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  1. There is one thing I'd prefer - instead of those 2 merging together, give me the option to pay for ps now, have the games of that and be able to play other games online like in ps plus. I hate ps plus and would much rather pay for ps now. Not gonna do both though and I need the online functions.
  2. Never played the first but loved postal 2 minus apocalypse weekend. Can't wait to try it
  3. seems like it. They probably switched out the original version with bedrock only on the store.
  4. I think that a refund is the most logical option here. For people that want to wait as I've seen in the comments here you can refund it for your full money and buy it later at a cheaper price when the issues have been fixed.
  5. yes. you also need to buy the dlcs as 2 of the 3 sniper assassin maps are not apart of the main game.
  6. That's because experiences differ from person to person. You may have nothing to complain about, but the majority of players obviously do.
  7. Or maybe they should make a realistic deadline so they don't have to delay the game multiple times and not have to release it broken. like c'mon the moment they decided to delay the game to december they should've known that it's not going to be enough time. game could've needed another month or 2 easily.
  8. It absolutely is. Not just because of the mgs franchise but because you can also get other games dirt cheap these days. I bought max Payne 3 for litteraly 1,40€ on eBay.
  9. Hard agree. This War of mine to this day is still my favourite plus title I've ever gotten. Sadly, a lot disagree with that statement. It's either triple A or nothing for most.
  10. Better than last year, that's for sure. Started out really strong and got worse over time with some highs inbetween. December was easily the worst imo. And that after shadow of war last month, one of my favourite plus games this year.
  11. it is kinda disappointing not gonna lie. But hitman is pretty much my favourite franchise so I can look past it. also the only franchise I have complete 100% for, that's a good trade for me.
  12. well I don't know anything about ffxv but I highly doubt that they're going to remove the mp from the main game, for one obvious reason: they make the mp standalone because it's dead. the playerbase isn't even remotely as high as the one in gta online. this is most likely going to be the same like that black ops 3 multiplayer only version that activision released back in the day. the exact same multiplayer, nothing changed nothing added only that you can buy the mp alone without the singleplayer (who in their right mind would want to do that??) for a cheaper price.
  13. Gotta disagree. My account was hijacked once and support helped me get him back in about 5 minutes. they also helped me turning off my old broken consoles primary status multiple times. Sonys support is probably the only one in my life that didn't make me feel like an idiot.
  14. The problem with this is that it's most likely just a matter of time until you have to reach out to support on your new account again. You should try to think less about any of this, it may be difficult but you don't have to be afraid of anything, these people most likely want to keep their jobs so it's highly unlikely they're going to fuck with your account, furthermore they probably don't even remember you calling in the first place.
  15. I'm not sure why contacting support would affect your relation to your account in any way, I really don't. Hundreds of people call support every day these people you've spoken with 100% already forgot about you. If you mean that you can't reach out to support because of anxiety, you're not alone with this. It takes me a lot to reach out to them aswell but all my experience with them has been very positive. Now again, why would that make you want to create a new account?