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  1. I'd buy it the second it's available. With trophies? Fuck yes.
  2. Can you add what each persona will itemize into? Messiah gives out an amazing armor for the female party members.
  3. I'm so glad I got this in the very last boss fight of the game.
  4. Persona 5!!! Can't freaking wait! Plan to pre-order Horizon Zero Dawn(maybe digital deluxe), Nier Automata, Tekken 7, and the Crash N.Sane Trilogy. That's everything I want this year so far.
  5. Here are the only times you should use it 1) Putting items away before the Happy Birthday puzzle as Ethan 2) Picking up items after said sequence 3) Picking up items as Ethan after the whole boat sequence Best to combine it with the speed run trophy and the no healing trophy. I just did it. Took me about 3 hours and 11 minutes.
  6. Can herbs still be used? Steroids?
  7. Cool. Thanks. That's what I wanted to know. I guess I should get to them at some point...
  8. But with if I already have both games downloaded on my Vita already (I do. They're just waiting to be played)? I just want to know if the content is any different between the versions.
  9. Both games share same Platinum? Should I play original games on Vita? What's the difference between this version and the Vita versions.
  10. Monster monpiece on the vita. The game gets repetitive and the writing isn't very good.
  11. Nier and Vanquish are two such games that come to mind. If you haven't played either of these then I suggest you do. They're both games definitely worth palying.
  12. Mercy for me. And it's totally not because I main her...
  13. Just want to say that if you haven't played the original Nier, please do so. It's a great game. Haven't played the demo yet but based on impressions it looks like it's going to be a damn fine game.
  14. Games I'm really want to get are Resident Evil 7 Horizon Zero Dawn Persona 5(look at my PSN avatar. That's how excited I am) Crash N. Sane Trilogy Spider-Man Nier Automata Red Dead Redemption Sequel Mass Effect Andromeda Tekken 7 Zero Escape: the Nonary Games That's it. I don't think I'm forgetting anything.
  15. Haqua ehh? Fantastic choice. Personally I would've chosen Chihiro but Haqua would be my second choice.