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  1. It's a Visual Novel and Ratalaika. I'm guessing 1/10 once a guide comes out. with a whole bunch of stacks 👍
  2. Was a bit annoying, maybe took half an hour. I wasn't drunk enough to play darts.
  3. HK Store Listing Cat Quest II (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)
  4. Leisure Suit Larry is always fun. I enjoyed that game
  5. Yakuza Collection for me. Picked it up today. Need to quickly finish Kiwami 2 now. Close to the end, but not played for ages.
  6. Was wondering this too.
  7. No, the majority don't, and shouldn't, I agree with that. But the easy trophies do attract a whole new crowd of players who would not buy the game otherwise. You think Mayo would have 100,000 owners here if it was a long, hard platinum? I'm not saying this game will only sell with an easy trophy list, but it will have a lot more users HERE buying it with an easy trophy list. And I don't see why the debug mode is such a big problem. No one has to use it. It's not required to get the platinum if people want to earn it properly. It doesn't affect anyone's playing experience if other people use it.
  8. Level 38 Drowning Platinum (EU PS4) Only the second time I've had a platinum for my level up trophy.
  9. Yeah, you will need to move them back to the systems internal HDD, then swap the external drives to the one you want, and copy the games to the new HDD.
  10. A whole 11,000 owners? The studio must be thrilled. Sorry, I didn't realise such a small amount of people would own the game with all it's nostalgic value. Imagine if it had an easy platinum, that number would probably be up at 50,000 "on this place alone"
  11. No, it won't make or break the game. But it will be more sales than you think that won't happen. You think games like My Name is Mayo, or A Winter's Daydream would sell without the easy trophies? Sure, this has more gameplay than those, but there are those people who will buy it based off the trophies. Having never played the original game, so no nostalgic buying. You're kidding yourself if you think that's all people are buying the game for.
  12. Not everybody, but there are a lot who do buy games based purely on its easy platinum. There are many games I've bought for the easy platinum. Wait for them to be disgustingly cheap in a sale, and grab it. A game I'm not interested in, could get my money for an easy platinum (and experience a new game). But without the easy plat, it won't.
  13. The game is made by Sony's San Diego Studio. Nothing to do with EA. They are also getting ready to release The Show 20. They won't be doing content for '16 anymore.
  14. I never bothered with the DLC. The base game was enough for me. Got the platinum, and left it there.
  15. I'm also missing 3, no idea what I need to replay to get them. #6, #19, #32