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  1. If you have a PS3 , play it on ps3. Don't spend 30euros for that. Don't even buy the dlc , they are bad.
  2. Ok , it's clear now 👍 Thanks.
  3. What i mean is that if you already own the collection , and if you buy Bioshock 1 , it will be the same trophy list. But if you have a disc , the new list will appear.
  4. Are you sure that the new stack isn't only digital ? Does someone have the last and new version in digital ( same country ) ?
  5. You can Add Call of duty 2020 , Psychonauts 2 , Beyond Good and evil 2.
  6. Good luck for the zombies 👍 .
  7. iI it's costumes, weapon appearances, other customization, it doesn't bother me. Fans of the game will be happy, ordinary gamers don't care, and the studios make a little more money.
  8. anyone know if other countries have different games ? Or Germany is the only one ?
  9. Most of the trophies are glitched. 200 kills this season , and i didn't unlock a single trophy. My last 8 trophies are glitched. So 2 choices : keep playing and pray that the trophy will unlock , or , like me , wait for a update ( which will probably never happen ).
  10. Still nothing with the new season. You can complain here
  11. "Hi, we're aware of an ongoing issue with some PS trophies not unlocking and have been working on getting it resolved. This hasn't been an easy issue to fix but we are making progress internally and we'll update you when we can. Thanks or reporting." This is the answer they give on their site when we complain about trophies. Of my 8 remaining trophies, 5 are blocked. - CBQ Master - Marksman Master - Nade King Expert ( so Nade King Master too ) - Okay , now i'm ready The new season begin in february i think, so let's hope they do something with season 6.
  12. Season One begin tomorrow , so if they don't add trophy in the next few days , i think it's safe to say that there will be no other trophy in the futur