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  1. The lower right ad is the absolute worst, I don't mind ads especially since I'm not a premium member I shouldn't even be complaining but that one follows you around when you scroll up and down and you have to click like the guy above mentioned 10 times for it to close and it pops up every single screen.
  2. With so many ultra rare trophies and a 99% completion without trash plats there isn't much to say other than you are clearly dedicated, even tho we barely have any games in common I can't help but admire all the commitment, really great profile the kind I enjoy looking through, great job keep up mate.
  3. The movies also featured many characters from the game and they were all terrible so that doesn't say much, I really don't see how this is gonna be any different just another lame attempt at using some stuff from the games with a spin, meh so far but will watch anyway.
  4. Only on psnprofiles people will complain about a free update which is supposed to make people come back to a good game, you don't have to get every single trophy it's okay to just enjoy the games, glad I don't share the mentality I've seen in some of these comments.
  5. Well with the quadrillion stacks of shitty visual novels with tits a galore and questionable content which gets approved almost every day people don't have anything to worry about, I'll never understand why not beat the meat watching porn which is free in most sites or straight up hentai instead of all this over the top drama, meh.
  6. Sure Yakuza is a gem but hidden? Not so much, I think they just pick a name they haven't used in a while a just toss the same games in.
  7. Go to your setting then account there's an option to renew licenses aka anything you bought digitally when I rebuild date base some of my games disappear but renewing licenses always helps, if not then you need to give Sony a call.
  8. Renew licenses, that usually solves problems like this.
  9. Mine was The Waking Dead platinum as trophy #76 I had an account from 10 years ago but I lost it and it had some really rare platinums like Red Dead Redemption and Mortal Kombat 9 that gave a lot of work to get so after that I gave up on trophies for a very long time, only like a year after of having my PS4 that I decided to actively get trophies again.
  10. Thank you for your answer that sounds like a good idea and similar to what I did with FighterZ I bought the base game for dirty cheap then bought the characters I liked, I thought the season pass didn't include Mileena and Rain, how long does it take to get the online trophies? I'm thinking of subbing to plus for 3 months or just wait for a free multiplayer weekend to get these.
  11. Well I'm a huge Mega Man fan and I've been eying this one for a while despite the red flags and thought about getting it since its pretty cheap but was on the fence, you make some good points so I'm not gonna bother with it and the gameplay I watched does look pretty lack luster but my love for Mega Man was probably speaking louder lol
  12. Hi guys hope y'all doing well, I always had my eye on MK11 because I like the franchise since its early days but I'm not a huge fighter player the base game is currently on sale for a very cheap price and I was thinking about getting it but since there's the ultimate version I'm torn between getting the base one or the Ultimate version which is obviously more pricey, I don't play online by that I mean against other people I just to want the game to play the story, collect the trophies and from time to time play against the AI, so my question for a casual player who mostly want to just enjoy the game is it worth getting the base game or should I wait and get the ultimate version? Will I miss out on a lot of content if I chose the base game? I'm kinda afraid of regretting it and have to buy a season pass which will end up being way more expensive, and one last thing how long does it take to get the multiplayer trophies? Thanks in advance to all of you, have a good night.
  13. I didn't know ps+ subscriptions was free, gonna grab my games then. 😑
  14. The online can be done offline...that's a bit counter intuitive haha but thanks for clarifying I'll try to platinum it with the vita guide.
  15. Lemme ask you one question the first game RE hollow fragment for PS4 do I need PS plus for the multiplayer trophies? Or just an online connection? Apparently there's some differences between the Vita and PS4 versions, thanks for replying and sorry about all the questions.