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  1. I've been trying for an hour on easy setting using the examples given above but for some god damn reason Nate always does a multiple fist combo. Any ideas?
  2. F*ck I switched down on one of the later levels because I got tired of one stage being a bit on the rough side...
  3. Just beat it on easy and can't see a new difficulty setting in the menu. 😰
  4. Is superhuman difficulty to beat the game on hard. Or is there a difficulty setting above hard that you unlock by beating it on hard?
  5. So rumors about un-obtainable trophies are completely false?
  6. Can someone please confirm that new game++ works on TLOU. I need a third playthrough to upgrade all weapons.
  7. So I've finished TLOU on grounded yesterday. So gonna start a new game+ on grounded now. When I start the game I can choose continue and it shows the prologue. But I can't see on there if its on Grounded+ settings. Should I use that option or start an entirely new game on grounded when I do that I don't get the new game+ option visually anywhere. My save game for my first grounded run now says prologue 0% complete, played for 6 hours 47minutes, collected 0 collectibles. I just want to be sure I don't screw up my saves because I've done that before on a play through and I still need the trophy for upgrading all the weapons. I saw this in another forum a post about the save having to still be registered on your old play through to be able to get your stuff from first play through to transfer to Joel on Grounded+.
  8. If someone needs a veteran I'm here. searching for someone in or around GMT +1 Timezone.
  9. What button am I supposed to mash when having terminated Madame and falling of the cliff with her to be able to beat her and land on my feet?
  10. If their reasons for the change is to get ppl to pay for perks/boosts why don't they charge for the DLC pack instead? I'd gladly have paid 5 bucks to play it with the old settings.
  11. The only PS console that supports the full speed increase of SATA III SSD drive is the PS4 Pro. All other versions are unfortunately capped by the SATA II hard disk interface. You'll probably still get a nice speed increase but it won't be the full SATA III SSD experience.
  12. Level up as many of the sh*t games I started playing before being trophy aware. I'm more cautious now to which games I let onto my system. Also just playing through games a lot more often (not 100%ing them).
  13. Jan 24th Update: Bagged the platinum in Uncharted 2. Had an issue were the Steel Fist Expert popped but didn't register so had to re-do it. Used the hanging from platform glitch on Lazarevich since I morally did spend enough time grinding him on hard setting. Edunstar: Just platinumed UC2 and think I might settle for a platinum. If I get bored I might go for some MP trophies as well.
  14. The First Resistance and a proper "real" TLOU remaster. The one we got is just an upscale of the PS3 version.
  15. Jan 19th Update Remember Me: Stuck at the Zorn boss fight. First played on a controller than was more broken than I knew, played for another hour with another controller but still stuck on it don't feel like playing it for now. Family Guy Back to the Multiverse: Tried getting the wave elimination trophies solo but gave up on the 30 wave one after failing three times on level 27. Will do a co-op attempt when my couch co-op buddy and I are gonna pluck the last stars trophy. Currently at 90%. Uncharted 2: On Chapter 21 on Crushing play through. Interested in seeing how much harder the blue guys are on crushing compared to hard. Currently 31 out of 48 trophies for the platinum. Uncharted 3: On Chapter 12 on Crushing play trough. I've actually took up some MP player boosting/playing also so currently going for a higher percentage than the platinum but I have a hard time seeing that I'll go for 100%. Currently at 54% without the Crushing/Platinum snagged.