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  1. I turned adaptive triggers off two weeks after I got the PS5. It definitely makes shooting and other stuff more difficult. It can be turned off in the PS menu so you don't have to use the ingame menu for every single game.
  2. I don't mind playing games with no death runs and no saves, but if it's prone to crashing it's a no go.
  3. It's not contantly crashing, but knowing it could happen is very off putting to me... Too bad it happened for you just before the final boss, hopefully you had your share of bad luck.
  4. If the game doesn't work on the platform, don't release it period. And now we are waiting for an OS update for who knows how long. I really hope Housemarque will focus on fixing the problem instead of blaming the firmware.
  5. Have a look at this thread if you haven't already, it has a great video and very useful information. Good luck with the runs.
  6. It has been patched, you can now save and resume, there is a post about it here on psnp.
  7. You can stay hidden all the time in the trash can, you just have to position yourself just right. It's been a long time since I did it, but in the right position your character is slightly lower than in the wrong position. Great easy skips I used, Section F, Boston Bunker skip (use the box all the way to the left to do the skip, you can't get stuck here). Another very useful and easy skip, that is not mentioned here is the Venus pipe skip that lets you skip a large part of the first Venus section and of course the conveyor skip. Great safe strats for combat, the roof in Section F just before the skip, the barrel in Penthouse and a very useful strat for one of the last fights in the game, just before the elevator leading to the top of the Ausmerzer there is a big fight with two robot dogs and a lot of enemies. Right after climbing the latter, run straight ahead and hide behind the boxes in the corner. This is making one of the hardest fights in the game very easy. I forgot, The Courtroom, a great strat is to stay under the table shooting the enemies with the mini gun.
  8. It's the three co-op trophies in the sniper maps.
  9. I do believe it had other issues with trophies on release? Anyway, still annoying having the game sitting on the shelf loosing value.
  10. This is getting very annoying. Lesson learned, don't buy IO games on release.
  11. Thank you @Smzthyy and @jorrybob for todays session, you guys are awesome!
  12. Please letterbox the PS5 icons! I've always thought PSNP had the most clean look of all the sites, now it looks messy.
  13. And it has a plat, great.
  14. This is amazing!
  15. I get your point, I still don't think Borderlands will give you any trouble regardless. There is no missable trophies or anything, of course you would have to look stuff up in guides, but it's not overwhelming or anything. The game is not to complex or grindy, but a lot of fun, especially in VR imo.