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  1. I've sent a request. PSN: WatashiHyp3r
  2. Hey, I'd love an invite! PSN: WatashiHyp3r
  3. What are you doing back here. PS4 Nightfort, slumming it away from the master race. I still had another month before I was going to send the next hello / how r u  message on discord 😜 Hope all is well. You can tell me in a month when I send it. 😀

  4. I never thought you would leave before me, thanks for all the help and laughs really appreciate it. Good luck on the next adventure mate.

    1. WatashiHyp3r


      Same here! Thanks for everything! Feels good to get off this site to be honest 😀

    2. AffectatiousDonk


      Understand. Still some time left for some of us " Playstation try -'hards " 😜. Enjoy the master race, it is where we all end up eventually.

    3. WatashiHyp3r


      Yep, Who knows. I might see you there?! 

  5. WRC 5 #118 :platinum:  Good game, But I definitely wouldn't buy it on the PS3! Removed from the back-log list! 🙂


  6. Let's get drunk 😜
  7. I Love Cake
  8. Where your parents send you because you're too annoying 😜
  9. Add Ghost Stories, Ghostbusters (PS4) 😎
  10. These are my games @Toogie53! Go Hiking, Monster Hunter: World Shoot Something, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Making Friends, AER (HK) Be a Hermit, Pic-a-Pix Colour Playing Sport, Sonic and SEGA All-Star Racing
  11. I confess that I'm the Cat the in the photo. I'm sorry this freaks you guys out! I hope I can still participate?! I also have also have 114 platinums, The only cat to have that many!
  12. @CowbellRx, I'm in your cabin! Do you want top or bottom bunk?
  13. To many girls 😨