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  1. Make sure you play a full 18 hole round. Just getting a par or birdie on a hole in an official course is not sufficient
  2. It's got a memory problem, when I was doing searches with my alts, it ran decent. When I did it with my main, it took forever. Made me slightly nervous when I hit 1,000,000, because it took 2-3 minutes to pop after I did it.
  3. The most annoying thing this game does is you can hit a perfect shot, with perfect tempo, and you still end up shifting left or right a hair for no particular reason. I get it makes it more realistic, but still, it's a perfect shot in every sense of the game's mechanics.
  4. I did hole 2 at little brook manor, blue tees pin position 2. Went one club down (I think 6 iron) and full swing. Took several attempts due to the inconsistent accuracy. Hit the flag a couple of times.
  5. I saw in another thread you were having trouble getting the sharing of coins to work. I'm getting ready to start this too and was wondering if you had any tips to do it so quick? Thank you kindly in advance.
  6. Downloading 1.03 (eu) or 1.04 (us) would be the only way. That's because older versions didnt have the dlc.
  7. Noone that I know of has been successful. Maybe fifa might be worth a try.
  8. No but a friend had. Had another friend say they did work. So I'm going to delete my post until someone else can confirm
  9. **deleted until further confirmation **
  10. Probably should set up a session instead of asking here. More likely to get it done there. Was just in a session yesterday for this.
  11. This only came out in January on PS4 if I remember right. I think there is a decent chance they will patch it. I would get them done ASAP just to be safe.
  12. Does this pop both trophies you reckon? Or do you need the one for 10 Generations and then this one for 26?
  13. I had to do it a few times to get it to pop. One thing I noticed is if a SIm is talking to another Sim, it won't register as watching the channel on TV. I think it ended up taking me three tries to get this to work. It's not glitched, just really fickle about what counts and what doesn't.
  14. That's not bad at all, I forgot about that method. The Vampire method took about 10 minutes total (half a day in game). But I would say it's not worth buying the DLC just to save 20 minutes. Only had it because the wife's such a fan of the series she gets the DLC when it's on sale.
  15. Thank you kindly, won't last long but it's fun to see it while it's there. I had been dreading this game for months, because my wife's been wanting me to do it but kept reading horror stories about it. Glad I checked in when I did, Everyone's tips were very helpful. Especially yours about Black Widow, as that was my last trophy to Plat.