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  1. hi guy, i have an season 2 bug.. and i search high and low on the internet for an solutions for some time now, i couldn't start any of the episode it keep leading me to import save data but i cant press O or X to proceed i even start a new season 1 to have it an complete save data and it still wont work.. i need help desperately
  2. im currently looking for the japanese copy cuz i have played twice in ps4/ps3 it be quite easy after you finish dont die at all throught out the whole game the rest is just collectible trophy
  3. ah i see thanks for reply
  4. i cant seem to buy it on JPN digital store i think it because is region lock.. anyway to bypass that?
  5. hi there can anyone still duplicate the ring and weapon for me im still at tutorials
  6. my was 3 hour 9 minute didnt get the platinum yet.
  7. a little bit only unfortunately we just need to wait for an english guide
  8. thanks a lot! i look into it now
  9. anyone know a english translate guide for this game? im kinda in a jam