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  1. Nice. I just hope it's not an absoulte trash to play like the previous ones. it was the worst game I've played in terms of bugs, glitches and freezes.
  2. nice guide! I started Dakar 18 not long time ago (US) and the game is often absolutely unplayable. It crashes/freezes a lot. Sometimes invisible barriers totally destroy your car out of the blue or rocks in ant size. oh, and the helicopter. where you hit something and suddenly you fly over the map. It's really frustrating to play it. Concerning playing competitor/legend with the truck: I tried now with v1.0 but the AI is still not that bad. This casserole with tires has no power to move over dunes. You managed to win every stage with that thing? I won every stage in Peru with the Duster and the patched/online version. And it's really, like really really hard to beat the AI. Not only because of the times, but they can do whatever they want. I saw them entering speed zones / villages (mostly sainz) with full speed in superman manner and at the end screen they don't even receive a penalty for it. they never change a single tire, even when I'm obligated to do it after a 500km stage. How should I beat them when I need to slow down but they can keep the speed? Or when you need to go off-track over those little dunes where rocks hide behind every plant, so you drive carefully. The AI rushes with full speed through it. And even when I follow them on the exact same path, my car will be destroyed sooner or later. It's impossible to keep up with AI like that. Really frustrating. maybe I will go back to 1.0 and try the truck. But after testing it on competitor 1.0 the truck is really slow and the AI is always catching up. I just tried the dunes in Peru and not later stages with it. Is it possible to not get 1st in one stage and repeat it later and still get the trophy for winning every stage? here's a beautiful example how the AI rushes into a crowd (which for us would be a direct expulsion). Sainz continued the race without any penalty at the end:
  3. alright, I popped both unobtainable trophies. I received the US disc first, so I used a blank account and installed it without a patch. in case the game is absolute unplayable or the trophies just glitch I could just delete it. now, after racing the whole thing in rookie diff, I was doing the artifacts at the same time. playing the v1.0 means you need to unlock the treasure hunt by completing dakar mode. after a lot of painful hours..... really painful hours... I was able to complete dakar mode, even when the game was running like trash and almost crashing towards the end of the mode. I was able to find all treasures after 20 hours of searching the locations, because the marked spots on the map are just wrong. really wrong. there are some guides, but you still need to search for the right spot. not shown in all videos. and even then, treasures appear random and really hard to find. here comes the other side, while unlocking the buggy trophies, the other ones (like finding the mask, supays or whatever) DIDN'T unlock during the time. I need to redo the whole trash again. but this time I hope the patched version runs smoother.
  4. When I open the game and click on treasure hunt, every stage is accessible. Are there no collectibles to pick directly (before doing the series) or why is that already unlocked? I thought to do the treasure trophies offline with disc and then delete the savefile and starting over with a fresh patched game. this game sounds like a lot of pain to do.
  5. I assume we need to collect all artifacts with v1.0 because of the buggy one. well, let's hope it works. the rest can be done with the patched game. Is the savegame compatible between the v1.0 and later the patched one?
  6. great, I ordered the US disc to get these trophies out of the way ☹️ is it possible to play treasure hunter offline? In case of trouble I delete the progress and don't touch the game anymore.
  7. thank you. I'm going to take a look at it. I heard about that, but never tested it. I think driving around in circles with rubberband is risky since the uneven ground can change your course. Need to figure out what the best way is. thank, appreciate your help.
  8. ok, thanks! I don't have that, need to test something else. maps are limited and you can easily flip, like you said. I forgot to ask, it has to be multiplayer right?
  9. can I ask how you idled the km's? is there a way to use a turbo or rubberband?
  10. After more than 200h and finally popping the trophy I can confirm again. 500 races with the SAME car. It doesn't matter if career, online or quick-races. stick to ONE car for the whole game once you have a fast one. I have more than 1400 races counting every mode.....
  11. I'm playing the game since yesterday and I'm trying to speedrun without saving. I made it two times to the tyrant, but I died. So this is my third run. I have the herb-glitch activated. But I didn't receive the trophies for the gold lugers, gettin the medicin and meeting wesker. Already played three times to those points. I even tried to pick up the gold lugers from the wall and putting them back before I died. No trophy. Now my question is: is that a games glitch or is that the activated glitch? (I'm playing on my PS4 Pro) (btw the missable trophy for receiving encourangement from a lady did unlock) Since the guides says those are story-related trophies (medicin is optional but I did that), I want to avoid later the "impossible-trophy-order-unlock-discussion". I already searched for it, but I can't find informations about that problem. EDIT: I beat the tyrant - no trophy. But I received the one for beating Nosferatu. (hope you understand my translated english) FINAL EDIT: it seems my ps4 totally broke the file and by testing it even other stuff. but earning some random trophies. I tried it 3 times to unlock the missing trophies without success. I even started a new game with rocket launcher and no activated glitch but it didn't help. Then I uploaded my file to the cloud and tried it on my PS5. No success. Then I deleted the game and the save file on the ps4. Then it happened: my ps4 started giving me the "xx will be logged out of the ps4 because an error has ocurred NP-32091-5" two times. Then I wasn't able anymore to launch the game resulting in corrupted game and savedata. Now I did a fresh start on the ps5 and the gold lugers unlocked finally after 4 tries. now my trophy list is a total chaos. anyway, I made videos of everything that happened, in case of later discussions. It's not the first time my ps4 corrupted a save file after this error message, but now it affects a game which looks totally not legit.