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  1. It is and I don't see anything wrong about it. If Konami joins the emulation then you might see that Yu Gi Oh game at some point, if there's no license problems that is.
  2. I guess since it only took a month for the PSVR to approach both Oculus and Vive's sales there, while they were on the market for more than 6 months now, that's why they chose that title. Anyways as stated in both the title and article this is only about the UK's sales, not taking into account the sales from other countries.
  3. Both the Oculus and Vive have been on the market since months before the PSVR was released (Oculus and Vive: March/April. PS VR: October -last month-) and the article states "early UK PlayStation VR sales numbers is already approaching the combined installed base of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive". Which means, the PSVR is selling faster than those two there.
  4. But we care about trophies and platinums, which you don't get with BC. I haven't bought any PS1 or PS2 Classic on PS3 for this reason, 'cause I've already played them and I didn't felt like buying them again since they didn't came with anything new. Now that PS2 games on PS4 are getting trophy/platinum support among other features, I'm buying them again.
  5. Still its really odd that you haven't seen any of this PS2 trophy lists up on the site before, unless you didn't knew that those games were PS2 games. Or didn't knew about this thread with more than 900 replies which was created 11 months ago and it states that they come with trophies: Only PS1 and PS2 Classics on PS3 didn't had trophies, but since Sony started releasing PS2 games for the PS4 on December 5, 2015 all of them comes with trophies, 1080p resolution, and other new features. Hopefully we get more good ones soon, and hopefully Sony starts doing a similar PS1 emulation on PS4 at some point.
  6. You didn't even knew? ._. the PS2 emulation has been on PS4 for nearly a year now. It started on December last year and there are nearly 40 PS2 games already released on PS4 with trophy/platinum support. You can see a full list of them here: It surprises me you've never heard about it or saw the PS2PS4 section on the PS Store, or any PS2 game on the Latest Games section of it. Unless I didn't understood your message.
  7. Yeah but I think he meant PS1 emulation, like how Sony is doing PS2 emulation now. Since remasters are more expensive and takes more time to be made there won't be too many PS1 games getting proper remasters on PS4 unless they are really popular (like the PS2 remasters that were released on PS3). So since an emulation takes little money investment and it can be done rather quickly that's why they can bring even un-popular or not so requested games and still make profits out of them just by selling some copies.
  8. Sony has already confirmed that the Crash Bandicoot PS1 trilogy will be remastered. Since there's no PS1 emulation as of now on PS4 this thread is somewhat pointless but oh well hopefully they'll do it at some point.
  9. It's not fanboyism. Is just that he never shares positive news like Supa said. And there were plenty of them too, not just bad stuff. 1 positive thread every 20 negative ones... But like the moderator said this is off-topic. I kind of wanted to get an Xbox One now but after getting so used to all this "Platinum" stuff I just can't see myself going back to Xbox lol
  10. ^ This. On-topic: I used to be an Xbox 360 user and jumped straight to PS4 so I never bought a Vita or a PS3, kind of wanted to...
  11. That's good, although Resi Zero is still an amazing game and a very good Survival Horror! it's also very important for the Resident Evil storyline, so you should definitely play it after the remake!
  12. What Devil_Spooky said is true, prequels have high chances to have spoilers since they are created after the original game is released. I also recommend to always play your games by release like Spooky said, also 'cause gameplay wise is harder to go back to an older gameplay style if you play a sequel or a prequel first and then you decide to play an older entry of said franchise. And I agree, RE1 remake is way better than RE0. So I recommend you to play RE1 first and then continue with 0, Kat. Code Veronica will probably be their highest priority to remaster again, although you forgot to mention both Resident Evil: Chronicles. Don't know if they are going to remaster them but if Capcom wants to continue with remasters so badly then you never know. Both Outbreak were highly requested on their Facebook's account with its MP online support enabled, and I think they are going to have great success with them if they decide to remaster them actually, since both Outbreak combines the excellent success they had with the Survival Horror RE1 remake remaster and they have multiplayer support which might attract many players, probably whoever liked Resi 5, 6 and Operation Raccoon City's multiplayer aspect.
  13. I clearly said "this remasters are giving them tons of easy money" (referring to all the recent Resident Evil remasters they have been releasing), I wasn't talking about their new games. I know Umbrella Corps was a complete failure. Erm but then you're confusing remaster with remake? since RE1 from GameCube and the new version of RE2 are remakes, while all the other ones are remasters that were given a 1080p treatment and more framerate. And this is what Capcom is aiming for with their statement: more "1080p re-releases", not remakes.
  14. But this remasters are being made by Capcom only, Sony didn't asked them to remaster their games.
  15. It does, since apparently some people specifically complains that the PS4 gets too much remasters, when in reality 90% of them are being released on other platforms too. That's true, but you can't blame them for doing so sadly, they are getting easy money and that's what every company wants, more money with little money investment.