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  1. WRC 5 #118 :platinum:  Good game, But I definitely wouldn't buy it on the PS3! Removed from the back-log list! 🙂


  2. I really enjoyed reading your "about me" Good read! 🙂





    :platinum: - Bridge Constructor #71, @marvelboy10 I'm catching you! :jaymon:


  4. :platinum: - 70 - MXGP2


    I achieved my goals for 2017! 😍

     Very fun game! Probably the best trophy game I've played all year. there is a lot that could be worked on, physics, online etc. The online mode sucks really bad you have to do 4 tracks that can only be played online. Highly recommend it! Just wait for it to go on sale! 


    @marvelboy10, You've got a template for these posts!


    Peace out ✌️

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    2. WatashiHyp3r
    3. marvelboy10


      If you're going to start a Lego video game next then Lego Marvel's Avengers is definitely a better choice. :D

    4. WatashiHyp3r


      Why Marvel? 😜

  5. Looking Forward To The Other Skylanders Games

    1. Elvick_


      I quite enjoy them. :3 Just wish Activision wouldn't crap out by the final wave and make it hard for people who want everything to get things affordably.

    2. Elvick_


      Still don't have the Light Expansion for Trap Team.

    3. WatashiHyp3r


      Yes! Not looking forward to the final wave of Imaginators

  6. Is anybody else just buying Skylanders just for crash bandicoot!?

    1. Dr_Mayus


      No, there are good Crash games to play.

      I have played 2 skylanders games and they were awful (played with my nephew)

    2. Elvick_


      If all you want is the figures, just wait, there's a separate release coming for them.