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  1. I just got my PS5 , try to do the first big challenge, crash at round 19 because of the portal... I'm done with the game 😑
  2. FF VII remake. I have the platinum of all my game , except those I currently play and FF VII. I will force myself to finish it this year. But I don't like it at all. No fun doing it. My first and last FF.
  3. I have a lot of black screen in coop , and when i leave after getting eliminated in solo , most of the time i have a error message. I had a few crash too , like 2 or 3.
  4. I send a ticket yesterday , got a response few hour ago. They unlocked 3 trophy for me who were bugged, without a video proof. Big Bully Big Tease Stumble Chums
  5. Yes i know and we did.
  6. Just finished the last chapter with a friend , and no trophy ( for both of us ) 😭
  7. Play shitty game. I'm playing FF VII now , and i hate it. Not my type of game , and i can tell you , i'm not even sure to finish it , and i have the platinum of all my game .So my love for trophy is challenged 😂
  8. "Also coming to Zombies on February 4 is the brand-new Dead Ops Arcade Solo Advanced Start mode. Players get an advanced starting position based on the highest round achieved in Dead Ops Arcade 3 Solo. While stats, leaderboards, and challenges are disabled, the “Reunited with Fidolina” achievement can be completed in this mode, giving players a leg-up on one of the game’s toughest accomplishments." it's only in solo , but it will be help us a lot i think.
  9. not as bad than the cast of Borderlands, but we are not very far from it.
  10. Both. You start with 3 lives, normally you get one after 2 or 3 rounds thanks to the 200K points, then with luck you can get one or two that appear on the map. If you die twice in a round , you should restart.
  11. Firepower + 5 live + fps mode in the round. When you died , you are invincible for a few second , use them to shoot the boss and kill the zombies. I killed myself 4x and was able to took 3/4 of the boss life like that. Furious feet is uselless for the boss in my opinion.
  12. I finally got platinum. Some areas are difficult, and from my point of view, there is too much hasard in this mode. The spawns that block you, the pillars that condemn part of the map, the balls, the zombies that are difficult to see. From 1 to 40, it's very simple, but bloodpool is horrible, same for the next zone (41 to 48 ). 49 to 56, it's simple, I succeeded the first time. From 57 to 60, it is also difficult. 61 to the end, it really depends on luck. For 2 hours, I had no luck, then I managed to get to the boss with 5 lives. Even with this mode, it's still quite difficult. Platinum is a 6/10. For players who are good at this mode, it may be 4/10. I did 42 rounds with my little brother and a random player without paying too much attention. I wonder if it's not easier to do it in co-op with a decent team of players. In solo, you have to be careful of everything, and when there are zombies arriving from 2-3 spawns at the same time, an error quickly occurs. Big respect to the players who got the trophy without this system.
  13. Not even one for completing the EE... What a shame
  14. Same , even with furious feet i cant' pass round 43. Hard to see the zombie , to many of them in to many direction. Edit : I'm in the next area. very hard too.
  15. you spawn with a fate. I don't know if it's the same every time.
  16. I started round 17 , went to the next area , died , and restart : i spawned in the new area. I don't know if you spawn at the begining of a area or at your exact round.
  17. i never did more than 10 round solo. Duo : 20 Trio : 42 Quatuor : 16
  18. My max round was 42 in trio , i started round 17... So it's even harder because in round 1-15 , we make a lot of point and get more life. And no trophy for Firebase...
  19. Ratchet 1-2-3 , Crack in time ( my favorite ) and Nexus. If you like game like that , you should try Sly on PS3 !
  20. I only used the Rcxd , the other killstreak didn't work for me.
  21. Good game
  22. 7 dlc for Tomb raider... 😬
  23. It's normal. We have the same thing on PS4. I deleted them all after finishing all trophy in the campaign and i kept the multi and zombi.
  24. Everyone got the trophy at the end ? Or only the one player who didn't leave ?