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  1. Just finished the game and on my way to the final boss I farmed some equip and orbs I needed for the respective trophies. My last manual save was before I entered the Mana Fortress and since there's an auto-save feature, I didn't bother leaving the fortress again to save manually and planned to continue farming after defeating the final boss. However, the auto-save saves RIGHT AT THE BOSSFIGHT, which you can't leave, so, you can't use that file to continue unlocking trophies. I have to load my manual file now from before I entered the Mana fortress and so, I basically lost all my gear, orbs, XP etc. which I earned on my way to the final boss. My advice, if you get some rare stuff, I highly recommend to leave the fortress again and to save manually. Sorry if my text contains any grammar or spelling mistakes, english isn't my first language.
  2. Is it really possible to get the Watcher Ring from the Eggplant Man in the sub of the Underground City? I recieved the Ninja Gloves and the Cockatrice Helm quiet fast but spending hours already for the Watcher Ring. Can anyone confirm that its possible to get it in the Remake as well, not just on the SNES version? Forget what I said, I received the Watcher Ring now only a few minutes after I asked about crazy coincedence
  3. Yes, the mimic boxes appear as a regular chest first after you killed an enemy but when you try to open them, they attack you
  4. okay, I just checked the guide and its actually not that awful I did way worse alrady for a Platinum... Zombi... most awful game ever...
  5. Also started my playthrough back then on normal difficulty, was motivated to unlock the Platinum but then I noticed, I need a complete extra playthrough only for ability ace and stopped working torwards immediately. In general, the Kingdom Hearts trophy lists are ass in my opinion
  6. Finished the game now too and tbh, its lame, never watched the TV show and I never will. The game tried so hard to make everything look dramatic, the beginning was interesting but then it only felt orchestrated and predictable. The plots of Mira Forrester and Gared were even completely useless for the main plot, Mira's plot even were awfully boring and annoying, Im kinda glad she died. I love the Walking Dead games but this... no surprise it came for free on PSN
  7. I also think its kinda uneccesary to give Akuma such an important role but whats way worse is how unfair the special fight against him is. Since Tekken 5, the bosses could use some unfair techniques but this is over the top
  8. I have the same problem, it started as I compared my trophies to another person and suddenly, older games moved up in the list and they wont go down anymore. First I had the issue on PSN and then, also on this page of course. Even if I unlock new trophies and the game is supposed to be above cause of that, nothing changes. A bit bothersome indeed, especially if the game on top wont move. On PSN, my actual game is on top now again but not here on this page, its really weird
  9. Thank you, everything worked out fine
  10. Is it possible to get all souvenirs in one playthrought without getting spotted or to kill anyone? I mostly ask for chapter 4, the head of a clockwork soldier. I have to destroy one of them for it, is that possible without getting spotted?
  11. The game is pretty simple, probably the easiest one Ive ever played, I suggest you to start on survivor difficulty immeditaley to save time
  12. I just collected a complete different document in a complete different era of the main game and then suddenly, the trophy popped up... guess the other collectible forced the game to "check on" my overall collectibles and then, it "noticed" finally that I have them all... still, I would do a backup save, just to get sure... do a manual one, forget the automatic back up save
  13. The trophy for collecting all documents at the Baba Yaga DLC is glitched. I collected all of them, nothing happended...its suggested to make an alternate save file before collecting the last one, so, you can reload your save in case it wont show up... and Fuck you SquareEnix, this game is out nearly one year already, still it doesnt work properly... always the same with them...
  14. Hey Guys, does anyone of you know how to unlock the Hard Hitter trophy offline? Several trophy pages say you could beat the first one and then just quit and reload the stage but it doesnt work for me, has anyone an idea? Thank you for your answers Greetings