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  1. Just found this, think I'll join! Planned Games: Games Finished: B1 With Player-operated Vehicles: Borderlands 3 G1 That You Can Beat in One Sitting: The Wolf Among Us O4 With a Female Protagonist: Control
  2. I'd like to remove Retro/Grade and add: Journey- ps4 Datura- ps3
  3. Add me to bronze rank I have Tales from the Borderlands
  4. Count me in. I'll start with: 1. Fat Princess- ps3 (8%) 2. Retro/Grade- ps3 (14%) 3. Yakuza 5- ps3 (0%) 4. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood- ps3 (0%) 5. Rebel Galaxy- ps4 (3%)
  5. Can you change team 13's name to Platinum Hits?
  6. We don't have a team name yet but add us to the list 1. celerydude 2. MDub_Waz_Here 3. UCanCallMeAl98 4. Blazikieron