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  1. I've killed well over 3,500 enemies and the trophy hasn't popped. Stuck at 99%. Anyone else? Known fix?
  2. I just now started the game with no saved data and could go right to each case in the main menu. I bought the season pass on the store though.
  3. Thanks everyone. The Deep was the answer.
  4. Dunk is also doing this.
  5. Just played 2 games and the trophy won't unlock. Also, my puck just goes through the level 99% of the time. Any one else?
  6. 3rd time it finally worked. Not sure what was going on here.
  7. I finished two games with 4 players at the end now and this still hasn't unlocked. What is going on?!
  8. I had to go online and finish missions with other people to get more points.
  9. This is now fixed on the newest patch.
  10. I'm in the same boat. I've tried everything and I only killed it once and I have no idea how. Then the last two glitched on me. THQ seems to have a track record for glitchy games that should not have been released.
  11. I just did this. Brilliant. Thank you.
  12. It looks like restarting the system fixed it for him. Just exiting the game didn't work.
  13. Wondering if anyone had their camera messed up? Mine is fine, but my friends won't move anymore after he got stuck and I had to kick him and invite him back in. I read the Stadia version did this too. How have they not fixed this yet? Titan Quest was horrible to play and this one seems only slightly better.
  14. I just wanted to update that I got mine around 90 as well in case there was anyone else who might think there is an issue with this trophy.
  15. Thank you so much. I have a little hope now. Wild lands glitched 6 trophies for me and didn't want a repeat of that.