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  1. Dragon Ball Super Universe 6 Tournament arc. Loving it so far but debating on skipping Copy Vegeta to get to Future Trunk/Goku Black cuz i have been wanting to get to this arc for awhile
  2. I use a mix of Powerpyx.com Playstationtrophies.org(though the editorial staff got far worse) this site and good ol'fashion google. My biggest and sole issue for PSNP guides is that unless a game is super popular there will rarely be any guides for DLC.
  3. Got to love life changing medical conditions with no treatments.
  4. Devil May Cry 5 Honestly Hell and Hell is a lot easier then it sounds. With the game being on SoS instead of DmD when playing HaH it makes it soooooooooo much easier. I'm having a much harder time with LDK in DMC4 lol.
  5. Trying really hard to enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2 again. After some.......personal issues i had during my life from Oct'18-Jan'19 i just couldn't play this. But now that i'm giving it my all i just don't see how this game was getting perfect scores. I down right love RDR1 even with it's flaws and is one of my top 10 games of all time. But RDR2? It feels hollow for some reason compared to RDR1. The features are cool and the graphics are top notch(minus the recent downgrade) but everything else from the story to online and even some of the camp activities just feel meh.

    1. MidnightDragon


      I enjoyed the RDR 1 online. It could be fun. However, the luster for RDR II's online wore off real quick. I started it not long after the beta kicked off figuring I'd have a much easier time getting the trophies than I would if I waited. Turns out I was right. I haven't done the single player yet.

  6. Yes. The trophy is for skills you get from skill trees.
  7. Not to mention Gearbox is just overall a pretty bad developer. They got lucky with borderlands. Even then TPS was 50/50 with the fan base. Everything else though? Duke Nukem-Failure Aliens: Colonial Marines-Failure Battleborn-Failure We Happy Few- Not really a "failure" but it had a LOT of issues across the board. Bulletstorm-Decent/good There is more but tbh i think i made my point with their recent track record.
  8. Yea but that was to chase Overwatch trend not Battle Royal. Now everyone is chasing the Battle Royal formula by coping Fortnite/PUBG/Apex. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it is a BR game or has a bigger focus on coop/MP. Sure coop was a big focus for 1/2/TPS but you could still very easily play it solo but i have a feeling it will push more into coop being mandatory like Divison/Anthem/Destiny and so on. Either way i expect a boat load of micros and possible lootboxes since that is all 2K wants going by how they treated Evolve/GTAV/RDR2.
  9. I would love to re-plat it but i REALLY REALLY REALLY hope they fixed the 100% glitch. If i remember correctly there was a specific side mission where the quest giver would vanish from the world but the icon would still be there. Issue was you couldn't interact with him what so ever preventing the quest to be turned in and block 100%. It was also a mid-late game quest so you had to do a lot to replay it to see if it glitched again -_-. I did it like 4 or 5 times before it finally let me finish 100%. EDIT. Also i guess it's finally time i get off my ass and finish Liberation. I had it on vita and it was hands down the most annoying and cumbersome AC to ever be released outside of the older DS/PSP AC games. Bought it on PS3 when it was remastered there as well and i still found the over all game extremely annoying.
  10. Wasn't happy that 90% of the direct was VR(i don't support the gimmick) and 90% was "coming soon". I honestly just don't care about announcements anymore because they always announce them years in advanced and i'm not getting any younger. I'm looking forward to Concrete Genie but that was announced what? 2 years ago? going on 3? I think the only game that was shown that is actually getting a release is Days Gone.
  11. Ok...*puts on reading glasses and shifts around papers* According to my memo the 1.29 update includes. Episode Ardyn Support. Episode Arydn DLC music added to FFXV music player. The exclusive Master Assassin outfit from the Assassin's Creed event is now free to everyone. Bug fixes. *puts away reading glasses* i hope this helped
  12. If snow is frozen holy water then why is there so much evil in the world?
  13. Yes. Do you put milk before cereal?
  14. *Looks at timer till Sekiro* OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 


  15. It entirely depends on the game. RPG and story driven games often add new features in the DLC that is included in the Complete Edition. So for example Witcher 3 UE will not work with a base Witcher 3 because the content was included in the save from the get go(like new skills). Fighters are a diff story. Most if not all the content is just extra fighters and costumes. The save could work from a UE to a basic ver and simply just remove the content that is missing(if you own any of the DLC they will appear)