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  1. I completed +200 event with my first character ( by changing the date ) : no trophy So i made a new world and a new character and completed 220 event ( by reseting the world ) : no trophy. What should i do ? Keep farming 40-50 event ? Or delete the game , the save , and start again from 0 ? EDIT : I deleted everything and started again. The trophy unlocked at 240th events ( so + 600 event in total ).
  2. Is there a chapters selection ?
  3. 6/10 in solo , 10/10 online. Overall, it's a good game, but not excellent. I'm going to wait a week end x2 to grind ( i'm lvl 20 and i already bored ).
  4. I think it's in Biohsock 1 ( PS4 Version ). I've managed to to the platinum in one playthrough so , at the end , i've unlocked : - Defeated Atlas - The player has completed the game without harvesting any little sister - The player has completed the game in Hard - The player has completed on hard without Vita Chamber - The player has completed on survivor difficulty - The player has completed on survivor without vita chamber - Platinum
  5. If you are lucky ( like me ) , i had 2 full team in the game where i got the trophy , so 8 afk kills. I finished the game with 12 kills. I never had a lot of afk player in solo or duo. For the long distance shot , it was easier for me with a carabin. With a sniper riffle , i found it more difficult.
  6. For the 11 kill : don't jump. Wait until they force you , you will land ( if you are lucky ) with some AFK player. I've land with 6 Afk , and 2 other player. So in 5min , i was already at 8 kill.
  7. Yeah but the trophy picture is a X = ten , and Decimation come from the word Decem ( Latin ) wich means 10.
  8. For " decimation " , it's doesn't work in squad. I had 10 kill and won the game , but no trophy.
  9. They said : don't buy the game , so that's what we did ☺️
  10. 13.49euros in France. I love trophies , but this is to much 😅 You can buy few game with platinum for this price.
  11. Again ! 😂 It will never stop 😂
  12. Someone got the platinum so there is a better way to xp
  13. Any change for the gold medal with the new update ?
  14. I rob a "random" coache and it didn't count : i didn't find money inside , just some food and object, maybe it's for that it didn't work. I will try again starting by a random and then the 2 other from the post office. I thought there was a third person who could give us information that's why i created this topic.
  15. Hi ! where can i find the third info about the coache ? I can have the one in Rhodes and Strawberry , but i can't find the third post office with the info. I try without for 2 hours , but i don't find any coache to rob. Thanks