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  1. The code didn’t work for me. I followed the inputs precisely, so maybe it has something to do with the differences between the ps controllers?
  2. The only thing that I’ve really been disappointed with is the PS Store UI. Absolutely godawful.
  3. Good enough for me. Much appreciated, guys!
  4. I saw it was on sale for $10. I haven’t picked it up yet due to everything I’ve heard about how buggy and broken the game is. Has it improved any? Is it worth $10? I enjoyed it on ps3, so I’m hoping it will get better.
  5. I can't get it to work for me. What are the exact steps?
  6. This is awesome, thank you!
  7. I'm currently working my way through Final Fantasy X-2. Hopefully I will have the platinum by the end of next week. Monster Master is a serious grind.
  8. I loved this when it first came out, but I must admit I'm pretty disappointed. I was hoping for a PoP 2k8 remaster. And the graphics are rather low quality for a game releasing in 2021.
  9. I've tried legit and I've tried SharePlay. I want to try scripts but I have ZERO knowledge when it comes to how to use scripts. Not to mention I can't find any scripts that work on a MacBook. Any advice on scripts?
  10. Thanks!
  11. To get the Sweet Perfection trophy, do I need to open EVERY chest in the game? I think I missed a couple in the Thunder plains, but I'm not sure.
  12. God of War. Absolutely worthy of all the hype it's been given.
  13. Had I known about this, I wouldn't have gotten the game. If they patch it, cool because this is definitely my type of game. Otherwise, My buyers remorse will consume me...
  14. No inverted controls. I can look past the janky graphics, but not being able to invert the vertical camera is a deal breaker. I played for an hour but I just can’t get used to the camera.
  15. Much appreciated guys. Looking forward to playing the game with you guys.