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  1. Years later I encountered the same problem and solved it. I don't see any solution anywhere so I'll just leave it for others who gonna plat this in the future: You need to posses a certain ammount of money to make him appear on the boat. If you have below 3000 gald he won't be there. For the second appearance I haven't re-enter town but sold few items in shop, had slightly over 11k gald and he showed up.
  2. I can't believe what I just read xDDD If I remember correctly it was an iconic newgrounds title so trophy rarity probably comes from nostalgia players playing it for first few hours. I know people are playing this on mobile devices and that could be actually difficult. It gave me a good laugh, but stop blaming dev for how shitty you are in this genre
  3. Ultimate only adds cosmetics. Deluxe + Character Pass 2 is the best combination in my opinion.
  4. Add me please I have 7 plats (ToV PS3 included) https://psnprofiles.com/series/72-tales/WaseWalayse
  5. Matchmaking still down Edit: Servers up and running
  6. By checking at the latest trophy achievers the last person got a trophy over a day ago so the game probably still experiencing issues. I'm pretty sure servers are on because in-game shutdown notice (on R3) with a little delay loads correctly. It's a matchmaking problem for sure. I'll try my luck with searching between 9 - 11pm (we share the same timezone) and let you know
  7. It happened yesterday but only on Outpost, 2 hours later it matched me and my partner just fine. Today we got the same problem - we search for the same map and getting a timeout afterr 3mins. Apparently mostly Downtown map works
  8. That's funny, because they keep saying no trophy is affected, when at the same time they answered mine and they are aware of this, lol "Happy to reach out the game team to let them know there is interest in an update" yeah.......sure.....
  9. I sent them ticket 2 weeks ago about 190/191 and they promised me a patch, maybe I'll contact them again to see what they say now
  10. Ohh of course they're gonna update a game they plan to kill in 2 weeks
  11. I'm a victim of scavenge locations 190/191 and in my case it's not about that unopenable container at pink eye territory. The game got this problem with fake autosaving. When you're about to turn off your console for today waiting untill "Autosaving" from upper corner dissapear you might lose few minutes of progress. I experienced this several times during other challenges, for example I finished blowing 5 cars, waited for an autosave at stronghold then turned the game off. The day after I had the same ammount of ammo when I destroyed cars, but it was 4/5 in challenges, so it's partially saves. Don't clear the scavenge point as the last thing before turning off your PS4. That's my tip
  12. Hi, I think the game is messing with me. I'm right after beating Vailing Host and game told me to go back to the Forged Lands. I did some backtracking to visit Tomb in Deposed King and face the boss himself, but on my way I noticed my primary and heavy weapons can't break any breakables, it was weird at the first time but I moved on, but same thing happened in that Tomb - couldn't destroy anything. Now there is crystal elevator to the boss which can't be triggered by anything. Yes, I removed every piece of armor thinking it might be some kind of debuff but it remains the same. Does anyone know the cure for this... or is it some kind of story-related shit I missed?
  13. And it looks like it's already delisted, same goes for season pass. Any Ideas if they released psychical complete edition? Probably not because I can't find one.
  14. tried every other method except the autoclicker because of older Android, but this actually worked very well. I don't know if my mics are not so sensitive but I couldn't do it with speakers and headphones normally, I had to put them together really hard and then It worked om 1st try. I
  15. Just what is wrong with this version? I can see "5 100%" but there is nobody in leaderboards. It looks like 2 people played this game EVER Even "74 trophies earned" is not right, if 5 people get 100% of 18 trophies each. 🙃 and because of that average % is so messed up it made me sad