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  1. Damn, everyone is 2 years late to the party.
  2. Absolutely, like Resident Evil Revelation that one trophy to use a co op attack on an enemy...I mean, they could but why tho.
  3. People had 9 years to get this but I'm sure someone will create a petition to re-open the servers in the near future.
  4. I mean Lego and Collectibles are one in the same, can't have one without the other.
  5. Count me in, just hope the platinum is more like Star Ocean 3/5 with the battle trophies than SO4 if so I'll definitely platinum it.
  6. There's the Sakura not-hentai trash that you can get the platinum in minutes.
  7. Still waiting for a sale to get Elden Ring, but with the game still selling well ( which is great) I don't think will happen anytime soon
  8. Good, glad we are moving away from the time where every single game had to be open world, kinda like back in 2013 when almost every game had an online mode shoved in.
  9. A friend I have on psn who has great taste in games and some nice plats under his belt.
  10. One of these days developers will have to ask permission to create a trophy list because people complain about every single aspect, if it's hard people complain, long complain, short complain, speedrun complain, Jesus Christ.
  11. Yeah I don't think splitting my time would be wise, this second account would be in the back burner I'd play games on it sporadically bit I think I'll probably keep working on my main one, thanks for replying. Having a 100% profile is an after thought tbh I wanted to create a second one just to have games I actually enjoyed, it's silly and trivial I know, and I also agree that keeping up with percentage is really stressful and to me not really worth it, thanks for replying.
  12. Hey guys hope you all are doing well, I've been thinking about something and I'd like to know your opinion, I was thinking about starting a new profile in which I'd strive to always keep it at 100% playing only games that I truly liked and enjoyed the platinum journey, thought it would be a good idea to get to replay some great games, don't get me wrong I have no problem replaying games I love without popping trophies, my idea was to keep my main profile and only replay and 100% on the second account after doing it first in my main, not back to back ofc but eventually, but I'm a bit skeptical because I think it might divide my attention and time even more to keep 2 profiles, I don't have much time to play anymore, or you guys think I should rather focus on completing the remaing games/trophies in my main account instead? I know it sounds silly but I'd really like to hear your opinion on this, I'll link my main profile in case anyone want to check and see, thank you very much for reading.
  13. Wild Arms is an excellent game one of my first Psone games, there's a 100% guide on gamefaq with everything you can get, IIRC Jack has some missable arts and others are a bit obscure.
  14. Still no word on pixel remaster for consoles, was more hyped for this than the three part remake, not a fan of that.
  15. This is hardware failure, when you boot your console and it verifies the hardware every time is a classic sign, I had this with my ps3, good news is that a new HD will probably fix the problem.