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  1. Dusting of the VR headset with Borderlands 2 VR Dificulty 3/10 Enjoyment 8/10 What an amazing experience to play this game in VR, it's does however require some persistence to get through an 80 hour game in VR. The aim mechanics works great, you aim where you look, it made critical hits very easy. Overall Borderlands 2 is fun as always, but very long for VR. And I have to mention Thumper Dificulty 6/10 Enjoyment 10/10 Although this can be played both with and without VR, I would strongly recommend playing in VR. It's so much fun, the sound colors and speed is amazing in VR. The game is also significantly easier in VR.
  2. Sekiro has a high completion percentage compared to the other Souls games, not because the game is easier, but because you can cheese almost every boss in the game.
  3. lol platted all four games... Twice!
  4. To get 100% a VR headset is required.
  5. Trackmania Turbo: 0.61% My rarest plat this year. Wolfenstein 2 - The New Colossus: 0.72% My proudest plat this year.
  6. I killed way more than 50 pigs before it popped. First I killed over 50 with melee crouched, when It didn't pop, I tried using a gun and killed over 50. It did however unlock in the end, I had my companions with me and maybe that's the reason why every kill didn't count.
  7. Wow! I would have liked to have known this a week ago, that dog ride in the Gunslinger Joe dlc vol 1 was so annoying and resulted in a lot of retries.
  8. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Dificulty 9/10 Enjoymemt 10/10 Wolfenstein 2 is an amazing game. The "Mein Leben" trophy is in my opinion, what places the game at the very top of great shooters. The tension of a Mein Leben playthrough is something I never experienced with a game before, and because of it the platinum has become one of the great ones. The game itself is a lot of fun, great gunplay, story and characters.
  9. I just got the trophy. Thank you for a great video, I helped me out a lot
  10. I hope we will be able to buy the dlc as regular dlc. Don't get me wrong I love the game, I also played 200+ hrs on Switch, I just don't want to get all the crowns again.
  11. I was actually hoping for a regular dlc list. There is no way I'm going for the crowns again.
  12. Bulletstorm Dead Echo Enjoyment 8 Dificulty 4 This was the second time I played Bulletstorm, I loved it on PS3 and it was a nice revisit and a lot of fun.
  13. Great game, unfortunately you can't save scum to reroll agents or items for that matter... The key to success in this game is cloak cloak cloak
  14. Not even close to being a 9, it's a 7 at most.
  15. 1. Dead Cells 2. Rogue Legacy 3. Velocity 2X Honorable mentions Hotline Miami Guacamelee Bloodstained RotN