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  1. I'm also missing 3, no idea what I need to replay to get them. #6, #19, #32
  2. Looks like you might be right there. The message, being along the lines of "We hope you continue playing in the full game" made me think of it as "Leaving so soon?" But tried it with the DS4, push X to enter the hit mode, and the message pops up too, so guess it is just the driving range for the demo and not the 3 random holes as it indicates on the "Course" mode.
  3. Is the PS4 version not available in EU yet?
  4. Has anyone tried out the demo yet? I just gave it a go, seems fun. But after the practice/tutorial, I moved to the course to play a few holes, and it wouldn't let me change from a practice swing to actually take my shot. With the move controller, you need to push the button on the front to switch to your shot, but that seems to be the quit button (as well as start). Has anyone got past this and actually been able to play with the move controller? I don't want to play this with the DS4
  5. My highest is 290 in January 2018. But I'm trying to put that to shame this month. 260 so far and only 9 days in. Need to find some more cheap, quick, easy things.
  6. Ah nice. Cheers. First I've seen of the thing. Only Hong Kong, and just released yesterday so explains why there isn't a lot about it around
  7. Has anyone seen any details at all on this game? Google only seems to bring up the trophy list here and another site (can't remember which). Other than that, there is no info out there. Don't even know who made the game, when it's out, what it is... Very odd
  8. No stackable trophy list. And way overpriced. I thought Green Lava made a mistake by not stacking Mayos list, but this costs 4x the amount without a stack
  9. I think it is based on the overall. I did it on the easiest difficulties. Scoring 400+ in a T20 and 1000+ in a test inning on my own, and it was still a grind to get it done.
  10. Awesome cheers for that. Just did a FIVE5 match between AUS and ENG and it popped. Didn't even need to bowl them out
  11. Does "Bad Memories" need to be done against CPU? Or can it be boosted with a second controller? It won't pop for me with 2 controllers. I've had scores ranging from 0 to 59 (yes, in Ashes Mode) but it won't pop
  12. Paired Up is glitched in a good way. It popped for me after getting Broad out for a duck in the 1st inning, and 7 in the second
  13. Please tell me this is just me doing something wrong and they haven't broken it more? I know people said the 20,000 leagues under the lake trophy is obtainable now, but that's when you've already done the requirements? I can't do anything down there. You can see that I'm pushing the buttons to pick up the key and cogs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FooueEkkOLo
  14. Just unlocked it, so it is working still What is the "Time to collect your thoughts" trophy though?
  15. Yeah doing the full thing on 1.05 so will definitely let everyone know (if someone else doesn’t get in before I finish)