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  1. Here's a couple challenging fun URs from my repertoire that have not been mentioned in this thread yet: OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood Fast sidescrolling skateboard game that requires lots of precision and twitch action. You will die a lot but respawn instantly so you can learn from your mistakes and shortcomings, which means death is not a huge issue unless you made it far in to the level and fuck it up at the end. I'd say it's the toughest platinum I have right now which is matched by its sub-1% rarity. Transformers: Devastation Mostly an action game with elements of driving. What makes this particularly difficult is the SS rank runs but it can be somewhat mitigated by using save backup exploit. If you happen to like the original 80s transformers cartoon (maybe even transformers in general) you will like this game as well. Super Time Force Ultra Platforming shooter with interesting twist in time rewind so you can "undo" your deaths or defeat a boss in time by making copies of yourself. I can't quite explain it elegantly so you'll have to watch some videos but trust me, it's a fun game.
  2. #124 - Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back The N. Credible Crash Bandicoot! Collect all the Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back trophies. Difficulty 6/10 Enjoyment 8/10 Gold relics here weren't as much of a challenge but there were certainly a few tough sections. Relics in the later levels such as Piston it away were challenging as well, but not as much of a hair tearing frustration as some of Crash 1's relics were. Onward to final game of the trilogy. I heard it's the easiest but I'll save judgment until I finish it.
  3. To me trophy hunting provides that extra motivation to explore the game to its fullest extent in most cases. For example I wouldn't have gone the extra mile to get the 7 ultimate weapons, fight dark aeons, etc. in FFX if it weren't for trophies. I get more value out of games and earn trophies in the process, win-win situation.
  4. Platinum #124: Crash 2

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      Congrats! Bugga bugga... or something like that 🤔

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  5. Personally find the "I'm rank 7000 something but I didn't even try lol" remark quite amusing as if you had to include that little bit of info on a post where you claim you don't care about ranking.
  6. #123: Crash Bandicoot The N. Trepid Crash Bandicoot! Collect all the Crash Bandicoot Trophies. Difficulty 8/10 Enjoyment 8/10 This game kicked my ass in more ways than one but that made it all the more worth while when the platinum finally popped. Now moving on to Crash 2, I heard it's not as hard as this one but I'm still expecting a tough time.
  7. I would like to appreciate everyone who put out fantastic guides for trophy hunters like myself to use. Also congratulations to everyone who won awards for this year's guides.
  8. Personally I don't like challenges where if you fail you have to start the game all over again. I would have to be extremely prepared mentally to even attempt things like new york minute hardcore on Max Payne 3. Traditional speedruns are almost exactly that type of challenge. What does get interesting from an outside perspective is when margins become so thin you have to abuse game mechanics to shave off fraction of a second to beat world records. SMB is a great example of this.
  9. Platinum #121: Legend of Heroes - Trails of Cold Steel

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      Congrats :yay: , are you planning to get CS2?

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      Eventually. This one was quite annoying (enjoyable game nonetheless) with all the stuff you can easily miss. I hear CS2 is a little bit easier to plat although the list looks pretty similar.

  10. Mein Leben from Wolfenstein 2: New Colossus. IADI was difficult enough on its own even with save points, don't think I have the mental fortitude and time to invest in this one trophy although maybe I'll be crazy enough to attempt it in the far future. Hats off to those who managed to earn this one through lots of blood, sweat, and tears.
  11. Of the PS games released in 2018 I've played so far I would personally put MHW at the top. Think RDR2 is a tad bit overrated from the few hours I put in it but I can understand why everyone loves it and I'll probably end up going back to it anyways and playing the shit out of it regardless. Haven't played GOW or Spiderman yet but gameplays look solid.
  12. You don't need to be a "part of the hivemind" to see that this is clearly a half baked game with too many issues for it to be released as a full price game. It's true that there should be higher expectations for a bigger name company that has won many awards in the past, but right now, that point (or supposedly so) isn't even relevant because Fallout 76 is a shameful effort even by indie standards these days. Bethesda deserves every last bit of flak they get, and if this negative press helps them wake up and put in more effort into their future games (hint: ES6) then I welcome every single bit of criticism that this game deserves. I remain pessimistic for now, however. Now if you think I should've been more careful with pre-ordering games from big names then that's a point I'm willing to concede over and over as I have already done in this thread. That people tend to purchase and pre-order AAA games, or the fact that games tend to be more buggy at launch, are not excuses for any company to put out an essentially unfinished product for full price. As an aside, if you (not YOU necessarily but more in general) enjoy the game for what it is then good for you. I won't be stopping you for liking/enjoying this game or chastising you for it.
  13. First good angry review I saw in a long time. I pre-ordered this but haven't actually downloaded it yet, tried this game over thanksgiving weekend with my buddy with his PC just to see if the game was really that bad as the reviewers said... this game is indeed utter dumpster fire that doesn't deserve to be defended in any capacity. This game is a buggy, outdated, unoptimized mess, and... I don't even know where to begin really, this is far cry from even the most minimum standard that is required from an AAA developer. Not to sound like one of those patronizing apologetic types but I sincerely apologize for supporting this broken mess out of blind franchise loyalty. I guess I am serving my punishment via the $60 that I could've spent on something much more worth while. If you want to ridicule and laugh at my decision to pre-order this heap of garbage then feel free to do so.