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  1. 13.49euros in France. I love trophies , but this is to much ๐Ÿ˜… You can buy few game with platinum for this price.
  2. Again ! ๐Ÿ˜‚ It will never stop ๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. Someone got the platinum so there is a better way to xp
  4. Any change for the gold medal with the new update ?
  5. I rob a "random" coache and it didn't count : i didn't find money inside , just some food and object, maybe it's for that it didn't work. I will try again starting by a random and then the 2 other from the post office. I thought there was a third person who could give us information that's why i created this topic.
  6. Hi ! where can i find the third info about the coache ? I can have the one in Rhodes and Strawberry , but i can't find the third post office with the info. I try without for 2 hours , but i don't find any coache to rob. Thanks
  7. There is a stranger mission with a donkey. It's the one where you need to find circus animals : the first one is supposed to be a zebra but it's a donkey with some paint.
  8. The guy is ban ( more than 400K sub ) for the video where he kill a feminist :
  9. Xbox player can see their time on social club , but not for the ps4 player. Maybe soon.
  10. I'm in chapter 6 and but we need the train for a challenge ( kill few bird from a train ). If the train is unavailable , the challenge become blocked and the 100% too.
  11. Congrats ! Do we need to track them too ? I didn't track one boa in Guarma and i'm a little scared of having to start the game again just for that.
  12. The nun mission count as Honor story mission.
  13. I just need to track a rainbow boa , but i started the mission , so i hope that tracking is not obligatory. I have a save in case. But for the trophy , it's say " study " and "skins " , not "track". Thanks for the video. The rainbow boa was the most difficult to have. Most of the time it was a fer de lance.
  14. Do we need to track them ? I study and kill , sometimes i forget to track. Do we need to study - track - kill - collect ? Ou we can just study - kill - collect ?