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  1. I already managed to get my hands on a certified item. I appreciate it though.
  2. Looking to trade for a certified item for the trophy. If you're interested, in exchange I'm willing to offer the Aftershock wheels, the Sanchez DC-137 wheels, and/or the Sad Strawberry topper.
  3. The collection was released before The Final Season and doesn't contain it, so my guess is that the publisher didn't want people accidentally purchasing it thinking they would be getting all four seasons. The Definitive Edition was released after The Final Season and thus had all four seasons plus 400 Days, Michone, and bonus artwork/music/character model gallery you can look at. If you want the trophies from the collection specifically you'll have to find a physical copy.
  4. Yes, there is a US disc version, a US digital version, an EU disc version, and an EU digital version. They all have their own trophy stacks, yet utilize the same save system.
  5. Twisted Metal
  6. I'm already on here under my old PSN name. My name used to be PantherPilot97. I've completed every Uncharted game, including Golden Abyss, 1 (twice), 2 (twice), 3 (also twice), 4, Lost Legacy, and Fight for Fortune.
  7. Nice! I thought it was delisted.
  8. Poker Night at the Inventory 2 I enjoyed it on PC but it's been delisted on PS3, so unless I use someone else's PSN to download it I'll never get any trophies for it.
  9. Skyrim. I always encounter a bug that breaks a quest or something and it pisses me off enough that I've stopped playing it on console.
  10. That was literally my reaction when I realized it wasn't there
  11. I discovered one of my favorite songs through this game when I first played it many years ago. It was in the 400 days DLC for season 1, when Russel gets in Nate's truck he's playing Walk Among the Cobras by Dan Sartain. I love that song. But I guess there must have been some licensing issues with the "definitive edition" because it's not there anymore. 0 out of 5 stars completely unplayable. I'm mostly joking, but I am actually legitimately disappointed.
  12. Metal Gear Solid 3
  13. I've completed all three circles of slaughter but the trophy did not pop. If anyone knows what I should do to fix this I would greatly appreciate it.