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  1. That's a difficult question as I like all of them and even the weakest game is still a good game imo, but if I had to choose it would be SO2 sadly it was re released only in Japan, it's an awesome game and trophy wise is pretty easy, but among the ones I mentioned I'd say SO3 but I can't really advise you on getting it as the game is very unstable but the game itself is really good, First Departure is very good but it's made in the same engine as SO2 with 2D sprites so the gameplay is completely different don't know if you like classics I love classics so I may be biased, but if we are to ignore trophies SO4 is really fun I'd suggest to give it a try, just one humble word of advice don't buy other people word as truth it's the internet and everyone and their dog have an opinion, look for a no commentary walkthrough and see if you like what you see, so if you are going for platinum I'd advise First Departure as it's pretty simple and really good, hope it helps.
  2. Star Ocean 3 is just time consuming but I gave up on the platinum because the game crashes every 5 minutes since I got to the post dungeon and I have zero patience for that, plus the bunny race trophy is mind numbing boring. Star Ocean 4 is well...Star Ocean 4 the game is great but platinum wise not worth the effort, too long, too grindy and can take like 600 hours. Star Ocean First Depature R is the easiest of them, just have to play through the game a few times but it's short, with a guide in tow you'll have no problem getting the plat in a few runs, a great game. Star Ocean 5 despite what everyone says I really liked it, the combat is very fun just the story is kinda meh and really short for an JRPG, platinum wise is a grindy fest but way more manageable than SO4, but I had to grind hits for 35 hours, so keep that in mind. Not the best explanation but hope it helps, I almost platinum SO4 on PS3 many years ago lost my profile so never again, all others are pretty chill tho.
  3. Uhh some sexy JRPGs are going to be on sale I really want Nioh 2 complete edition but I missed the weekend it was on sale now god knows when it will go on sale again, this time I might grab Melody of Memory not a fan of rhythm games but it's the only Kingdom Hearts I don't have the plat, also might grab I am Setsuna and Lost Sphear, Dragon Quest XI S and Persona 5 Royal kinda grabs my eye but I already have both of them and the extra stuff looks kinda meh to me, Secret of Mana looks really inviting, does anyone know if the game is still broken? Oh I really want YS Mostrum Nox but I think I better just pay full price since that never went on sale just the absurdly pricy Deluxe edition.
  4. I'm just lurking around I really like your profile, I still have Art of Fighting Anthology in my backlog but I'm not in the mood for the plat, Art of Fighting 2 AI is the cheapest shit I've ever seen and I'm very familiar with SNK boss syndrome, after all I'm Brazilian but in this game every single enemy acts like that, it takes a lot of getting use to and memorizing patterns.
  5. At this point I'll only believe when I'm playing it, trash behaviour.
  6. You gonna start paying taxes? Laughs in Brazilian.
  7. I have the second model PS4 and after sending it for a good cleaning and changing the thermal paste the fan noise went down 95% much to my surprise even games like RE remake which was notoriously loud before has been quiet, but the PS4 itself IS loud some more than others and even cleaning sometimes won't get rid of the fan noise completely.
  8. Crash Racing and Returnal you are very close and both are really nice platinums to have. My main profile.
  9. To each their own but I heavily suggest playing it as intended, it's a great game and the more you play the easier and rewarding it gets.
  10. Now Terminal Montage spoof makes a lot more sense lol "the battle has consummated" -shoves holy water down throat-
  11. For real? I didn't know that, I played the original Castlevania few times and all of them I suffered against Dracula.
  12. It's all about patterns he moves in the exact same way and all his attacks are avoidable plus farm hearts and hydro storm the living shit out of him (same for Death) about Maria Suzaku is my favorite since he convers Maria's blindspot, Seiryu is good but his attacks consume a alot of hearts so I never bothered with him, Genbu is...well Genbu, and Byakko is good only against normal enemies, the real pain was Dracula in the original Castlevania not only was the bitch hard with a gazillion forms but the game could crash, gg been there never again.
  13. I played Rondo a lot using a keyboard and that was a true nightmare, the more you play the easier it gets and apart from the secret level everything else is pretty doable, Maria mode is easy mode she can double jump her way and skip chunks of a level and make sure to keep Suzaku (the bird) as his weapon break is the best and it destroy bosses, Byako is also good but I only use him against regular enemies.
  14. I see, no problem you already helped a lot thanks for answering all my questions, have a good night buddy.
  15. I watched a bit on Youtube seems really interesting I'm gonna buy all 3 on the webs, one last thing I really wanted to play an RTS do you know of a good one or similar in style for PS4?