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  1. No but a friend had. Had another friend say they did work. So I'm going to delete my post until someone else can confirm
  2. **deleted until further confirmation **
  3. Probably should set up a session instead of asking here. More likely to get it done there. Was just in a session yesterday for this.
  4. This only came out in January on PS4 if I remember right. I think there is a decent chance they will patch it. I would get them done ASAP just to be safe.
  5. Does this pop both trophies you reckon? Or do you need the one for 10 Generations and then this one for 26?
  6. I had to do it a few times to get it to pop. One thing I noticed is if a SIm is talking to another Sim, it won't register as watching the channel on TV. I think it ended up taking me three tries to get this to work. It's not glitched, just really fickle about what counts and what doesn't.
  7. That's not bad at all, I forgot about that method. The Vampire method took about 10 minutes total (half a day in game). But I would say it's not worth buying the DLC just to save 20 minutes. Only had it because the wife's such a fan of the series she gets the DLC when it's on sale.
  8. Thank you kindly, won't last long but it's fun to see it while it's there. I had been dreading this game for months, because my wife's been wanting me to do it but kept reading horror stories about it. Glad I checked in when I did, Everyone's tips were very helpful. Especially yours about Black Widow, as that was my last trophy to Plat.
  9. For folks asking about time to plat. I was able to do this in 9 hours, and that didn't include having families for Legacy grinding. I think if you are well prepared and have a vague understanding of the game, you can do this in 3-5 hours. My issue ran into figuring out how to kill Sims for the Black Widow trophy. (trait.equip_traits Laugh turns Sims to ghosts, but does not Kill them according to the game.) I had the Vampire DLC so I was able to turn them into Vampires (traits.equip_traits Trait OccultVampire) and lock them outside. I'm not sure the quickest way to do it without burning Sims. But other than that, everything else can be done with the families defined above. I applaud everyone involved in getting this setup in a timely manner. It's a massive game changer, and I think that rarity will go up significantly assuming EA doesn't patch this.
  10. Can confirm it works, excellent deal m8
  11. I was able to get online about a month ago, but wouldn't shock me if there was an issue. Terms and Conditions already don't work, so wouldn't surprise me if the rest of it went downhill. I can hop on later today and take a look and see if I have a similar issue.
  12. Level 50: Online Veteran - NASCAR '15 PS3
  13. Just an update for anyone looking to do this game. If you update the game to Victory Edition (1.05 I think), this bug seems have been fixed. I just got the 20 poles during Career Mode at Bristol. Didn't have to do Daytona on repeat to get this.
  14. Would check after each race to verify that you got the hole shot bonus. You guys probably are, but just wanted to remind. If you restart a race, you will lose said hole shot.
  15. No reason you can't, just a little slower than going using the "retire from event" glitch for custom tracks. But if you are struggling getting the hole shots in the races you have to do, it's definitely a viable option. I see you have most of the trophies now, glad it's working out. The thing with this game that most people want to do is mash the gas the whole time and that just doesn't work well in this game.