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  1. I hope we will be able to buy the dlc as regular dlc. Don't get me wrong I love the game, I also played 200+ hrs on Switch, I just don't want to get all the crowns again.
  2. I was actually hoping for a regular dlc list. There is no way I'm going for the crowns again.
  3. Bulletstorm Dead Echo Enjoyment 8 Dificulty 4 This was the second time I played Bulletstorm, I loved it on PS3 and it was a nice revisit and a lot of fun.
  4. Great game, unfortunately you can't save scum to reroll agents or items for that matter... The key to success in this game is cloak cloak cloak
  5. Not even close to being a 9, it's a 7 at most.
  6. 1. Dead Cells 2. Rogue Legacy 3. Velocity 2X Honorable mentions Hotline Miami Guacamelee Bloodstained RotN
  7. RE2 is the best Resident evil game I have ever played. But I ended up doing six playthroughs which is to much. I know it can be done in four. The game as a survival horror game, does everything right, the scares, and the limited saves hardcore runs are intense. A lot of people love RE7, I agree to some extend, I loved everything about it in the first half in the Baker residence, but the later part on the ship is not nearly as good.
  8. I'm not sure I want to put myself through the torture trying to complete this game. Feel free to add me if you want, then maybe just maybe I'll complete it someday in a distant future lol. Although it was a late reply, I was acutrally just acknowledging people answered my question
  9. I know it been ages since I posted this. Thank you for the input, and for confirming it is not glitched. Maybe I'll get back to the game someday, I usually complete what I start, but I really don't like the RNG in this game.
  10. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Dificulty 4/10 Enjoyment 10/10 What a gem! A game for everyone who like Metriodvania type games
  11. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Overlord Man this game is great, I'm so glad I decided to play it. If you like Metroidvania games you'll love Bloodstained RotN.
  12. Bioshock! It was great on PS3 and it's just as good on PS4
  13. I wanted to post one of my proudest plats Trackmania Turbo, but got two platinums in the meantime Worms Battlegrounds plat #470 Not a fun game, bad controlls and a very long campain is the reson the platinum is ultra rare. Magicka plat #469 A ton of fun and ultra rare trophies, not to dificult if you have a good team. TMT plat #468 An amazing game and a very dificult plat
  14. I got the platinum a few days ago. Black valley is the most difficult series in the game, but I didn't find 180 to be the most difficult, I acturally liked the track. The most difficult track in the game is 178 imo, and it was the track that took me the longest to gold (7 hrs). Overall I enjoyed valley, the buggy is my favorite car, maybe that's why it didn't feel so bad. On the other hand I didn't enjoy Canyon and found the tracks 161, 167 and 169 very difficult, I also remember a few Lagoon tracks that were tough. Dificulty 9/10
  15. Agree, no need to delete trophies. The option to delete trophies would make me nervous. Years of trophy hunting could be deleted if another person access your account and delete all the trophies. Hide your trophies is definitely the best option.