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  1. well I don't know anything about ffxv but I highly doubt that they're going to remove the mp from the main game, for one obvious reason: they make the mp standalone because it's dead. the playerbase isn't even remotely as high as the one in gta online. this is most likely going to be the same like that black ops 3 multiplayer only version that activision released back in the day. the exact same multiplayer, nothing changed nothing added only that you can buy the mp alone without the singleplayer (who in their right mind would want to do that??) for a cheaper price.
  2. Gotta disagree. My account was hijacked once and support helped me get him back in about 5 minutes. they also helped me turning off my old broken consoles primary status multiple times. Sonys support is probably the only one in my life that didn't make me feel like an idiot.
  3. The problem with this is that it's most likely just a matter of time until you have to reach out to support on your new account again. You should try to think less about any of this, it may be difficult but you don't have to be afraid of anything, these people most likely want to keep their jobs so it's highly unlikely they're going to fuck with your account, furthermore they probably don't even remember you calling in the first place.
  4. I'm not sure why contacting support would affect your relation to your account in any way, I really don't. Hundreds of people call support every day these people you've spoken with 100% already forgot about you. If you mean that you can't reach out to support because of anxiety, you're not alone with this. It takes me a lot to reach out to them aswell but all my experience with them has been very positive. Now again, why would that make you want to create a new account?
  5. the trials, as far as I know have to be done while playing through the normal game, depending on what the requirements are you don't necessarily have to play from the beginning (at least I think, don't quote me on it). the rest of the trophies are earned during the dlc.
  6. As far as I know the dlc trophies are only included in the base game list
  7. Guess it's just worms for me for now then. Thanks for the input
  8. how does jc4 compare to 3? I've completed 3 and the plat was so frustrating imo
  9. Well no matter what your decision will be, remember that there are only 2 months left.
  10. at the part where you're supposed to meed up with gladys you need to talk to Udom who will send you to sophia, the first quest you get from her is for The Cartographer. Not sure if you need to kill the target but just to be sure do it.
  11. I'm not trying to spread optimism but dice did fix the globetrotter trophy on bf5 about a week ago.
  12. play empire, use aiden versio, 100+ kills minimumn guaranteed. Edit: Playing coop empire on the maps Jabbas palace and Coaxium mines there are certains spots where bots are constantly going to rush your position and you can just spam the L2 attack to kill groups of enemies over and over again. in jabbas palace you just have to make sure that the enemies take over your command posts when time is running out.
  13. What difficulty did you play on?
  14. I'm normally not into turn based or jrpgs that much and still love the franchise, mainly because the soundtrack is so goddamn awesome. Take Over is probably one of the sickest battle themes I've ever heard. and even though it's turn based it's addicting as fuck with the addition of baton bass, all out attacks, criticals and so on. playing on the highest difficulty makes you feel like a fragile god having insane damage output while also having to watch your moves because one mistake can lead you back to your last checkpoint. it's sooo much fun I'm not kidding. I got to lvl 99 (max level) on my first playthrough compared to level 65 or something on the original game. I know most people played the game for it's story and character (or more like dating sim aspects) but for me it was the gameplay and soundtrack that sold me (the story is also pretty good ofc). And again, i can't praise the soundtrack enough. listen to it, seriously.
  15. I'd suggest just trying to play on the difficulty, it really isn't that hard especially when you have a friend/boosting partner