a romance game, but I'm pretty sure there are romance routes with various guys. I'd forgotten all about this game to be honest, it didn't blow me away. Volunteer More = Atelier Lydie & Suelle - No shortage of side quests to help friends and acquaintances. I had to include one longer game on the list...
  15. I could've sworn I'd signed up for this, but it must have slipped my mind... and so did making a note of my stats on Jan 1st. Good start to the year! Current, slightly-belated stats: Platinum trophies: 43 Total 100% completed titles: 55 Completion percentage: 46.91%