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  1. Yes and no. Some of it adds to the over all plot(not a hero, zoe, daughters) but the rest is mostly just padded content that honestly should have been in the base game(the rest of the DLC) Though the asking price is not bad. but 21 is easily one of the most Bullshat modes i have ever played in awhile. The AI straight up cheats...... Ethan must Die is also entirely BS and RNG based rather than actual skill.
  2. Mine has been pretty dead as well. Total plats for 2020- 4 Terminator Resistance - 14th Jan 2020 Resident Evil 3 Remake - 5th Apr 2020 Maneater - 8th Jun 2020 The Sinking City - 23rd Oct 2020 Close to Destroy All Humans(2020) plat as well so i probably will have it by the end of he year.
  3. More so that the Legion of Dawn edition has been less than 20 USD lately on sales yet they want the BASE edition for almost 30? EDIT: Idk if i'll grab anything from this sale but i did grab Amnesia:Rebirth and Destory All Humans(2020) off the black friday sale. Enjoying both a lot. Been a fan of both series since they started
  4. Avatar mode Pikachu. I honestly can't remember what brought me to this one. I wanna say i was looking up cute Pikachu pics and landed on it.
  5. Vampyr is honestly a pretty good game for what it is. Dontnod is a pretty good dev. But there are some major issues. Like traveling the world is a real major pain in the ass. Regretfully one of the worst issues for me was the lack of Fast Travel. The world is decently sized and if you plan on going for the plat you will be running from east to west A LOT!.
  6. If i'm going to be honest. Genshin Impact is just one of those games where the core mechanic(gacha) is not really a core issue till later. The game is fun and world is really well done. But once all these "millions of players" hit that wall that EVERY Gacha game has they will drop off. I have read articles about Resin issues at the end of the game and how it's based on a timer. Well this is Gacha people. It's to get you to spend money to refresh it or to halt your progress on purpose to prolong the games lifespan. I personally didn't get into it myself cuz i already have a dedicated Gacha game in DBZ:Dokkan Battle. Don't need anymore money sinks lol. But once the "new game" allure ends and people realize it's just another Gacha it won't completely die but the numbers will fall off and it won't be headline news anymore. But i will admit. I'm having fun with all these game journalists complaining about Gacha features for the first time cuz they didn't play them before and expect to treat the game like it's non-gacha expecting changes to features that will never change due to the games nature.
  7. Interesting list. I missed this one the Gamecube when i was younger. Interested in trying it.
  8. I'm hearing this one is not that great. TBH i was having a lot of fun with Medan till i figured out the rather stupid plot twist with the gas long before the reveal which killed the horror build up for me and i dropped the game.
  9. Hm. Hello? Been gone for what....a year? Maybe more? Eh. Anyways. When Sony added the name changes to PSN i did it and PSNP for the longest time wouldn't let me log into my account. Old name was Emokitten4. Hope to hop back in and post like a bigger idiot then i did before :P

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Love the Asura avatar. Capcom shoulda remastered that into 4k, what a masterpiece.

    2. Urabraska-


      But include the DLC so it actually has it's real ending >_>

  10. Red Dead Redemption 2- Beautiful world. Shit game. Story is hot garbage and gameplay is a slog. RDR1 is VASTLY better in every regard minus graphics. Also the new mico money focused R* is a joke compared to their glory days of GTA San Andreas/Manhunt and so on. While i'm at it GTAV can be slotted right next to this comment. Same issues. Story is ehhhh(better then RDR2 at least) but San Andreas was better. The Last of Us 2 is really bad. The clickers pose pretty much ZERO threat unlike the first game and the entire Abby aspect is horridly paced and over all forced as all hell. Not to mention is seems Niel Druckmann hated Joel or something cuz just about anyone other then like 3 people in the whole game completely shit on Joel for saving Ellie at the end of first game. Hell if you compare the viewpoints of Abby/Joel/Ellie you will see they are pretty much the exact same idea but somehow Joel is the enemy. Abby- OMG you killed someone to save a girl and my revenge is 100% justified. Joel- I saved a girl i traveled pretty much the entire country with and fought life and death with and built a loving relationship with her and chose to save her instead of spinning the wheel with her life. Not justified Ellie: F You Joel. You took that choice away from me and idc why you did it or because we love each other. You're a asshole through and through.- Justified I honestly think the whole game was not about revenge but how much they can shit on Joel's character.
  11. Dragon Ball Super Universe 6 Tournament arc. Loving it so far but debating on skipping Copy Vegeta to get to Future Trunk/Goku Black cuz i have been wanting to get to this arc for awhile
  12. I use a mix of Powerpyx.com Playstationtrophies.org(though the editorial staff got far worse) this site and good ol'fashion google. My biggest and sole issue for PSNP guides is that unless a game is super popular there will rarely be any guides for DLC.
  13. Got to love life changing medical conditions with no treatments.
  14. Devil May Cry 5 Honestly Hell and Hell is a lot easier then it sounds. With the game being on SoS instead of DmD when playing HaH it makes it soooooooooo much easier. I'm having a much harder time with LDK in DMC4 lol.
  15. Trying really hard to enjoy Red Dead Redemption 2 again. After some.......personal issues i had during my life from Oct'18-Jan'19 i just couldn't play this. But now that i'm giving it my all i just don't see how this game was getting perfect scores. I down right love RDR1 even with it's flaws and is one of my top 10 games of all time. But RDR2? It feels hollow for some reason compared to RDR1. The features are cool and the graphics are top notch(minus the recent downgrade) but everything else from the story to online and even some of the camp activities just feel meh.

    1. MidnightDragon


      I enjoyed the RDR 1 online. It could be fun. However, the luster for RDR II's online wore off real quick. I started it not long after the beta kicked off figuring I'd have a much easier time getting the trophies than I would if I waited. Turns out I was right. I haven't done the single player yet.