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  1. Still nothing with the new season. You can complain here
  2. "Hi, we're aware of an ongoing issue with some PS trophies not unlocking and have been working on getting it resolved. This hasn't been an easy issue to fix but we are making progress internally and we'll update you when we can. Thanks or reporting." This is the answer they give on their site when we complain about trophies. Of my 8 remaining trophies, 5 are blocked. - CBQ Master - Marksman Master - Nade King Expert ( so Nade King Master too ) - Okay , now i'm ready The new season begin in february i think, so let's hope they do something with season 6.
  3. Season One begin tomorrow , so if they don't add trophy in the next few days , i think it's safe to say that there will be no other trophy in the futur
  4. Mediocre players can finally have the platinum of a Call of duty game , good for them. I would have prefered a list with hard/long trophy like BO3 PS3 or BO4.
  5. I just hope it will be like SR3 and not like SR4 , no super power please 😁
  6. Yes , it seem to be the best method. I just did Shaw ( i was very lucky ,i killed the second guy with a acid grenade after he killed me ! ). And Diego the game just after. I went to asylum = nothing , then the Blightfather = alchemical set again , so i went to the boxing gym and one zombie drop the item for Diego. 48h of playing = nothing , then in two game = 2 item. Just Bruno & Reznov left , I'm only going for the drop now , let see if i can find it in the next game 😆 For people who are also struggling to find items , do this road : Asylum --> Cemetery --> Boxing club.
  7. Yes , i kill it. ( 4x today ) Yes , i know. But i only found item for the Ix version of the character. I found the alchemical set once today after killing the Blightfather , but someone was waiting for me to kill it , then kill me when i picked up everything. I don't understand why these item are so rare compared to the other. Because i don't think it's just base on luck. They must have a lower drop percentage.
  8. Yes , it's the best option , but it's already what i do. I go to the Asylum -> Cemetery -> Boxing ring. Same in alcatraz , it's always the item for the IX version of the character.
  9. Almost 45h , 1100 zombies killed and i only found the magazine 2x ( and i was killed 30s later both time ). Same for Shaw , i opened a least 60 box = maybe 5x the alchemical set. Bruno too , i only found 1x his item , inside the last drop with only 2 player left... But i found Menendez or prophet item each time , and when i kill zombies = item for the IX version of each character every time. Is there a place where item appear more frequently ?
  10. i could post the trophies but my trophy list is in french so i'm not sure it will help you.
  11. I'm not sure if it's free. They talk about a free update and a premium dlc. You can see the trophy list on your PS4. It's seem easy , but we need to lvl up again and finish the dlc to 100% i think.
  12. I completed +200 event with my first character ( by changing the date ) : no trophy So i made a new world and a new character and completed 220 event ( by reseting the world ) : no trophy. What should i do ? Keep farming 40-50 event ? Or delete the game , the save , and start again from 0 ? EDIT : I deleted everything and started again. The trophy unlocked at 240th events ( so + 600 event in total ).
  13. Is there a chapters selection ?
  14. 6/10 in solo , 10/10 online. Overall, it's a good game, but not excellent. I'm going to wait a week end x2 to grind ( i'm lvl 20 and i already bored ).