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  1. Keep in mind the kill and they revive as they die strategy only works for Blade. Smash and the other one you have to do blocks on will need to be blocked before they get revived.
  2. Yes, that's how I did it. Time the kill right, the person will get revived but the kill will still count. I was able to do 59 kills in a round with this method in 2v2. If boosting, Blade is the easiest for Mastery Level 5. If playing solo, Thief is.
  3. You need to make sure the person who is getting killed is running at you. They can't just be standing close to you. If you do it right, when you kill them, their dead body will land on the person needing to be revived. Thus reviving that person, while still counting as a Blocked Kill since the kill happened first. This will allow you to do several in a round. Keep in mind this only works on Blade Block Revives, not any of the other classes than have block revives.
  4. Actually worked weirdly for me. This is how the trophy popped when I did it. Chapter 1: 14/15 Chapter 2: 17/18 (I think it glitched.) 31/50 Chapter 3: 17/17 - 48/50 Chapter 1: 15/15 - 47/50 (awesome) Did chapter 1 again and the trophy popped on the last elevator. Definitely not working right, but at least its done.
  5. Hit the TouchPad to pull up the game menu and go to main menu. It will let you do level select there.
  6. Heh, 2 years later, but servers are closing 2/28/22. Looks like even playing with bots will be problematic. So I'd suggest to get going soon on this if you plan too. They will start getting busy the last month I would wager.
  7. Yup, thats the one.
  8. One of the times I was going for the Holy Cow I ran out of time after knocking it over. It bounced and landed in the water, so I was falling to the ground when the timer ran out. Got a nice lecture from that too, lol.
  9. 2019 had one trophy that became unobtainable in 2020, so it's definitely possible. That said, it was an achievement for playing in a society event, which 2k21 doesn't seem to have a trophy for. So should in theory be better. But this is the first official 2k title, so they may shut it down early if/when 2k22 comes out.
  10. Turning off Auto Replay helped here too. I have one video where my player just kept walking, for like 5 minutes before I restarted the game. Just decided "F this, I'm out." And walked away from the course, through the crowd and into the woods.
  11. Same people made both games, definitely agree. If you can do The Golf Club, you can do this easily.
  12. My theory on how this works, maybe it's true, maybe it isn't. But when you hole out, you get whatever that score is. You make a birdie putt, you get -1, if you don't I think you get credit with the score plus one stroke. So if your partner makes a birdie, you get credit for a par. That might explain why when you shoot a -1, it doesn't pop. That's why I suggest playing on the Red Tees with no wind, it's a lot easier to shoot -10 or better with that. That seems to be key to getting it to pop this way.
  13. No it doesn't. I had mine at +20.7 and this worked fine. But gernboes tips specifically about Wind and Tee are helpful to getting this done. Because you don't want to shoot -1 or -2 and barely be under par because the trophy won't pop. You want to beat that by a lot if you can, and this is the easiest way to do so.
  14. I think its all 4 God mastery trophies. 1, 3, 5 and 7
  15. I saw a mention to Adept of Mastery, which was xbox only. But.. I haven't seen anyone achieve God Mastery 1-7 since the update, which is potentially problematic.