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  1. Any new 2018 games you have on your list? SotC? Monster Hunter? Kingdom Come?
  2. Glad to see this topic blew up
  3. Is PT at all playable if I never got it originally? Is there anyway to get PT if I didnt get it before it was pulled?
  4. Bump, any August games on your guys' must haves?
  5. bump
  6. cant tell if srs
  7. Can be a remaster or any type of game, dont have to be exclusives. What are your must haves for your PS4 collection?
  8. RIP your life if you let a virtual trophy dictate it. Kappa
  9. Updated it, for all the newcomers, close to 200 games now
  10. Completionist. Also rich because 430 games jesus
  11. Im working on Last of Us right now.
  12. PSN ID Ibracademy69 PS Systems PS4 Accepts Blank Friend Requests YES
  13. Mega update just happened. Now have close to 100 games. Enjoy
  14. No problem my man. Update incoming
  15. Lots of games on sale this week. List is updated to 72 games