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  1. #165: Persona 5 Royal


    Keeping it short. This one is dedicated to Billy Kametz.

  2. I like the list, not too demanding plus the 250 lines trophies are always a pain. And the Thieves Den is there if you REALLY care about achievements.
  3. Platinum #163: Dragon's Crown


    First platinum trophy in almost 8 months! Been a busy year.

  4. It's been a few years since it happened so I stand corrected on the details. Still, I'm not a fan of games that are made (brazenly advertised in this case, too) solely for the purpose of selling platinum trophies.
  5. Wasn't there a "game" called top 1000 rated or something like it that was literally created to give a cheap platinum trophy, and the devs had to remove it from the ps store? I don't mind easy platinums, but it does grind my gears a bit when scummy devs release cheap, low quality games solely to sell trophies.
  6. Back in the old days (God that sounds cliche but I have to use it here) games had to be complete and mostly bug free before being shipped out, as it's not feasible to track everyone who bought the games and send everyone patches and updates to games already released. Now with the advent of internet and the ability to download updates and patches for games, developers no longer feel the need to put out complete games at launch. Why keep pushing deadlines when you can just release an incomplete game and take the money when these games sell anyways? The whole "gaming as a service" (i.e. microtransactions, season passes) trend has just exacerbated this problem because they can just bake in bug fixes to "new" content. Despite the listed reasons there's no credible excuse as to why QA is not a thing any more, but companies getting lazy, cutting costs, and urge to meet deadlines combined to form this mess that modern AAA gaming is in right now.
  7. Seems like a classic case of companies trying to book quick profits while investing as least as they can afford to do so. They know that those products sell regardless of quality.
  8. Quick look over at the JP list tells me the game has been delisted in JP stores since 2017.
  9. ARK Survival Evolved has arguably one of, if not the easiest UR platinum and trophies thanks to console commands. It's a fun game though, I still play it once in a while.
  10. 1. Super Meat Boy 2. Sims 4 3. Disgaea 4 (Vita) 4. FFVII Remake 5. God of War 2018 6. Marvel's Spider-Man 7. Borderlands 3 8. Sly 4 Thieves in Time 9. Senran Kagura Bon Appetit Technically the fewest trophies I've gotten in year since 2015, but since Super Meat Boy was so difficult, I'll just count that game as 50 platinums and say I earned 58 this year 😄
  11. Super Meat Boy without question. Dark cotton alley took months of consistent on and off attempts and when I finally got the platinum it really was a feeling unlike any other. This is definitely the one game in my list that is unequivocally a 10/10 difficulty, and as much as I enjoyed the euphoria from popping that platinum, I don't think I'll attempt any more of these for the sake of keeping my sanity. Honorable mention to Towerfall Ascension as well, actually got to know a few people who played this and slowly completed the trophy list over time. Enjoyable game but the platinum was very grindy and difficult to boot.
  12. Easiest: Hitman Go Hardest: Super Meat Boy
  13. Indeed Joel has become a more sympathetic character as the flashbacks throughout the game show. But there are at least 2 critical flaws that really don't excuse how that scene plays out: 1. Players are not given much, if any context to Joel's new characterization before that scene happens. 2. Joel and Tommy growing sympathy and kindness doesn't necessarily have to translate to carelessness. It's a big ask for the audience to make that connection. Killing off Joel early on in the game is a somewhat understandable, if not ambitious move in an attempt to draw parallel to Sarah's death early on in the first game that kickstarted Joel's story in a similar fashion. But it only comes across as a cheap shock value due to complete lack of respect given to existing characters in order to facilitate the story. Druckmann unfortunately missed the mark and the rest of the story is weaker as a result. What I mean by none of the characters able to "fill the void" is not as a character but their quality. Jesse, Dina, Abby, Lev... none of the new characters introduced really make me care for them in any way due to lack of proper characterization and bonding moments, so to call it. Hell, I would even argue that Joel was the most compelling, likable character in TLOU2 despite being killed off hour in the game. It's abundantly clear that ND missed Bruce Straley's influence here. There are ideas for a great, ambitious story to be told but poor pacing and overall execution ruined what could have been.
  14. Joel's death in itself is not the issue. It's how they dumbed down their characters without any prior explanation that disgracefully portrays his exit from the story. Their (Joel & Tommy) personalities did a complete 180 and their survival instincts completely vanished from staying in Jackson for 4 years? Doesn't really make sense. If they really did, show us that transformation without leaving the audience to complete guesswork when that part of the story happens. Not to mentioned the completely contrived coincidence of how Joel meets and SAVES Abby right as she was about to die, and more of same types of story beats will happen as this game continues. More on Abby. Don't open if you haven't gotten to second half of the game. IMO the best moments in the game come with the flashbacks between Joel and Ellie, which to me just shows that rest of the characters aren't nearly compelling enough to fill the void left by Joel's absence and their quality in writing has unfortunately taken a nosedive.
  15. In terms of sheer idiocy, this petition probably ranks up there with the petition to change the mein leben trophy in wolf 2. That said, I do think the story was very poorly executed.