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  1. Graduate Complete Chapter 5. Finished the main story of Canis Canem Edit, as it's known in my country. More known by the name "Bully". I started playing this in june 2017 for the very first time but somehow I never managed to keep on playing. What a shame, because it's an awesome game. Although I wouldn't mind some difficulty settings, as the boss fights were a little too easy.😋 Now I'm in freeroam, so I can do the clean-up next.
  2. I also refuse to lose to games and believe me, I will always try to go for a trophy, but sometimes you have to admit when a game has beaten you. And that point is different for every person. Gaming should be fun, not frustrating. I like a challenge in a game, but what's the point for trying days, weeks or even months just to earn 1 stupid (bronze) trophy with a description that leaves no room for error or even a luck-based one? On that moment, I'll always choose a fun time above a frustrating time, quit and move on.
  3. I tried to keep an 100% completion but it's not possible without playing a game on another profile first. I was good until I played the easy Need For Speed (2015) game, wich came later with an impossible DLC. Then you're f*cked. :-) On that moment, I also gave up the Trials in Dante's Inferno. Wich lead to not care about completion ratings anymore, but just enjoy gaming and earn a platinum when it's possible. Everyone can make an account, play a game first to see if 100% is possible, and then play it again on their 100% profile.
  4. I'm currently using the Sony Xperia XZ2. I got it in a great deal I couldn't refuse. Bought it for €199,99 and got as a present a new PS4 Slim 500gb for free. Gave the PS4 to my brother, since he just moved out. Before that I used the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium (loved that phone, best I've ever used), Xperia Z2, Xperia Z1, Xperia Z. Before my Sony time I used an Oneplus One. And before that a Samsung Galaxy S3, wich I hated. I also had a Wileyfox Storm for 2 days. 😅
  5. #48: Everybody's Gone To The Rapture This Pattern is Mine You got them all. You got them all. Finally started (and completed) this game. I downloaded it together with The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and The Park and Gone Home etc. back in 2016. I don't know why I waited 'till now to start this one. I've read in reviews that there's a slow movement in this game. That's actually an understatement. But when I followed the story I can understand why they did it this way. It's a wonderful creation wich will go lost if you could actually run fast.
  6. I hope to complete Everybody's Gone To The Rapture tomorrow. It's a beautiful atmosphere. But slow and boring. 

    1. vincdel123


      I went in blind and it was quite nice. Here is a tip if you don't know yet: by holding down R2 you can move slightly faster. (It is better than nothing).

    2. Cellcrash1991


      I started to play this game because I liked Ether One, The Park & The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. The first thing I did was going for every radio, and then return for "Backtracker". Than I did all other trophies first, but never started the story. I ended with "Open Ended", and now started a new game for "Completionist". I just finished Arc 1 and wow.. Now that I follow the story and see everything how it should be, I can appreciate the game more than when I just walked anywhere for trophies. I knew already about R2, although it doesn't do a lot. 😂

    3. PooPooBlast


      The game was certainly beautiful to look at but honestly imo the story felt underwhelming and going for the plat killed it for me just because of the absurd amount of collectibles. 

  7. I gave up on the Trials. I'm happy with plat and 98%. Sometimes you have to admit when something's too hard.
  8. #47 - DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN DETROIT MASTER Collected all trophies! Since the demo game "Kara" was released back in 2012, I was looking forward to what it was to become. And it turned out awesome! I needed 3 playthrough's for this. The first one with how I should decide the events. Wich was pretty decent since only "SPOILER ALERT" The other playtroughs were done with the help of a guide. Off all three games (Heavy Rain, BEYOND & DETROIT), I like Heavy Rain still a bit more but DETROIT has a solid 2nd place for sure! I wonder what gem will be next, QuanticDream.
  9. I follow the pacifist playthrough in the game's guide section. I did exactly everything the guide sais, but somehow in "Last Chance, Connor", I don't have enough evidence so I'm being transported for a shutdown wich voids the trophy. I don't even get any choices, I'm just being transported without the ability to do or say anything. 🤔. Guess the Survivors trophy will be a 3rd playthrough. 😞 !SPOILER ALERT!
  10. #46 - A Way Out All The Ways Out Collect all trophies Normally, I'm an offline game player. But I really enjoyed playing this game! I also do hope that other developers are going to create co-op only games like this aswell, as I really liked playing online with a friend. Something I didn't do in the past 5 years. I even bought a headset, lol. Trophywise, it's a little bit a letdown. Way to easy. 😅 But it's definitely worth it's money.
  11. I really like this game too. I hope they've started a hype so other developers follow the co-op experience more often. :-)
  12. Weird so many people need so many tries. I got it on my 15th attempt I guess, but after 14 times I searched some info and then I've read somewhere to skip the intro, lol. So when I finally knew I needed to skip the intro I got it on the first attempt.
  13. Is proud of his Ultra Rare platinum trophies.
  14. I've bought the game and I have 1 friend and 1 collegue at work that want to play the game with me (feeling famous, lol), can I play with them both on separate playthroughs or can I only play with one at a time ? It's because the co-worker has kids and such, and is not available most of the time, but I started the game already with him. I don't wanna tell him i'm going to complete it with someone else because I have to wait too long, lol. And I don't want to tell the other one he can play with me in 2 months or so.
  15. Had a break from gaming. I have those moments from time to time, lol. Maybe it's because I have way to many to still play. But anyway, today I earned my next platinum trophy. #45: Batman: The Enemy Within I Am the Night Completed Batman: The Enemy Within I liked this season more than Season 1. Probably because of the whole Joker thing, a character I missed in the first season. It's one's again your average Telltale game, wich means 1/10 difficulty. But that doesn't make it a bad game in my opinion. :-) I'm curious how the ending is going to affect season 3. (if there will be a 3rd season anyway)