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  1. The marketing makes it seem like it should be but I don't see it listed on the EA Play vault and on PSN it only says an EA Play discount. Or is just on Xbox version of EA Play?
  2. How much money do you make though the game going for plat? In trying to figure out how much time to spend on the 100k per hour soda can method. I haven't spent money on anything except one necessary cyberware upgrade.
  3. I got over half of the trophies today within 2 hrs. I'm wondering what is the most efficient way to get I Am The Boss Now/#1 ranking since this has to be with a created player. I started a new character with one game sets, and one set matches but it's still forcing me to play 6 game sets. Is this something that is just the case right at the beginning? I got alot of trophies playing one game sets with Nadal already on career. Also the fastest way to get the reputation trophies- does being a jerk or good sport on the court help? Or is it just the press conference answers?
  4. Any tips on how to get this to happen? I've tried different shots and not hit the net once other than on a serve. I'm guessing try on a harder difficulty than rookie for a better chance?
  5. I have 22,000 reputation yet when I attempt to buy a new Rogue an error message comes up stating I don't have enough currency. Has anyone else encountered this bug?
  6. Now you got people on Slime Climb blocking the jumps. It's so easy to get a quick elimination out of nowhere that ruins the streak. Had a guy land directly on me on Hex when it looked like I was going to win.
  7. Yeah I was going for this tonight and ran into this error again after a win which I have received several times the last few times. Didn't get a crown and not sure if it paused or broke the streak so I gave up for now. It's hard enough as it is and now these errors too.
  8. This is good advice. It's hard to quit out in time on Hex finals as you can easily make a mistake and alot of the finishes are so close.
  9. The only way I'll play this game past rank 40 is if squad wins becomes a thing. It is total joyless frustration to play Solo. Even if you get eliminated while in a squad it's fun to cheer and help your teammates out and it would be satisfying to get squad battle royale wins a la Apex. I think it's hilarious the condescending dev describes 'a too competitive minority' when they are the ones who created the 5 win streak trophy and their obnoxious community manager continues to taunt the user base that they aren't good enough to achieve it. What they need to do is create alot more levels like Slime Climb that require some actual skill.
  10. They can do whatever they want. But as soon as I hit level 40 I'm done with this game forever. Ive manged to win consecutive games and once made 5 straight finals so it's my fault. With that said I only ever lose in team games and some tail grab games (once had a streak of 13 straight tail grab finals) I pretty much win every fall mountain and some hex finals. I've had numerous wins where I don't get the crown and other rewards along with the error message. I wonder if this affects your streak. I've also seen people glitching the tail grab final by quitting. Not worth the stress of going for 5. I'm shocked at how fun people are saying this game is. There is a shocking lack of content, it's repetitive and the controls suck. There is nothing fun about it after the novelty runs out after the first hour or two. They would do well to add more maps and more interesting trophies as DLC to retain players. It seems enough players can get it but I don't have the motivation to keep trying unless they remove team games. It would have been nice if the trophy was back to back wins or something like 50 total wins.
  11. People are now getting the trophy but I didn't retroactively get any of the affected trophies. I'm taking a break since the platinum is basically impossible due to the 99 Ego game and will get back into it at some point. I saw someone managed to get the season Ego 80 trophy.
  12. Report this here and hopefully they will patch or hotfix:. The more people the better
  13. Report this here and hopefully they will patch or hotfix:. The more people the better
  14. I read there had been issues with players losing their save file after a crash or otherwise. I played about 3 hrs this weekend over multiple sessions. Always went back to the grotto before ending my session. I would continue with no issue when I returned to the game. Last night I went to continue and I was back at the very beginning of the game. I have 1.03 installed despite that patch being listed as fixing the save file issue. Is anyone else still being affected? I saw reports on Reddit.
  15. I suggest anyone having issues report it here: It's doubtful Ubisoft will do anything at this point but at least their support reps are listening. I have the platinum now and all the additional feats DLC complete. Both Cyclops will still not show even though I can fast travel. I've never seen it in my log or a message board. I also deleted the game and reinstalled. The only other thing to do is hope it randomly spawns as I play through the paid DLC.