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  1. Hell yeah! Congrats! I still have a road ahead, 14 trophies, 3 of them are story related, I'm amost finishing the game. Maybe more week and I'll finish it all.
  2. Man, I was searching for something like this This will help a lot, tnks! Whoa, tnks also PoupiMyu! Surely we cannot miss this trophy now.
  3. Well, Rise has joined the party for me, now it seems that the nightmare starts. This trophy brings a lot of discussion, huh? Searching about in other foruns, players are always like: "No, scan doesn't work", "Yes, it does", "Yup, your progression does carry over ng+", '"no, it doens't", "This one it's easy", "this is the most terrible trophy ever", haha. I just hope that I can earn it soon @[email protected]
  4. You guys are scaring me lol reading the trophy description seemed so... simple? Now I know that I must be alert about this one.
  5. PS4
  6. Agreed. And with the upcoming launch of Arkham and Bioshock Collection, I couldn't ask for more. Maybe RDR.
  7. I was trying to plat this one too, but the trophy about winning 5 consecutive online draft matches, force me to give up, I can't find a match, it seems that no one play this mode anymore...and I was so close ): just 4 more trophies to the platinum.
  8. Hm, I was thinking of plat Disgaea 3, but now...I kinda of interested on this one. Could I join? Although it will not be so fast, I'm sure that I can do it before P5 release date.
  9. Well , Capcom is kind of hard to predict , right? They come with a garbage game called RE6 without an identity, it's an action game? survival? hide and seek? run for your lives, then shoot, then kick, and run, and...you know. Setting off a wave of hatred . So they come with RE and RE0 remasters, bringing happyness for all fans lol, Theeeeen again , launch a multiplayer shooter RE called Umbrella... ... ...hm, something lol , bringing back the wave. Only to calm the tide again with the return of the survival horror, with REVII Capcom sometimes listen their fans, you know? But sometimes, they make these types of decisions, that make you say: WHY CAPCOM? Just like lauch an unfinished game like SFV, with no arcade mode, no story mode, bringing characters slowly. Even so, i have faith in this company. Just bring back Dante or Nero in DMC5, bring back Breath of fire AND, make some GOOD Megaman game again.