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  1. Wait, in case you're doing the plat isn't that a good thing? You can prettymuch skip matches as much as you want as it seems
  2. The game would be much less tedious without the classic sonic stages. I despise everything about them. I already hated them in generations and here they are 100 times worse. Especially the goddamn time trials in them. I would advice everyone who isn't sure of playing the game to just skip it. Saves major headache.
  3. What call of duty do you mean? I have played all cod games on veteran since cod4 and all of them weren't near as hard as this game, seriously. I know this is an old comment but Jesus Christ is this game difficult
  4. It's basically a movie not really a game
  5. Infamous! love the game but the plat is just too tedious for me.
  6. some people just aren't interested in sports games. great that you think the game is good but if i didn't like nba2k before i doubt it would change my mind playing this game.
  7. Against public opinion i would love for sony to return to lesser known games. This war of mine is my favorite ps+ game so far and also one of my favorite ps4 games. Same with cities skylines and tropico. most games they released the last few months i already owned or weren't my taste.
  8. You know, people tend to complain if they are forced to pay for a subscription just to play online. If you want us to pay up at least give us something that's worth the money.
  9. Erica seems to be interesting even though it looks more like a movie than a game. but come on a sports game for the 10th anniversary of ps plus, really?
  10. I don't want to go too deep into this discussion, but I hope you know that not everyone who has problems with the game is a homophobe.
  11. even though I'm not a fan of the route this games overall story takes I really don't see the point of this post.
  12. I did it online with a friend. I'm not even sure if the game has any splitscreen
  13. Thats great News! Lets hopeit gets fixed in the next update
  14. Nothing about the achievement was mentioned in the patchnotes. Although I have no high hopes it would be great if they actually fix this.
  15. You can leave a comment here https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/Re-issues-from-last-update/m-p/9248374#M27526 I already messaged several people at dice, no response so far