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  1. The slipstream trophy still did not unlock for me.
  2. I’ve submitted bug reports about the trophies being glitched multiple times. Reached out to the devs/studio on twitter but still no response. What a joke. Even the trophy for the gold driver level is glitched for me. Have been over 8500 for a while now. Even crossed 9000 but for some reason it won’t pop. I’ve easily accumulated over 250 kms above 8500.
  3. Has anyone tried obtaining the deadly obsession trophy by changing the difficulty to deadly obsession just before the final hit on the final boss?
  4. Finally got the trophy. As @BraddersVee suggested, I loaded into another session. I did 25 laps in a row. Had the 99 rating flash green 7 times before the trophy popping. Personally, for me the rating at 99 flashed green a total of 10 times before the trophy finally unlocking.
  5. I’ve been stuck at 99 for way too long now. Have done multiple laps and 99 has flashed green three times but still the trophy hasn’t popped. This is super frustrating.