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  1. Yes , that's right. But every map has a easter egg , so i would be suprise if they don't give a trophy for it.
  2. Fireteam : 10 teams of 4 players. Very good list ,and keep in mind that we will have new trophies every 3-4 months with the new zombie maps.
  3. Me with the platinum but only 30% of the trophy :
  4. Useless. We want an official ranking directly on the console, stats for the trophies (number of kills remaining etc ...) , and new lvl.
  5. It's a possibility. But they seem to work on it this last few weeks.
  6. No. They told us on discord that they still working on the trophy fix. It was supposed to be in 8.2 , but they take it off because of some problems , then it was supposed to be in 8.3 , but there are still few some issues. So it will be in the 8.4 or 8.5 patch.
  7. A lot of collectibles 😑
  8. Oh yeah , you're right. I just saw the cd of the Mafia 1 definitive edition , but it's the box of the trilogy.
  9. 55 pound for Mafia 1 ? I found it at 30euros ( 27 pound ) at Fnac ( french shop ).
  10. PS1 : Croc PS2 : Gta San Andreas / PES 05 PS3 : Bioshock 1 PS4 : The Witcher 3
  11. Nothing about trophy in the new patch note... If you have a discord , go ask them about it.
  12. ok Krove-34 send my PSN account to the dev you are talking to -  Evil_Skymax

    This link above will show all my matches that I have played recently, when the dev click this link they will have to scroll down and click the blue button that says load more matches and keep doing this until match 113, this is the first game I have played after the patch came out and also this will show that I have earn 1000 kills after the patch. oh and I got 1000 kills in 3 days when you look at the match records.


    this link just show pictures of the blue button when you click the other link and also when you load more matches until match 113 my first game after downing the new patch


    this is just a more up to date message

  13. Hi could you send the dev my PSN account Evil_Skymax

    This will show my matches from the last 4 days and also it proof that I have gotten over 1000 kills after patch


    just make sure that they click load more matches at the bottom. Load more matches until 113



  14. Takarii Aujourd’hui à 12:04 From what I can see, you have achieved 77 kills since the update How many of those were actual kills with supressed weapons? note: kill, not knock + bleedout/execution with another weapon Krove-34 Aujourd’hui à 12:05 57 if i counted correctly most of them with a SMG ( UMP ) Takarii Aujourd’hui à 12:06 Was this all in solo? Krove-34 Aujourd’hui à 12:06 yes Takarii Aujourd’hui à 12:07 As i have told you already, the 1000kill issue isn't what you are showing Its not retroactive, so depending on what data managed to be sent to sony the amount of kills you will need to earn before the trophy activates is between 1 and 1000 Krove-34 Aujourd’hui à 12:08 Yes but the player have 6000 kill before the patch , and 1 006 after the patch , and no trophy Takarii Aujourd’hui à 12:08 I'll keep an eye on the suppressed weapons one though. Its possible you miscounted, but I'll monitor No way have they earnt 1000 kills in 4 days Krove-34 Aujourd’hui à 12:08 not me , the other player Evil_Skymax what should i do ? Because my 7 last trophy were glitched before patch. I can finish the 100 Kills with SMG trophy to see if he unlock. And if he doesn't , i come back to you Takarii Aujourd’hui à 12:10 Thanks for letting me know. I've raised it with the team That's it... So no answer. Like i said , i'm going to finish my 100 kills with a SMG and send him a message after.
  15. i'm talking to a mod on discord right now , i'll keep you informed