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  1. You know.. you only need this update for the install. Once you install it, you can go back to the current version and everything will be fine. That's how people are still earning those trophies today.
  2. I'd be willing to pursue this with someone at PSNP if we are able to get that copy of the update. It looks like the EU version, but I believe the saves would work on either version. We aren't looking to do anything nefarious, so I think it would be okay to talk about it. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong. Even if we can't do it, knowing that someone still has it makes my day.
  3. Yeah, and that would be against the rules of psnp, so I'd rather avoid that route. I'm going to comb the web archive to see if anything from 2018 referenced the Sony link. It's a long shot, but I'm fresh out of ideas otherwise.
  4. They might have. From my experience the files are still there, but you need to know the checksum to find the correct directory. I might comb something like Web Archive to see if anything referenced the previous version before the update came out. Which was in January of 2019.
  5. I will say I have... concerns about the Flaming Speed trophy in the Smite update. Because Surtr is being made a playable character, and I imagine they will replace Surtr with something else in the jungle. Hopefully the trophy will still work, but this is Hi-Rez.
  6. I'll add a note for Frozen: Free Fall on PS3. Maybe someone will have better luck than I have to this point to get this fixed: The problem that Frozen made it's final end of life update (making the store available offline, etc.) they used the same trophy list on the PS3 and PS4 versions. Unfortunately, the PS4 version had all the DLC trophies as Silver and the PS3 version is all Bronze. So it'll no longer sync. And since it's a PS3 game, no updates will be done in the future. However, I do believe it is savable. What would be needed is to back-level the PS3 version from 1.05 to 1.04 (possibly 1.03, not 100% sure on this.). That's if running the NA version. The EU version would be going from 1.04 to 1.03. So it would be something like what was done with FF15 for Comrades DLC. Then you would have to rebuild your trophy list and install the game with that back-leveled version. Once it's installed, you can update it and everything works fine. It's only a problem if you install the current version. There's just been one problem. I can not for the life of me find that version of the game. Searching various sites for the PSN update history for Frozen only shows 1.05 and 1.00. 1.00 won't work because it doesn't have the DLC info, and thus won't install that trophy info. I found 1.02, and that didn't work either for the same reason. Maybe someone on here will have better luck finding that version. If they can, I think it would work. (and I'd be willing to test if they do.) Think I was wordy enough, thank you kindly @HuntingFever for compiling this list !
  7. Season 10 appears to be starting on January 24. Fingers crossed.
  8. Yes. You need at least one human person and medium bots. And if that person leaves once you start the game, the trophy won't pop.
  9. If you don't have the following trophies, it's unobtainable: Blood and Sand - 25 Arena Matches Valiant Jouster - 25 Joust Matches Hard Carry - Kill 20 Gods in Conquest Mode Super Cheer - Win Arena Match by 100+ points It won't work in PvP or Coop.
  10. Any trophy thats broken will still be broken in coop unfortunately. I can confirm quadrakill works as well, so I assume pentakill will also.
  11. Good tip! Just used coop for objective killer, so there are a bunch of trophies can be earned there. Couple of things to keep in mind. The coop mode must be medium or higher, I dont believe it works on easy. Also, you have to have at least one other human player to start the game for it to count as well. You can tell on the bottom left of the god selection screen to see how many human players are in the game. Also, you won't earn any awards, but for trophy hunters it probably won't matter.
  12. Nope, still broken. Honestly would be shocked if anything happened before season 10.
  13. Was able to update my profile just now, maybe try it again?
  14. Yeah, you'll be taken off the leaderboards again if you put the flagged game back on there. So you can either leave it hidden, or put it back on and just not be on the leaderboard. I believe the rest of the site will still work fine.
  15. At least they are aware of Super Cheer being bugged as well. Here's a link to the Bug Report: https://trello.com/c/QDTGN36u/489-some-console-achievements-arent-working-and-awarded-after-obtaining-them-in-game Remember XBox has more achievements for this game than PS does, so that's why you see some that aren't trophies. Best thing we can do is go onto the official Smite discord and keep bugging them in the #report-a-bug room until they fix it. Some of us have been doing it, but the more that do it the better chance of them making it a higher priority.