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  1. Happened to me too, if you view your trophies in offline mode you will see the trophy is indeed on the system. For some unknown reasons in rare instances it doesn't sync instantly.
  2. Bye bye! Doom, Prey, Dishonored, Wolfenstein, Fallout etc.
  3. Great read. A lot of hard games done already, I'm looking forward to following your progress. Good luck with this monumental task, you got this!
  4. I posted a method in this thread how to find Patroclus in every run, just backup your save in the intermission area before starting Elysium. If you don't find him the first time, just reload your save and take another path. I found him every time using this method. You still need several runs to get through all the dialogue.
  5. See my post above, I couldn't figure out how to add another quote, this worked for me and made is a lot faster.
  6. I think I figured out how to use save scum to make Patroclus spawn in every run, what you need to do is backup your save in the intermission area before starting Elysium. I believe Patroclus is always in the area, you just roll the dice and hope you take the right path. I had six runs today with no luck, and it was beginning to annoy me. Then I decided to save before Elysium starts, if he didn't show up I reloaded my save and took another path and he would eventually show, it only took 2-3 tries. And it worked every time for me, when doing this trick I was able to find him every time. After I found this method it took me and hour to complete the quest. Hope this helps everyone who is struggling with this annoying trophy. I don't know if it was pure RNG luck, so it would be nice if anyone could confirm. I haven't seen anything about this in any guide.
  7. #555: Sayonara Wild Hearts Dificulty 5/10 Enjoyment 10/10 A dreamy arcade music based action game, where you progress through the levels in a variety of ways, skateboard, motorcycles, dance battles and shooting lasers to the rhythm of electropop. I never heard of this game, but a couple of friends recommended it, and I'm glad I decided to pick it up. It's a short moderately challenging plat, but it's a lot of fun. I recommend it to everyone interested in rhythm/action/runner type of games.
  8. Wuppo Enjoyment 6/10 Dificulty 8.5/10 Whoop whoop Wuppo plat! What a weird little game. It's a mix of genres, action adventure game, 2D platforming exploration with Metroidvania elements and twin stick shooter mechanics. The campaign was alright, although the collectiables were a pain. The 2nd part of the game is Boss Runs, this is IMO the best part of the game and it is where the dificulty comes from. Boss Run: Impossible lives up to its name and will take a LOT of tries to get done, you need both skill and luck to succeed.
  9. Dariusburst comes to mind, PSN rarity 13.1%, PSNP 0.5%.
  10. Yep I agree with you 100%, Crypt is of scale. What I meant, is that more games can be considered 10/10, because of how the scale works.
  11. In a 1-10 scale, the norm is using whole numbers in polls and dificulty ratings, that means every game that rates 9.5 and above would be considered a 10, right?
  12. Because of the undermining of the trophy system, with all the endless stacks of EZPZ 10 minute plat games. The Ultra Rare trophies/plats means more to me now than ever. URs keep trophy hunting fun/challenging, now that the normal leaderboard is broken.
  13. Lots of cool stuff, and great the vertical trophy lists are back. Still no VRR implementation is however disappointing.
  14. Rocket League 40%