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  1. Lol I saw a trailer not my type of game
  2. Never heard that
  3. That’s stupid just for updating profiles
  4. Can you get more than 46 with dlc included or is that the cap
  5. I found a way to of up pretty fast I play on op8 and kill the 4 dragons in tiny Tina’s dlc and it brings a lv 1 to lv16 which is crazy and it takes me 1 min to kill I think I can get you to 50 in a hour or 2 I’m sure
  6. You can let someone else do it also for you to pop it I could’ve did it for you I had him set up
  7. Once they fix it there will be no complaints
  8. Like pv said If you don't want to be flagged don't do dumb sht
  9. Just pick another character or do it on easy it should work never heard of that trophy glitching
  10. When will the trophies actually show up cause I can't see them at 0% I usually see it