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  1. WRC 5 #118 :platinum:  Good game, But I definitely wouldn't buy it on the PS3! Removed from the back-log list! 🙂


  2. Let's get drunk 😜
  3. I Love Cake
  4. Where your parents send you because you're too annoying 😜
  5. Add Ghost Stories, Ghostbusters (PS4) 😎
  6. These are my games @Toogie53! Go Hiking, Monster Hunter: World Shoot Something, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Making Friends, AER (HK) Be a Hermit, Pic-a-Pix Colour Playing Sport, Sonic and SEGA All-Star Racing
  7. I confess that I'm the Cat the in the photo. I'm sorry this freaks you guys out! I hope I can still participate?! I also have also have 114 platinums, The only cat to have that many!
  8. @CowbellRx, I'm in your cabin! Do you want top or bottom bunk?
  9. To many girls 😨
  10. I'll sort out my games today! @Toogie53, Count me in bro!
  11. @spazza136 and @fisty123, I'll help with Black Flag. With me and my brother, we make 4. We just need a date
  12. So is this still going, Or has Cj killed you all?
  13. Cj is nowhere near Normal that's for sure 😉
  14. Nice man! I'm still gonna get you into those spam platinums though 😁
  15. Inksplosion, Midnight Deluxe. x8 platinums right there
  16. God Damn Spam Plats. Flipping low points
  17. Another person that's to cool for Justin Beiber! 😜
  18. Ahh, So you're the outcast! 😅