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  1. I'm downloading on the PSN.. seems like a good game to play with mouse and key board is that an option for the playstation version?
  2. Hey guys/girls. I'll help out with anyone looking to get that Level 50 Crew Trophy Please keep in mind if you're in a crew already that's grinding to get to level 50.. Do the right thing and help them out. They did accept you in the first place. I can clear up some spots from inactive players and make room for others if need be. Crew Name: Niagara Nos Crew Tag: NN20 Crew Level: 50 Open to Join
  3. My Delivery Requests: Citizen Mission IS STUCK AT 66% please tell me there is a solve for this issue. Does anyone have any pointers? I'm not impressed with the "Remastered" version of this game
  4. I just beat it. 11mins after I post with hours trying I found that If you: 1)disable them all with chain shots 2)make sure you fire those chain shot once on each and disable them 3)If your ship is fully upgraded.. use your round cannons 4)I fired directly at them with the enemy boats bow pretty much touching mine port or starboard 5)powder stores showed up on the 2nd shot head on the frigates and 3rd or fourth with the man-o-war.
  5. I'm struggling to fire on these two frigates and man-o-war without completely destroying them. The objective is to shoot all the ships' powder stores. I've watched a few YouTube videos.. I can't seem to get it right. Any strategies or recommendations? and Yes, of course my Aquila is fully upgraded..
  6. Jedi: Fallen Knight..
  7. I have a theory that I am currently testing out.. should finish the campaign (again) in about an hour or two EDIT: My theory was if you chose to play NO Russian in your veteran play through you had to go back and complete that Mission and not die as well (for I had skipped it) But its still a mystery from I have just received the Immortal trophy as I was playing Second Sun and completed it.. I don't understand why the game didn't register that I had beaten it in the first place.. but I have just received my platinum..
  8. I'm having the same problem... I just beat the game on Recruit, playing through each mission... via chapter select. Replayed S.S.D.D. AND NO TROPHY! If i have to play it all over again for I'm going to be pissed. Does anyone have a solution yet?
  9. Nice! It'd be cool if they introduce a separate leader board for that when multiplayer is released
  10. You need to leave to course with that score and select your difficulty. That’s when I popped for me
  11. I found having my accuracy above 150% dropped my time right down pretty low.. i probably could have ran faster. So did I! I want to try and get below 19 after achieving the rest of the trophies.
  12. Since this game is on campaign at the moment. Nothing better than a little friendly competition. I'm happy with my time and know it can be beat, has anyone broke 19s or even 18?! My time is 19.20s
  13. GOT IT!
  14. Glad to see I'm not the only one, I'm very persistent and know ill eventually get it done. Not touching Brutal difficulty though. I'd rather save my frustration for the remaining titles. (Which I've already platinumed on ps3) then Eventually ill et around to completing Uncharted 4... I hope. and you can use tweaks on Brutal difficulty and the trophy will still pop? that gives me a little incentive to try it with unlimited ammo.. and that probably means I can play it on Crushing with tweaks too if I had followed the guide and beat the game on hard first with the collection walkthrough.. but I'm not usually one to play a game twice unless its for a platinum
  15. Is it just me or is Crushing difficulty actually pretty hard and frustrating in this game? - I consider myself a decent gamer when it comes to difficulty, I like playing with a challenge but I can't stand this game and its difficulty - Right when I think I've cleared out the area I'll leave my cover and grab some ammo, and 4 new guys will show up out of no where and by the time I try to double back, their shot gun snipes me and I'm restarting at the checkpoint. - and I don't know how many times I've gone to make the jump and Drake doesn't pull his weight. I'm not giving up and I know I'll eventually finish it, I just might end the game with at least a thousand deaths. Just looking for some other people that feel the same way and having the same experience.