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  1. if you are interested in auto pop stack you should play ps4 version 1st you might not be able to do reverses auto pop for ps4 if you play ps5
  2. thanks! i actually wanted to do it again probably on ps5 🤣🤣 i miss mein leben already
  3. nowadays people have the guts to ask me but of course i refuse to no matter what the reward is and i convince them to watch a few guide video and my video and try to help them and actually made them succeed on it i only help ppl i know in real life that i can trust other then that i dont wanna help stranger on the Internet and i have play mein leben again many time ever tho there nothing in it for me it just to see if i still got it lol
  4. wheelchair can be bullshit at 1st try but once you got enough run it wont bother you anymore if you died there ausmerzer can be easy as long you follow the guide you are follow it as for venus at the beginning i stealth kill the whole room is easy the 2nd room is the hardest to sneak past i rather just sit in a corner and just blast them all to be safe, oh yea i follow multiple guide video to do my mein leben video i can't do commantary but i pick some of the strategy that i prefer from these video guide
  5. i dont do commantary only i wish i could just follow it until venus i dont have solid way to outrun or stealth all the enemy in the beginning so take them out one by one is alway an good way if you can't stealth it
  6. here another run from me found two more upgrade on the way and more consistent route but anything could still go wrong so be prepare to improvise i almost died in few part
  7. oh me too but it probably wont be ultra rare as everyone know
  8. hi again guy i finally got my mein leben here my live stream i hope it help anyone who need it? it not perfect but it work almost everytime
  9. i decide to do mein leben 1st before all other trophy and for 1 weeks i have perfected an route until venus end part i dunno how someone spotted me i panic and got myself kill...
  10. btw can i get the german edition from any EU account?
  11. if i play the ps5 version 1st can i auto pop on ps4 later? i know spiderman miles morale has to play on ps4 before auto pop on ps5
  12. i bought the disc version im stuck on season 2 where it ask you for season 1 save file but i can't press ok none of the button work expect back out can't even start season 2 without s1 file too
  13. hi guy, i have an season 2 bug.. and i search high and low on the internet for an solutions for some time now, i couldn't start any of the episode it keep leading me to import save data but i cant press O or X to proceed i even start a new season 1 to have it an complete save data and it still wont work.. i need help desperately
  14. im currently looking for the japanese copy cuz i have played twice in ps4/ps3 it be quite easy after you finish dont die at all throught out the whole game the rest is just collectible trophy
  15. ah i see thanks for reply