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  1. Is it the game or the PS5 Dpad that auto switched back the fist when pressing right to get the drill? After I noticed that was happening I was able to overcome this trophy. This was happening on a launch controller and a new one I just bought a week ago.
  2. Anyone else just done with Ubisoft? This constant DLC that tends to be terrible just isn't worth it anymore.
  3. It's because they can't do the 3rd move. At least that's why I can't finish it with a friend. Can't move the bishop more than one spot when it needs to be three.
  4. If you do redo the paste I would say to use hydronaut. Silicone based thermal paste tends to pump out on bare dies. The temps will be great at first but after some use it could get hotter than from the factory paste.
  5. Just got the plat. When it gave me network errors I would exit the game and try again. Sometimes it took one time other times it took up to 5.
  6. I could not be doing these HO any faster. I even started to back up my game to try to get better times. I KNOW I've done 3 of them in under 10 minutes. Any one else?
  7. I've killed well over 3,500 enemies and the trophy hasn't popped. Stuck at 99%. Anyone else? Known fix?
  8. I just now started the game with no saved data and could go right to each case in the main menu. I bought the season pass on the store though.
  9. Thanks everyone. The Deep was the answer.
  10. Dunk is also doing this.
  11. Just played 2 games and the trophy won't unlock. Also, my puck just goes through the level 99% of the time. Any one else?
  12. 3rd time it finally worked. Not sure what was going on here.
  13. I finished two games with 4 players at the end now and this still hasn't unlocked. What is going on?!
  14. I had to go online and finish missions with other people to get more points.
  15. This is now fixed on the newest patch.