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  1. I bought it for the same reason. For some reason, your character will stop running and just walk when using a ps5 controller. No idea why. I have a dualshock 3, but it sucks so much using it.
  2. Greetings from four years into the future! This is mainly for anyone else who's also wondering this. No, just collect the master bricks. I don't even think you have to collect all characters.
  3. Are their certain gwent cards that are still missable seven years later? Haven't played in a while and I'm just curious if CDPR have made it so that no cards are missable or if I need to follow a guide again.
  4. WOW. Ok, so apparently I did get a voucher and I must have used it right when I got village and just forgot. Went to my library in the ps app and it was there. Why the hell would it be hidden???
  5. Pretty sure its just the basic version. I mean I didn't get a voucher with mine. I'm certainly not buying the game again just to play a basic multiplayer game. Thought it would've come with the rose dlc.
  6. Is this not available on PS5? I found it on the store but the only options I have there are wishlist and follow. When I bought RE Village, there was no voucher in the case. Apparently, you also need a Capcom ID. Why is this game so difficult to aquire?
  7. You mean of the dust?
  8. God, I hate the whole "its fun with a friend." Yeah, playing with a bag of shit with your friends is more fun than by yourself too. Its such a poor excuse. If you can't enjoy a game by yourself, its trash. So yeah, re6 is the absolute worst of the franchise. I LOVE re5. I've played them both for the first time in the past few months, and re5 is far superior. It felt like Capcom was still trying when they made re5.
  9. It's been crashing for me on mission start, usually. I just finished a mission, though, so it isn't every time.
  10. Have the devs said anything about a patch soon? It really needs it. I crashed multiple times in Bay City while going over the GG Bridge.
  11. It might have been easily done within the first few days of launch, but now its straight up impossible. Too much time has passed. You'd just have to be lucky and hope to get a noob team of survivors.
  12. I can't even get a win as a demon, anymore. I max out all my skills and there's always one survivor just sitting around at the final two minutes of the match. The spawn time for portals are way too long. Nope, no one left.
  13. I never summoned a boss demon. I won and didn't get the trophy. This sucks because it isn't exactly easy to do in the first place.
  14. It still needs a bit of polishing, though. Quality of life improvements and such. Otherwise, the core gameplay is good.
  15. I'm so sick of buying games on release. They're always buggy pieces of shit. Exact same thing is happening to me.