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  1. Personally, I mostly just wanted the better hardware to cut down the load times. I'm perfectly happy with my purchase.
  2. I'm stuck on the very first mission of Truth Quest called Chase Champion. Its telling me to swim through rings when there are none. I'm at the exclamation point where the mission is supposed to be, but there's nothing. Is it not just the trophies that are bugged, but the dlc itself?
  3. Trophy didn't pop for me.
  4. I loaded up a match to get "the one and only" trophy, a two major bugs happened. First thing I noticed was that neither of my squad mates were attacking the enemies(wrex and grunt). Then, during the second round, enemies stopped spawning. Luckily, the game got the hint and just eneded the round, moving to round 3. Really annoying. Edit: After finishing the match, the trophy didn't pop. Wtf is up with this mode???
  5. Anyone know what this could be? All I have access to are reytracing and balanced.
  6. The emperor trophy is the only thing keeping me from getting this game. Not EVEN going to attempt that crap. 😒
  7. Are the car thefts and assassinations required for the challenge trophy?
  8. Is this trophy still bugged? I've been running around in the trees like crazy the past few weeks.
  9. Mordin can randomly die during the suicide mission even if everyone is loyal and you pick appropriate squad mates for each role during the mission. Its some randomized bullshit. I'd suggest sending him to escort your crew back to the Normandy so he doesn't die.
  10. Sweet! Thanks guys. 👌🏻
  11. Anyone know if the free PS5 upgrade will have a separate trophy list? Its probably too early to tell, but maybe someone has some info on this?
  12. Is anyone else having trouble with the torch puzzles? I've wasted twenty minutes on the one in the dungeon where the sarcophagus is. They just never light, no matter how close I get the torches to the fire. Is there a trick to it or what?
  13. I've collected way more than 15 relics. Do the relics that require you to find multiple pieces of that relic only count as one relic?
  14. Thanks for not telling us what you did to fix it. I'm trying to go back and get the dlc trophies, as well, but I can't download Blood and Wine.
  15. Apparently, this is a known bug where you can't give Hytham the last of your Order medallions. Has something to do with playing the story out of order. Am I screwed after 120 hours of playing? Am I really going to have to restart this crap? Also, I've completed the story and killed every order member including zealots. Still nothing.