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  1. Thanks for the info ☺️
  2. Sign me up for Subject!
  3. I'm on my second play through of Golden. Hope to have that plat soon. Not sure I will ever play the Arena games.
  4. Ready for an upgrade to the Great Seal. I have the plat for P5 and Dance all night.
  5. Sorry forgot to answer about the emblem. Futaba emblem please.
  6. Add me please. I have P5 plat.
  7. I really like P5 and Futaba but Golden is still my favorite. 😀 Just kept thinking Ryuji is no Kanji.
  8. I loved the game but I'm a big fan of the Persona series. I'm on my second run of Golden. Futaba ftw.
  9. knights of the old republic